Edward Brooks
Portrayed By Travis Fimmel
Gender Male
Date of Birth July 1, 1987
Age 20
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases E
Place of Birth Danbury, Connecticut, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation College Student
Known Relatives Shanna Brooks (mother), James Brooks (Father)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Telekinesis
First Appearance The Shape of Things

Edward Michael Brooks, a young acrobatic from Danbury, Connecticut is more then he seems to be…

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Edward Brooks was born in the town of Danbury, Connecticut. He is the only child to Shana and James Brooks who ran a large Italian Bistro by the name of "Spizi". Unlike most of the Italian families the Brooks knew, they were small and humble. They liked their lives private and silent when they were home and loved the public when they were at their bistro. James met Shana in New York City at a festival being held in Little Italy while spending the day with his mother. He was taken by Shana's beauty and it was love at first sight. James came from a very large Italian family with 10 brothers and sisters and did not want to lead the same life they did in New York City. He loved to cook and knew that was what he was going to do as an adult. At the tender age of 18, he graduated high school and attended The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. James graduated in the top 10 percent of his class. While attending school, Shana was attending NYU in New York City where she was studying business. She graduated in the top 10 percent of her class. While the pair focused on their education they spoke to each other every day via email, and spent every waking moment together on their breaks.

When James graduated, he returned to ask Shana to marry him and she said yes. As a wedding gifted, James's father bought him a little cafe in Soho. The couple used their talents, and it became a landmark in it's own right within 5 years. Some of the biggest stars of the time walked through their doors. However, James did not want to live in New York City forever. He and his wife made a great deal of money in those first five years, and sold the cafe and moved to Danbury. A year after they had lived there, Edward was born. He was a hard child birth, and the doctors were concerned with the activity of his brain when the normal tests are done on newborns. Yet it stabled out and he was released a few weeks after being born. Like any typical Italian family, everyone of James and Shana's siblings and parents were there for his arrival at home. Ever since that day, Edward has been loved and cherished by his parents and family.

As a child, Edward was curious to say the least. He liked to climb things and jump off them as a child. He would tend to drive his mother insane with this habit. One day, Shana was entertaining her sisters for tea and Edward has gotten all the pillows, cushions, and blankets out into the back yard. He climbed up into the roof and called for his mother to come outside. She ran out just as he was leaping off the edge of the roof. He did a flip onto the pile of cushions. He ruined the Italian silk pillows Shana had gotten for a wedding gift. He was grounded for a week for that stunt. He thought it was worth it. A bit misunderstood, Edward only wanted to experience what it was like to fly through the air. His father never understood his obsession with climbing, jumping, and flipping. It was because of this, Edwards parents enrolled him in acrobatics at the age of 8.

Edward did not fight this choice made by his folks. He was curious to see what it would offer him. He looked at things very differently then most 8 year olds would in a stereotypical view. He wanted to see what would happen, instead of thinking it would just be fun and it was something he wanted to do. To his surprise, Edward actually enjoyed acrobatics alot and decided it was not only fun but rewarding. He started to meet alot of kids his own age, and started making friends with alot of girls. That seemed only right, and it felt right to him. He did not really notice that he and only one other boy named Alexander were in the class of 20. Alexander and Edward became best friends all through middle school and into high school. In fact, they were both the most popular kids in Roger's Park Middle School. Alexander became Captain of the Football team, while Edward stayed with the acrobatics and helped his school win the state championship for gymnastics at the age of 14.

However, high school was a much different story for Edward. Danbury High school was hell for poor Edward for a number of reasons. It was that rocky bridge of teenage hell that many of us just close our eyes through and pray it will be over quicker then it began. First, while in high school Edward was not the most popular kid in school anymore because Danbury High was huge. It held a student body of 900 students. Second, while attending high school Edward discovered that he had different feelings for boys. At first he thought he was gay because he was made fun of for being on the gymnastics team, yet as his years in high school past his feelings only grew stronger and it killed him to keep them hidden from the world in fear of being hung out to dry. Finally, at the tender age of 16 Edward changed in a way many people had only seen in the comics. One day, while sitting in his room listening to music he closed his eyes and allowed the music to take him away. When he opened his eyes everything in his room was floating a foot off the ground. He blinked in shock and everything came crashing down. He was grounded by his parents for putting a crack in the ceiling below.

A semi-intelligent guy, Edward began to research what he did and discovered it was by technical terms called telekinesis. He was scared, and faked being sick with headaches to get a cat scan to see if his brain was in fact ok. The doctors found nothing wrong with him. He did report that his brain had a high brainwave activity then some his age yet it was nothing out of the norm. Edward began to try and replica that feeling he had in his mind when he made everything float. He was able to move his chair across the floor this time. He was excited, scared, and again curious about this new experience he was going through. He did not have anyone to tell, he did not want to tell anyone. He was scared someone would come and lock him up and throw away the key. So, in secret behind closed doors Edward began to through the many pros and cons of his 'test' runs learn what it meant to be a telekinetic. At the age of 18, Edward graduated from Danbury High School with every intention of getting out of Danbury and seeing the country some before attending college.

At the age of 18, Edward got his motorcycle from his papi for his birthday and used the money he saved up and decided to travel the United States. He told his parents he needed to "sow his wild oats" before he could focus on college fully. They respected that always knowing that Edward was different and saw the world differently. If they only knew what he saw, and had experienced already at the mere age of 18. So, he began his adventure and went down south to New Orleans where he met up with some kids his age and learned how to play a guitar. He then traveled through the south to Texas where he hooked up with a motorcycle gang by the name of "Sons of Bedlam". They were a tough crowd yet using his powers to defend himself against the punches of barfights and throw guys across the bar. Edward fit right in. He liked this group of people because they lived free, and rode hard. Edward also met a man by the name of Jayson. An older man, who Edward fell in love with in their travels.

The months turned into a year, and a year turned into a year and a half. Jayson and Edward kept their love affair on the download from the members of the gang. However, one fatal night in a small bar in southern Texas a man stabbed Jayson in the neck. Unable to save his lover's life, Edward lost control and for the first time used his powers openly in the public eye. He lifted the man off the ground and began to grapple his neck with a steel like grip with his mind. If a beer bottle didn't smash him in the head, he might have killed the man. Edward realized what he did and feld the state and returned home to Danbury. He was a different man, and revealed to his parents a number of things. He revealed to his mother his telekinetic ability. She was scared of him instantly and made him swear never to reveal that to his father. Yet, later that night Edward revealed to his parents he was gay. It crushed his father, yet he said he would do the honorable thing and allow Edward to be happy.

Edward now about to turn 21, has headed to New York City to attend New York University where he has gotten a scholarship with the university for gymnastics. what will he do in college? What will New York City bring him? Will he discover who he is? Only time can tell.


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