2009-10-03: Dragging Em In



Date: Saturday, Oct 03, 2009


In searching for old co-worker, Gene finds a new friend instead. Able to convince Sydney to let him aid her, he makes a startling discovering and by accident, begins to drag Sydney into a dangerous yet wonderful world.

Dragging Em In

Oldcastle Pub and Restaurant

It's a crisp fall Saturday morning. The world is just waking up, or yet to go to sleep like Sydney. But she hasn't been partying, she's been working. The young woman sits at a table by a window in the Oldcastle Pub and Restaurant, with various photos and papers laid out in front of her. She quickly piles them together and sticks them in a file folder. She sips at her cup of coffee and stares the window, thoroughly perplexed by the case.

"She should be still here," Gene offers quietly to himself. For some reason, he checks inside his peacoat's pockets, seemingly comforted when he finds whatever are in them. He stands at the front door to the Pub, waiting for a moment before stepping inside. Glancing around, the young man looks for someone in particular. Not finding them, he finds that there is someone else that he recongizes. Well, having company will justify him spending more time here and it almost always beats dining alone. As he moves toward table where Sydney finds herself, he finds himself glancing over the pictures and the information as long as he can before Sydney realizes she has company. "That doesn't look like a term paper," he responds with a faint smirk.

A bit startled, Sydney straightens in her seat and finishes collecting each of the items. "It's not it's-" And then recognition strikes. "-Gene, right?" She offers her a tired smile and motions to the seat across from her. "Join me?" She takes another sip of her coffee.

"Of course" is the simple reply to both comments as Gene takes his seat. "Yeah, Sydney, it's me." He gives the woman a decent smile in return before he looks to the items on the table where ever they have been shuffled to by his presence. "So, if it's not school related, what is it?" Gene inquires as he shifts his eyes up to meet Sydney's.

"Good to see you again," Sydney returns his smile as she finishes returning her various files to a manila folder, and putting the folder in her briefcase. "It's a case. I'm completing a review for the police." She purses her lips together and frowns slightly, "I'm making no headway though. It's all… very frustrating." She shrugs and nurses her coffee. "So, what brings you here on a Saturday morning?"

As if the question reminded him of something, Gene sits up a little in the chair, looking around once before sitting himself back down. "Just heard that an old friend worked here, wanted to chat to her about a few things. But well, looks like it must not be her shift or something. It happens," Gene states as he gives a dismissive shrug. "I'd offer to give my help on the case, but I have a feeling the police wouldn't be happy on that, even if I handed them my IQ scores."

"Oh? It's too bad your friend isn't here." Sydney leans back in her seat and closes her eyes for several seconds to inhale a deep breath. "Well, I'd appreciate the help, but considering at this moment it's an open case, can't really talk about it. Even if …" she pauses to be extra selective with her words "… it's not going to trial." And then she adds, "Or it doesn't look like that now, anyways." She finishes her cup of coffee. And then, thinking of a way to change the subject, she smiles slightly and asks, "Where's R2 today?"

"Well, if you can't talk about it, how about you go to the bathroom? You trust me not to look, I'll 'not look' and then give you random advice that may or maynot be helpful in the case. But if that's too much a problem for you, I'll just wish you good luck." While Gene tends to be a helpful man, those that know him know that he seems to have little, if any, respect for the law when it comes to information. Smirking faintly, he glances out the window. "Decided not to take him today. I tend to leave him behind when I want to make social calls to people that haven't met him or when I need to discuss important things. While he has some definate uses, he tends to be a little… Distracting, both to the person I am talking to as well as drawing unwanted attention."

Gene's smirk is mirrored by Sydney with a slight chuckle, "Not a half-bad idea." Her smile broadens and then she purses her lips together, picks her purse up from the floor, and stands on her feet. She hesitates, hovering by the table for several seconds before finally saying, "Excuse me, Gene. I've got to go powder my nose." That said, the blonde pads to the bathroom, leaving all of her files about Officer Mendoza and the Tablas restaurant incident alone, in her unlocked briefcase, on the table.

As Syndey gets up and goes, Gene watches her leave. Even to the point of leaning over from his seat to see her go. From there, he watches the area. Even if he was still in 'I don't care if I live or die' mode, this would still be pretty ballsy. This IS a police hangout, and there is a pair of cops in uniform a few tables down. Clearly they didn't hear, or else Gene and perhaps his new friend would be in trouble.

Acting without hestitation, Gene opens it up and looks. Facts are picked out with an experienced eye. Like hacking, he has only a limited amount of time before he draws in unwanted attention. Officer Mendoza's record, the unlocked cuffs, the woman smiling and waving at the camera. MURDER. The case clearly troubles Gene, but he places the items back in the briefcase and places it where it once was before.

Minutes later, Sydney returns to the table. She places her purse on the floor and resumes her seat. She glances around and sighs slightly before placing her briefcase on the floor. "So… " She presses her lips together and lowers her voice slightly. "Thoughts?" She's trying to be vague.

The young man leans across the table, using a finger to try and beacon Sydney closer. Regardless if she does or doesn't, he will whisper quietly. Though if she leans in, he will be doing so softly into her ear, his tone serious as if it were life or death.

"Don't investigate this personally. If what I believe is right… The blond is someone that you want to stay away from. Notice the man's behavior before and after encountering the woman. Why would he suddenly let her go, then preform such an act? There was a reason behind it and you don't want to know. I don't want you getting hurt."

That said, Gene settles into his chair, mostly due to the waitress finally coming over to take his order. After getting himself a water, some belgian waffles, bacon, and a large orange juice, he waits for the order-taker to leave before offering a different sort of orders. "If you see her, stay away. I can't promise that this person will be caught, but I will do my best to ensure that it doesn't happen again."

Following the finger, Sydney leans in closer to Gene and listens intently her expression wrought with concern. Her eyebrows furrow as she begins to lean away and the waitress scribbles down Gene's order while refilling Sydney's coffee cup. Once the waitress leaves, she leans closer again and keeps her own voice down to a whisper.

"How?" she musters. And then adds in an exasperated whister, "I know it doesn't add up. Mendoza's file … he couldn't" She bites her lower lip and then asks "… late onset mental illness?" She shakes her head. It didn't make sense. Why was this blonde responsible? How was this blonde responsible?

"There are a lot of excuses, go with which ever one you think is best. Considering the situation, you won't be able to catch the woman if she is responsible, much less put her on trial." Sighing, Gene rubs his head. While he is already formulating plans in dealing with the killer which may or maynot work, now he has to deal with the woman that got him the info on the killer in the first place. "While I am not sure what they are, or even a hundred percent sure she has them, this woman? I think she has gifts that are not natural. Special abilities that only a select few have. You know, X-Files sorta stuff."

Gene takes in a deep breath and lets it out before going on, leaning back into his chair. "I'm not expecting you to understand or even believe my story, just please, stay away from her. You seem to be a very attractive and intelligent woman… Wouldn't want to see you get hurt or involved in things that are dangerous."

"Special abilities?" Sydney quirks raising a single eyebrow. She narrows her eyes and glances around the bar before, making eye contact with Gene once again. "What kind of special abilities?" She wrinkles her nose a bit. She's skeptical, but is certain that Gene believes what he's saying at the very least. Her eyebrows are both furrowed again while she presses her lips together.

His eyes again lock with Sydney's, but after a few moments he glances to the side, taking his water and the orange juice from the waitress with a "Thank you". After drinking some of each, Gene offers a hint of a shrug. "I'm not sure. Maybe something where she controls what people thinks, maybe something where she controls their actions. It's hard to tell based on one case and without any visable 'flash' or glam to it." He glances around again, as if expecting police to get up and arrest him right there. "But I'm refusing to talk about this anymore. If you want to discuss it later, we can in my car or someplace as equally private. The walls have ears and all that jazz."

A hint of a nod is given to Gene's statement about not talking about it here, particularly in cop pub, of all places, but her furrowed eyebrow expression continues. If this blonde woman is capable of what Gene seems to think she's capable of, then she would be nearly impossible to catch. Who could catch her? She leans back in her seat, continuing the silence for several moments before interjecting, with a wrinkled nose, "Good orange juice?" She rubs her temples a bit and then shrugs, "Sorry." She frowns. The apology is left hanging. No explanation for why she's sorry. Just that she is.

"It's not your fault, there's no reason to apologize. You just want to stop innocnet people from getting hurt. So do I. We can make this work. I'll make sure that she doesn't hurt anyone else." There is a pause as Gene pulls out his wallet, putting down a twenty dollar bill along with a five. "If you need some time to process, I'll just let you have your meal. I'll give you a call in a day or two. If you want to talk about it now, follow me." With that, Gene stands up slowly, preparing to head out. A keen oberserver would notice that his meal was only ten bucks tops and he overpaid, perhaps paying for his company's breakfast as well.

Sydney nods again and then offers a weak smile, "Thank you, Gene. I think… I think I need to process." And then she adds, "It's been a long night." So much that it's morning. She continues to give him that same weak smile as she sits, nursing her cup of coffee, trying to figure out what it all means.

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