2007-02-08: Early Homecoming


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Mohinder comes home early from a lecture and surprises Molly with a gift. Cuteness abounds.

Date It Happened: February 8th, 2007

Early Homecoming

Suresh Apartment

Early afternoon, that time of day when people should still be at work, yet there's a surprise brewing in the Suresh apartment. There's the smell of curry and some sort of lamb stew wafting from the tiny kitchen. Mohinder returned from a speaking engagement sooner than expected, so is getting dinner ready. A message has been left with Matt for him to not bring home anything. (Please no more pizza, or hamburgers. It was apalling to find a left over burger in the fridge.)

The door opens and Molly lets herself into the apartment. She could smell the curry smells all the way down the hallway and she's already worked herself up into barely restrained excitement. Mohinder's back! Tossing her backpack down she goes flying at the Indian man as soon as she finds them. "Mohinder! You're home!"

Mohinder turns towards the door as Molly comes in. He can't help but smile at the child with great affection. The flying hug was expected and thus, met. "Of course I am. Someone has to feed you properly," he teases as he greets the girl. "You haven't been eating too much fast food, have you?"

"Yup!" Molly replies happily, squeezing her arms around Mohinder before swinging her legs around a little to signify that she can be put down now. "Last night we had Chinese!" She's teasing Mohinder slightly, knowing how he feels about her eating fast food too regularly. "You're home early. I thought you weren't going to be back for another couple of days."

Mohinder sets Molly down and mmhmms. It's not so much the fast food as it is the beef. "I wasn't, the last few lectures got cancelled. A very ill-informed and vociferous group decided to protest the venue and basically create a lot of problems. The university decided it wasn't worth the trouble." He sounds disappointed some by this, but not discouraged.

Molly frowns as Mohinder continues. She doesn't like to hear him sound disappointed. "I'm sorry." The excitement has gotten out of her system mostly, but she's still got a bit of a spring in her step knowing that Mohinder's back now. She worries when she doesn't know where he is. "Why were they protesting you?"

Mohinder busies himself with getting out dishes for dinner and handing them to Molly. It's a silent request for her to set the table. He flashes a smile at the child for her apology, "You needn't be sorry Molly. They just don't understand. They're skeptical and afraid, and I can't say I blame them. I thought my father was insane for the lengths he went to in his studies.. Nevermind that, let's just put it at those people were unwilling to step out on a ledge and open their minds."

Molly takes the dishes and automatically goes to set them on the table for the two of them. "I guess so. Maybe we should just show them. Why can't you bring someone to show them that you're /not/ lying? I could do find people for them." All she wants to do is help.

A firm expression sets on Mohinder's face as he sees to the progress of dinner. "I appreciate that you want to help Molly." There's a big, fat but coming. "But, it would be no different than say a carnival putting an animal considered by the general public to be deformed, or a freak of nature. No. I won't do that." His tone is final, and he won't hear of putting another person up on display.

Molly frowns, all the plates set on the table and ready for the very yummy smelling food. Really, as much as she enjoys fast food, Mohinder's home-cooked meals are almost always preferred. "I'm not an animal," she pouts a little, but she knows what he's getting at. "I found people for Mr. Thompson. That wasn't a carnival."

"I know you're not, but that's what it would amount to." Mohinder still insists as hot pads are held out in Molly's direction to set on the table as well. "That is different than putting you up on a stage in front of a crowd of people to stare at. I will keep my lectures as they are, with the slides and the documentation to support the theories and the reality, no matter how far fetched."

Molly nods, keeping her attention on the small fireman's line they're doing in the name of setting the table. The hot pads are placed carefully in the center and then she turns back. "People will start believing you, Mohinder. They've got to." Molly says so!

Mohinder can't help but cheer up and be positive with that girl around. "Thank you, I appreciate your confidence," he says with conviction as he takes each pot and sets them on the table. Those set down, he serves up Molly's plate first, then his. "Now, anything I should know about since I've been gone?" Yes, change the topic.

Molly settles into her seat, squirming a little in anticipation of what she's sure is going to be a delicious dinner. "Let's see. Things you should know. Umm…I got an A on my math test! And Mrs. Connor thinks that I'm adjusting to the school really well." There's other things, more disturbing things involving nightmares, but she doesn't want to bring that up. She keeps up the cheery facade for Mohinder as well as a little girl can. "And Matt said I could get a monkey." That last one's a joke. She grins a proud little girl smile for it.

"Wonderful, an A, that is good news," Mohinder says in an encouraging manner and not at all patronizing. "I'm glad that she thinks you're adjusting." For oh so many reasons. While Molly takes a seat, he does not. "I think this merits a prize… and it's /not/ a monkey." A prize he was going to give the girl anyway, but he's not telling. He retreats into his room and returns moments later, hands behind his back.

Molly beams at the praise. It's good to get it from someone she's quickly starting to see as a father figure. Well, one of her father figures. She starts digging into the curry, clearly enjoying it. "Oooh, a prize?" That quickly grabs the girl's attention. Sitting up straight in her seat, she she leans over trying to see what Mohinder might be hiding behind his back. "What is it? What is it?"

Mohinder wears a faux innocent smile as he shifts so that what he's hiding remains so. "On second thought, I might save it for another time. I think that perhaps, you might be getting a little spoiled." Honestly, who could blame him or Matt for caving into Molly's requests?

Molly straighens in her chair and wears a shocked and then pouty expression on her face. It's one she's worked into perfection since living with Matt and Mohinder. "Mohinder!" she cries. It's all part of a game. She knows that he'll give in, but it's not fun if she doesn't pretend like she might not. "Can't you wait until /after/ this gift to not spoil me?" she gives him an innocent smile and bats her eyelashes.

Mohinder laughs as he approaches the girl and presents her with a pastel plush elephant. It even has little gold poufs on the tusks and a Hindi styled blanket and headdress on it. "Oh alright, the not spoiling can wait. I suppose."

Molly gasps as Mohinder produces a stuffed elephant from behind his back. "Mohinder! It's beautiful!" Springing out of her chair, she rushes up to hug him and then take the elephant. "I love her!"

"Well I'm glad that you do," Mohinder says, giving Molly's hair a fond tousling. "I keep looking for a Shiva, however I think it's a little blasphemous." So until then, plush elephants, sacred cows.. or really whatever is cute that little girls will coo over.

Molly grins and shakes her head. "I don't need a stuffed Shiva. She's…blue." Not that there's anything wrong with blue or her being blue, but she's not exactly cute stuffed animal material. "She's perfect! But she needs a name. What should we name her? What's elephant in Hindi?"

Mohinder gestures for Molly to resume dinner as he seats himself and fixes his plate. "Haathee," he pronounces for the girl. "Although, she might require a prettier name than just calling her Haathee." He thinks for a moment then suggests, "How about 'Anandi', it means happiness."

Molly takes the elephant with her to the table and sits it in her lap. They're bonding. "Anandi. I like that! Her name's Anandi." Settling back into dinner, she tucks back into the delicious Indian food and beams at Mohinder. "Thank you! I love her."

"You're quite welcome." Mohinder says as he too starts in on his dinner. In between bites, he goes through what's becoming routine, in that he throws little pop quizzes at Molly. Anything from basic math and science, to very easy Hindi terms.

Molly answers the questions as best she can, mostly getting them all right. As soon as she's finished, she helps Mohinder put all the dishes in the sink and rinse them off. Then, she picks up her backpack and goes into her room, pulling out a stack of drawings she's been doing in class lately. They all are done in crayon, prominently figuring angry and searching eyes with the Symbol dotting the page in various sizes.

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