2007-05-06: Early Morning Revenge


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Summary: Elle, not taking well to someone killing her boyfriend even though he's just fine, comes after Jessica. Micah to the rescue…?

Date It Happened: May 6th, 2007

Early Morning Revenge

Monica's House, NYC

It's morning in the residence that is home to this unusual little family. They don't seem so unusual as they go about their daily routine, however: Monica is long gone, away out of state, and Niki is striding from one end of the house to the next getting ready as if she still had a job. Micah will be going to school shortly, and D.L. is… well, who knows where the D.L. is. Mother and son are now alone. Niki stands in front of the bathroom mirror, putting on the second of her hoop earrings. She's dressed as she might be for a casual day at work, nice grey pants and a white shirt. "Micah?" she calls out. The fact is, however, that it's not Niki, and it hasn't been Niki since yesterday afternoon. "Are you almost ready? I don't want you taking the bus today. I'm going to drive you! There's gonna be traffic, so we gotta go early, okay?"

And with D.L. and Monica out of the house, that's the trigger condition Elle asked for. She gets the call from the Agents outside, and since she'd been waiting for it, she's on her way almost instantly. Thus, by the time Jessica's working to get Micah ready for school, Elle Bishop is walking up to the front door. She presses the doorbell as she reaches it.

"I'm ready mom! Just trying to find my other shoe!" Micah hollers out from his bedroom, which is practically spotless, with everything in it's place, all save his left shoe that he can not find. Monica's dog probably ran off with it in the night, and buried it under the couch again. That means more paper towels, and a new hole to show off if the teeth worried their way through. The sound of the doorbell catches his attention, and he peeks out the window of his bedroom, trying to get a look. "Mom, some blonde lady is at the door."

The doorbell. Instantly, Jessica is on alert - she glances sharply in the direction of the front door, though she can't see it from here. Blonde woman? Who…? Putting down the brush she had picked up a moment earlier, she slinks out, keeping her footsteps as dampened as possible as she makes her way to the door. She looks through the peephole. Her instructions to Micah take a 180. Rushing over to the doorway of Micah's room, she tells him, in a tone that is not to be messed with, "Micah, stay where you are." That can only mean one thing: trouble. Jessica closes his door firmly and swiftly, and moves to the front door, which she opens to reveal Elle. She has no greeting. Just a glare.

Elle smiles back at Jessica. "Hello, Jessica." she says, conversationally. "We should talk. And, before you take it into your head to do anything stupid, you should know I've got agents around the place. You're not bulletproof, and neither is Micah."

Stay in his room? Sure. Micah can do that. With his mother's voice sounding urgent, this is obviously a reason for him to be paranoid. Twisting the microphone of his computer towards the window, he concentrates as he begins to magnify the intensity of the device, listening to the conversation trickle through his speakers. Bulletproof? Agents?! His dark eyes widen as he bites on his bottom lip hard, then looks around his room quickly. He doesn't think his super soaker will be much help, unfortunately. All he can do is wait.

"… You," Jessica says in lieu of a name, though she clearly recognizes her visitor. She eyes the more petite blonde up and down, unimpressed by both Elle and her implied backup. She does, however, glance past the porch onto the street before her cool blue gaze returns to level on Elle's own. "Threats. Mm. Cute. What do you want?"

There are, in fact, the agents that Elle had on stakeout. She nods to Jessica. "Inside." It's terse, and a little annoyed. The kind of tone that most people wouldn't take with Jessica. "And you can tell me a little story all about a bookstore and a painting."

Continuing to keep his hand placed on his computer, Micah concentrates for a brief moment. Creating a signal, a strong one, which feeds back into the agent's ear pieces. Outside, the four agents who are posted, suddenly, receive quite a painful burst of pure sound that screeches out a high audible, one that threatens to do more than just temporarily deafen them. It's so precise, and so powerful that it feels like someone just jabbed a dozen pin needles into the base of the ear drum.

"No. Outside." Jessica, in turn, uses a tone of voice that most people wouldn't use with Elle. Checking quickly over her shoulder to make sure Micah isn't there, she moves to step out into the porch; one hand is on the doorknob, ready to close the door behind her. "Mm, I have stories, alright," she purrs with a faint challenge behind her words, smirking, but the expression is brief; it's steely a second later. "What does this have to do with you?"

The agents all get hit with a burst of sonic noise, and respond, appropriately enough, by yelling, cursing, and otherwise tugging the earpieces out. Meanwhile, Elle's response is to look really angry, and flicks her hand, as a blue bolt sears out at Jessica. "It has to do with the fact that I don't like people trying to crush my boyfriend."

As Micah watches outside the window, his eyes widen as Elle suddenly starts to fire out electricity, on 'the front porch!' "Mom!" He calls out through the window, banging one hand on the glass, while the other presses tighter against the computer. His eyes narrow tightly, anger boiling over, and soon, he taps into the power grid of the house. The automated sprinklers jerk out of the grass, and start to spray in all directions, looking to soak the porch, the lawn, as well as the street. The lightbulb above the doorway pops in a quick explosion, showering glass as a loud hum begins to ripple in the air.

The electric bolt sears into Jessica's shoulder and she lets out a stifled 'uh!' and is forced to stumble back inside the house. The hand grasping the doorknob keeps her upright - the door itself swings too far on its hinges as she flies back, knocking a neat stand nearby onto the floor with a crash. It's in tune with the bursting of the lightbulb and the spray of the sprinklers. "Take me to your boss," she says - orders - through tightly gritted teeth.

Except Elle isn't taking anyone anywhere for the moment. She was charged up when the sprinklers hit her, and there's a bright electric lightshow as she cries out and short-circuits, collapsing. The agents start out of their cars, their guns pulled, as Elle goes down.

Every single car alarm on the block suddenly starts to go off, /loudly/, whooping and wailing, and flashing lights.


What does that do? That causes people to suddenly start looking out windows, or coming to the door to ensure their cars aren't being broken into, or something throwing rocks at them again to trigger it. At least, that is what Micah is hoping as he watches through the window, then opens the door, bolting out to the living room. "Mom! MOM! Are you OK?!" He hollers out.

Well. That's convenient. Jessica, still on edge from the zap, is catching her breath as she stares down at the collapsed Elle. She'd hit her while she's down, but she's not sure if she'd get electrocuted. "Micah?" Did he do all of that? Swinging around towards the boy, she keeps a close eye on the downed Company agent and rushes to put an arm urgently over Micah's shoulders. "I'm fine. We have to move. Hurry up!" She's even more no-nonsense than Niki is when trying to get Micah moving, an edge to her voice that's Jessica's alone. Wasting no more time, she starts for - of all places - Monica's bedroom. It's the window she wants.

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