The Mysterious Truth: Egypt (On Hold)


IC Hook


Hi! Mark Scotts here…. again.

Just when I thought I was going to have time to sip margarita's and enjoy some down time with that special girl I met while lost in the Amazon, I find out there is no rest for the weary.

Go fig!

Rumors have reach me, through a rather reliable source, that there is something fishy going on in Egypt. People keep seeing a stranger, a blast from the past… well… recent past, with armed personnel coming through a village. Sometimes they have people with collars in the back of trucks. Hmm.

That reeks like a fish market in the middle of Death Valley at the height of summer.

Time to pack up and head to the desert to stick my nose deep into that stinky pile of tuna!


Speaking of tuna, me and my team —Or should I say 'Me and Jo' — will be using a story out of the Weekly Witness as our cover. Seems that no matter where you are in the world, there is always that one crazy cat lady. That adorable, sweet and innocent old woman that has a herd of cat.

Probably, plotting to take over the world.

Yeah, I've seen Cats and Dogs. I know what's really going on behind those wide innocent eyes and those smiles that say 'I know something you don't!' So all those cats in one place? It's like a giant think tank of cute and cuddly evil!

Beware the crazy cat ladies of the world!!

Especially the one in Egypt, they say she's the living embodiment of Bastet the cat god.

How can you get involved?

Do you have a new Evolved character idea your not sure what to do with? A Evolved character you'd like to get into the action? Or have one that's been AWOL from scenes and you dunno what to do?

Well, Terrorist Camp is just what you need!


That's right you will spend time in Leader's terrorist camp in Egypt. Doing this you need to be aware your character will get roughed up! Nothing lasting or anything, so do not worry about permanent damage. You'll be wearing a collar that is used to keep you inline (They are a nasty piece of work) and forced to do bad things! Such as using your ability to raid a village or kill some soldiers. Might get smacked around. Paraded like a horse. You will sleep on a scratchy blanket on the desert sands… deal with snakes and scorpions. Not to mention crappy crappy food.

This ain't no Club Med, folks.

Eventually, Mark and crew will sweep in to rescue those trapped, but me and the new Storytellers will be working to make this Terrorist Camp work.

If interested in being a part of the slave experience… @mail or contact Mark or Mongongo and we'll talk about it!



This adventure will have two sides! I hope.


As Characters are introduced they will be added here.

Coming Soon


Log List

June 2010
28th Wireless Has Partially Disconnected Micah calls Mark about some suspicious Lane Industries files pointing to Egypt. Unfortunately, something happens to prevent Micah from seeing it all.
July 2010
11th Team Mark The decision is made to head to Egypt. Jo informs Mark she's coming with him.
21st Worth More Then 5k Camels Mark and Jo are on an airplane headed to Egypt.


Info Dump


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