2009-11-29: Drugs, Women, and Muffins



Date: November 29, 2009


Tiago wants to feel useful, Sydney tattles, Lena spits, and Gene oversees it all!

"Drugs, Women, and Muffins"

Sydney's Apartment

Having just woke up again, Sydney pads out of her bedroom in the kitchen of the apartment dressed in her juicy pyjama pants and blue tank top. Immediately she makes a b-line for the coffee pot, not paying attention to anyone else in the apartment. It had been a late night. After she got Hallis home, she had been called out to do some emergency counselling for several of New York's finest.

Last night had been surprisingly quiet in Sydney's apartment/hostel. And this can be traced back to one simple fact: Tiago and Lena had left, sometime during the afternoon, never to return. The only trace of them lie in the guest room, a chaotic mess of clothing, and the lone guitar sitting upon the couch. Now at first, this doesn't seem to be that pressing of a difference, but the reality is that the apartment seems rather…hollow and empty without them. Their nonpresence has made a definite impact, on that perhaps Sydney can feel out.

But, come early morning, the phone rings, calling out to the inhabitants of the apartment - the one in the kitchen in particular. Caller ID declares it to be Tiago, as does the voice that pipes out of the speaker once the blonde answers the call. "Yo! Yo, don't worry none, okay? We're fine - we're cool. Jus'…needed some you know - ow, Lena, I didn't say nothin'! Anyway, Ima be home soon, so I've a question: d'you know if Gene can go to the apartment anytime soon, or if I can contact him somehow?"

The quiet wasn't a negative thing for Sydney, particularly as… she wasn't around. She was at the police station. Although, coming home to emptiness didn't exactly help her settle after hearing the details of the triple-murder suicide that occurred just a night before. Her eyes narrow at the call, "Oh. Hi Tiago." Pause. "Yeah, I can call Gene and ask him to come over. Just seems easiest… it's basically empty here anyways…"

"Yeah? Boss! Say, d'you want anythin' from the bakery on twenty-seventh? Fresh bread or somethin' sweet? 'Cause Lena gets all…you know what, nevermind." The way Tiago's voice trails off here and he deteriorates into snickering betrays the fact that said woman is probably hushing him with a particularly dirty look. "Anyway, I'll be back there in like, ten, alright? Don't wait up!"

"Um… okay?" Sydney doesn't want to know or even think about it. At least they weren't… here. That would've just been embarrassing. "Well, just a muffin or something. I just woke up." Again. She rubs her forehead and shakes her head. "I'll see you soon, I guess." She hangs up the phone and then dials Gene's number.

The nativity scene is set up. While the rest of the apartment Gene stays in is a mess of electronics, soda bottles, and pizza boxes, the special barn where Jesus appears is given a corner of the room. He can't be with his grandfather to see the cool tree and display he often is able to make with his eldest (and perhaps only) surviving relative, but at least he can try and passively do his 'Reason for the Season' thing under the radar.

Gene holds up baby Jesus, pondering where to put him so he doesn't lose him. After all, baby Jesus is put in haycrib thing on Christmas Day and not a day before to Gene. Of course, he gets a call and for now, he just tucks it into his pocket. Pulling out his special PDA, the young man puts it to his ear. "Heyo, what's up?"

"Hey," Sydney answers. "Chi just called me, he wants to know if you can meet with him here." She turns the television on and glances at the news about Trenton. Her mouth gapes open a little as she furrows her eyebrows. "And… I think… wow. I think Emily made a guy comatose…" Her cheeks flush. She'd done her due diligence by Hallis, but not by the rape-attempter. Her professional code of ethics wouldn't like this. Pause. "Can you come over? Chi's on his way already… should be here in ten…"

"Emily? Right, I'll be there soon. Just make sure that no unwanted guests show up for business talk. See you soon." With that, Gene hangs up the phone. Pulling out the baby from his pocket, the young man shakes his head. "Looks like until we find you a temporary home, you're chilling with me, Jesus. Not that you don't chill with me already, but this is more of a… You get what I mean, man, don't give me the baby eyes." With that, Gene puts back the plastic decoration into his pocket and prepares to go.

Twenty minutes later!

Gene is at the door of Sydney, dressed in a simple black shirt with the Death Star and a caption of 'IT'S NO MOON' underneth it, his jeans, and his black peacoat. He has a black scraf around neck, used to hide his lower face as best he can.

Ten minutes turns into twenty minutes before Tiago knows it, and before long he is pounding on the elevator door, pressing the floor number a couple of times impatiently as he wills the machine to speed up. Dressed in his typical garb with particularly mussed hair, the man is quite alone and toting a small, brown paper bag that houses Sydney's muffin. As the mechanical door slides open, the man-boy bounds from it, taking brisk strides to his temporary housing.

…Only to slow down at the black mass that happens to be Gene by the door. Slowly, his eyes widen, and the lad finds his lips splitting pleasantly. "Damn, have I got good timin' or what? Oy! Oy, Gene. S'up?"

In that twenty minutes in between her call and Gene's arrival, Sydney had managed to shower and change into her blue jeans and black baby doll t-shirt with Trogdor the Burninator on the front. She sits at the kitchen table drumming her fingers rather impatiently. Tiago said he'd be here ten minutes ago. She closes her eyes and clears her head. And then in that clear headed place, she senses something. Outside her door. Quizzically she stands to her feet and pads towards the door. Quickly she unbolts the door and opens it. "Woah! That was.. weird…"

"Shhhhhhhhhh!" Gene states as he turns toward Tiago. "X-nay on the ames-nay while the Ene-gay is in ublic-pay." The young genius decides to give a couple of raps as warning before entering the home. After all, if Tiago is around, he likely would have done that anyway.

Of course, before the young genius can do that he finds that there is a woman in front of him and he is about to knock on… stuff that shouldn't be knocked on. Gene turns toward Sydney, just giving a blink before he lowers the hand. "Something up, Sydney?"

"X-what?" Tiago inquires, his eyebrows shooting up into his hairline as Gene springs out the Pig Latin on him. Staring at the genius blankly, you can practically see the words come in one ear and float out the other, the filmy misting over of the Brazilian's eyes as he tunes the white noise out, latching onto only the important bits. Like this one.

"Ene-gay? Dude…are you tryin' ta come out of the closet or somethin'?"

Sydney saves the day by appearing at the door, and the tall, burly lad breaks out into a broad smile, beaming at the blonde. "Hey! I gotchya your muffins!"

"Uh… " Sydney peers at each man and steps out of the way to let them inside. "I just… like I didn't hear anything, but I knew someone was here. I was sitting at the table, and I just. I like knew someone was at the door. I don't know. Weird."

"Thanks Chi! I just need one though… mmm breakfast… " she glances at the clock on the wall and muses "… at one in the afternoon…"

"If you want to be part of Team Awesome, you're learning pig latin. And maybe REAL latin," the genius replies as his look of caution is swiftly replaced with a frown. Walking into the door, he makes sure it is shut before the conversation continues in any way, shape, or form. Once it is, he hrms. "Could just be a fluke thing… Maybe just some extension of your power. I dunno," he states as he moves toward the couch to take a seat.

Tiago is gracious enough as he offers the bag over to Sydney with a lopsided kind of smile, waiting until after she has shifted out of the way to, eventually, follow Gene into the apartment and latch the door shut beside him. Once the locks have been done up, the man wrinkles his nose with distaste at Gene's words. "Team Awesome? Tha's really the team name? It don't even sound official none. But, whatever, I guess. You're the boss. And is pig latin even a /language/, for real?" Beat. "I can do latin a bit. Maybe. Possibly. But, that ain't the deal!"

Turning about, he proceeds to shrug off his army jacket, heading into the living room. "Y'said I could be a /part/ of Team Somethin'-Else, right? I jus'…I need ta know. How I can help. What I can do. 'Cause I gotta do /somethin'/, man. And I'm good, I am! I don't sound smart none, okay, but I can do shit. Like…like, I can steal shit, and pick locks, and hotwire cars and…" Beat. Way to rat yourself out as a common criminal, boyo.

"I don't know. Just weird." Sydney shrugs a bit as she pads into the living room and sits in one of the armchairs. She glances at the picture frame on the coffee table, which has remained faced down since before Tiago and Lena first came here. She crosses her legs and glances at Tiago before shaking her head. "Sorry. Would either of you like a cup of coffee? Juice? Water? Oh, and apparently I have muffins! Any takers?"

She smirks at Tiago's list of credentials, but says nothing, only standing to her feet to meet her guests' needs.

"Steal cars, pick locks…. Um, anything else you can do? While those are good skills, the more I know about those in the organization OF JUSTICE, the better," Gene states with a shrug. "As for the name, it will likely have something better in time, but well, that's the working name. If you don't know Latin, might as well have it be Team Awesome."

Gene appears ready to say something else, but realizes it's rude to keep Sydney waiting. "A milk would be awesome if you have it. If not, fruit juice."

"Can't we be like, Team Badass or somethin', then? Somethin' with a little more grit and shit?" Figures that Tiago would hone into this particular irrelevant point and proceed to beat it into the ground. With his lips pursed, the lad proceeds to run through his resume in his head. "Well…I know I can do more'n that, I swear! Gimme a…well. I'm good in the underground and shit. I gotta good name. Like in Harlem and stuff? No one touches me. I can get shit for real cheap, illegal shit and whatever. And I can fight! I can fight real well, man, and use a gun and shit. Ima good bodyguard, I swear. I can…well…" You always realize how little you can actually do when you're forced to itemize all your skills."

Uncomfortable, Tiago proceeds to rub at the back of his neck and frown, shifting around in place. "I can do more, I guess…Ima fast learner. I am. An' I'll do whatever, I jus' gotta do /somethin'/ you know? I can't…this is my life too. I don't wanna be fuckin' useless no more." Beat. Gingerly, he glances his pale green eyes Sydney-wards. "No thankya. I'm good."

"Milk it is," Sydney quips as she opens the cupboard and takes out a glass for Gene. "It's skim I'm afraid. I only drink skim…." Quickly she opens the fridge and takes out the milk, carefully pouring milk in the glass. She presses her lips together as she glances towards Tiago and just nods. She brings the glass of milk into the living room and hands it over to Gene along with a coaster before sitting down in the armchair again.

"I'm sure you have many talents Tiago. It's hard to remember when trying to recall them all." She smiles, but her smile fades slightly.

"I'll find a use for you, Tiago. I'm teaching a friend of mine how to hack… Maybe I can teach you how to work on cars. That way I can handle the electronics and the advanced systems, while you handle the body work and stuff like that." Gene considers the matter more, giving a shrug to end the process after a few seconds. "That is, if you want to learn stuff like that. You aren't useless, Tiago. If you want to help the good guys, then you're important too. Everyone has their place, making the impossible possible, even if they think they are doing the mundane at first."

Taking the glass and the coaster, Gene sips the milk with a nod toward Sydney. "She's right… Though speaking of recall," the man begins as he turns his attention toward the lovely lady. "You had something you wanted to talk to me about?"

Tiago perks, quite visibly, his lips curling upwards. "Cars, I can do. Shit, yeah. That'd be fuckin' boss, man. Yeah, definitely!" Uplifted with the idea that he plays a role, even if it is miniscule, in the general effort, Tiago proceeds to grin brightly, his mouth spanning from ear to ear in that decidedly boyish show of expression. Then, he claps his hands together in front of him. "Fuck, I was even thinkin' o' maybe buyin' some cheap bike for me ta work on in my spare time…which is all the time. So…yeah! Awesome."

Making his way around the room restless, as he has suddenly been infused with new vigor and energy, the man falls silent for Sydney and Gene to discuss their bit, although he does eye both individuals with an unabated curiosity.

Sydney's eyes widen incredulously, "Emily. Last night I ended up in this underground bar in like an abandoned building through circumstances beyond my control… anyways…" She leans forward. "Emily was there and she touched a client of mine and my client… well… it was euphoric…." How Sydney knows is left unexplained, although either man could guess. "And then… I managed to get my client away from her after having sangria spilled on me… except she glommed onto client's ex-boyfriend who tried to drug us with what I'm assuming were roofies, which is why I got sangria on me because I knocked it out of her hand… AND now boyfriend is comatose according to the news. I think she did it." The story is rather convoluted and she's left out some details, but she's done the best she can considering her thought process and the amount of sleep she got.

"Good… I'll mail over a list of parts for you to get Tiago. Make sure you get them LEGALLY. If money is an issues, I'll get Eric to front the money. I need to make a friend a Christmas present and working on an armored van would be good practice." Gene gives armored vans as Christmas gifts? Well, it's no secret he's odd.

Of course, Gene soon finds himself getting told about Emily. She seems to be up to her old tricks again… Or a watered down verison of them. Leaning forward as he removes his peacoat, he tosses it to the side of the coat as he talks. "Comatose? As in temporarily or perament? …And euphoric touches? These don't sound like cut and dry possession to me. How did the touch feel if you or Hallis felt it… The more you can tell me, the better."

"Well…legal /how/? It's legal if I buy it from someone, right?" Even if that someone stole it. As Tiago prods at his assignment, trying to decipher how much leniency will be tolerated and how much he can get away with. "Okay, cool, though. I'll get to it, man! You can count on me, I swear! Oh, and what's the Christmas present?" Because, it's obvious that an armored car CANT be the present.

"… Possession? Whoa there, like demons or some shit like that?" Tiago is a little panicky here, and he glances up to the ceiling, as if apologizing to the Big Guy. "I aint goin' ta mess with Satanic shit, no way. I'm on shaky ground with God as it is - I aint goin' ta push it none."

"I don't know it it's permanent or not," Sydney admits as she leans back in the chair. She closes her eyes gently as she tries to recall the exact sensation Hallis emitted, "Well. She touched Hallis. Not me. I was just in the vicinity a couple of times. It was like… that feeling after riding a roller coaster or …" pause "… just good feelings. Almost a state of otherworldliness. And Hallis wanted to do her bidding and make her happy… she seemed to think she could make Hallis do anything."

"It's not demons," Syd explains to Tiago. "It's this blonde woman who can enter people's bodies." She bites her bottom lip, "She's… a loose cannon."

Letting Sydney explain Emily to Tiago, Gene focuses on what he doesn't know. "Interesting. Maybe she has some sort of control over people by partically entering them or putting her will over theirs. I'll have to ask her on this," Gene states as he considers the matter.

"Considering her past habits, this IS an improvement, since she would have killed him normally. Maybe I can talk to her about freeing this guy if I agree to meet with her in person. I have ways of consealing my identity and as long as she can't touch me, I should be fine. Perhaps…" He sips his milk, tapping a finger on the glass a couple of moments as the wheels in his brain turns. "I'll get some of the stuff Lena uses to make people feel good." He looks around, not sure exactly how or what they do with the stuff. "You guys wouldn't happen to have some of that around, would you?"

"…Oh, okay," Tiago sighs out in relief, pleased that he's not going to be sentenced to Burn in Hell for helping them. With an easy sigh, he shakes his head and glances down to the floor, pursing his lips thoughtfully. As they continue to speak, the man wrings his hands together sheepishly.

However, when Lena is mentioned once again, her perks upwards. "Uhh…damn, she took her lip balm, didn't she? Well…" And he goes off into overload, attempting to puzzle out what might be contaminated with his girlfriend. "Ah! Maybe I could get ya a pair of her used pa-…no. No, that won't work at all." Because he will summarily be shunned for the rest of existence. And because he cant trust that Gene wont pocket it for his geek underwear fetish or something. "Ah, I know! C'mon," he gets up then, proud. "You're goin' ta have ta show some skin or somethin', but rollin' around in the guest bed is bound ta make ya all happy like!"

"Uh… I'm pretty sure Lena just sweats it out," Sydney says honestly. "I think it's the one that most naturally comes off her body. But then Chi would know better than me." She side glances Chi and gapes. "Um… in the guest bed?" She raises her eyebrows and glances at Gene, "I don't… I mean, I think… that might not be the best idea." She presses her lips together and just stares. "I'm not going to roll around in the guest bed. I don't think that's the best idea considering how… maybe I have cotton swabs or something?"

A key rattles in the door, the various locks being undone before the the door is pushed open to allow Lena's entrance. She's manuevering one-armed, since the other is being used to carry a flat box filled with sticky sweet goodness (only two-thirds full because hey, a girl's gotta eat). It's a wonder she isn't the size of a bull walrus, with that kind of diet.

She kicks the door shut with her foot and clumsily does up the bolts again before wandering towards the living room. Her coat is awkwardly shed and left on the floor as she goes. "Anyone want a bear claw? There's like two more," Lena announces herself, sound almost cheerful. Sugar will do that. But she pauses in the archway, brows lifting and gaze flicking from face to face. "I…uh…skin, what?"

Tiago's idea cause Gene to quirk a brow. While he COULD comment on the underwear, he just won't for the sake of his own and everyone ELSE'S sanity. "By default, she gives off the happy stuff? Here I would have thought she would have given off something close to… Never mind that. Sydney is right, I need some to collect and to do that, I'd need to be rubbing over the bed and that is a little creep-"

Gene pauses as Lena makes her way into the place. Slowly, but surely a large grin appears on Gene's face. Maybe having baby Jesus in his pocket brings good luck! "-eeee… Good timing, Lena, I need another flask to SAVE THE WORLD. This time I need something that makes people feel really good. I don't need too much of this stuff. Maybe a vial?"

Tiago quirks his brows slightly. "Yeah. It's like, in her sweat or somethin'. If she's real hot, it's stronger. And like it's weakest right after she takes a shower. And…hey, no perviness. It's a suggestion, man. She aint here, so I dunno what else we can do. It's ta save the world, aint it? Don't think of it like…" Beat. He is saved the discomfort by the arrival of his very own personal drug lab, Lena!

"Babe! Awesome! I talked ta Gene, see?" Once this bit of primping is done, the man silences himself, allowing Gene to make his request. "Anyway, yeah. S'time ta prove what a hero you are again, baby."

"Hi Lena," Sydney smiles easily at the other woman and offers her a small wave. She doesn't explain anything further because the two men have already tried to convince Lena to follow through on everything. Instead, she stands to her feet and walks to the kitchen. "I'll have a bear claw," she grins.

Lena just stands there for a time, the expression on her face making it plain she's wondering just what she's wandered into. When she finally bestirs herself, it is to walk into the kitchen to deposit the box of pastries on the counter; gloves are still on, stretching all the way to her upper arm, to prevent contamination. "Are they like…bonding?" the girl asks, sotto voce, to Sydney.

Then she begins to collect things: a small glass from the cupboard, a roll of saran wrap, a few rubber bands from the junk drawer. So armed, Lena returns to the living room and arranges these things on the coffee table. "Okay, yeah…that's awesome, Chi! I told you he was good people, huh?" She indicates Gene with a jerk of her head, giving both men a smile. "Do I wanna know what you're gonna use this stuff for? Or is it top secret?"

"You know that killer I was talking about? I'm dealing with her… I figured something to tell her 'good job' for not killing someone was in order. I won't tell her it's from you. Until I am sure she is trustworthy, I'm trying to keep the information she gets as low as possible, but that may not be able to work forever," Gene replies to Lena before he looks over toward Tiago. "Yeah and if you really work hard, maybe in six months I could have you working as a legit mechanic. Provided we have the government stuff handled before then."

Tiago steps back, satisfaction written on his features. It seems someone is quite pleased with himself. "Yeah, for sure," he calls over to Lena, before catching Gene's final words. For some reason, the prospect of holding an actual job, being all right with the law and everything? Well, it not only terrifies, but it disappoints the lad. "Yeah…" He sighs, arching his brows a little before walking over into the kitchen with Sydney.

"Killer? What killer? Wait - you aint goin' ta get Lena mixed up none with fuckin' killers, are you?" His tone is speculative, high protective.

"It certainly seems like bonding to me," Sydney quips as she bites into her bear claw. She narrows her eyes as she peers at all of the supplies Lena gathers. After glancing at Gene, she shakes her head, "I don't think she can really be trusted. She'll go along with everything until it doesn't suit her anymore, I think." She purses her lips together and shrugs a bit. "And I'm a therapist. I believe anyone can change. And perhaps she can, but I think it has to suit her…"

Sydney turns to Tiago, "The blonde woman who possesses people. I work for the police department consulting on cases. She possessed an officer's body and opened fire on innocent people in a restaurant." Her lips twitch. The entire affair still leaves her unsettled.

Lena settles herself on the couch, busy with arranging the items brought from the kitchen to her satisfaction. "Huh…I guess if it helps…E is pretty easy to make, so…" She pauses in tearing off a sheet of the plastic wrap in order to look up at Tiago, smile going a little quirky.

"S'okay, Chi, I don't think I'm gonna go anywhere near her. I don't want to, she sounds like a real bitch. But are you gonna be okay? I mean, if she gives Syd the creeps, and Syd likes everyone…" That last is intended for Gene and goes unaccompanied with a glance. The drug lab is at work, distractions must be kept to a minimum.

"If you get grossed out easy, don't look," Lena instructs before picking up the glass. After a moment of concentration, she…spits in it. Twice.

"I'll be fine. I deal with her so other people don't have to. Hopefully in time, she won't be so scary," Gene replies before he finishes off his milk. He doesn't talk much about Emily, considering that Sydney is doing a great job. Besides, all this worry is admittedly getting him a little concerned. But a hero cannot back down now, not when people depend on him.

"So…lemme get this straight. She's a psycho bitch who can jump in people's bodies? Like, /anyones/ body? And she don't care 'bout people lives and shit?" Tiago inquires, arching his brows slightly. "…She sounds like a thug. I know how ya deal with them sort. Y'gotta have somethin' they want, or you stay the fuck outa their way. D'you know for sure that she'd want the like…drugs? 'Cause, if she does…I wouldn't bring it with ya none." He comments idly, quirking his lips slightly. "It'd be easy for her ta grab it if she puts you in that coma or whatever. Find a way ta give it ta her in an equal settin', and never let her know how ta get it without ya. Y'need ta make her dependent - addicted." He's a hustler. It's what Tiago does. He doesn't even flinch when the woman loogeys her way into creating the batch of E, used to this kind of thing.

Spit doesn't gross out Sydney so she doesn't look away, instead she peers, semi-fascinated. "You'd think it would be more complex than that," she grins a bit as she nods. "I am freaked by Emily. She leaves me very unsettled. Our encounter in the park was unsettling. Our encounter at the club… unsettling. I'm normally an excellent judge of character. And I don't trust her." It's simple enough. She nods a bit at Tiago. "She absolutely needs a pull to even want to help."

"Chi's right," Lena puts in. "You won't be fine if she decides she's done with you, people like that…we've dealt with them before, you know? You get her to take this maybe four, five times though? She'll be hooked." Of course, then they'd have to cope with a body-snatcher junkie with no morals on the hunt for a new fix. But this is why she's not the brains of this operation. "You might wanna be careful though, 'cause like…she's gonna wanna be touched after getting dosed. A lot."

That caution delivered, the teen sets the glass down and stretches the plastic wrap over the mouth of it, securing it in place with rubber bands. A last wipe of the outside of the glass is performed with the gloves, to make sure there's been no spatter effect. "You mean complicated?" she adds, glancing up to smile at Sydney. "Nah. I just have to know what something does and think about it to dial it up. Mostly. Put a little on some blotting paper and you're good."

"Exactly Lena. I wonder how many of your junkies would be mortified if they knew they were addicted to a girl's spit," Sydney can't suppress the giggle that escapes her lips. "Alright… I need to get some things finished… heading to the office for a few hours. I'll be back later." She smiles at the trio and pulls on her coat before slipping out the door.

"I'm not doing using chemical blackmail on a woman to make her a loyal lapdog. That's the kinda stuff that bad guys do. If she leaves me no choice and goes back to killing, that's one thing… But I ain't using this as a weapon. Just a reward," Gene states firmly. "As for her touching me, that's why I have my bodysuit. Do that with the air pressurized helmet system I've been working on and I'm good to go. She can feel me up for awhile and not touch skin." There is an awkward pause. "Not that I really am expecting that to happen. Anyway, I'll be fine baring something crazy like the government just tearing in out of nowhere." He takes the glass and nods with a simple "Thanks… Hopefully, this will do the trick."

Tiagoquirks his brows mildly. "Playin' /smart/ aint the same thing as bein' a bad guy. Ya /need/ ta have somethin'…like, what's that word? That…leverage! Right. Y'need leverage. And I betchya any real hero woulda said the same." Beat. "Okay, not Superman, but he was a freak who couldn't like, die. Batman though, he'd be for leverage." Tiago is not unintelligent. He can smell a geek from such a close proximity, and he knows exactly how to play this up. Eventually, he shrugs his shoulders, curling his lips upwards. "I mean, do whatever, it was jus' an idea, is all. I jus' know them type of people real well."

The matter of leverage is left to Tiago, who is doing a fine job of explaining the concept, in Lena's estimation. She does, however, chime in on the matter of what Gene might expect of Emily after the woman is exposed. "Might be less about her touching you, and more her wanting you to touch…um. It's…well, you wanna make her really happy after taking that stuff, you'll…scratch her back. Or arms. Kinda slow, like. Chi can tell you." She widens her eyes and offers up her least punkish smile towards the Geek God. It is quite possible that she is simply testing to see if he'll blush again.

"And no problem! I hope it helps. Maybe while Chi's working on cars, I can check out that drug book again and see if there's anything else useful in it." Pause. "You're really gonna walk around in a space suit? I mean, it looks awesome, but…won't people notice?"

"Playing it smart would be using the woman that I know who can make visual illusions then using her to transport myself and the woman who posseses other people in order to get close to the president. Having Emily possess the president, she would be able to recend the Alpha Protocol program, and if she addicted to the drugs I gave her, would mean that I could effectively rule this country, provided that I had the 'leverage' to use again Lena to ensure that she never stepped out of line."

After Gene's rant, he offers the important point. "I'm not going to manipulate people just because it's the easy thing to do. I am a warrior of honor and awesome." After giving a firm nod to his words, he turns toward Lena and opens his mouth to say something. "Right… I guess I'll touch her a little if she wants," Gene offers in a rather awkward tone. Of course, he is blushing like a beet at this point.

Tiago grins brightly, looking enthusiastic when Gene seems to have gotten the point. The scenario he paints is seemingly perfect to the lad, and he is quick to perk and nod emphatically. "Yeah! Yeah, that's perfect, bro, that's what you gotta do! Man, this'll be easy, we'll…" Beat. Wait. Gene just gruffed that he would never do that. Down come his brows, and he ends up frowning deeply. "Why /wont/ you? How come! This could all end, man - it'd be done!" His frustration is palpable at this point, and he looks prepared to berate the Geek God into submission, except Lena distracts him.

Blink. Blink blink. He ends up grinning boyishly, suddenly amused as he peers over to the girl. "Jesus, are we tryin' ta save the world or get Gene laid? 'Cause Ima need ta adjust my strategy a bit if its the other. Though I can show ya the kinda touch, if Lena'll c'mon over here… Jus' these little strokes…"

That's when Lena plucks up a throw pillow from the couch and tosses it directly at Tiago's face. She was trying to make Gene blush, not give him a heart attack!

"Just ignore him, his power is his brain never got older than twelve," the girl advises their fearless leader with a grin. As she continues to speak, however, the smile fades to be replaced with a more somber expression. "But you gotta admit, he's got a point…I mean…if they're sticking people's brains in jars, or killing them in camps, you gotta look at what's gonna stop that fastest, right? Like, what if someone had done that to Hitler. Just popped into his head and made him close the concentration camps so all those people weren't shoved into ovens. Isn't it better to take a hit on your awesome points to save lives?"

"I am not getting laid until I get married, which may be never with how things keep up. It's all good though, everyone else seems to be sleeping around to balance it out," Gene points out with a faint smirk. Like Lena, it vanishes as they talk morality.

"You pull that sorta stuff, it catches up to you. You use fear and the negative stuff in humanity to keep people in line and that's what gets pushed around. You work to built a network of accountability, trust, and commitment… That's my dream." Gene says, rubbing his face slightly as if trying to relax himself. "And I'm working to make it come true. Besides, if I go with the 'brutal' method and it failed… There is no telling what the government might do. They might just start killing people on sight instead of just kidnapping them." He leans back into the seat before he points out, "'Sides, they DID try and kill Hitler. Didn't you walk that movie with Tom Cruise that came out like a few months ago? It was based on a true story."

"Really? …Why? How can you like, not have sex?" Tiago, for his credit, sounds legitimately confused. He's not making fun of Gene - he's just kind of figured that everyone has the same opportunity to be sexually promiscuous as he has. "I mean…yeah. I dun' think I could do that, man." He doesn't have time to react to the pillow-to-face exchange. He is hit, and groans, but ends up grinning in her direction, lobbing the pillow back to her. "Oy! I am too smarter than a twelve year old! You're the one talkin' 'bout touchin' people."

Ahem. "Well, they tried, but they /failed/. 'Cause they're not Team Awesome and they dont got like, super powers like ya'll do. Listen, I like a world without lyin' and without death and pain and everythin', that'd be sick. I wish we could all get along, and that everyone was good. But, the truth? The real hard truth? I've /seen/ this fuckin' world. And there are good people in it, but this world is fucked up - and it aint good. People who dunno how to play the game, they die. You've /got/ ta play smart, man."

"It's like those religious people, Chi," Lena explains, quite seriously although she does give Gene a smile, "They think they should save sex for the person they'll be with their whole life, and getting married…it's kinda like a dog peeing on a hydrant. The ring warns off other dogs, you know? I think it's kinda sweet. Not that, um…"

Let's just move on, shall we? Having to duck that pillow makes a fine opportunity to focus on the other topic of conversation. She resumes speaking after re-settling herself on the couch, sprawling back comfortably against the cushions.

"I didn't know they tried to kill Hitler, that's some crazy sh—stuff. We should totally rent that." Lena cocks her head, glancing at her partner in crime before looking again to Gene. She seems concerned. "You are awesome for wanting to use good guy stuff to beat them. But…but maybe bad guys don't deserve that. And maybe they won't stop if you don't…step up to them, toe to toe. That's how the gangs worked in Miami, you know? If you didn't hit back twice as hard, you got stomped and dumped in the swamp."

"You can play it smart and do the right thing. That means you offer the olive branch, but you never leave yourself too open to get the backstab," Gene states, deciding to focus on the matter he feels slightly more comfortable speaking of. His entire body is flush now from the talk of getting his groove on (or not getting his groove on, as the case may be), but he still speaks firmly. "Maybe the bad people like Emily don't deserve that… But I believe in the Golden Rule, do onto others as they would do unto you. Now, does that mean I won't stop government agents that try and get me? No, but it doesn't mean I'm going to hold their kids hostage. There are lines that you can cross… And the more you cross, the harder it is to stop. If I get dumped in a swamp, fine, then you'll know my plans were dumb… But until then, just trust me on this."

Tiago quirks his head to the side, peering over towards Lena as she taps from her reservoir of patience to answer his queries. For her efforts, the man smiles in a warm, bright fashion, nodding before picking himself up from the kitchen and making his way into the much more comfortable living room in his attempt to join her in the couch. "Heh. So like, dog peein' on a hydrant, huh? Geez, baby, aren't you the romantic?" He comments dryly, arching a brow.

However, it isn't long before he glances back to Gene. His brows furrow deeply, and he allows a deep sigh, shaking his head slightly. "Dude…we aint sayin' kidnap kids. We're not even sayin' hoodwink good people. What I'm sayin'," and he glances over towards Lena for support, "what /we're/ sayin' is you gotta play by diff'rent rules when dealin' with thugs. With /killers/. 'Cause if she gets the chance? Fuck yeah, she's goin' ta bowl you over."

Lena shifts to the side to make room for the Brazilian, quite comfortable in flashing him a grin and the finger for the teasing comment before plunking her sneakered feet in his lap. "Guys like you don't like girls like me 'cause we're romantic," she responds in much the same tone of voice. Then her head tilts back, allowing the teenager to study Gene from a new vantage: upside down. "The folks shipping us off are like Emily, dude. Seriously, it's good we joined on, you know? You need folks who think like we do to watch your back. Not that we don't trust you, I mean, but…we don't want to see you get tapped out either, okay? You're an important guy. Especially if we win, for the after stuff. But you need like…generals. Badass generals."

"It's fine…" Gene states, just taking a deep breath in and out. Mulling over the conversation, it's clear that he doesn't seem to have enjoyed the direction it took. Not that it's a surprised to Gene. If being the nicest guy you could be was easy, everyone would do it. He doesn't say anything for a couple of moments before he gets up slowly. "Well, unless you guys have something else we need to talk about… I really should get going. Thanks for the stuff, Lena, promise it'll be put to good use."

Tiago allows his lips to split into an easy grin when Lena responds to him, and though he mimes shoving her feet off of him - he also ends up settling his hands onto them. "Oh yeah, huh? Why do guys like me like girls like you?" Amusement is written on his face - a straight contradiction to Gene's solemn nature. He sobers up rather quickly, however, once Gene announces his attention to leave. "Yeah? Alrigh', man. Jus'…stay smart. I dunno - I don' got anythin' else ta say. So…good luck! Oh, and ifya need help? Yeah, I'm your guy."

Lena's face twists in a deepening of that concern when Gene stands up and makes as if to leave. It's clear she has no idea why their ideas aren't receiving the reception she'd expected. Pushing herself up on one elbow, she tilts her head, looking from Gene to Tiago then back again. "Yeah, sure…no problem. Sorry if we pissed you off, man. I guess we kinda come from a different place, you know? You don't really have to make us generals or anything, I was just joking about that." Honest, she was. Really! "Be careful, lemme know if you need more."

"Nah, Lena, it's okay, I know you guys mean well, and that's the important thing," Gene replies as he gives a small smile. He knows they mean well, which is at least half of what it takes to be good friend. "You guys take it easy and let Sydney know I'l talk with her later." with the happiness in a jar, the Geek God merely makes his way toward the door.

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