2007-05-08: Drinking, Dancing, and Deception


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Summary: Candice and Elle meet for drinks and end up discussing the conflicts between Elle's personal and professional life.

Date It Happened: May 8, 2007

Drinking, Dancing, and Deception

Club DnA's

Thursday night. Elle's been having an interesting week, and it's WAY more than past time that she catches up with her BFF. She called Candice and asked to meet up out at Club DnA. The blonde is there in tight, slinky green minidress and heels.

Always the early bird, Candice is waiting dressed in her own slinky thing, an oceanic shade of teal, with the black heels her friend gave her. Her hair is… big. Curly. Black. She's dancing with a boy who hardly looks old enough to be in this club and she looks mostly bored. He seems to be serving a purpose, however, since he's handing money to a waitress and Candice is handed a shot in return. It's downed quickly and the empty glass is passed back.

Elle spots Candice, though it takes a moment; she isn't looking for that hair. She starts to weave her way through the crowd, offering a wave to try and catch her attention. "Hey, you!" Keep the generic "you" till she knows if Candice is using her own name currently.

"Ellie!" Candice throws both hands up in the air, greeting the blonde. "Sorry, baby," she tells the boy, "it's girl time. But thanks for the drinks!" The poor sap is left looking stunned. He clearly thought he was getting some skirt tonight. Candice wraps one arm around Elle's shoulders and hugs her close. "How is my best friend in the whole world?" Is it possible to get a buzz off someone's breath?

Elle smiles. "I'm good!" And she is in a good mood, though she blinks as she catches the scent. "How many drinks have you had?" she asks, sounding amused.

"I kind of arrived an hour early. So you've got some catchin' up to do, sweetheart." Candice leans in to whisper in her friend's ear. "I've 'changed' twice in the bathroom already to get rid of losers."

Elle laughs once at Candice. "Well, then let's sit down and I can get started. Slowly." Cause Elle doesn't hold her alcohol well. "So, did you hear about Jessica?" She isn't sure how much of it has made its way through the Company yet.

"What about her?" Candice's brows furrow. Whether she's heard or not, she knows better than to divulge information that Elle maybe isn't supposed to know. "Something juicy?"

Elle answers "We got into a fight the other day. But then Daddy called us in and asked us to hold off from killing each other. She's a bitch." Pot. Kettle. "But Daddy was happy about the work I was doing. I got a hug." Bob-affection. Most valuable currency in Elle-world.

"Oooh." Candice grins and raises her brows. "That's lovely! I'm so happy for you, dear. … Why are you fighting with Jessica, exactly?" Even the illusionist isn't quite suicidal enough to fight with Miss Sanders. Much.

Elle looks back at Candice, a little vexed. "Because she screwed up my plans for the bookstore. And because she killed Peter. But mostly because she screwed up what I have going on!"

"Naughty Jessica." Candice tsk-tsks. "Did Daddy set her straight?" She waves to the bartender, "I need a crack pipe and an amaretto sour for my friend here." She adds as an aside, "It's good. You'll love it."

Elle nods. "He said we weren't allowed to kill each other. But hopefully it'll still all straighten out. I'm having Peter get the information I want. They trust him." And she'll use that.

"Peter." Candice responds flatly. "He's doing our work for us now? You could have asked me, you know." Brown eyes narrow marginally.

Elle grins a little. "He's doing my work." She sounds pleased about it. "After all, if they're going to trust him, and he's going to trust me…" A grin as she waits for her drinks to arrive. "Why not?"

"Does he knows you're using him?" Candice slides some money across the bar as their drinks are set in front of her. Hers is a blue shot of… /something/ floating in Red Bull. Much like a Jaeg Bomb. Elle's is an almost green drink with no less than three cherries. "Well, I can think of a dozen reasons why not, but that's just me."

Elle answers "We're getting the list so that the Company can put everyone under protective surveillance." To her credit, she says that with a perfectly straight face. If nothing else, hanging out with Candice for years has helped her be a better actress. "Makes no difference in the end, if I get what I want, right?" She looks at the green concoction dubiously, but then takes a drink.

"It's sweet," Candice informs Elle as she brings the drink to her lips, "Like you." She doesn't lie. It is a sweet liquor. "You really think he's buying it? Doesn't he… read minds or something? What's he going to do when he finds out you're being less than truthful with him, Elle? You gonna have the guts to fry him?"

The blonde shrugs her shoulders. "I had him read my mind the other day. And I -do- want to keep the people safe. It's just…sort of a line to walk." She does seem a little uncomfy. "It's just like dating him in the first place. I can do both."

"It isn't about these /people/, Elle." Candice eyes her shot for a moment. That can wait. "It's all about the greater good. If they're upsetting things… Exposing us… We have to protect the world."

Elle nods. "I know that. But at the same time, if Sylar's out there chopping their heads open, then that makes our job harder too. We have to take him down, and so keeping them alive is in our best interest."

"Oh, I'm not about to disagree with you there, sweetie." Candice plants one palm flat on the bar and lifts her double shot with the other, knocking it back in one gulp. "But I'm thinking protective /custody/ is more in order than surveillance."

Elle shrugs her shoulders. "That's Daddy's decision to make." She doesn't seem to worry herself about it too much. "Besides, if we keep them locked up, then we have to worry about people trying to break them out. It's a pain in the ass." she takes a drink of her own. "This is good. I like it." If nothing else, she's clearly MUCH more the Company girl now after the memory wipe.

"Listen, Elle," Candice leans forward with a very serious expression… though her eyes waver for a moment from the alcohol ingested. "Sweetie. I only have your best interests at heart. You know that, don't you?"

Elle nods, and she reaches out to put a hand on Candice's. "Sure I do. You and me against the world, right?" Candice was her best friend…IS her best friend, and for a long time, was her ONLY friend.

Candice rests her other hand on top of Elle's, squeezing gently. "He's only going to cause trouble, Elle Belle. Peter Petrelli is no good for you. He's going to come between you and Daddy Bishop and then you're going to have to make a decision. And it's going to tear you apart." Dark curls bounce as Candice shakes her head. "I don't want you to have to suffer through that. He's not worth it, babe. You can have any man you want. Don't throw your life away for Peter Petrelli."

Elle frowns a little at Candice's comment. "It's a risk." She admits. "It almost happened the other day. But Peter backed off. I told him not to put me in between him and Daddy. I'm -happy- with him, Candice." she says. "I want to at least try and make it work." she says, sounding hopeful.

Candice rolls her eyes. You have /got/ to be kidding me. "You lived in a plastic room for most of your life, Elle. Peter Petrelli is a /boy/. You should be ready for /men/ any time now." There's a pause, punctuated by a heavy sigh. "Is he good in bed or something?"

Elle blushes. Yes, even sociopaths can blush. "Well, -yes-." She admits, as she looks to Candice. "But he…he knows what I am and he still likes me, Candice." And of course, feeds her that approval that is Elle's lifeblood.

"I don't believe you." Candice leans back in her seat. "You just don't know any better." There's a glint in the other woman's eye as she grins. "You could always let me have a go and I can give you an objective opinion."

Elle frowns. "You can't be me." Well, yes, she -could-, but Elle seems to not be thrilled about the concept itself. She takes a long drink from her own.

"Sure I can." That /really/ lights Candice up. "I will bet you that I can pretend to be you and he won't /even/ know the difference." If that isn't a test of a relationship…

Elle looks…almost petulant! "I don't want you sleeping with my boyfriend!" BFF or not, there are some things that are off limits! She looks back to Candice. The unspoken corollary: what if he likes you BETTER.

"Oh come on. I wouldn't /actually/ sleep with him." Candice waves a dismissive hand. "I don't want your scraps."

She looks upset at that. And the thing is, she probably couldn't even pin down why. Is it because of the implication that Peter somehow isn't good enough, or Elle isn't good enough, or anything like that. She's quiet, her expression showing her distress, as she takes another LONG drink of her drink.

"Oh, Elle…" Candice immediately looks guilty. Or she makes a good show of it, at least. "You know I didn't mean it like that. But Peter Petrelli isn't good enough for you! You deserve so much better. Smarter." Less… Peter Parker.

Elle looks up, and looks a little more relaxed at that. "Well…good enough or not, I like him." Still petulant. "Besides, I don't have a lot of practice to offer anyone either. Plus not a lot of guys get into me." Not once they find out about the whole psychopath thing. Or the electroshock affection.

"He's nothing but trouble," Candice warns again. She orders a soda now and sips on that, pressing one hand against her forehead for a long moment. Hey. Room. No spinning, 'kay? I'm busy. "I… Elle… If the order comes down, you realise I'm going to bring him in, no matter how crazy you are about him, right?" Because my own ass is more important than /your/ piece of ass.

Elle looks back up at Candice. "Let's hope it doesn't come down to that." she says. The tone on that? That's Elle's dangerous voice. Candice has probably heard it -lots- of times over the years. Just never -at- her.

Candice actually looks stunned by that. "You've /seen/ what happens to me when I'm neutralised. It's about as much fun as living in that plastic box. Would you go back in the box for him?"

Elle doesn't have the dangerous voice anymore. This is the denial voice. "It isn't going to come to that. Daddy and I made an agreement." And she'll happily stick her head in the sand over that.

"An agreement." Candice's tone is neutral. Don't trust Daddy, Elle. Not that I'm about to tell you that.

Then, Candice's defense mechanisms kick in. She flashes her friend a brilliant smile. "You are /so/ /smart/, honey. Making a deal with your father is a brilliant move on your part. I'm so glad you've got your bases covered." She squeezes Elle's hand again. "Now c'mon and down that drink so I can drag you out on the floor and make everybody in this club jealous."

The blonde beams -brightly- as Candice compliments her. Instant trust, instant reassurance. Elle is way too easy to play like a fiddle once you understand how she works. The approval = instant trust. She smiles, and slams down the rest of her drink. "Awesome. Let's do it!"

Candice grabs both Elle's hands now and drags her out onto the floor, planting a kiss on the girl's cheek. There's almost an artificial personal bubble around the illusionist as she dances with her friend. But not /too/ close.

The blonde grins, and happily dances with her BFF. She doesn't mind the close dance, not because she has anything for Candice, but because she knows it percolates the hormones of the men around. Faux lesbian dance FTW.

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