2007-03-04: Easter Eggs


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Summary: Richard decides to burglarize someone with some real money… and gets some surprises.

Date It Happened: March 4th, 2007

Easter Eggs

Penthouse Floor, Parkview Estates

The penthouse is HUGE. It takes up the entire top floor of Parkview Estates and has some rather expensive decor. Fabrege eggs, a few Monet paintings that were stolen decorate the living room, that has the latest and greatest in today's electronic devices. Of course, it has everything a crime boss could ever want, and so, just insert your imagination here. If you want it, Ling probably has it.

Currently though, she's singing a soft little tune in the shower as it runs on hot, just how she likes it. It's been a long day afterall and her eyes are closed as she enjoys the feeling of the hot water running down her body. Of course, she has her bodyguards right outside her door,considering the past attempts at her life, but for now..no one else is in the penthouse.

It took a bit of effort to infiltrate the penthouse, but for a man with Richard's talents, it was only a matter of time; he's been riding one of said bodyguard's shadows all day, lurking as a bodiless passenger until he'd gotten into the penthouse. Once the woman who lives here is safely ensconced in the shower, it's not difficult to simply leap from shadow to shadow until he's out of sight— for once, perhaps, the sheer size of the penthouse a disadvantage.
Once he feels he's managed to get far enough, the man emerges from the shadows of a doorway; stepping out with a subtle ripple from the darkness, a ski mask pulled over his head and face and a sack carried loosely in hand. "Well, here we are. The jackpot," he murmurs, regarding a rack of fabrege eggs and other objects d'art arranged artfully upon a shelf. And then he starts to cheerfully transpose everything into the sack.

A few minutes pass, giving Richard enough time to gently place a few of the eggs into his little 'basket', so to speak, but soon the shower is turned off and the sounds of footsteps can be heard, making their way to the living room. "Yes, Li Hao..find out everything you can on Primatech Paper Company. I know it sounds ridiculous but a certain prosecuting attorney wanted me to check into any criminal links that they may have. We can do it..and yes, I'm going to make him owe me. And dont laugh!" Ling says with an annoyed tone as she's just casually walking around her penthouse naked, cause well, no one should be in here afterall, right? Fortunately, she's still not in the part of the penthouse the fabrege eggs are stored though. Oh noes..what is he going to do?

As he hears those foot-steps, he's standing in front of one of those paintings - head cocked a bit to one side as he tries to ascertain first its authenticity and second how in the world he's going to get it into his sack. It's a bit larger than the bag it'd have to fit into for easy theft, after all. At the sound of her voice, he tenses— and slides himself into a shadowy corner between a unit of shelving and the wall, his very form melting away to become one with it. There he remains, watchful, as he waits for her to meander through - or to head out, either or.

And that's when Ling heads into the room with her naked glory..or something like that, as well, she's kind of focused on her conversation. "Li Hao! No! Just do what I say, and tell me everything you know. If this man has suspicions about a paper company, then we can get him off our own trail..he came by asking about the Camparelli-Zukhov goons. Yes..I know I killed them, but whoever disposed of the bodies please..oh, and did Boris get their heads? I do want to know of his reaction.." she says with a hearty little chuckle escaping from her lips.

Well, that's a rather pleasant - if unexpected - view! The ultimate voyeur lingers in that shadow, his presence moving to another a bit closer, darkening it just a hint as he rides it, appreciating the sight of the mobster's unclad form. And, quite possibly, her phone conversation as well. It is, after all, rather interesting…

"How wonderful! I know he knows that I did it, but there's no proof.." Ling says with another little giggle of glee as she idly runs her fingers through her hair. "Oh..and I'll be making a trip to Shanghai to the plant. Are the patients ready? Okay, well, I'll be there, then we can extract what we can from them to produce that new batch of soma? Oh, and how is it doing here? Well..so far those from the test batch have died, but I'm sure we can make improvements..perhaps cutting it with something else?"

If only he had a pad and pencil to take notes. Of course, at the moment he doesn't even have fingers, so he'll just have to trust to his memory. Soma? Soma, he knows that word… damn, he should've paid more attention back in school. The distraction doesn't help either; she's an attractive woman, after all.

It's then that she looks up to admire her recently acquired pieces of artwork only to find out that well, they're not there. Dun dun dun! Ling is not happy and she squints her eyes a little, "Li Hao..I'll call you back. It seems that someone has thought they could steal from me without me knowing.." she says rather angrily. "Jin! Mai!" she cries out towards the door, seething with anger now.

With that, two people come in. A rather attractive young Japanese woman and a hulking brute of a Chinese man. "Someone slipped by two of my best, and that makes me very unhappy." With that, she clenches her fist tightly and the two fall down to their knees in pain, whimpering a little. "Now..I am not a harsh mistress, but why are my fabrege eggs not here!" she screams out as they wince and continue to whimper in pain.

Oh, now this really is interesting… the shadow stirs, as its inhabitant leaps to linger within a closer shadow to watch this peculiar reaction from closer up as the pair drop down to their knees in what appears to be pain rather than fear or embarassment. Richard waits for a few more moments, watching to see exactly how this is going to play out before making his next move.

Exchanges of both Mandarin and Japanese start to occur between the three and in the end, Ling rolls her eyes, seething with disgust at the failure of what should be her two best bodyguards. How could they let someone pass them? She is not one for failure (or poor performance) and sends them off with a dismissive wave of her hands, telling them to do a few things in their native language once more.

Once the two have left, she takes everything in. She's very meticulous and her mind is like a steel trap. Her icy cold gaze looks over everything, knowing what to look for, as well, she's done a lot of 'cleaning up' when committing her own little heists back in the day. Surely there has to be something that will give whoever did it away..right?

That 'something' makes itself known rather swiftly as - when she's looking the other way - he slips smoothly from the shadow, leaning back against the wall all too casually, one foot upraised to rest to the wall with a bent knee, one of the eggs in his hand as he peruses it with a slow turn to one side and the other. He's still wearing the mask, of course - he's not stupid.
"I wouldn't be so hard on them," he observes casually, "There isn't a security system in the world that can keep me out, darlin'."

"You.." Ling cries out as she points a hand at him, her eyes widening as she starts to flare with her own power. She'll of course, try to manipulate his autonomic nervous system, getting his neurotransmitters to fire at an alarming rate to where he'd feel excruciating pain. Or at least, that's what she wants to do anyway. "There is a reason my men fear me.." she says matter of factly. "It seems, that lesson has to be taught to you as well.."

As her power tears through his neural net, Richard holds up better than most— although he /does/ drop the fabrege egg as his fingers involuntarily spasm. One can hope the floor isn't too hard! The man exhales a brief, strangled sound of agony in his throat, before moving instinctively to escape—
—pushing back and into the shadow in a bare ripple of darkness, before he's gone. Well, not gone, but at least there's nothing physical to hurt anymore. After a moment, an echoing hiss of voice emerges from that edge of shadow, "…well, that was very… interesting. Very interesting."

Ling quickly turns around, her eyes widening as that makes more sense now. Her bodyguards are only human, and thus could not have let a teleporter get through, especially one who seems to meld with shadows. "Likewise…reappear and I might not kill you.." she says rather matter of factly.

"Yes, that makes sense," drawls that hollow-sounding voice— emerging from not only the one shadow, but a distant echo from the others nearby, "I do that, and then I collapse screaming… I think that I'll pass." After a moment's silence, he admits, "I knew there were… others, but I'd never met one before. What exactly did you do to me, beautiful?"

"I only gave you what you deserved for daring to take my things.." Ling says matter of factly as she starts to head towards her bedroom. She does have some sense of modesty afterall, and now there's a shadow-thief/pervert in her penthouse, which is rather disconcerting. A few moments pass and she comes back out of her bedroom with a red silk robe once more.

Apparently polite enough to wait for her return, as she emerges draped in crimson silk the voice stirs again, "…yes, yes, and you also killed the Camp-Zook goons, and are producing drugs, and all manner of other things. Judge not, lest you be judged."

"If I did not dispose of them, they would've done the same to me.." Ling says matter of factly as she knew why they were there. "And as for the drugs..well that is pretty much well known." shrugging her shoulders once more. A lawyer did come by the previous night afterall.

"I really don't care, personally, they're only human," dismisses the shadow-thief, "I'm just pointing out the inherent irony in being offended at my own attempts to eat or be eaten… I take it you've made it this far by using your -own- abilities?"

"A mixture of that and my own God given cunning and business sense.." Ling says, immodestly, knowing that she worked damn hard to get to where she is. It was only because she then used her powers to make everyone become addicted to the sensation that is her powers..well, that's another story.

A low, thoughtful sound echoes from the shadows, circling about the room before he asks, "…and how have you evaded -them-, then? A woman of your… stature has surely drawn attention to yourself. And they know all about people like you, and I."

"You dont seem to know who I am, do you?" Ling says with a hearty laugh as she just shakes her head and rolls her eyes. "It's because I have plenty of men and women willing to die for me. They'd need to get through thousands of people before getting to me.."

"Really?" Dry, "I didn't."

"It's all right. I am new to this country, and I prefer to remain in the shadows, though not as literally as yourself.." Ling admits ruefully and shakes her head once more. "Be gone..take what you want, I'll always get another one..I've been wanting to redocorate.."

"You should watch yourself, if you don't know who they are… I don't either, to be honest. But they're out there, and they know about us…" A pause, "…perhaps we can talk more amicably another time. As I said, I've never met another… one like us, before."

"They may know of our kind, but I prefer to be subtle with use of my powers. Many men want to see me in jail, but for different reasons. As far as they know, I am simply a regular criminal..nothing more, nothing less.." Ling says rather confidently, as she has only started doing research on these 'evolved' boogeymen not too long ago.

"Your men know," notes the shadow-thief in that choral echo, "And they fear and respect you for that. Fear and respect grow into legends, and legends grow into whispers… watch yourself, Mistress of Pain. None of us are as invincible as we might like. I'm sure we'll speak again."

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