2007-10-08: Dreams Made Real


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Summary: Peter calls Nathan from his self-imposed quarantine. A dream of the future seems to be on the way to becoming real.

Date It Happened: October 8th, 2007

Dreams Made Real


PHONE: You dial the number 283-6969. It begins to ring.

PHONE: The other end answers, "Yeah?"

PHONE: Peter sounds a little rough, voice tense, and the reception is crackling, as if he's calling from inside a building, maybe even a basement or a parking garage. "Nathan, it's me. I uh— I'm in Bat Country and… I'm going to be staying here for a few days— and it might be… best if you do too."

PHONE: Nathan strains to hear Peter, moving to perhaps better the reception, but it's obvious it's on Peter's end of things. "You're— what?" Unlike Peter, he doesn't sound too bad, but it's obvious he'd been sleeping when Peter had called. "Why?"

PHONE: Peter still crackles in the reception, making it more likely his fault. "I've not been feeling well crackle worse the last couple of days. I thought crackle just my abilities— using them too much, but that usually goes away, or crackle coma. And this is getting worse. So I crackle talk to Cass crackle this virus is, Nathan, I have it. Regeneration isn't stopping it." There's a shift in the poor reception, as if he's tried to move around to find a better one, "And Cass… Cass told me about your blood tests. You…" the crackling gets worse, as if he moved somewhere even worse by accident.

PHONE: Nathan is quietly impatient as he tries to listen to what sounds like very important information which fate is having fun brushing over with sounds of static. "Peter," he says, sharper, louder. "This line is awful, I can hardly…" He trails off. Cass got his results back? "What was that?" There's the sound of curtains being dragged either opened or closed. "What did she find?"

PHONE: Peter seems to be on the move again now. A door opens and closes, and the reception gets better. "Sorry, Bat Country is in the basement— I can't go too much further out. I'm in quarantine." Self-imposed, but that's not the point. "Nathan, you have it too. We both do. You and me and Evelyn— we all have it."

PHONE: Nathan is silent for a while, and this might be the time in which he'd argue. But as Peter very well knows, this sickness only seems to get worse, and so perhaps he doesn't have much to stand on. "You're sure?" he finally has to ask, which isn't helpful, really, and Nathan sighs audibly down the phone. "What needs to happen? How bad's it gonna get?"

PHONE: Peter sounds rather tired, and somewhere unseen he's sliding down a wall to sit on the floor. "I don't know, Nathan. I wasn't sick in the dream, but right now… I'm pretty bad. Gotten worse the last day. Cass isn't even completely sure how it'll progress yet— or if it's even contagious. I just don't want to take any changes."

PHONE: Nathan, perhaps because the world works in psychic ways, also sits down rather heavily, the squeak of bed springs distant but audible. "Is it just us?" he asks, quietly. "People like us, I mean. I want to know if I need to get out of this house."

PHONE: Peter takes in a slow breath, and there's an audible exhale, unsteady. "I don't know. I'm not taking any chances." Who can blame him after a dream where he was told it was all his fault? "Cass was going to run blood tests on herself— she's been exposed to people who have it. She also wants to test Elena and Jack— they were— The first time I ever saw Evelyn was that night we all got locked in Sinai. Elena and Jack were in the same room with me. And you were there too, even if you were in another room. They tested our blood before we left so I don't understand how they cleared us, but… She thinks that might be where it came from."

PHONE: Nathan says, "The hospital?" He doesn't even remember Jack and Elena being there, but then, he hadn't really known them very well around that time. And of course, he'd been separated, with— a bunch of people he doesn't remember anymore, except for one. He snorts softly. "Bob Bishop might wanna get himself checked out then, too," he says. "He was there in the same room as me. Got cleared to go like everyone else."

PHONE: Peter sounds vaguely surprised, if still hoarse and tired, "Really? Mr. Bishop? If one of the bosses of the Company has it, maybe they'll take things a little serious… I can tell Cass— see if she can slip in that he should be tested." But… it doesn't sound as if this is a completely good thing. "I still need to call Elena, let her know I'll be staying here for a while, but I wanted to call you first. I won't make you come down here, but…"

PHONE: Nathan gives a rough 'mmhm' in response, falling into indecisive quiet. Pause, hold it, hooold iiit… "Why don't I go down there tonight and we can discuss— the next step after that?" He doesn't want to lock himself in a room until he winds up hospitalised, he has a campaign to see to, but the thought of hanging up and remaining where he is perhaps makes him nervous.

PHONE: Peter takes a slow breath, "Grab a bag of clothes, and a couple from the guest bedroom for me, too. And might as well bring a deck of cards." The last part is almost said as a joke, but it's not really funny. "Or something we can do to pass the time— when we're not just laying around resting. I'll see about getting another bed put into the room I'm already in. Hopefully this won't last too long, for either of us."

PHONE: Nathan says, "Alright. Give me— I need to make a few phone calls." People at the HQ will just have to hold the fort for a while. As far as Nathan is concerned, they won't have to hold it for too long anyway. He'd already made a few noises about needing a few days off to get past this flu he has. Oh if they only knew. "But I'll be there in an hour."

PHONE: Peter sounds tired still, "Alright. I'll be here. Obviously. If it's any… I'm sorry, Nathan." Like this whole thing was his fault. Maybe he really believes it is. The dream said it was. "I'll see you soon."

PHONE: The phone call has been ended by the other person.

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