Dr. Aldric
Dr. John Aldric
Portrayed By Gary Oldman
Gender Male
Date of Birth September 14th, 1946
Age 61
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Aliases Aldric, Phyllis (to Meryl)
Place of Birth Buffalo, NY, USA
Current Location Hartsdale, NY, USA
Occupation Company Doctor
Known Relatives Cassandra Aldric (daughter)
Significant Other Kathleen Aldric
Known Abilities None
First Appearance Wake Up Time

Dr. Aldric is a doctor for the Company as well as Cass Aldric's father.


1946. John Edward Aldric is born into the world in Buffalo, New York, screaming, to Dr. Johnathan Locke Aldric and Geraldine Aldric. He’s named after his father and grandfather and expected to follow in their footsteps as a medical doctor.

1952. John shapes up to be an intelligent young boy, and as soon as he can read, he’s an avid bookworm. This is promising to his father, a good sign that he’ll do well in school and go on to be a good doctor. He gets ridiculed at school for being a nerd. His glasses do not help in the slightest, nor does the fashion sense of his mother who picks out his outfits every night for school the next day. His suspenders always match his socks and tie. John later vows to never have a say in his future childrens’ wardrobes and to not marry anyone like his mother.

1961. While John starts out the same quiet kid with his nose in a book and suspenders from mom, high school in the sixties changes him irrevocably (irrevocably, because there are incriminating photographs in the basement as proof that it did happen). He makes friends that are halfway cool, starts smoking, listening to the Rock Music, and grows a beard when his hormones allow him to. It never quite goes away. John becomes somewhat of a rebel, breaking out of his shell. He parties and still works hard to make the grade in order to be considered for the best schools in the country while pretending to not care. It’s a rough life, man.

1963. John graduates high school in the top four of his class and is voted “Most Likely to Be Shut Down By The Government” and “Most Likely to Become a Rock Star” in a controversial tie, despite the fact that he plays no instruments. He’s accepted into several big name universities across the country and even one abroad. During the summer, he goes on a cross-country road trip with his buddies and has adventures full of hijinx that he tries not to talk about decades later when he’s more respectable. In New Mexico, he meets a young lady named Kathleen and discovers that they grew up in the same neighbourhood and are both on vacation.

1964. Nearing the end of teenagedom, John cracks down and focuses on his future. Being a doctor isn’t just a path laid out for him that he’s forced to walk; he really does want to walk it. He decides to go to Columbia University in New York and pursue their med school program, swayed heavily by the fact that he can continue to see Kathleen.

1967. John and Kathleen part ways.

1968. John and Kathleen realize that was the wrong move and that getting married and starting a life together is the right move. They do so.

1971. Every bit a doctor on the road to success, John, now John Aldric, MD, completes medical school. He specializes in Clinical Neurophysiology. During his residency at Mount Sinai in New York City, he is involved in an in nearly unprecedented amount of research studies. He ultimately decides to go into private practice as a family physician, becomes a Fellow of Preventative Medicine with a subspecialty in medical toxicology.

1975. After two years at his private practice, Dr. Aldric has a respectable name for himself – due both to family connections and his honest reputation as a good doctor. However, it’s not as successful as he thought it was going to be from the gate. -CLASSIFIED INFORMATION REMOVED-

1977. -CLASSIFIED INFORMATION REMOVED- A life-changing year for the Aldrics.

1979. He and Kathleen a girl by the name of Cassandra. She quickly becomes daddy’s little girl. Dr. Aldric continues to work at his private practice.

1981-1982. -CLASSIFIED INFORMATION REMOVED- The Aldrics move out of their first home and live in the city for awhile.

1993. Dr. Aldric continues to practice family medicine at his private practice, which he moves to Hartsdale. -CLASSIFIED INFORMATION REMOVED-

2001 – Cassandra starts medical school at Columbia, following in his footsteps. He’s immensely proud and helps her pay for it.

2003 - … but she drops out to pursue something else entirely. Dr. Aldric doesn’t hide his disappointment and flat-out refuses to pay for more schooling unless it’s toward her medical degree. When she starts working at a New Agey bookstore, his daughter the doctor seems ill-fated to be. Frown.


Shortly afterward, he finds out his daughter, who now owns the aforementioned New Agey bookstore, is getting too close to the dangers of evolved humans. Worried for her safety, he arms her with Curare and doesn’t tell the Company about her involvement in the goings-on, unaware that -CLASSIFIED INFORMATION REMOVED-.


Dr. Aldric's Family, Colleagues, Patients, and Other Acquaintances




  • "Your mom. We've been caught, Cassandra, quick, hide the cookies and the secret crazy talk." - Some Fatherly Advice
  • I work to understand their unique problems, their gifts, so that they can understand them, so society won't be injured… I… I'm a good doctor." - Family Negotiations
  • "There are ways, pharmacologically-speaking and otherwise, to put a stop to just about anyone." - Family Negotiations
  • "You happened to be a gamepiece on an unfortunate part of the board. My daughter's life isn't a game. But what can you do." - For Her Own Good
  • Mohinder: "Again, I am very sorry Dr. Aldric. I genuinely like Cass. It pained me that things took such a turn." Dr. Aldric: "Did it, ah… Did it pain you to get uh, stabbed in the face with curare, too?" - For Her Own Good
  • "I'm fairly certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that I don't have any animals in my hair." - Phyllis
  • "That's not a ferret, it's my hair, and I'd like it to stay where it is, quite— quite precisely, actually, Miss— M-Meryl, if you don't mind!" - Phyllis
  • "You and I, if we were to go insane, God forbid… we'd have to arm ourselves; plan. We'd have to be ready, to attack our fellow man. But them… they're always ready. They think, and someone dies." - They're Villains, Cassandra
  • "We don't have time to beat around the bush of loyalty. I don't have the energy to cloak and dagger my way through this crisis." - Second Opinion
  • "U— UFOs?" (pause) "Dr. Suresh could speak more, ah, intelligently on the subject." (another pause) "Of the genetics of the virus; ah, not UFOs. That I know of. It's possible. I don't know much about his personal life, maybe he likes aliens." - Second Opinion


  • Dr. Aldric likes to paint watercolours. He's no Monet; he's average at best, but it's what he does to relieve stress in his spare time. He has a garage full of paintings collecting dust.
  • He has a phobia. He's not telling you what it is.
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