2007-07-14: Drug Runner


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Summary: Mara has a delivery for Niki.

Date It Happened: July 14, 2007

Drug Runner

Some, uh… Some coffee shop in Queens? S'pos'd'ta be green or somethin'.

It's no Starbucks, but it'll do. Mara sits at a table at a trendy coffee shop, touting itself as eco-friendly by the fact that they encourage customers to bring in their own mugs, rather than create the waste of paper cups. Clutched in the unnatural redhead's hands is a black coffee mug with purple lettering scrawled upon it to read 'Look at my face' on the side visible between her fingers. A pack of menthol cigarettes sits at her elbow untouched as she waits. Serves her right for coming in to order before calling the meeting.

The coffee shop gets a cursory glance around from Niki. She's never been here before, but it's a good a place as any, right? There aren't many places she frequents at all, truth be told. The blonde doesn't look particularly comfortable as she makes her way in and through the jumble of tables, finding the detective - the presumably off-duty detective - after just a moment. (It's the hair.) "Hey," she says as she comes up to Mara's table; her hello is quiet, even friendly, but tense, make no mistake. She sinks into the chair opposite Mara, sliding the strap of her purse down, sitting it in her lap.

"Miss Sanders," Mara greets with a smile, setting her coffee mug aside. "Didn't have too much difficulty locating the shop, I hope. It seemed as good a place as any, I reckoned."

"No, it's fine. It's… not far," Niki answers with a short-lived smile of reassurance. She settles in, though that air of unease seems persistent. She cuts straight to the chase. Blue eyes look across at the faux-redhead, questioning. "You didn't have any trouble with…?" With the slightly sketchy drug deal they're trying to arrange? Yeah, that.

"Trouble? Naw. I told Suresh it was for me - strictly precautionary." Mara smirks and slides the pack of cigarettes across the table. "Here. I've given these up, so I thought you might want them." She raises an eyebrow. "Four in there. When you need more, you get in touch and I'll arrange it."

There's the slightest narrowing of Niki's eyes when Mara explains her tactics with Suresh. That too is brief. The woman's jaw is set hard, on edge, but as she glances down at the pack of cigarettes with a similarly raised eyebrow, she can't help but smirk, a tiny up-curve of her mouth, at the disguise. "Okay," she answers plainly, sliding the pack toward her. "Strictly precautionary," she mimics, wry. More sincere: "Thank you, detective. Really."

"Yeah. Don't sweat it, Miss Sanders." Mara gives her a genuine smile and then takes out a pad of paper and a pen from inside her jacket. "Here…" She jots down an address in purple ink. "A farmhouse upstate. I'll be staying up there for a while. If you need to meet me in person, this is where you can find me."

"Sure." Niki takes the piece of paper without hesitation, in the same instant hoping that she doesn't have to use it. She tucks the address, along with the menthols package, into her purse. In relative privacy from the rest of the caf, she slides the little carton open with her thumbs, just enough to make sure what's inside is what's supposed to be inside - though not what the package says. Even though it's what she expected, the woman frowns. In memory, maybe. She stands up. "I'll…" What? "…see you." Or not. "If there's anything I can do for you…"

Mara assures, "You'll be the first person I call." Actually, if she needs to call Niki, it's more likely she'll be asking for Jessica. Not that she's sneaky or underhanded or anything like that. Detective Damaris stands and offers her hand to Niki with a wide smile. "Take care. And just let me know if and when you need more."

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