2010-07-16: Drunk Rolling



Date: July 16, 2010


Empire Industries looms in the background… but more pressing things are at hand.

"Drunk Rolling"

Cain Tower

Cain Tower.

All the way up at the top is the Penthouse Apartment of Customized Awesome that belongs to None Other Than Jaden Cain. Currently, he's doing something that he normally doesn't do by himself and that's… wander around the apartment, in the dark, playing with his lightsaber.
Force FX, baby.

Anyway, the eccentric billionaire is creeping along down one of his corridors, his green lightsaber held out in front of him and decked out in a huge black Jedi cloak. This is what happens when it's not date night.
Shame, isn't it?

With a clunk, Janet wheels herself off the elevator, severely fatigued by the effort it's taken to get here. In other words: her arms are tired. With the remnants of a very small irritable frown, she rolls up to the door and raises an arm to knock. Lowering it moments later she stretches it accompanied by a stretch of her neck.

With a semi-irritated sigh, she raises her hand and raps on the door. Despite her irritated expression, and her general irritability at this second, she's dressed rather cutely in a sundress and white cardigan, a perfect outfit for a summer night. And yes, it is, undeniably night time, not exactly an ideal time for wheelchair-bound women to be out on their own.

"Wait." Jaden holds up his hand, to no one, since he's there by himself. Well, not really by himself. Rufus is crawling around here somewhere. But beyond that, there are no other humans up in this place right now. "I felt a disturbance in the Force." And then he's turning to look to his left, at which he notices the main door and he de-ignites the lightsaber. "False Alarm, Jedi Council! It's just the door!"

Jaden reaches to pull it open, while not even looking to see who it is. Instead, he's looking off towards the kitchen. "Mace! Don't be eatin' all the fries, man! Nerf-herder!" And that's when he turns back to see the wheelchair bound girlfriend of epically cute levels. "Your Highness." his head bows and he reaches up to pull the hood down from his head.
Too much Star Wars on the brain.

The greeting actually earns Jaden a smile, even if she's annoyed-overall (although not with him), she can't help but find the star wars get-up and being called your majesty at least a little endearing. "The force is strong in this one," she muses with the still-present half-smile. "Just know your Jedi mind tricks won't work on me— " her grin grows just a stitch… Oh the joys of being a geek!

But the smile fails. With a heavy sigh, Janet remembers why she's here and it fades into a distinct frown. "Can I come in?" It's an easy enough question. "I'm sorry I didn't call or something, I just didn't feel like going home…" Her nose wrinkles.

"Um. Duh? Hottie Girlfriend having to ask her Boyfriend if she can come in? Hrm. Fail. Something's going to have to be done about that." Jaden reaches up to stroke his chin, before moving out of the way and holding the door open, so that Janet can roll her cute ass into the Penthouse of Awesome.
"So what kinda' didn't feel like goin' home are we talkin' 'bout here? Are we talkin' rampant sexual energy that needs to be worked off in some dramatically appropriate manner that only Yours Truly can provide? Or! Are we talkin' about something much less fun? Like cramps?" His Mother is his Best Friend. Deal.

The comment about the fail earns another smile, this one a little smaller than the last as Janet wheels herself into the apartment she's all-too-familiar with now. "Ugh! It's…" her lips curl into a pseudo-snarl. "It's not cramps. But it's less fun for real! Seriously! I don't know where she gets off thinking she can tell me how to live my life or insist that I don't know what I'm talking about or just try to damage me completely! Like I just don't know where she gets off, you know?" With a deep breath, she shakes her head and tries to force another grin, this time failing— it falling into another angry like frown.

Finally finding herself in the middle of the sitting room she instinctively plucks the remote from an end table and turns on the television set and quickly she begins flipping through channels, nothing satiating her rather irritated state. "I'm an adult, you know?! Like I know I'm a little quirky, but I can take care of myself! I can always take care of myself!" CLICK. "I'm good at it," CLICK, "I've been doing it for years— my family wasn't…" CLICK.

The picture on the screen changes to some investment program which Janet lingers on, not because she's watching it, but because she's now raised both hands to her forehead.

"I'll get the Tequila."

Jaden is gone and back in less than twelve seconds, devoid of Jedi robes and carrying a bottle of Tequila and two shot glasses. How he moves that fast is anybody's guess… or he just had the alcohol really handy. He was just walking around his apartment playing Jedi with himself. Weirdo.
"Sounds like you guys need your own reality show. I mean, on Raising Cain, we always end up having to have a mediator come in and facilitate the conversation when we disagree. Sure, it's not the same issue as I have with my Mom and her need to go Braless every day, but I feel where you're comin' from. Sometimes, I just wanna' strangle her!" Shots are poured. "We should plot revenge. That's what we should do."

The shot is gratefully accepted as Janet downs it in one fluid motion. She winces as it burns her throat going down. The glass is lowered back to the table, ready to be refilled. Uncomfortably she nods, "Yeah. A mediator would be useful once in awhile. I mean honestly it's not like we've been really close the last few years— you know? None of my family were in my life until that job…" She clucks her tongue and glances at the television.

An investment guy decked in a fancy looking suit speaks through the screen, "You know Tony, it's not all that simple. While EvoSoft has lots of potential and lots of buying power, Empire Industries is setting it's sighs high— "

Janet points to the screen, "What's that about? Everything okay, business-wise?" she quirks an eyebrow at Jaden before biting her bottom lip. "Or… just a new company popping up— I guess that must happen a lot hey?"

Jaden is already on his third shot by the time he's refilling Janet's first one. Not that he's a lush or anything. Because he's totally not. "I got it. We'll do a special Intervention episode of Raising Cain. With a special guest family: The McCartys! We'll all be one big happy family someday anyway, right?" Whoa. That wasn't supposed to come out like that. But then there's two more shots of Tequila to be taken and the subject change that comes in form of television!

"Huh?" Jaden stares at the screen, trying to listen and comprehend all the business mumbo jumbo. "Oh, yeah. Everything's find. EvoSoft is still number one." He waves a dismissive hand. "Empire Industries is a joke. And nobody's laughing."

"Wait. What?" Janet quirks an eyebrow at the comment about being one big happy family; that's another non-conversation waiting to happen. She downs her latest shot and replaces the shot glass again. Ready for a refill. Janet is a lightweight, in short order she will be trashed. "One big happy family…?"

"What exactly are they, anyways? Just more tech?" She turns to face him with a tilt of her head. And then biting her bottom lip she adds, "They just seem like they know what they're doing, not that I really understand any of this business-y stuff— " She shrugs. What more is there to say when honestly she has no idea what this business-y stuff means.

Jaden doesn't even answer. He just pours the female version of him (compatibility wise, anyway!) another damn shot of Tequila. Getting her trashed is fun. "By the way, no drinking and rolling. It's the law 'round these parts." He turns back towards the television, quite confused and also quite happy to be discussing something besides whatever emotional thought process slip he just made. "Eh. Maybe they do. But I'm untouchable. I mean, who else has Stone Cold Steve Austin as the head of their security? Didn't think so!" Cocky and confident, Jaden Cain. On Tequila. This may not end well. "They can try if they want. But I will straight Gandalf these fools."

Oh dear.


"Ha! I could roll if I wanted to!" Janet counters as she downs another shot of Tequila and smashes the shot glass onto the table. The more she drinks, the harder the smash. Awesome.

"Well I could touch you if I wanted… I bet…" She manages to finish the sentence with a regained smile. Yup, underneath it all she's still mad-ish, but at this moment the booze and the company has done its job, pulling her further into a kind of happy-other-place apart from the one she'd just left with her sister. Her eyebrows both raise as she leans back in the chair, "I need to get the heck outta this thing! Buuuuuuut my rehaaaab is gooot," Oh dear. "Waaaaait. I don't know eeeeef I'm supposed to drink with my pain meds…" Huh. Good work, Dr. McCarty. Way to go.


Jaden is not sure what to do. He does pop the top back on the alcohol and then slides the bottle and the empty shot glasses away from both of their immediate reaches. "Okay. So. The only doctor show I ever paid attention to was Scrubs. I don't think they had an episode on this. But Zach Braff is the MAN!" Focus, Jaden. "But anyway! If you can slurred speech me through the right moves, I can save you from… whatever it is that happens when you mix strong ass alcohol and expensive ass pain mediction."

"Iiiii thiiiiink…" Janet's speech is even slower. Oh no! Mixing pain meds and booze is almost always a no-no, but especially so when the person doing the mixing is such a lightweight to begin with. "Hospiiiiital." She nods a little with a small frown. "Ooooor…" she presses two fingers to her carotid artery, and counts the pulses, "Prooobablyyyy okaaaay…" She shrugs slightly before frowning again. "I muuuust think before I aaaaact. Iiiiiiiiit's liiiiiike a sedaaaativvvve…"

"Hospital. Gotcha'." Jaden is too busy trying to get behind the wheelchair. "To the Cainmobile!" And that's when Jaden decides it's time to start pushing Janet out of the apartment like the dickens. Mach Pushing Speed!

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