Drake Maxwell
Drake Maxwell
Portrayed By Ryan Cabrera
Gender Male
Date of Birth July 23rd, 1990
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases Omega
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Working for Angela Petrelli
Known Relatives Janis Maxwell (Mother), Eric Maxwell (Father, Deceased) Aidan Telford (Half Brother)
Significant Other Claire Bennet
Known Abilities Temporal Manipulation
First Appearance Enter the New Guy


Born, and raised in New York, Drake was raised a single child by his mother. His father, according to his mother, died in a car crash shortly after he was born, so he never had the chance to get to know him. Supposedly he was an officer of the NYPD, and the death was just circumstance. Strangely enough though, his mother doesn't keep any pictures of him around, and when asked, she says that it's because: "The memory is just too painful." The answer used to satisfy him as a child, but now that he's getting older, his curiosity is getting the best of him. He has taken note that his mother hasn't really dated, nor got remarried. But, that is for another time. Living in New York has always been an adventure. He's made a great deal of friends, and has tasted all avenues of life, being that he is surrounded by a wide diversity of people, he's come to enjoy learning, and spending time with all sorts.

At an early age, he took an interest in a number of hobbies, one of which is soccer, another the guitar. He even tried his hand in martial arts when he was twelve, but gave up on it after only two years, having decided to focus more on music after realizing that he could sing fairly decently, and enjoyed performing more than 'kicking butt'.

When high school started up, Drake found himself easily slipping into the popular crowds, being that he was quite the social butterfly, and fearless in conversation. It didn't help that he was quite the crooner, and handy with the guitar, especially after the year's first talent show, where he brought his class to a standing ovation after playing a rendition of Lifehouse's "Everything." Drake even decided to test out his legs on the soccer team, and enjoyed a starting role in the position of Half Back for the schools Freshman team.

It seemed that things were looking up for him, until one day while walking home with his best friend Rob, the pair were attacked by a couple of the local gang members that hung out near the bridges. After being held at gun point and removed of their wallets, Drake watched in horror as one of the more cocky, trigger happy youths fired off a round into his friend's chest.

The next few moments became all a blur as the world seemed to twist one way, than the other, then suddenly stop as Drake found himself five blocks away from the attack, having taken off, and ran as fast, and hard as he could. With a bloody nose, and a headache that wouldn't stop, he found himself gasping, and panting against the side of one of the buildings, trying to figure out what happened. One moment he was staring down the barrel of a gun, and he remembers running, but it seemed to have happened so fast.

It was then that he heard that voice.. her voice…

The pretty blonde seemed to have an electric personality, in more ways than one. She introduced herself as Elle, and gave quite the smile, soon followed by quite the shock. That was the last thing he remembered as he woke up in his bed the next morning. His mother was looming near by, her eyes full of worry. She told him with a shaking voice that Rob was dead, and that Drake was found unconscious in one of the local parks. After being questioned by the police, Drake told the truth, that he ran as fast as he could when the gunshots went off. From there, he can't remember. The doctors later that night felt that it was from the shock which caused Drake this temporary memory loss, and assured him, and his mother that he will be fine.

Oh, also, it seemed he got himself a bit of an itch on the back of his head. It must have been quite a scratch, because those two little black marks on his neck won't go away.


Drake holds a Blue Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Drake made the varsity soccer team as a Sophomore in High School. He currently plays right striker.

Drake is deeply religious, and knows 1st Corinthians in the bible by heart.

Drake at times, has taken on the alias as Omega, and has attempted to be a costumed vigilante by night.

Drake has an secret addiction to Dance Dance Revolution. His favorite song is Dynamite Rave.


Temporal Ascension - By concentrating hard enough Drake is able to fast forward the timeline of an object forward causing things to break down wither age and decay. With this trick he can also evolve objects based on their properties. Some examples: Turning coal into diamonds rotting solid wood rusting and weakening metal or withering plants Or even taking planted seeds and turning them into full bloom. Drake needs to achieve a success of Superb or higher on his roll.

Ridiculous Celerity - With this ability Drake is able to slow down time to a snail's pace to his own peripheral vision enabling him to move about at a normal pace while everything else is at a crawl. When using this power to others it appears that he is moving very quick almost to a blur. He just about skips from one point to the other making it hard to track him down by the naked eye or see him coming.

Grandfather's Paradox - Drake is able to take an object and begin to unwind the timeline of it backwards. Which means that he can de-age things based upon their scientific level. He can turn diamonds into coal. Butterflies into caterpillars. Possibly even with the right amount of time and concentration take wounds away by shifting time around the injury.

Stop! - With this stunt Drake is able to effect the personal time line around people or objects and effectively freeze them into place. Starting out Drake will only be able to hold those he tries to affect for a few seconds up to a minute. Through progress and practice the time of effect will increase. As objects are frozen in time they are unaffected by the natural course of time. So for example: Let's say Drake froze someone in place for a year. A year goes by but that person does not age does not get hungry etc etc. When he comes out of the time lapse it's as if nothing happened. A year has gone by but the person itself was not effected. Of course pushing someone to stop for a year will be out of his scope for quite some time. Currently freezing objects or people in a normal situation requires a roll of the stunt at a difficulty of Great or higher. During stressful situations in which Drake may be shot at or knee deep in a fight the difficulty is raised to Superb. Obviously stopping bullets and stopping a basketball is on two different stress levels thus the adjusted difficulties.

Friends and Companions

Elena Gomez - She is Drake's BFF (Best friend forever), and the only one Drake trusts more than anyone in the 'evolved' world. She was the first he came out to in regarding his powers, and has established a life long friendship in her. He has made life changing decisions based on his time spent with her.

Claire Bennet - Drake's girlfriend (And everyone's favorite Heroes Cheerleader), he's drawn to her confidence, and strength of independence. He loves the fact he can be honest with her, and that he can find an genuinely semi normal relationship with her.

Drake's iPod

  • 4 Minutes to Save the World - Madonna/Justin Timberlake
  • Don't stop the Music - Rihanna
  • Hometown Glory - Adele
  • Ready to Fall - Rise Against
  • My December - Josh Groban
  • Shake it - Metro Station
  • How far We've Come - Matchbox Twenty
  • Check Yes Juliet - We the Kings
  • Even IF - ZOEgirl
  • Bother - Stone Sour
  • Truth is a Whisper - Goo Goo Dolls
  • Not now but soon - Imogen Heap
  • All Fired Up - Pat Benetar
  • First Time - Lifehouse
  • Into the Nightlife - Cyndi Lauper
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