2007-05-08: El To The P


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Summary: Eleanor comes in for an interview at the Pink Pony. Eliana keeps her company while she waits. The two share in some chattering for a little while.

Date It Happened: May 8th, 2007

El to the P: El Party at the Pink Pony

The Pink Pony, New York City

On any given afternoon at the Pink Pony on New York's Lower East Side, it's bound to look the same. Trendy professionals and truer artists are sprinkled amongst the stools at the bar, the tables, and the booths. Eliana is hard at work, her pink hair moused and sticking out in a sort of semi-controlled chaos as she waits on the few customers she has while the only other waitress on duty has the bar territory. It's too late for a real lunch and too early for dinner, but the 'tween crowd, while not so large that they aren't comfortably managed, will garnish enough tips to make the midshift happy.

"Excuse m-" Eleanor rises onto the balls of her feet, motioning pointedly in the air. 'Bar terrority' does something pointedly as well. She /pointedly/ ignores Eleanor. With a small frown and a subtle tick of anger behind her eyes, she glances around for someone else. Her hair, nearly white in color, is pulled back into a casual pony-tail. She finds that it makes her look a bit older than she generally looks. She wears her normal work uniform. Black stretch-slacks. Black shoes. A fitted black collared shirt. The girl sidesteps, eyes turning hopefully towards Eliana though she hesitates to interrupt until the other woman gets a break.

The Pink Pony isn't so classy. Jeans and a t-shirt are fine underneath the standard apron, and Eliana's is a brighter version of her hair. On her way back to the kitchen with her pad in hand, Eliana glances at the annoyed and expectant Eleanor. "Sorry, ma'am," - maybe it does make her look older - "Can I help you with something?" Glancing around quickly, she adds, "You're free to sit anywhere." If she's here to eat or drink, that is.

Eleanor raises her eyebrows in an expectant manner, her tense demeanor washing away as she becomes more aware of herself, "Oh, no- I was like, here for an interview. My names Eleanor?" Her voice is breathy and sweet. Cute, perhaps, though it could just as easilly be sickening. She toys at a small, unsure smile. Blinking.

In contrast, Eliana's smile is bright and confident. "You're here to see Brad then. He's out on an errand, but he shouldn't be gone long." Pocketing her pad, Eliana extends a hand - the customers whose order she had are regulars and won't fuss. "I'm Eliana. Can I get you anything while you wait?"

The blonde's smile grows more confident, Eliana's apparently being just a tad infectious. "Nice to meet you," Eleanor extends a hand, giving a gentle shake. After retracting her hand, she runs both over her shirt, "Oh, no. Knowing my luck I'd spill something on myself." She laughs nervously, shaking her head, "Is there… somewhere I should wait? I don't want to get in the way or anything…"

Eliana laughs a bit, but just shakes her head. "Get comfy wherever you'd like. I'll let Sandy know what you're here for, so if she sees Brad walk in before me, she can point you out to him. And are you sure? Water doesn't stain, and it might help you relax."

Eleanor pouts, pausing to think it over as her hands hook awkwardly into her pockets. "Alright, I guess it won't hurt," she shrugs inwardly, laughing, "Thanks." She shifts her eyes around, picking the first good looking out-of-the-way location, "I'll uhm… just sit over there?" That's an alright place to sit. Right? She scoots in the direction.

Eliana just nods, and after she's put in the order, she makes her way back into the main dining area with a glass of ice water. But rather than just set it on the table, Eliana takes a seat across from the potential new hire. "I've got a few minutes, so if you don't mind…" but clearly it wouldn't matter even if Eleanor /did/ mind. "I think you'd like it here. It's pretty laid back, and the regulars are all sweethearts. One of the gems of the Big Apple, you know?"

"Oh, no, it's cool," Eleanor smiles. She's clearly a little nervous. Interviews always make her nervous… especially when she knows that she'd very well be rejected off the bat because of her age, anyway. "Yeah, it looks that way." She grins, "I could use some laid back. I uhm, work at Friday's right now." The girl laughs, motioning behind her as if T.G.I. Friday's might be in that direction. "Not laid back." Eyeroll.

"Oh god," Eliana says, and the expression is entirely sympathetic. "No, we don't sing songs on people's birthdays. They just get a cupcake, unless they'd prefer a drink. God." The pink-haired woman shivers, then smiles. "And everything's, well, fresh. You know what I mean."

Eleanor laughs, nodding in a more see-saw type fashion. Her pony-tail flops around as she does so. "That's… That's pretty much what I'm lookin' for." She grins, "I'm really a fan of clapping, you know?" … "So, like, how long have you worked here? -I like your hair by the way."

Eliana lifts a hand to idly scratch at her neck, then runs it through her hair at the compliment. "Thanks. And I've only been a here a few months. I hadn't worked as a waitress since college, but hell, it's like riding a bike. Never underestimate the power of a skill in the service industry." It's said with a pointed, almost professorial finger, as if Eliana were speaking to Eleanor's age.

Eleanor smiles, though her smile grows slightly pained. She came to the realization a few months ago that she probably will never /leave/ the service industry. "I never learned how to ride a bike, but I'll take your word for it." Carefully, she leans forward slightly - taking a light sip of her water. The sip gradually turns into a larger gulp.

From the look on Eliana's face, this is obviously a detriment. "Oh, /hon./ You have to. Get a job here, get your first paycheck, and then go to a pawn shop and get yourself one. So much cheaper than taxis or the bus, and you can park it almost anywhere."

Eleanor smiles, shrugging a shoulder, "I'll take it into consideration." Idly, she considers all of the terrible accidents she could get into while riding a bike, not to mention sweating… Heh. "I do like it here," she offers while looking around, "It seems nice." In Eleanor's mind, of course, nice equates to… opportunities to be lazy…

And Eliana is being proof of that, but it is the middle of the afternoon, and a slump. Catching Sandy out of the corner of her eye and seeing the 'boss' back' look, Eliana hops to her feet with a broad smile. "Well," she says with a roll of her head and a slight shrug. "There are worse places to work. Good luck on your interview, okay? Brad's back," and Eliana glances to the kitchen. "I'll send him on over to you. And don't let him scare you - he's a big teddy bear."

Eleanor pouts, leaning back in her seat slightly. It's clear enough the idea of a giant teddy bear terrifies her. Well… or interviews, probably. She presses her palms against the table, "Okay." She smiles, tilting her head slightly, "Thanks. It was like, nice meeting you in case I don't do that well." She laughs quietly.

"You'll be fine," Eliana says as she steps away to go check on her tables. She has every confidence in the younger woman, it would seem.

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