2010-06-13: Earth Mover's Decision (The Amazon)



Date:June 13, 2010


Mark approaches Alexandra to find out if she is staying or leaving.

"Earth Mover's Decision"

Brazilian Rainforest

Home is where the hearth is, right? For the Yanomani, that's truly the case. Completely surrounded by nothing but dense, tall jungle on all sides, this village is a strange, open, sunny place out in the middle of nowhere…literally. All of the little huts have their smoldering fires setup on earthen hearths now, so that they're a little easier to reach when cooking or trying to get warm. It's not as complicated as it looks, Alex was trying to convince them. Of course, when she just made the hearths spring up with a little flick of the wrist and a little wiggle of the fingers, the villagers got both an education and a show.

Alexandra's various bruises, cuts, and scratches (admittedly, the least severe that most of the group has experienced) have been slowly healing up over the last few days. Life has been right slow (perfectly slow, in fact) for some of the members of the group, taking the time here to relax and recuperate. Several braids are now in her hair, courtesy of the villagers, with feathers braided in at the ends of some of them. Purple paint swirls are around her face, and she's blending in surprisingly well for an academic whose greatest adventure into the field has consisted of taking a boat out to an oil rig.

He's watched her for a few minutes, a small amused look on his features as the villagers react to what she shows them. Finally, Mark Scotts closes the distance between him and the gathering. "Alexandra." He calls out, giving her a smile. "Hey, can I talk to you a moment?" Brows lifting a touch, his head turning slightly, expectantly.

He glances at the villagers, "If I'm not going to take you from what your doing here."

His shadow is the first thing that falls on the little gathering, seeing as how they're all sitting or squatting and he's standing. "Oh, sure!" she replies to Mark, looking up and holding a flattened palm to her forehead to shield it against the bright sun. "And no…no, we were pretty much done anyway. They were just getting their big fire started."

She stands, dusting her knees and butt off from kneeling and sitting in the dirt around the fire, and steps up next to Mark. "What's up? What's going on? Do you know where we're headed to next?"

Waiting for her to join him, Mark turns slightly, seems they will be walking. "I wanted to let you know that after this big feast thing the village is doing, the Elders have agreed to take whoever wants to go, to a nearby village that has communication with the outside world."

He starts to walk then. "There is some dangerous men headed toward the village." Mark's face falls into serious lines. "And I want to make sure you all are safe, Jamie will be going for sure, I can't have her here to get hurt, she's just a child." Taking a deep breath he lets it would softly, "I'm giving everyone else a choice. Stay… fight. Or go and get back to civilization." The danger in staying doesn't even need to be spoken.

For a few steps at least, Alexandra is walking next to Mark. She listens and nods to what he says, looking relieved that there is a village with outside communication nearby-ish. "Well, it's good that she'll be getting back to safety, at least. But…you say there are dangerous men headed here? To this village? What's here that they want? And…stay and fight?" She's looking a little paler than before thinking about what that all means for these people and herself.

Stopping, Mark turns to look at the Earth Mover, "Have you wondered how I survived a fatal gunshot?" He asks mildly, both brows lifting. His fingers catch the edge of the white tank top he's wearing and lifts it where she can see the scar left by it. "There is a powerful healer in this village. My father I believe wants her for whatever this thing he's got going on."

The fabric falls again, before he starts moving again. "The Elders know about this and will do what they can to protect the Mother of All." There is a moment before he says. "And so will I."

"Well…I thought she was some sort of healer. I did not know that your father was coming specifically for her though. I thought maybe there was research facility even deeper. Or maybe these people were part of an experiment. Who knows what types of stuff goes on here in the rainforest. I guess that all makes a lot more sense, now, knowing that…"

Alex hmmms deeply, taking a look at the healed scar and knowing now what a real gunshot wound looks like. "Are the others staying here to help as well? Are any of them leaving?" Alex is not any stranger to conflict…not since moving to New York, that is. "Do you know how many men your father is employing? No sense in staying if he's bringing a whole army brigade or something down here."

"We — don't know how many men were following us… not yet." Mark admits softly, lips pressing into a fine line. "Once we know what we have to work with here, there will be some planning done." There is a slow shrug of the explorer's shoulders. "I'm going to risk what I have to… He's already about succeeded in killing me." He gives her a little smile, but it doesn't reach his eyes. What happened still haunting him some. "Me, Cody and Jo are staying. We all have experience with this sort of thing, them… more then me. I don't want any of you to think you have to stay and risk your life."

"Well, let's see. Dangerous men. Small chance of success. Odds of success about 3,720 to 1…the same as navigating an asteroid field," Alex says with a weird little smirk on her face. "I can't see abandoning these people now though. And it's not the first time I've been put in harm's way, believe it or not. They've taken us in, let us make this place our home for the time being…I'm in it for the long haul. Boss." She tacks that last word on after a small pause.

There is no reading Mark's expression when she answers him, but he gives a short nod of his head. "Okay." He states simply, giving her a small smile. "I know you'll be an asset, Alexandra."

"'Allo there Mark… and the lovely Earth Mover." Comes a cheerful greeting behind them, Mark turns to find Dr. Wallace working to catch up to them. "The Elders are about ready for you again." He says to turns his attention to Lane.

Mark gives him a nod. "I'll be there soon." He says in return, giving the man a smile, but then he looks to Alex again. "Are you sure about this? Once that Feast is done and once they leave… we're in this til the end."

Alexandra nods solemnly to Mark's statement. The risks are known, they're high. It's a dangerous fight that might wind up with everyone in this village dead. "I know. I understand. I'm here until the end, whatever it may be."

"Good." Mark Scotts says giving her a grin, his hand reaches out to grip her shoulder briefly. "Glad to have you on board." His other hand lifts and his finger waves around pointing at her face. "The native look suits you." He flashes her a toothy grin before letting his hand drop away. "Okay… I need to go see what the Elders have to say."

Taking a few steps back, Mark lifts his hand in farewell. "If you change your mind, it's okay." And then he turns to continue to a grouping of men not all that far away.

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