2008-08-20: Dreams Do Come True


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Summary: Meryl is crazy, and so is Ben. But they're happy together.

Date It Happened: August 20th, 2008

Log Title Dreams Do Come True

Greenwich Village - Winters's Apartment

It's been a weird year, to say the least. Things are finally taking a more normal routine. As normal as this lifestyle can be that is. Benjamin is back on track with work, and with his partner, Meryl. He was lost mentally for quite some time thanks to the Haitian, and being sent to the Alaskan training facility. (It wasn't that great seeing Doug again. He was as weird as ever!) Major projects have been dealt with, and now work is taking a more routine pace as August is winding down. Just in time to properly enjoy the sticky heat of the late New York summer.

Which Benjamin is /not/ currently doing. He's in his air conditioned apartment, enjoying the cool, circulating air as he prepares a quiet dinner for himself and for Meryl. It's nothing terribly fancy or even formal, it's not her style at all, nor his for that matter.

Meryl has been doing what Meryl does best. Being Meryl.

Her hair has grown back, and it's now roughly down to her shoulders. Maybe a little longer in places, and re-bleached in streaks, just because it looks cool. She also recently went through a bout where she stapled all of her own furniture to the ceiling, just to see what it would look like. That's why she's staying at Ben's apartment right now - besides the fact that she's madly and hopelessly in love.

Or she thinks it's love. It could be last night's pancakes and peanut butter coming back to haunt her.

Either way, she's here. Formal is a foreign word to Meryl, who is currently dressed in an old t-shirt and shorts. As she wanders into the kitchen, she seems surprised to see Ben there, though the expression is quickly replaced by one that's more neutral. "Oh, sorry, I was expecting Michael Bolton."

"I'm sorry, are you disappointed?" Benjamin doesn't ask why she was expecting Michael Bolton. He knows better by now than to ask such things. Ben's pretty sure that half the time Meryl doesn't even know why she asks the things she does, or says what she does. Grinning over his shoulder a bit, he doesn't bother explaining what he's making. Meryl will just grab condiments and make it her own anyway. Judging by the smell of things, there's chicken baking in a tomato sauce, and angel hair pasta on the stove, soaking in a mildly garlic alfredo.

The tiny apartment has a bit more room to it, but not by much. Rose has long since moved out and on her own. Yet her clutter has been replaced by Meryl's, since she's been here for a fair bit.

And what a clutter it is. Not only has she moved all her stuff in (Except the furniture. That's still on the ceiling), but she's replaced every other tile in the kitchen with different ones with pretty designs on them. It seemed like a perfectly normal idea to her. Ben's apartment was so boring and blue-collar that she needed to add a little something to it to make it less boring to look at. At least she's neat, to an almost obsessive degree.

"Nah, if I was, you'd be dead," is stated nonchalantly as she opens the fridge, pulls out a slice of cheese-and-gummi-worm pizza, and starts stuffing her face with it. This is despite the fact that she can see dinner cooking. Meryl's appetite is never ruined. She does, however, raid the pot with chicken and tomato sauce, and a spoonful of sauce ends up on the pizza.

"Ben, can I have a shark?"

"Ah, it's not.. ready yet." The last is said with a delay, seeing as he's too slow and Meryl's already helping herself. Well.. this /is/ life with Meryl, and Benjamin's getting more and more used to it. As well he should, considering what he's been tormenting himself on asking her. "I think we can get a small one that fits in a tank. But.. I think we should get a house instead of this small apartment, or yours. Before we get any fish tanks." Not, I, but we.

The chicken has a bit longer before it's ready, so Benjamin turns the stove down low so the pasta can stay warm before he turns around. Facing Meryl, he looks like he's torn on how to ask something, or it could be gas. Depending on Meryl's interpretation of his expression. There's no other way to describe his posture other than fidgeting as he reaches to pull something from his pocket. He keeps it firmly in hand as he swallows and forces himself, "Meryl, I've got something I want to ask you."

"No, I want a shark. Like, onna those ik-thee-o-saurs, you know? Much to big for a tank. We'll need a pool." Best not to ask where she heard the word 'ichthyosaurus.' Her eyes light up at the suggestion of a house, though. They could totally get one with a shark pool!! "Best Idea you've ever 'ad, Bingo," is stated just before she stuffs the rest of the pizza into her mouth. And promptly fans at it, because the sauce is hot. "MMMMGHGHF!"

Unfortunately, there are only two options. Swallow it, or spit it out into the sink. She goes with the latter. "Holy cow, that was hot," she states unnecessarily, leaving the partially-chewed pizza in the sink. There are tears in her eyes as she turns back to Ben. Oh god, she thinks as she looks at the box. This is it.

"I didn't line Basil's cage with your sheets," she says. Also best not to ask why she jumped to that conclusion. "It was someone else. Swear to god."

The spat out pizza just.. gets a sigh. Briefly, just briefly, Benjamin wants to reconsider the question. Yet, all of Meryl's quirks, they come with the package and there's no changing it at all. You have to take the good with the bad. He doesn't even comment on the bit about the pool and the shark. It's another idea of hers that will most likely pass within the next ten minutes.

"I.. what? Oh.. is that where they went." Benjamin closes his mouth, and just lets it go. They're just sheets. They can be replaced. "No.. look.. please don't cry." Why is she tearing up!? "I wasn't going to ask about that." His fist tightens around the item in his hand, and oh lord, he's going to do it. Ben actually gets down on one knee, looking up at Meryl, and reaching for one of her hands, "I wanted to ask if you'd marry me."

She is tearing up because the pizza was HOT AND IT BURNED HER TONGUE. "You'd cry too if you stuck lava in your mouth! What are you cooking??" Lava covered lava with lava centre, she's sure. Still, if he's not asking about the sheets, there must be something else in the box besides Basil's remains. And yes, that is how she lept to that conclusion.

There's not a lot that can actually surprise Meryl. She's come to accept things in life, like the fact that she's only marginally sane, that you can't get down off a horse, and that is why she will never go horseback riding, and that no one is ever going to marry her because of previously-mentioned marginal sane-ness. So when Ben proposes…

She stares at him, blinks, and sputters something unintelligable before she looks down at her half of the Klingon 'Best Friends' bracelet in the box he's holding out to her. Her fingers tighten around his, and she looks straight into his eyes and asks, "Are you sure?"

Because, damn, he's gotta be crazy, too.

Benjamin looks abashed about the whole lava bit. Then again, she's the one who put HOT food in her mouth like that. But he doesn't point this out. When Meryl does ask about whether or not he's sure, he answers honestly, "Yes. I wouldn't be asking if I weren't." There are times that he really should doubt it, but again, it's all or nothing about her.

If Meryl says yes and wants a ring, she'll get one. Benjamin just figured it'd mean more for her to have the bracelet back. Especially in a situation like this. He doesn't say anything else, not until he's heard whatever response Meryl's going to give.

It's not really out of left field, she realises now that she thinks about it. He's become more like himself since he was indoctrinated. Church said he would. There's still that little bit of him that's not quite Benjamin, but she's learned to love that, too. If there's anything to be sad about, that's Meryl's thing. Still, he's a better agent, he's a good partner, and she has to admit that, as terrible as it was, the procedure had its… uses.

"Yeah— " She says. It's shocked, quiet. Then she repeats it more forcefully before adding an emphatic "Yes!" to the end, before - poor Ben, he really should have considered this - she literally leaps at him.

There's an 'OOMPH' as Benjamin's knocked back on his ass as Meryl leaps at him. He honestly told himself to expect something physical, regardless of answer, but he still wasn't fully prepared. It's a moment before he's laughing and his arms wrap around Meryl. "Do you want a ring? A proper engagement ring? I wasn't sure if you'd want something like that.." Most girls do. His ex-wife was quite specific about what she was wanting, and let him know that what she got owing to his budget, was /not/ what she preferred.

"Bugger that, I'd lose it," she says. The bracelet she can at least keep fastened around her wrist. A ring? Far too small. And there's already gonna be a wedding ring to deal with. No, this is perfect. Ben really did have the right of it when he decided to go with the bracelet, because it has true meaning. Meryl does like shiny objects, but the fact of the matter is, Ben will be buying them for her for the rest of their life, so a ring is kind of pointless. "Can I have a shark?" she asks, lying her head against his shoulder. Maybe she can put sequins on it so it sparkles, too. "I bet even I couldn't lose a shark, huh?"

So he was wrong, she didn't forget about the shark. Benjamin laughs a bit, "No, no I don't think you could lose a shark. We'll see about one though." Maybe he can distract from what he hopes is a temporary fascination with wanting a shark! Or she'll forget on her own. (He's no expert, but he's pretty darn sure you can't have an actual shark as a pet.)

Heck with all the talking for the moment, Benjamin raises a hand up to Meryl's cheek, moving in to try and kiss her quite thoroughly.

KISSING? There's no kissing at a time like this! Except she allows it for a few seconds because that is what normal people do after a successful proposal. Moments later, though, she's got her hands on his chest, pushing back from him so she can meet his eyes again. "Can Lawrie be my maid of honour??"

What do you mean no kissing? There absolutely should be kissing! Only, Meryl seems to think otherwise. A slight groan issues from Benjamin as Meryl pushes back, ending it all. "Meryl, if you can get him in a skirt and blouse, of course he can be your maid of honor." Because, he could charge admission and they'd successfully pay off the wedding and the reception!

Meryl squeals. Yes, it's a literal squeal as she wraps her arms around Ben's shoulders and squeezes as hard as she's able. This is going to be so awesome. And it's a dream of hers that she'd already passed off as one of those 'never going to happen!' things. She'll need to get a new partner… That shouldn't be too hard.

And then, suddenly, she's on her feet, at the stove, turning everything off. Then she reaches down and picks Ben up by the collar - or, at least helps him to his feet. "Bedroom time!"

…There can be kissing there.

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