2007-04-28: Electric Blue Lemonade


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Summary: Peter shows up at Elle's apartment and takes her for a night out. Includes drinking, dancing… and possibly more than that later on. Electric Lemonade and Electric Storm are real drinks, btw!

Date It Happened: April 28th, 2007

Electric Blue Lemonade

Forrest-Bishop Residence

A little behind the blonde lightning thrower, Peter knocks on the door, glancing around the hallway, and waiting for her to answer the door. It's unlikely that be beat her here, as he didn't fly and just took a cab. He still looks marginally distraught, but the cab ride over helped with that.

The blonde makes it to the doorway, and she opens her door. Her expression, a bit sulky, brightens a little as she sees Peter there. "Hey there…"

While her expression brightens, Peter actually looks a little desperate at the sight of her, stepping forward through the open door and touching her face with his hand, leaning down in an attempt to kiss her. What's intended to be a brief kiss, may be made longer than he'd meant it to be.

Elle blinks. She gets kissed, and she puts her arms around him reflexively. The kiss isn't -that- long, since after a few moments, her tongue sparks while it's twined with his. "That's a new way to say hello."

Such sparks still make him flinch backwards, even if he should be used to them. Peter lets her settle back onto her feet, and presses his lips against her forehead as he straightens, but stays close. "Yeah— sorry." It's a soft apology, nothing that he's terribly worried about, so much as… "Couldn't help myself…" The explaination is followed by him stepping back so he can look at her face, "Want to go out tonight?"

Elle blinks. "Out…where?" She looks a little taken aback, surprised by the sudden request. She does take a few steps back with him, to get him inside.

It would be sudden, but Peter's pulled further inside, and turns back to close the door for her when he's fully inside. "I don't know. Maybe go out for a couple drinks, maybe try some dancing. Not that I'm any good at dancing, but… I could try."

Elle looks uncertain. "I've only tried dancing once." Suddenly faced with being asked out, she's lost some of her normal confidence. "I'll have to get changed and get ready."

"So you have danced before," Peter says, not quite disappointed, but— curious. Does she remember the guy who asked her to dance? Was he not connected enough to him for the memory to be removed? It could be… "If you'd prefer— we can do something else, or could always put in a CD and practice right here, before we go out. Take your time getting ready, though. Sorry to just spring it on you…"

Elle shakes her head. "No, I can go out. Lemme just go change…" She moves out of the main room and into her bedroom. OMG, needs to pick outfit!!

While she goes to change, Peter still looks embarassed and takes a seat on the couch, running a hand over his hair, which isn't quite as well done as it had been before their impromptu make out session. The clothes and comfortable dress shoes he wore are nice enough to go dancing in, at least.

Elle comes back out about 20 minutes later. Strapless tight blue dress, black heels. Hair and makeup have been done since then.

As soon as the bedroom door opens, Peter stands up and turns to face her, looking exactly the same as he had been outside the door. A slow breath follows first sight of her, and he even stares some. "You look beautiful. You're ready?"

Elle nods. "I'm ready." She looks almost a little shy. It's odd. She can flirt all day long, and play sex kitten. But when it comes to a -real- date, she gets a little hesitant.

"We can go home whenever you want," Peter reassures her, taking her arm in his own and leading his way towards the door, which he opens for her. Lingering so she can lock it, he quickly wrackes his brain for places they could go. Really, he should have thought of it while he sat there.

Club DnA's

Upon arrival at the spacious dance club, Peter has one thing to say to he as he leans down and brushes his lips against her ear, "Don't worry if you're not dancing well. I'm not exactly an expert either." Holding up his ID, he pays for them both, and then leads her inside, after she confirms she's over twenty-one as well. "Do you want to drink first or dance?"

The blonde flashes her own ID at the bouncer, and she considers a moment. "Let's do something to drink, and then go dancing." Because after a couple drinks, she might not feel embarassed.

"All right," Peter says, keeping his arm close to her so no one has any doubt that they're together, as he leads his way towards the already where drinks are sold. When he approaches, he finds two seats close together and orders his drink, which is very much chosen by the moment— and who he's with, "I'm thinking of an Electric Blue Lemonade."

Elle laughs. "I've never had one." They don't exactly have a bar at the Company, and most of what she's tried have been fruity floral drinks. "I'll have one too."

Putting up his hand, Peter makes the gesture for two of the same, and settles in while the bartender mixes the first one. Vodka and Blue Curacao, and 7-Up seem to be the main ingrediants, as well as a Sweet and Sour mix. "This is citrus-y, like lemonade or orange juice." The two drinks, blue as promised, are finished and delievered together, and he reaches to pass over some money, cash, with a decent tip as well.

The blonde looks over, curious as the mix is made. "It tastes like lemonade?" she asks, as she reaches out to the blue concoction, taking it and taking a sip of it."

"Well… more like 7-up with Vodka, probably, but still lemon-y. You just made me think of it, with your blue dress and… electric personality." Peter says, drinking a bit more than she did from his high ball glass. There's a bit of a flinch at the alcohol taste, but he's not too worried about it. "There's a lot of drinks with electric in the name, actually. Not that I drink a lot, but I did go to college…"

Elle laughs at that. "I'd show off…but people would probably get upset." Vodka is mostly flavorless, at least. "Well, it is my namesake. Electric Blue Lemonade." A grin as she takes another sip.

"You show off plenty at home," Peter reminds with a hint of a smile, moving closer and reaching his free arm around her waist and scooting in close. Again, to make it clear to everyone that they'll need to grab someone else's ass, "So when did you try dancing before?" Finally, asking the question he wanted to since she brought it up.

The blonde grins, and puts her finger to his lips. But no shock. This time. She looks back. "Oh, I went out to a club a few nights back, before all this started. I was…" Pause. Memory hole. "I was upset about something."

"I think it was after you got hurt," Peter says softly, looking towards his drink and then taking a long gulp from it. When he looks back over, he continues, "And after you got healed. You told me about it. I've met the guy too. He seemed fairly nice. Guess you don't remember telling him you have a boyfriend, though…"

Elle considers that a moment. "There was a guy?.." And then a very slow, vague nod. "I kind of remember someone. Barely."

"Yeah, there was a guy," Peter says, frowning a bit at what she's failing to remember, and the small details that remain. "Don't worry, I'll make sure you remember this one," he says, hand leaving his glass and touching her hand against his lips, and drawing the palm up to kiss it.

Elle smiles at the kiss to her hand. "I have to be careful I don't get drunk." she points out, taking another sip. "That happened the other night, too."

"Then we'll skip shots," Peter says, letting her hand her hand back, should she want it, but only after he kisses each of her finger tips once. Right now, public affection doesn't bother him, though it's different than making out and pawing at each other, as they'd been doing before. "Rather you not be drunk tonight."

Elle laughs. "I don't know. I got kind of silly. Here I'd think you'd like that." She looks back at him a little coyly, bumping his leg once with hers. She takes another drink of her "Lemonade". "You seemed kind of urgent earlier tonight."

"Silly's one thing— but I don't want to take advantage of you," Peter says carefully, also drinking more from his own. "…Trying not to live in the past, Elle, but can't help missing… what we had. Got used to having someone sleeping beside me… Not expecting you to change overnight— not even expecting you to change back at all— just— want you with me. Guess the idea of it all getting taken away again caused the urgency."

Elle nods. "I'm not planning on going anywhere." she says, seriously. "I just need to remember…where everthing went. But you've been really great so far, Peter. I appreciate the lengths you went to for me."

"I'm trying," Peter says softly, taking a longer drink, and actually finishing off his glass with that one. "Most powerful of us all— that's what Hiro kept telling everyone before they even met me, you know… And even that woman said it too." The telepath. "And yet I can't even beat Sylar, or protect a woman I love…" Either of them, actually. His voice is soft, so not even the bartender will likely hear what he's saying over all the talking and the electronica dance mixes.

Elle frowns. "Stop that." She pokes him in the shoulder, so it's not visible, but there's a pretty sharp discharge when she does. "Stop beating yourself up."

The sharp electric charge causes muscle twitches again, and Peter moves away reflexively, only putting his arm back around her after he's done twitching. Reaching up with his hand, now freed from the glass by it being empty, he touches the one that poked him, and pulls it down. "It's hard not to, Elle. I feel responsible for what happened to you," he glances over at her, and gives her a hint of a smile, drawing her hand back up to his lips and kissing her once again, "I'll try."

The blonde looks back. "Well…" Whatever she was about to well is lost in the kiss for a moment. She finally answers "Don't. You're not the one who gave me amnesia."

"No, I'm not," Peter agrees grimly, releasing her hand and then looking back towards her quietly. "Doesn't mean I didn't play a part, though." The 'reason' she's had so much taken from her, even if not the cause, "So… ready to dance? Or would you like to try a shot or two first. There's one called Electric Storm I've heard is pretty good."
Elle grins. "How can I pass up something Electric? Hit me with it." She says. She squeezes his hand, before looking back to him.

"Alright," Peter says with that lopsided smile, leaning forward to clear the distance between them and kissing her briefly. No need to tempt sparks out of her right now. Back towards the bartender, who he waves over, he makes the order. Two Electric Storms. Four drinks are mixed together, and the spicy shot is laid before them. With a mix of peppermint and cinnamon flavorings, it's definitely got some kick to it.

The playful blonde looks back, and considers it, looking at the glass. She looks to Peter, with a laugh. "You go first."

There's a laugh, and Peter takes the shot and slams it back as instructed. There's definitely a hint of a face, followed by a cough, as the cinnamon and peppermint mix burn down his throat. Luckily the irish cream added in smooths things over some, as he sets the shot glass down.

The blonde grins. "Oh, dang. Now I have to follow up." She takes it, and downs it, and then shudders, waving a hand in front of her face. "Burns!" When you're not used to alcohol…

The cough continues once as she drinks, and starts waving a hand in front of her face. Oh man… Peter almost feels bad, but he just motions towards the bartender and orders a water for her, which arrives pretty quickly. "Sorry. I'd never had it before either, but one of my friends in nursing school used to order it all the time."

Elle looks back, and downs the water. She gasps, throat still a little on fire. "Whew…" That's gonna hit her pretty hard. One mixed drink + 1 shot + no experience drinking + tinytiny body mass.

"Best way to avoid you getting too fuzzy is to keep you moving," Peter says, using his own experience as… well… almost underweight for his height a year ago, to know that she's likely going to have issues with that. Luckily he's gained weight since then. Paying the bartender, and again tipping generously, he reaches out for both of her hands and helps her up. "Before that settles in… do you want to go back to my place when we leave?" Asking it while she can still answer without being slurred is important.

Elle nods. "We were still gonna dance, right? And…sure, we can go back to your place." She's not at the slurred stage, but the glassy-eyed giggles?? Yah.

"We're still going to dance," Peter assures, leading her towards the dance floor. Crowded though it may be, he tries to find a spot in the midst of the loud music and lights to— well… pull her in close and move against her and near her. That's about what everyone else is doing! Not ball room dancing, to be sure.

Which is good…Elle wouldn't know how to ballroom dance. Heck, she doesn't really know how to dance, period. But as far as moving about on a dance floor, yeah, that she can do.

The good thing about modern club dancing… they can easily be as close as possible and just move and no one would think it odd. Peter puts his arms around her, holding her close, and leaning down to kiss her cheek a few times as they move around. Yes, club dancing is easy on their nerves. Talking, though— not going to happen unless he leans in close to her ear…

Elle wriggles against him. It seems to be a popular dance move, and well, Elle is not queen of modesty to begin with. The blonde gives new meaning to the term "close dancing".

Of course, the more she wriggles, the more he's glad she agreed to go back to his apartment. But Peter doesn't say that. Nor does he discourage the activity, even grabbing her hands and turning her around against him, so he can wrap his arms around her shoulders and hold her close while moving— but she can still wriggle easily.

She continues to dance, and drapes her arms up and over his shoulders. One of the perks of a tall boyfriend. She dances up next to him. "I like this." she smiles. She's certainly tipsy, but she's not falling-down drunk. "Going out, I mean. It's nice."

Tipsy's fine. With her facing him again, arms around his shoulders, Peter leans down and kisses her ear as he responds, "I'm glad. It can happen again— as often as you like— pending Sylar or other disaster, at least." His hands drop to her waist, holding her against him.

Elle nods. "I'd make a lousy date without a brain." she says, quipping lightly. "And not everyone has as many things in their bag of tricks as you do." She giggles at that, like it was some secret joke.

"You'd stand a better chance against him," Peter assures, keeping her close, even though— yes, he has a whole bag of tricks that just keeps getting bigger. Bottomless bag of tricks. "Regeneration's the only thing keeping me alive when I face him," he adds, keeping close as the song shifts, so they can keep talking. Someone would have to be leaning against them to listen in.

Elle pffts. "You can do what I do." she points out. "And lots of other things too." She wiggles again. Okay. So he can't do EVERYTHING she can do.

"I can't do everything well, though," Peter says, leaning in to kiss her forehead, and a small spark passes between them, mild and light, nothing jarring. "…and I definitely can't do that." Not and get the same responses she's getting, at least.

Elle grins at the spark, and she then straightens, giggling…only to nearly lose her balance. Drunk + Elle's typical sky-high heels is not a good mix.

That would be why it's a good thing he has his arms around her. Pulling her in close, so she can regain her composure, Peter holds her there. "Maybe we should have skipped that Electric Storm," he says softly, still holding onto her. "Want to go back to your place or mine?"

Elle giggles. "You don't wanna have any more drinks?" she asks, pointing…well, vaguely back in the direction of the bar.

"I want you to remember tonight, not spend it in the bathroom," Peter says with a laugh, beginning to move her towards the exit, weaving them through the crowds and offering as much support as he can.

Elle pffts again. "I'm not gonna spend it in the bathroom." Okay, until they start walking. Dancing was one thing. Little steps, not much real moving anywhere. This? Yeah, her walking is a little unsteady. She leans heavily on Peter as they head for the door.

"I hope not, but you might if we have more to drink," Peter says softly, reaching up to touch her stylized hair, while still supplying a steady hold. Once they're outside, in the fresh air and relative quiet, he stops for a few moments so their ears and eyes can adjust, before he asks again, "So my place or yours?" This question must have important meaning to him!

Elle comes outside. "Ummm…" She thinks about it. "We can go to your place." She agreed earlier, right? It's a little fuzzy, in a totally non-Haitian way.

There must be some reason he keeps asking— but Peter flags down a cab and helps her inside, then gets inside himself, giving the address to his apartment building, or a really close drop off, and keeping his arms around her. "Think you'll want to do this again?"

Elle nods. "This was a lot of fun." Not so romantic and sweet as their first-time-around dates, but still very fun. "I had fun. We should do it again." she repeats herself.

While she's still fuzzy, Peter decides to ask her something he'd already asked her once before… even if she doesn't remember it. "This one was for me," he explains first. "Right now I needed this— But for your first real date…" Take two… "I want to take you to what you want to do. Is there anything you have in mind that you'd like to do?" He knew what her answer was once, but circumstances can change everything.

Elle looks thoughtful. "Ummm…" A little glassy-eyed. And it comes to her pretty quickly. "I'd like to go to an amusement park. I'd like to ride a roller-coaster." It's on the list of Things Elle Regrets.

"An amusement park… I might be able to get something like that together," Peter says with a nod, thinking of all the nice things they could do at an amusement park, including riding on the rollercoasters. Staying close, he seems intent on practically cuddling the entire cab ride, which at least keeps the driver quiet, even if he's glancing in the mirror every so often.

The blonde cuddles up against Peter. Nothing strange to see here. Just a boy and his girl out on a date. Sweet, innocent, and very very not-superpowered.

Not at all strange— except that she's hot and check-out worthy. Peter'd also be check-out worthy, if the cab driver's preferences ran that way. When they pull up to the designated spot, he passes forward the cash, and the tip again, and then opens the door and helps her out. With the cab driver leaving, he now has a very personal question to ask… "When you asked before how far we'd gotten…" Okay, he can't finish the personal question. He'll just lead the way to the building and the elevator.

Elle looks up. "Yeah?" she prompts. Since she's looking for answers to that question.

"Well… we'd gotten pretty far," Peter says, looking a bit sheepish. Obviously they'd been sleeping together, at least. One bed, and all… The couch is too small to comfortably sleep on, unless a person is desperate. "But that— I was wondering— just how much experience you'd had before. It doesn't matter, really— I'm just… curious."

The blonde looks back at Peter, and seems embarassed. "Almost none. It's not exactly easy to get opportunities when you're the boss's daughter." And when you're locked in a facility till you're in your twenties.

Somehow, that seems to be a relief. The whole… sex kitten thing always threw him off, even if Peter's now pretty sure he's the more experienced of the two. And best part— he already knows her pretty well. Puts him at an advantage. He's quiet until they're at his door, with the replaced lock, which he opens. Once the door is closed, he speaks up again, "Well— now you have the opportunity. …If you feel like it, at least."

Elle talks a good game. And it's more the "kitten" part, as in "cat and mouse". But she looks just a little nervous, no, make that a lot nervous. "Now, you mean?" she says.

And for the kitten, there's a puppy that's woken up and hopping down from the couch to run over and breath up at them. Peter lets go of her for long enough to look down at the bowl, seeing that there's still plenty of food for the puppy, so she gets a head ruffle instead. "Well— not now if you don't want to. I have a shirt you could wear if you just want to sleep."

The short blonde smiles. "Go get that first…and we'll see where things go." she suggests.

Taking her hand as he stands up, Peter draws her knuckles up to his lips again for a light kiss, before he lets go and walks over into the bedroom. The doors are closed, so he pushes them open, and fetches a t-shirt for her, which he carries back over to her. "We'll see where things go," he agrees, not intending to push it.

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