2007-06-13: Elena Gomez And The Seven Petrellis


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Guest Starring Simon and Monty Petrelli, Julius Petrelli, Caesar Petrelli, and Spica Petrelli

Summary: Elena visits the Petrelli Mansion to see how Monty is doing, and finds a full house.

Date It Happened: June 13, 2007

Elena Gomez And The Seven Petrellis

The Petrelli Mansion, Hyde Park, New York


Thankfully, no witches live in the Petrelli Mansion. Unless you count Nathan because he can fly, but Elena steps back a bit from the door, absently patting her hair down. It's been a long day, she put in a good amount of hours in Evosoft. She also does NOT want to go home. At least, not yet, not after the - meeting of awkward- the other night when Desiree's kids invaded the apartment. It was crowded, she offered Portia her bed and to share her bedroom for the time being, but it was pretty clear from the way Ramon was looking at Dezi last night that he was planning to get a house to stash his clan, and the only ones they could foreseeably afford were upstate closer to her grandmother's.

There was no way the apartment would be able to house Luis and 'Nita too, and Ramon would rather drink bleach than send Dezi and her children to a motel. Especially when Dezi doesn't have a job.

Just thinking about HOME right now was exhausting, though she and her brother seems to have come to a silent, amicable understanding. They can't be fighting. Not now - though she didn't like what she heard from her father's telepathy too. And he keeps calling her. Once a day. To make sure she was okay. He hadn't done that since….

What's going on?

She exhales a breath, hanging her head a bit.

Maybe she really did need a vacation.

Lifting her hand so she can push her hair back, she blinks, having forgotten about the bandage wrapped around her swollen knuckles, and she wrinkles her nose. She forgot about that - she was cheating a little. She had to, she wouldn't be able to type if she didn't. So, she lowers her right hand, and uses her left instead.

There's a pause between the doorbell ringing and the door opening. Through the glass, she'll see a shadowy figure shaped like a person, and when the door unlocks and opens, there's someone she'll recognize fairly quickly standing there in the doorway— looking a little worse for wear. For one, Peter is dressed in a pair of jeans and a simple dark blue t-shirt, and an apron. The apron itself is also blue, and looks like a man's apron. Maybe he cooks enough that he actually had one left behind in the mansion? Perhaps… Either way, the state he's in just happens to be covered in byproducts of cookie and pie making. There's actual cookie dough mix on the apron, the sleeve of his shirt, his cheek, and neck, and there won't even be mention of his pants.

The worst, though, is the whipped cream that's been applied to the side of his head. Must have been freshly left there, too, because it hasn't had a chance to start melting and running just yet.

"Perfect timing. The boys are a handful. Though you might need to put an apron on." Cause otherwise she'll look as bad as he does— well, she probably still WILL look this bad. But at least then she'll have some protection for her clothes.

When the door opens, Elena expects to greet Heidi, but when she sees it's someone else, she stares at him. "Peter! What are you— ?" But she doesn't continue that question. It was EXPECTED in some ways for Peter to be in his own brother's home. In fact he should be asking her that question. And then, she gapes at the way he looks. She can't help it, she bursts out laughing. "You….you look like….you look like -CAKE-! Or some sort of chocolate-inspired pastry. Did the boys take mud pie too literally or something?" She steps inside through the doorframe. "Should I say 'Hi honey, I'm home?' " She can't help it. HE WAS IN AN APRON. She had to tease him.

A finger comes up, swiping a bit of cookie dough gently from his cheek and sticks it in her mouth, working the bit around her tongue a bit in a mock- critical manner. "Mmmmmmmmmmm…." comes the contemplative noise. "Did you put the vanilla extract in yet?" she asks. It's a legitimate question!

She hip bumps to the side so she could close the door. She knows there are puppies, the last thing she wants is to suddenly let them escape into freedom. Though the vision in her head of George running around the yard trying to get them is hilarious.

"Whatever you say, sunshine," Peter teases right back, even winking a little before he steps back so she can get inside. He doesn't her from sampling the raw cookie dough on his cheek, shaking his head, "I don't think so— the boys got a little bored with the wait and started throwing some of the cookies, and then found the whipped cream bottle…" And it just went down hill from there. She should see how /they/ look, though. "Come on. I'm sure Heidi would like some help— have you seen the puppies yet? They're really cute." And it's all his fault they have two.

With this said, he starts to lead the young woman towards the kitchen area, calling out towards Heidi and the boys, "It's Elena!" Which of course means she's going to get swamped pretty soon. He'll try to intercept their hugs if she looks worried about her clothes, because there's definitely going to be whipped cream, cookie dough, and maybe even something all new on their hands and clothes…

It's not long before everyone appears at the door, because this is the Petrelli family, and nothing is ever done in moderation unless your name is Nathan. The puppies are first; they seem to have grown since the last time Elena saw them. Caesar offers a bark, then contents himself with sniffing at shoes and also inhaling some of that cookie dough that's sticking to Peter. They haven't been trained at all, yet, so they both jump up on Elena as Spike jumps off the nearest convenient ledge and ONTO ELENA'S SHOULDER.

At nearly the same instant, the boys, who seem to have the best hearing ever in the whole world (either that, or they're just following the puppies) appear, see their favourite aunt, and /RUN AT HER./ Notably, both are also covered with food products, and Monty's arm is in a plastic bag to keep stuff off his cast. "ELENA" one of them shouts, probably Simon, since Monty calls her 'Auntie' all the time.

But where is Heidi?

Not too far behind. Somehow, using a mother's instinct or something, she's able to wrap her arm around Monty before the poor girl at the door has everyone in the house latching onto her. "/Simon Arthur!/" she says in 'mom voice,' which is still capable of causing children to freeze in their tracks and think about what they're doing. Simon stops long enough to look behind him, and also give Peter a chance to intercept him before he attacks Elena.

"Simon," Heidi continues. "What did I say about leaving the kitchen?"

"-What-," Elena laughs. Sunshine? That was new. She doesn't seem to mind it too much though, and she walks to the side and a little bit behind him as she follows. "Oh god. I hate myself for not bringing the camera this time around." Which is good, because Heidi might try to STEAL the pictures from the party from her, she hasn't managed to remove the pictures from the drive yet. And then, the moment she steps beyond the foyer…


THE LEGIONS OF PETRELLI ATTACK. The young woman doesn't even have enough time to react when the puppies attack her shoe, Spica jumps on her shoulder, and Simon RUNS at her. She -really- doesn't mind getting food on her. She cooks a lot. She cooks a lot with Juanita, who watches the Food Network all the time. So, the first thing she does is gather Spike up in her arms, and reaches over to ruffle the puppies' heads, and then ruffle Simon's head while he's distracted by her mom. "Hey, you," she says brightly. "How's your arm, big man?" This to Monty. She did tell the younger boy that Ramon believed a son can be considered a 'big boy' after he's broken his first bone.

How does someone so young take chaos SO CALMLY?


At the mention of a camera, Peter has an idea. Reaching into the pocket of his apron, what he pulls out has nothing at all to do with cooking, and everything to do with picture taking. Specifically it's one of his own cameras, stashed away in a drawer waiting to be needed. It's digital, charged, and has a empty card. But he's not going to hand it over just yet. Instead… there's a click. With her getting dog piled by various Petrellis, she's a image to photograph.

As she seems receptive, he gestures towards Simon to go ahead. Doesn't mean his mom won't punish him, but Peter won't be physically restraining him.

"Looks like the maid's'll need to some extra cleaning after this is done," he says, gesturing towards stray cookie dough pieces that have fallen towards the carpets and rugs, and the hardwood floor. Not that they aren't used to it already. Since Elena's the popular one right now, he's not going to steal any of her attention away. Not yet.

At least Heidi has the ability to avoid making the situation awkward, considering what Elena told her last time she stopped by. In fact, it doesn't seem like Heidi even remembers that conversation, which is probably good for any social interaction. Really, though, she's wondering if her brother-in-law and the young Latina woman have had a chat yet; she isn't going to assume, plus, if they'd spoken, Peter probably would have said something.

"You said not to," Simon mutters dejectedly, frowning. Then he points! at! Elena! "But Elena's here!"

Still no-nonsense, Heidi arches her eyebrows. "You can cover Elena with cookie dough /in the kitchen./ C'mon, everyone." A smile is spared for their guest, as well as a "Hi, Elena. Come on in."

Ah, an adventure. Every Single Time. This is what happens when you have two boys, though, neither of which is even /remotely/ ready to settle down for the day. And with no school to occupy them, they're /bored./

"Oh, it's good," Monty explains, holding up his bagged arm. "Doesn't hurt anymore, but I can't get it wet, so mom makes me keep it in a bag." Not all the time, no, but while they're cooking? Hell yes.

And so as not to make Peter feel unincluded, Heidi says, in /almost/ the same tone of voice used with Simon, "Peter, what did I say about leaving the kitchen?" She's mostly joking, and… she can't really tlk, because it's not like Heidi's gotten away unscathed, because she has cookie mix and maybe some pie filling in her hair. Before she turns toward the kitchen again to drag Monty back there, she points at the camera, and says, "See, that's payback." For the damn lion suit.

"-What-!" comes the cry from the addled Gomez when Peter trains the camera on her and takes a picture. "Oh that's not even -fair-!"

Life wasn't fair. But Elena is laughing at least. She gently sets Spica down on the ground, and follows after the rest of them, sliding in behind Peter and pressing both palms on his back to herd him in front of her - that and so she could be out of view from the camera. "Don't you have enough embarassing pictures of me?" she asks Peter, though the laughter in her voice is still evident. As for Heidi wondering….well, clearly she hasn't, considering she's acting like her normal self around him, and she trusts the older woman to be discreet. SHE TRUSTS YOU HEIDI.

"You can cover me with cookie stuff in the kitchen, Simon," she echoes Heidi with a broad grin. "And hi, Heidi. I wanted to see if you were up for coffee or something, get out of the house for a while but it seems I'm being sucked into a vortex of cookie." When Monty lifts his arm to show her his bagged arm, she smiles. "Well I'm glad it doesn't hurt anymore, it means it's healing up just fine."

At the 'payback' comment, Elena stares at Heidi from behind Peter. "-What-? You have an ENTIRE VIDEO REEL of me dancing around in a chicken suit!" she exclaims, laughing. And then, she realizes she just said that in front of Heidi's children, and she -groans-. They're going to laugh at her. She knows it.

One more person to gain their attention is a welcome break for the two dealing with them the last few hours. Not to mention the puppies, and the cat. "You're the one who reminded me," Peter gives an innocent response, smiling lopsidedly in a manner that only members of his close family usually get to see. Could just be the boys. Children disarm him. Yes, that is all. And the puppies. And the kitty. The house is certainly getting bigger by the day… Next thing is to get a bird, or something.

"…No, I don't think I do. I still don't know what you wore to that benifit." Maybe Heidi can answer that question for him, because he really doesn't know. As they make their way back towards the vortex of cookie, he grabs a towel off of the counter and starts to get some of the whipped cream out of his hair. "Hey, someone had to answer the door!" he defends himself, and his reasons for going there. Sure, they usually have help for that sort of thing, but it seemed like a good idea at the time and he's sticking with it.

If he knew anything, he's not looking at the young woman any differently than he did before. No awkwardness. And considering he's sometimes terrible at lying? It's safe to say he knows nothing. Oblivious.

"Actually she doesn't have the video," he corrects the young woman, getting most of the whipped cream out of his hair, though he'll need a shower to get rid of the stickyness. "I do. And I haven't given her a copy." And he doesn't plan to. It's in a secret folder in his computer.

Spica, now on the floor, gives Elena's ankle a good rub before getting out of the way of the romping puppies. She likes her new brothers, but sometimes the like to accidentally try to squash her. It's totally not on purpose, but they're such /oafs./ silly puppies.

In any case, yes, Heidi is keeping their secret, even if she wants to smack both of them upside the head for not /doing something about this./ Come on, it's obvious they like each other! Unfortunately, it's never just as easy as all that, which Heidi the Romantic knows full well. Asking a guy out is just one of those things that makes girls nervous, especially when they already have a girlfriend. Yeah, there's that little detail there, but Heidi is a patient woman, and she knows that this will all work out in the end without her meddling. That's just not her style. And really, she could have gone on forever with not telling the boys about the chicken suit incident, but Elena… Well. Elena has a big mouth sometimes.

"Can I see!?" Simon asks with a /big smile on his face./ Monty chimes in with a "Yeah!" and Heidi only /barely/ manages to not look totally smug. The boys, however, ar dejected when Peter states that their mom doesn't have the tape, and Simon makes plans to steal it from Peter next time they visit their uncle's apartment. MWAHAHAHA.

"Okay, you guys go upstairs and wash up. Me and your uncle are going to put the cookies and pies— "

"And robots!" Monty adds.

" —And the robots in the oven. I'll send Jeannie up to help." Jeannie being one of the maids, of course, who's not going to be too happy about cleaning up the /entire house/ again, but she will still do it with a smile. Heidi hopes.

As the boys head off to de-food themselves, Heidi heads back toward the kitchen, which looks exactly like two boys, two dogs, and a cat were trying to bake. It's a disaster. There are two cookie sheets on the counter… One has normal-sized chocolate chip cookies on it, and the other has a lump of cookie dough that might be the robot that Monty mentioned. There's also a pie, with most of the filling actually around the pie tin rather than inside the crust. There's also whipped cream, which has, for some reason, been opened and nearly emptied, despite the fact that there's nothing baked yet. Also, a scoop of ice cream in the middle of the floor, which Julius and Caesar find before Heidi can clean it up. And just like that, it's /gone./ "Yeah," Heidi says to herself. "Nathan's going to kill me."

There is silence. Elena opens her mouth. "I— you— it— " she stutters, for once struck speechless by the simple verbal riposte. So instead, she just mock- narrows her eyes at him, and blows him a short raspberry. Pbbbt! "Next time, Petrelli. Next time." She would do the villainous shaking-of-the-fist and swearing mighty vengeance thing, but her face won't be able to carry it. She just doesn't have the villain face, and she'll only look ridiculous and she's - embarassed herself too many times- in front of the members of this family. Entering the kitchen, she looks around a bit. If she had been drawn a cartoon, she'd be looking all starry-eyed. Was that…..is that the Electrolux set?! Those things could boil water in seconds! The oven was huge! And the stovetop was one of those flat-top things that heated up quickly with a press of a button. This was her DREAM KITCHEN.

One day she'll have a place of her own. By the waterfront. With huge floor to ceiling windows overlooking the sea so she can look at her pink-and-purple sky without having to venture out of the city to see it clearly. And a dog. A dog that outweighs her, wearing a red bandanna around his neck that looks like he could pass off as sitting furniture. She'll name him Bear. And she'll have ANOTHER wall of overachievement set up with pictures of her shaking hands with some of the most brilliant minds of the 21st century, and her family, and…

The daydream snuffs out as she blinks at Peter. "The— oh! It was nothing special, really," she quips. "I was Jim West. From Wild Wild West. I got the hat, the marshall's badge, and the fake six-shooters and everything." Nothing skanky for her, thanks. She and Heidi were probably the only ones who wore anything remotely modest in that thing. But when the boys ask to see the tape, Elena -groans-. "….I suppose. If you can pry it out of your uncle's figurative grip." See? She can laugh at herself.

And secret? What secret? As far as she knew, she was the -only one- who had one. And when the dogs intercept the food on the floor, she can't help but laugh. "I'll help," she says with a hint of a grin, resting her bandaged hand gently on Heidi's shoulder after she sends the boys upstairs. "How are you?"

"Oooh, so that's what you meant. I— guess I didn't understand that when you said you'd been a cowboy too." Peter hadn't quite gotten that when she was looking at the pictures with him. There was so much going on at the time. But…

"Nope! Never showing it to anyone! Sorry, boys," Peter proclaims loudly, just so they all know it's not going to happen. There's selfish reasons behind such a thing. What would the boys do if they knew he had been dressed as a female cow when he was their age? Yeah— he could always remix it with music and post it on youtube, or something… if he were more internet and technology savvy. Luckily for her, he's not.

As they're in the kitchen, with the boys being evacuated upstairs, he walks over and reaches as if to put the camera into her hand, so she can take an incriminating picture of him in a apron before he removes it— but— see, there's a problem. She has a bruised hand. It's only now that he notices it, blinking and frowning, suddenly looking very concerned. "What happened to your hand?"

Ah the dream kitchen. Yes, Heidi barely uses it, since there are other people to do the cooking, but when she /does/ use it, she /loves it so much./ The cookies go into the oven; the pie will have to wait, at least for now. That's okay, though.

Wetting a rag in the sink, she starts to methodically mop up the strawberries and raspberries and chocolate and whipped cream and everything else that ended up on the floor and the counters rather than in pies or on cookie sheets. They had fun, though. Monty almost forgot about the fact that he has a broken arm; neither of them know yet that Peter, Elena, and their own dad are mutants (as Heidi lovingly calls them) and all is right with the world. Also, they've decided that Simon is, indeed, Superman, and Monty is Spiderman. Besides, being able to throw webs around is /so much cooler,/ according to Simon. Monty believes his big brother.

As Elena gives Peter deathglares, Heidi pokes the puppies with a toe and edges them out of the kitchen, before they lick the cupboards, too.

"It was cute," she says over her shoulder, shutting the double doors to keep the animals out for now. Really, Heidi probably wouldn't have picked a lion costume to wear if she had a choice, but she was a little late in getting out to get something, and when she did, either the costumes were /way too revealing/ or not her size. So, lion it was! "Wish you could have been there, Peter. Maybe we'll make my birthday a costume party." …Probably not, if it's going to be on the beach, which is one idea that the blue-eyed woman is kind of tossing around. "You're invited, by the way," is offered to Elena. "I'm going to be forty. No laughing."

When the hand lands on her shoulder, the smile leaves Heidi's face, and she reaches up to gently take the wrist, holding Elena's hand in both of hers. She's familiar with having a bandage around her hand, given the fact that she walloped Peter in the jaw a few weeks back. Poor Peter. Still, where her own inquiry is silent - her eyes meet the younger woman's for a moment - Peter puts a voice to the concern.

"Well….I think so?" Elena says with a laugh, gesturing to her head as she chats about the costume with the both of them. "I tilted the hat just like this - though I realized that I could never pull off a cowboy's accent in my entire life. I make a terrible actress. But it was fun, I walked around in spurs, and the party guests were good sports, most of them called me Marshall." She smiles, watching Heidi poke the puppies out of the kitchen, and turns to look over at Peter when he approaches her to hand over the camera…..and pause when he sees her hand.


She doesn't say anything. Not yet. Instead, she takes the camera, and turns it to her eyes, leaning back a bit so she can take a picture of Peter with the cookie and pie stuff all over him, and glances down when the image renders on the screen. She can't help but smile - she's also doing her best -delaying her response- because……well, she was hoping she could steer them away from it by saying: "You have to promise me you'll give me a copy of this," she says, tilting the camera to show Peter the image. With mussed up hair and the apron, he looked, in her opinion, absolutely adorable. In an exasperated, manly sort of way.

And then, Heidi! She laughs when Heidi mentions a party, and looks rather happy when the older woman invites her. "Forty? You? Don't you mean thirty?" she says, waggling her eyebrows at her and gives her a wink. And then…Heidi takes her injured hand and cradles it in hers. And LOOKS AT HER. With those iridescent blue, Christmas lights eyes. Her expression falters, she looks at Peter's expression, and then Heidi's, and then Peter's, and then Heidi's.

It's like being ambushed by kicked puppies.

"I…..I…." she says, once again struggling with her natural tendency to say 'Everything's fine.' Instead, she sighs. "Ah. There was a bit of….trouble a couple of days ago," she admits. "Dezi's ex-husband stopped by the apartment. Papa had no warning."

And things didn't just go downhill. It crashed and exploded into fiery debris. She hesitates, and tells them both the story of what happened. Barging in, yelling at Desiree, the thoughtless, racist remarks. Ramon punching him, her punching him. Elena -punching someone-. She must have been -furious-. Oh, she had a temper, but it must have been -bad- to incite her to it.

At the end of it, she shrugs, trying her best to appear as if she's not really thinking about it anymore. "It just puffed up," she says. "I'm not really….you know. I don't really hit people. Bits of bone might've broken off and embedded into the tendons or the muscle or something. I feel bad about making Dezi feel bad more than anything, really." But something like that…it clearly bothered her. It was a sensitive, extremely sore point, judging by the sadness around her eyes. As always, however, she tries to appear impervious.

After accepting back the camera, and giving a nod, Peter puts it back into the pocket of his apron and continues to watch her, looking back towards Heidi at the mention of the older woman's birthday. He actually remembers when she turned thirty. He'd been seventeen. At least she still looks good— but even with the delay and the other topics, his attention goes back to the Latina girl, waiting for the explaination.

Only after she gives it does he reach forward to touch her wrist, the same way that Heidi had, only this time the touch lingers, sending a healing warmth through her and towards the bruised bones, soothing away the damage. The pain she'd probably already gotten rid of on her own, but this… this is something he's able to give her.

And he's relieved he doesn't feel weak afterwards. He'd discovered an unfortunate side effect when he miraculously cured a man at the hospital. And fainted moments later. "Sounds like he deserved it," he says softly, letting her hand her newly healed hand back. Hopefully neither of the boys had noticed in the commotion. And it's very likely they hadn't.

She should have known she couldn't come to this house without someone noticing her hand in a bandage - and commenting on it. But with Elena playing with the camera, the only thing she can say for the moment is, "I don't really see a reason to deny it. I'm hoping I can avoid that mid-life crisis thing if I embrace the whole over-the-hill routine." As long as she still looks decent… she's not really worried. Is there a reason to be? Nah. Besides, it's only once in a lifetime you get an over-the-hill birthday party, and she intends to enjoy it and not spend the whole time worrying about the fact that she's reached this milestone.

She really doesn't mean for her eyes to bore into peoples' souls, it just kind of happens that way! But if it does the trick, hey, who is Heidi to complain? And when Elena details exactly /why/ her hand is bruised…

The anger isn't immediately evident, but it's there in those eyes. A slight narrowing, the way they shine for just a moment. She's not happy with the fact that a friend has been wronged; can't understand why someone would look at another person because of their origins and the colour of their skin. Heidi has never been and will never be racist. The anger, though, turns to surpise when Elena admits that the injury came from hitting someone.

She could ice it, possibly, but with Elena able to take pain, and Peter able to heal injuries, Heidi finds that no action is necessary. Surrendering the hand when Peter takes it, she allows the scowl to return, the irritation at this ex-husband guy still there. Is Elena trying to be /her?/ Before striking Peter, Heidi never laid a hand on anyone, and she really can't picture Elena hitting anyone, either. While she won't say that he deserved it outright, she's probably thinking it, and to that end, she offers a hug when the healing is done.

Hurtful things take their toll on everyone. It doesn't matter about the old sticks and stones adage… Words are far more cutting than sticks and stones. "Don't judge yourself based on the thoughts of an idiot. What your family thinks of you matters a whole lot more. What your friends think of you."

"Wait…hangon…" Elena says, easing her hand away from Heidi's grip. She knows the look on Peter's face, and what was about to come next. She gently unwraps the binding that held some soothing balm over her skin. It has long since dried, and while the swelling has gone down some around the knuckles, it looks black and purple, spread over her knuckles in a mottled color, all the darker considering the golden tone of her skin. But it wasn't because she wanted him to see what she had done - she was already mortified as it was. But she wanted to -see-. She wanted to see what could be Peter's most benign power at work. As she told Heidi before, she could never get tired of seeing it in action. She wanted to be a doctor, after all.

The touch on her wrist is light, and warm, when she holds it up so Peter can get his fingers on her skin. The warmth spreads, and she looks at it, observing and her lips parting slightly when she sees the effect. She can't feel the pain, her own powers are active. But the puffing on her knuckles goes down, and gradually, as if being wiped away by a gentle hand, the purple and black mottling fades away, leaving her complexion flawless there. "…..for some reason I never get tired seeing that," she murmurs, though she keeps her eyes on her hand. She lets go of her own abilities, and she feels no pain at all.

After the healing, she hugs Heidi back, and briefly smiles at her. "I know. I was furious. I shouldn't have done that, though….I felt bad. Not for me or him, but for Dezi having to deal with all of that. I didn't want…her to feel that all of it was her fault." She falls quiet for a moment, and then… "Agh. Speaking of Dezi. I didn't know she had children, but they all…..decided not to return to Laurel and come here instead. So our apartment is -full-." There is a glance at Peter, and it's tinged somewhat with regret for something entirely different. "I think Papa's going to move us all upstate if this keeps up."

"Probably my favorite ability to use," Peter admits after a long moment, letting the air clear between them. The touch on her skin lingered just a little longer than it needed to, and as his hands move away his fingers stayed near her palm and slid down her fingers. Letting the other woman step in to hug her, he stays a distance and looks at them in a serious light— surprise at the mention of Desiree's children, and the hints left behind there. Doesn't need to actually read her mind to see what this could mean— Most importantly… is what follows after. Moving upstate. That causes a noticable flicker in his mood.

Eyebrows raise, lips part, and he looks momentarily like he's been told something much worse than 'might be moving a couple hours away'. It isn't as if the Petrelli's don't have a home upstate. But— the Gomez's surely can't afford to keep both their in town apartment and a house. Which would mean…

Eyes lower and he turns away towards the cabinets, suddenly very intent on cleaning up everything, starting with removing his apron and folding it, with the camera still inside. Yeah, he's withdrawing. Heidi should see the symptoms even more than the other young woman. Some things he has no right to comment on, even if he'd want to.

Peter's ability to heal is, indeed, amazing. She's been on the receiving end of it a couple times now, even asked if he'd help her once. It's a beautiful gift to have, something truly amazing, and something no one should ever have reason to fear… Even if Heidi seemed to at first. It was just so new and unexpected, that her reaction was pure instinct. It's just too bad that most people would stick to that initial instinctive impression, rather than recognising people like Peter and Elena for who they are, and the amazing things they can do.

One day, Heidi has to ask Elena about that day at the hotel. Mental note.

That's for another conversation, however.

"Well, hopefully she realises that it's not even close to being her fault." After all, Desiree? Is not a jerk. And even though Heidi doesn't know this Lance guy, she's not naive enough to believe that there aren't horrible people in the world, and even if she's not showing it, the idea that he openly attacked Elena and her family does make her angry. Given the fact that Heidi has been inside Elena's apartment before, and /knows/ it's fairly small, the idea that there are now more people in it is worrying. Not because she doesn't think the Gomez family can handle it, but because tempers flare when there's not enough room for everyone to have personal time. It only takes a second to think about it before she offers, "If they need room, you can definitely stay here for awhile."

It wasn't because she noticed that lingering touch Peter kept on Elena's hands, and it's not because she can see his disappointment. There's no ulterior motive here, even if there /could be,/ but the fact is, Heidi's used to having her own personal space when she wants it, and she can't imagine having to share a small apartment with so many people. Perhaps it's her affluence showing through /just a bit,/ but she feels the offer is necessary, anyway. "You know, if you don't mind the kids and the animals." Plus, she'd have her own bathroom.

"I know," Elena says quietly, because she did. She lifts her eyes finally and gives Peter a grateful smile once his touch finally leaves her. She slides her hands into her pockets afterwards, glancing over at Heidi and at what she says. "And I hope so. Dezi seems to be really smart about a few things, despite her quirkiness." Not like it was a bad thing, Elena LOVES the fact that Dezi was the way she was. She had a unique sense of humor, maternal instincts….and she was wise. She was younger than her father, but she was wise. And what's even more important was that SHE KNOWS HOW TO HANDLE MANNY. It was a bloody miracle. The only person she knew who could do that had been buried three years ago. And despite the deep love Manny holds for his sister, that didn't really translate well in real life.

Peter's sudden withdrawal confuses her, even if Heidi knows what that's about. All she knows is that something's shifted, and she stares at his back for a moment, a puzzled expression on her face. But she's not about to make him clean up -all by himself-. She promised to help. So she reaches over to set the pie carefully aside, and then she moves to pick up the roll of paper towels and hunts for the tile cleaner.

When Heidi makes the surprising offer, she looks at her. "What….? Oh, Heidi, you're so wonderful. But….wouldn't I be imposing?" she says. "I still have to stay with my family a bit, at least until they decide to move. I think…I should start finding my own place around here anyway. I have school, and work is down here too, commuting back and forth would be murder with my schedule." Not to mention the entire SAVE THE WORLD thing. She pauses, and then…she groans. "Crap." Yes. Her schedule. When is she going to find the -time- to find a place?! "And you know I love the boys, and I don't mind animals at all, it's just…." It would certainly ease her burdens -plenty-. But she didn't want to be a bother!

See, Peter couldn't be the one to suggest anything, even if he had mentioned it before. Things have changed since the time he brought it up in passing, and— there's a lot going on. But when Heidi makes the offer, he glances over, stopping in a quick scrub of the counter with a cloth he grabbed from the sink, looking at her and then towards the young woman the offer was extended to. Her schedule. All the things she gets involved in. And the sheer fact that… this is where she's needed. To save the world, of course.

It's Heidi's part to explain that there's no burden, so instead he cautiously brings up, "There's a lot of small apartments you can rent out that aren't too expensive. With your Evosoft paycheck you can probably afford one. The— the singles in my building aren't that bad. If you don't mind only having one bedroom." The rent even raises if someone wants to have two people living there, something he discovered when there was brief talk of Elle living with him… before the mind erasure. Before she moved in with Jane.

And— there would be a lot less of a rush if she had a place to stay in the meantime while paper work gets signed, right? He doesn't add that, scrubbing away at the counter, but looking a little less withdrawn. Something changed when she continued, and at Heidi's offer.

Imposing? /Imposing!?/ The very thought that Elena could possibly impose causes Heidi to chuckle, just a little. Not only is she a nice person, but— "Have you seen the size of this house?" she asks. "We could move an elephant into one of the guest rooms and we'd never know it was there." Sure, it's not the White House, but come on. At least she'd have privacy, despite all the creatures who've found their way into the house lately, and she's sure Nathan won't mind a temporary house guest, especially someone who needs it. It won't be a forever thing, of course, however… "You're welcome to stay here for as long as you need to."

She's not paying attention to Peter, really, though she does glance upward when he looks back at them. See? See that?! The fact that she can't say anything about this is maddening. The fact that she needs to casually pretend nothing has been said to her is difficult. And Heidi can't help slipping up for /just a second/ and smiling, but the expression is fleeting, and could be attributed to the younger woman's reluctance. Problem is solved.

"So, take your time, think about it, but— " She's cut off as the bell on the oven goes off. " — But think about that later. The cookies are done." Opening the oven, she pulls on an oven mit and pulls the trays out. They're still a little too hot to tackle just yet, but they smell really good.

She smiles at Heidi at her smile - she was infectious. She can't help but return it. To Peter's remark, Elena looks over at him. "…….really?" she asks, looking relieved. She has OPTIONS. Options were good. Options were REFRESHING considering the last few situations she had been in were do-something-or-die. Not much options there, but with Peter contributing, and Heidi's generosity, a plan starts forming inside her head. And Elena was always more comfortable when she had a plan. Purpose. Direction. She scrubs on a bit of stubborn food bit, and she laughs. "I'm so lucky," she says, a warm affectionate tone suffusing in her chuckle. "You guys are awesome." Her expression gentles, a sweet little smile directed at them both, sincerely grateful. "Thank you so much."

She exhales. "It's just that…well, I wouldn't -mind- staying with my suddenly-gigantic clan, it's just that I have way too much to do here in the city proper," she explains. "School, work, extracurricular activities….Tia's going to -kill me- if I don't make it to practices on time, and lab groups meet well into the evenings…" It's a miracle she manages to find the time. She must be an expert by now in managing it. And she STILL somehow finds an hour or two to chat with Heidi and Peter on the phone or visit, or hang out with her friends.

She would continue further, but her phone rings. She picks up her cell and looks at the Caller ID closely. NOW, Heidi knows why that is - Elena was particular about her phone calls, and with good reason. "Papa," she says, identifying the caller with a small smile. "I'll be back." She tosses the bits and wadded paper towels she had accumulated cleaning up the counter into the trash, and skips out a bit so she could answer her father's phone call.

"It's a pretty big house. There's a lot of extra rooms, even with Heidi, the boys, Nathan and Mom." Peter knows this from experience. He stayed in one of the Guest bedrooms when he first got out of the institute. It hadn't been until all the paperwork got fixed and he could move back into his apartment that he did. She knows this. There's plenty of room for her. She's also a thoughtful house guest.

"You'll actually be closer to where you work and your school here, wouldn't you?" Queens may seem to be fairly close, it's still within the city, but it's not actually within Manhattan. This /should/ be closer— He thinks.

As she answers the phone and steps outside, he nods, walking over to join Heidi before he says, "Thanks for that." The other woman likes Elena, and it's something that she'd do, but he can still be thankful for it.

Maybe Elena living here will help Heidi get her mind off the darker things, like the fact that she still hasn't gotten over what Nathan did to her and the boys. Okay, so to that end, there /is/ an underlying motive, though it's unspoken, and Heidi doesn't even consciously consider it. Having Elena around the house for awhile could help things.

"You have a lot on your plate," she observes, setting the cookies on the counter. She almost makes it out unscathed, except for the fact that she brushes her arm across one of the pans, which is really /HOT./ "Ah," she mutters, pulling her arm back, though she manages not to dump the cookies on the floor. There's a red line, but it's not a severe burn. "Next time, remind me to pull one sheet out at a time.

Running her arm under the water, she glances over her shoulder, smiling. "Like I was saying, you have a lot to do." If she didn't know better, she'd thing Elena was keeping herself busy to keep her mind off other things, but… She seems like a generally happy girl. Heidi could say more about it, but that's when the phone rings and Elena excuses herself to answer it.

A Look is offered to Peter. The kind that hints that she'd like to say something, but isn't going to, even if maybe she /should./ These two are torturing themselves! "It's not a problem. The boys love her. As long as they don't drive her crazy, she can stay as long as she needs to." And… they will get to her. They're young boys, after all, who most likely will jump on her bed to wake her up in the morning, and shoot foam darts at her when she's not looking, and casually reveal the secret that /THEY CAN FLY BECAUSE THEY ARE SUPERHEROES./ It'll be all kinds of fun.

"They do seem to like her a lot," Peter admits with a soft smile, just a hint of it. But the hint is almost more than a wide smile would ever be on someone else. It's kinder. Warmer. More full of admiration. Which is exactly why Heidi is probably looking at him like she is. Not that he notices what that look means, as he walks over and takes her hand out from under the running water and heals away the burn.

"Next time… let me help you." The free hand raises up to her forehead, pushing her hair out of the way, before running down her cheek. Any other family this would almost be too intimate a gesture for your brother's wife. But he'd probably touch his own mother like this were she here.

"Glad healing's working out better today than it usually does— didn't mess up or faint after either of them," there's a hint of a joke in his voice, but he pats her arm and lets her have it back, returning to assist with the cleaning. "Maybe I'm getting better at it." Really too bad he can't fix Monty's arm…

Oh, come on, Peter! COME ON. Sighing, Heidi just narrows her eyes, pressing her lips together, /trying/ not to smile and utterly failing. He'd probably miss a two by four if it smacked him upside the head at this rate. "You don't need to do that every time, Pete," she says, failing to remove her hand from his before he heals the burn. It doesn't seem like she's angry, at least. "Seriously, what if I didn't know? Just because I know you can do this, doesn't mean you should think you /have/ to, but thank you."

She rubs her arm as he gives it back to her, rolling her eyes as he brushes her hair away. Yeah, she's had to get used to this since she's lived in this house, has adapted. Still, she finds it just a little odd at times. "Nathan and I told the boys about— everything," she says. "Not him, though. But, look. If you want to tell them about /you,/ it's your choice. I think they'll keep it quiet, but just remember how old they are." She's had time to think it through a little… Nathan not telling them could be for the better, even if his reasoning is a little strange. His kids aren't going to see him as a freak - there's just no way.

"Just… Don't go too far again," Heidi says. He might be getting better at healing, but it's really hard for his family to see him in a coma. It's unpleasant for everyone, with the worry, the waiting in the hospital, the hoping nothing worse happens…

"I want to, Heidi," Peter says, grabbing a towel and cleaning up some of the mess that the boys made. The mess that the dogs haven't gotten to yet. "We have these abilities for a reason. I want to help people— especially the people I care about. If you didn't know… I wouldn't be able to. But you do know. What's the point of having abilities if I can't do something to help people?" It makes sense to him. Fate chose them for a reason. It has to be so that they can help people just as much as they can hurt them. And healing would be one of the only abilities he has that can only help. No damage could ever come from taking away someone else's pain. Except of course for him.

"Oh," he says with a nod, glancing in the direction of the stairs— even if it's not even in sight. "I'll think about it." It might be perfectly okay to tell the boys about him, and just leave out how he aquires powers, and the consquences of them. They're young. They don't need to know that he nearly killed millions of people. Even if they should know their father saved those millions of people.

"I'll go as far as I have to, Heidi," he does say in a softened tone, almost a whisper, as he finishes cleaning off the counter top and puts the towel away for cleaning later. "I saved Cass' life. I would do it again." It's very serious, without any reservations.

When she returns, there is a slight frown on Elena's face, her brow furrowed and that certain line on her pliant mouth that Peter probably recognizes to be when the gears of her hyperactive head are churning and mulling things through. Tucking the cellphone back in her pocket, she rubs her cheek a touch, but once she turns to the Petrellis she gives them a small smile. "I'm 20 next year but this entire week I've been feeling like 12," she quips. She was, at present, oblivious to the fact that the Haitian had specifically warned her father to protect her, so translates the concern to be…well. Sudden paranoia at things going to head. But nothing's happened to her for a -while- despite her shenanigans. Her streak seems to have affected other people, like Peter and Cass.

She picks up the roll of paper towels again and the little spritz bottle of cleaner. "Gah, the cookies smell good," she tells Heidi with a grin, turning around so she could scrub busily on the granite counter. As stereotypes play out, what she -does- know well around the house aside from cook was clean. Her siblings had been motherless for four years now, someone had to step up.

Her counter done, she dumps the spent paper towel on the trash, and moves over to the sink to dampen up another square. "So I was finally able to see Cass," she says, and there is a break in her words before she laughs. "I went to visit her a couple of days ago and….okay I don't know if Jaden managed to poison the water supply of New York when he spent the week thinking he could be like the Joker." Please don't ask. "But I think this costume craze that's going on around my circle is spreading since -Jack- and -Lachlan- decided to jump in Cass's hospital room the same day dressed as a pirate who forgot his lines, and a ninja who spoke Shakespeare. You know when I once wished my life would have a little bit more color, I didn't think it'd involve bright primary colors and feathers. I'm starting to sense a— " Theme. She becomes aware of this air of seriousness between the two Petrellis.

"Peter, if you pass out over healing a little burn on my arm, I'll have to kill you." Silly boy. She's not saying 'DON'T HEAL ANYONE EVER,' but— it was just a little thing that'd be gone in less than a week anyway. She'd never see it again. Sure, it was nice for him to heal her bruises after the kidnapping - those hurt a lot. And the cut on her hand, which would have left a scar, but there's no trace of it now. She can't say she doesn't appreciate it, though, because she really does.

"Take your time. They've already decided that they're super heroes, so that'll keep them occupied for at least a week." Smiling, she turns back toward the door as a now slightly-dour Elena returns to help clean. And Heidi does her part by brushing some crumbs into the sink, turning it on, and beginning to wash the dishes. The remaining cookie dough in the mixing bowl was long ago stolen by the boys. "Thanks, though I think you'll have to tell that to Simon and Monty." There's still an open bag of chocolate chips on the table where they were adding more to the dough. Consequently, the chocolate chip cookies are mostly /chip,/ but that's okay, right?

Seriousness? Seriousness!? HERE? Never. There is never drama in the Petrelli household, for it is all fun and games and lambs and puppies and rainbows. Right. Where Heidi seems slightly more subdued, it's not excessive, especially with the story about a pirate and a ninja in Cass' hospital room. "I'm surprised they didn't get tossed out on their ears," Heidi says, though she can't help finding this humorous. Laughter is the best medicine, right? Heals you a lot more quickly, or so she's heard! "Cass is still doing all right? Hasn't been released yet? The injuries were pretty severe, sure. She's just wondering here.

It's okay as long as the puppies don't try to eat them.

"Yeah, I noticed the way Simon put a sheet around his shoulders like a cape," he admits about the super hero thing. In a way, he wants to tell them. Take the blow for his brother by distracting the boys with an uncle who can do so much. Then again, he'd have to remind them that he was twenty-six before he discovered his abilities, so they may have to wait a while before jumping off of buildings or throwing themselves in front of bullets. Actually that might be a good idea…

Anyway… Peter's serious mood softens as Elena reappears. Not completely, but some. The tension remains, the seriousness is still there. And most importantly… he still means every word he just said. He would do it again, no matter the cost to him. "Is everything okay?" He has to ask the young woman, who once again reminds him just how young she is. She's a lot younger than he would have thought if it hadn't been for her mentions of schooling.

"I helped, too," he reminds, fingering at the cookie dough still present on his neck and sleeve of his shirt. Unprotected by the apron. And he really does need to shower. "I saw Cass yesterday," he interjects, letting them both know for the first time. "She was finally off the morphine, which was causing her to hallucinate a bit— might explain the ninja and pirate thing." The boys were probably teasing her. Poor shot person. Of course humor likely did help. "We decided to train my abilities— healing this time. Only got as far as one guy before I fainted on her, though. I think I fully healed him. He looked pretty bad off, and he was perfectly fine after I touched him. No idea what happened to him, trauma of some kind, but it knocked me out for a minute or two." Which he feels bad about, for Cass' sake, but he might as well tell them. "I'm thinking they'll be letting her out in a week, at most."

Elena opens her mouth to tell Heidi that Cass is fine, great now actually - but Peter fields that for her. "She was pretty lucid when I saw her, but the morphine could've worn off when I came," she remarks, and she wrings the paper towel dry. When Peter turns to address Heidi, she takes the opportunity to rub the end of the cloth-like thing on his cheek where flecks of dried whipped cream and cookie dough are to wipe it off. Poor Peter, he looked like a walking human cream pie. But it was funny and touching all at once that he would let his nephews fling stuff at him.

She frowns when she hears what he says. "You fainted?" she says, her eyebrows lifting, leaning back against the sink as she starts thinking. Again. There had to be an explanation why - she's seen the healing power at work but she's never actually seen him strain at it. The stress must be different somehow, emerging from a different part of him. Maybe a certain chemical from his brain releases whenever he attempts the gift. But she can't quite determine where it's coming from. Yet. Maybe if she figured it out….

When he asks her about the phone, she looks at him. "Oh, it's just Papa. It's odd….nothing's happened to me personally in a while, but suddenly he's calling me every day to check up on me even though he knows where I'm going. It could be just that he's paranoid, but…it's not like him to call this often unless he's actually really worried about something. I ought to ask him." She folds the paper towel to the other, clean side, pausing from her ministrations to do so.

It's ironic how the boys both chose flying as their power, especially Simon. Granted, neither of them can fly /really,/ but it sure is fun to pretend. "They try to keep it secret. Only family are allowed to know their secret identities." She chuckles a bit as she sets clean dishes aside. Idly, she notices pie filling on the cupboard just above her, and reaches up to clean it off with her sponge. Jeez, how did this get /everywhere?!/

Heidi gives Peter a moment to ask after Elena, still hoping he'll say something despite the fact that she /knows/ he won't. Heidi almost does, especially with Elena trying to clean off his face. How can they be /missing this!?/ Well, Elena's not. Peter, though… Isn't oblivious, certainly, but not admitting a damn thing.

"Yes, you did help with the mess. Good work, Piglet. I have to say, I'm impressed." It's only a little while longer before she finishes the dishes and dries her hands on a dishtowel that's sitting nearby. It's around that time that Peter admits that he fainted in the hospital, and Heidi frowns. It's a given that he isn't going to /get better/ without practising, but… "You worry me. You know that, right?"

She knows he does.

"I'm glad Cass is doing better. That… just shouldn't happen to anyone. Doesn't matter who it is, it's just terrible. And over what?" It's more work to try to kill someone than it is to get an honest job, seriously. After seeing what people can do, though, seemingly with no conscience - namely kidnapping Heidi and threatening the boys - she wouldn't put something like what happened to Cass beyond anyone. It just seems worthless. The power to take the lives of other people shouldn't be in the hands of humanity.

With no idea what's going on, Heidi can only guess as to the nature of Elena's father's phone calls. "You're growing up. He's probably worried. I'll do the same thing to Simon and Monty when they get older."

Oh, the cleaning of his face is noted, and he actually smiles and diverts his eyes a little. "Thanks. I missed that spot," he says sheepishly, trying to pretend that there's nothing at all odd with her 'mothering' him. Because that's exactly what she's doing, as far as he's concerned. It's sweet and touching, but…

"I'll be fine," he assures his older sister, almost too off-handedly. "I do need to get going soon," Peter admits sadly, looking towards Heidi with a guilty look of leaving her with the rest of the mess. Sure, it's mostly cleaned up by this point, but… "I'll take the boys off your hand in a couple days. There's something going on at the zoo. I know the boys love animals. And I could use it as a chance to talk to them about things." It's a good plan. Baby sit the boys for Heidi in exchange for messing up her kitchen. "You could join along if you have time. The boys seem to like your company. I doubt they'd mind you coming along— assuming your dad'll let you." That's almost a tease, but he can understand why her father would be worried. /He's/ worried sometimes. Especially since she goes out and gets herself hurt.

Well she thinks nothing of it, even if Heidi could read between the lines from where she's coming from, Peter -has- done the same thing to her before and the gesture is just returned. Elena wads up the toilet paper when she's done and grins at him. "You're welcome," she says simply, and tosses the ball into the trash, and after washing her hands, reaches over to snag a cookie. If you guys thought she wasn't coming out of this without -some- sort of treat, think again!

About her father… "I suppose so," Elena says. "I mean he's told me he's accepted that I'm an adult now, which is -big- coming from him, it's just…he's not big on breaking his own patterns. I'll talk to him when I get home."

She lets the two talk a little more, looking around the kitchen and pushing away from the sink. But once addressed again, she inclines her head to Peter. "Hm?" And at the tease, she actually has the good grace to turn pink around the cheeks. Curling a knuckle, she taps it against his shoulder. "Just for that I should let them run circles around you without back-up, Uncle Peter," she banters back, but she laughs afterwards. "Sure. It's been a while since I've been to the zoo, actually. I don't go to it often, I think the last time I've actually ever been was…..when I was ten? It's been a -while-."

After an exhale, and a nibble on the cookie, she checks her watch. "…grh. I suppose I ought to start making my way back," she says, ruefully. "I have an -army- to feed back in the apartment." She steps forward, to give Heidi a quick hug. "I'll see you soon again, okay?"

Heidi just shakes her head, looking back toward the sink.

"I know you will," she says, though with everything going on lately, sometimes she's not so sure if Peter's going to be fine. A coma, fainting— this isn't /fine./ Doctors would be amazed that he's still walking after all that; whether it's a mechanism to protect him or not, it's still upsetting.

"They'll like that. Just make sure they don't try to save anyone. Please?" Even if it's in secret, and even if they're wearing a cape and a mask. She's going to need to raid Monty's space to make sure he doesn't have his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle mask hiding somewhere where he can put it in his pocket and take it to the zoo with him. Not only would he put himself in danger, but Nathan would probably /frown very seriously,/ and that just won't do.

The cookies are still warm in the centre, and the robot-shaped one just kind of looks like a lump of baked pastry now, though the boys will still see Optimus Prime somewhere in the tangle of chocolate chips. Heidi will have one a little later, after she makes sure the boys are all cleaned up and on the floor.

"Thanks for helping with the cleanup, guys," she says as Simon and Monty reappear in the kitchen, now looking a lot cleaner than they were before, and also in clean clothes.

"Aw, you're leaving?" Simon asks as he goes right for the huge robot cookie. Monty follows, and … they seem to forget who's leaving because they're trying to argue over who gets what part of their creation. Obviously, it was Simon's idea, so /he gets more./ Well, according to Simon, anyway.

Wrapping an arm around Elena's shoulder while simultaniously trying to equally divide Optimus Prime in half, she says, "See you soon. And you." She points to Peter. With the boys around, she can't say much, but she does say, "Be careful."

"I'll be glad to have you along," Peter says, smiling faintly in Elena's direction, even as it looks like she's going to take off too. There's a pause where he's tempted to offer to help her, but instead he pauses to tell the boys, "Elena and I'll be taking you both to the Zoo in a few days, so don't eat yourselves sick." They also get a ruffle on the top of their heads, while his sister-in-law gets a hug.

Joint baby-sitting trip. That's all this is.

Following after her, he opens the door for her and says, "I can walk with you until you find a cab, if you want?" It might take about fifteen minutes even on this side of town, but that allows him to continue chatting with her until such a point. No, he's not reluctant to see her leave— even if he's a little sticky.

"That is if you don't mind walking with someone who looks like they had a cookie explosion." And a whipped cream accident.

"Sadly, kiddo. I have -other- kids to harass back home," Elena teases Simon, leaning down so she can hug both boys even as they start arguing. Straightening up, she picks up the bag that she had ditched in one of the chairs, slinging it around her shoulder and down against her hip. She checks her phone again - she seems rather attached to the thing, she doesn't leave home without it. It keeps people from worrying too much. That, and Peter knows she's got a tracking device on her anyway so it's not like she can totally vanish off the face of New York.

Waving to Heidi, she takes a step out, back to the foyer, and pausing at the door when Peter opens it for her. She didn't think he was leaving -right now-. After all, he said he was leaving soon, but it looks like he's got places to be too. "Yeah, sure," she says with a small smile. Though at the whipped cream accident comment, she bursts out laughing. Truth be told she was pleasantly surprised, Peter was in rare form today.

His family really did have a huge impact on his moods.

"It's you," she says simply, stepping out and giving him a wink. "I'd walk with you even if -you- were the one wearing a chicken suit." She offers him a bite of her cookie to him.

Family does have a tendancy to bring out a side of him that some people rarely see. Especially the boys. They're young and playful, and they touch a side of him that most people can't. And Heidi as well. And then there's another person involved on top of that. Peter moves along beside her, laughing before he suddenly glances towards the house. There's a gritting of his teeth, and a moment later something appears in his hand that he shoves into his pants pockets. The camera. Yeah, he just went and left without it. Smooth.

No need for a jacket, and his wallet and phone are in the other pocket.

"I'm glad you'll be staying in the city," he says softly, glancing away towards the street as he walks with her, eyes lingering for a long moment as she winks at him. Then he changes the subject abruptly. "So what's Desiree's kids like? Twins, you said?" Or thought, either way. She actually did both he's pretty sure. Little does he know he actually met one of them.

She was always a picture person. Elena can't help it. He's seen her room, she had pictures everywhere. Friends, family. The people in her life were important to her, so much so that she tended to sacrifice her own wants for the rest of them. It had the great gift of making her responsible, capable, stronger than she would've been if she had been coddled. At the same time, she knew it worried a few of those closest to her, the ones who recognized that she needed taking care of at times, whether she let them or not. At his laugh she couldn't help but grin. It was good to hear it, always. At least he hasn't forgotten to considering everything that's happened. It was, for the most part, encouraging.

At what he says, she shrugs, kicking a stone lightly and sending it forward as she walks with him, her hands in her pockets and that same grace marking each, lazy step. "It can't be helped to be honest," she says softly. "I know Papa won't like it….the culture's not exactly big on the little ones leaving the nest until they're married, you know? Especially the girls. But it's necessary in this case. I can't depend on Papa to drive me around all the time, he's busy too. I can't exactly afford cabbing it all the time, especially a couple of hours each way. I haven't actually talked to him about it yet but with school, and work, and….everything else….I -have- to stay here. Close to the action, so to speak." Like Desiree said, she was always responsble. All the time.

And her friends were here. Heidi was here. Peter was here. She can detect something from him that he isn't saying, though she can't figure out what. She reaches out to touch his arm lightly.

Though when he switches topics, she grins. "Pretty polite, actually. Thank GOD they don't seem to be anything like Lance Maddox. Parker's into racing vehicles, much like how Manny is. And Portia wants to be a performer. Dezi's told her that I've been dancing for a while, maybe I could teach her choreography if she's serious about it, get to know her a little better. Dezi and Papa seem to be getting along well, and I've never seen him this happy in a very long while." …well, it's -really- hard to tell with Ramon but Elena knows how he is. She inhales a breath and smiles a dreamy little smile. "I think it's encouraging that widowers and divorcees can still find a bit of happiness these days. I can't help but want to live vicariously through them both at times."

"Yeah. I should've guess you'd never pull yourself away— and you have your dreams too. And said this was where you were needed," Peter recalls the video that they recorded together, the way that she said it. Heaven might have been a place she would like to go, but here is where she's needed. Once that's over… then she can go to Heaven. Hopefully when she's old and gray. Because he'd probably get himself killed before letting that happen to her too soon. Her friends are here. She's needed here. And… she's in the thick of the action and not the type to just run away from it. "Hopefully knowing that you have friends here'll make your father feel better."

People to watch over her, take care of her, stand beside her through thick and thin…

But then she explains the Maddox twins. Maddox. Portia Maddox. Aspiring performer. All of a sudden he's not moving anymore, staring right at her as if struck between the eyes. By destiny. Again. Just like he coincidentally met Desiree, he's coindicentally met her daughter. Parker— he's pretty sure he's never met, but /Portia/.

"I'm happy for them," he says absently, about her father and Desiree, but he's stuck back on something else all together. "I— I think I met Portia Maddox. At the Central Park rally for Nathan." It's almost breathless, whispered. "About this tall…" he makes a gesture. "Brown hair, pretty. Probably around… fourteen? Plays the guitar and sings really well?"

"….you have the memory of an elephant, Peter Petrelli," Elena says with a laugh, still amazed at his ability to recall things, or at least the things she's said and told him. At least he was paying attention, like a good friend would. But no, she never ran away. At least, for these things, she would never. She couldn't. It was too important to keep moving forward, and she always fostered a strong sense of duty. And while she could face the most momentuous task by herself, it was just the way she ended up, her friends made her life more colorful. Worth living.

When he stops moving, she does too, turning to look at him and looking confused. What? What was that expression for? And then…. "….are you serious?" she says, amazed. Wow. -Really-? And Peter didn't just meet the kid. He met her before -she- did and she was -staying- in her bedroom for the time being. She laughs. "This is starting to get extremely scary, Peter," she says. "Yes. I'm pretty sure that's her. She's got an accent. Parisian, blunts her Southern one plenty."

She nods. "She was playing the guitar in the apartment when I came home. Jane was with her looking for me. So I guess you do have the right Portia Maddox, she's staying at my house." And who may very well wind up to be a future stepsister if things between Dezi and Ramon progress.

"Maybe it helps that I have a reminder in the form of a video," Peter responds, diverting his eyes from her laugh and amazement. Though some of the other incidents didn't come from said videos, but… this one does. So he can use it as a reason. Not an excuse, a reason! Friends make everything worth it. Including coma and possible death. Luckily for him death is even less likely to be permenant than a coma. "Yeah, she had an accent," he says with a nod, thinking it over. "And she did say her name was Portia Maddox." He remembered that much, but how was he going to tie Maddox to Desiree. He couldn't have.

"Is a bit eerie, yeah," he admits, sideways smile. But their fates are all intertwined. And this girl, she's part of it, it seems. Her ability is his secret, but— "Don't think you have to worry about me meeting her, at least. So I can probably drop by." Even if he still needs to avoid Manuel. "I'd like to see her again. Was worried that she wouldn't— well— she's pretty young. Said she had a place to go, but— I gave her my phone number, hoping she'd let me know if she got there safely. Guess I didn't need to. You made sure of that." Completely unintentionally.

"Seemed like a good kid. Kept me company when I was hiding from the crowds at the rally." He's kind of reclusive.

"Maybe….you keep plenty of things in that folder of yours." Elena pauses. "….I don't mean to pry of course, it wasn't like I was looking at the things that were there actively, I just noticed." And she was an observant creature. She turns her head a bit, and up, watching the sun sink over the horizon and cast the colors she loved to see across the summer sky. "It's kind of symbolic of you," she murmurs pensively. "You can be so open save for the little pieces that you call your own and hoard from others." Maybe Simone was the last person who actually unlocked all of those, which made her name being used as a password much more apt.

She couldn't help but be somewhat worried, even if she returns Peter's sideways smile. They were all connected, but this also meant Dezi's vision was coming true. She takes a couple of steps forward, craning her head towards the bands of purple growing across the canopy overhead. "I can't help but remember that day with Dezi and her poodle umbrella," she tells him. "It's like everybody's just….drawn here all of a sudden. Paths interlocked with everyone else's. I feel like some invisible hand is moving the pieces a lot quicker this time." Towards something she hopes isn't inevitable.

She looks over at him and she smiles. "Do you always hide from everybody?" He tends to put himself in the corner after all. She saw that today.

The talk about his passworded folder draws his eyes back to her, and Peter looks a little sheepish for a moment, before he just nods. He can't claim she's flase in this, not in the least. There's more added than the last time she'd seen it. But those… those are special things. Secret things he was either asked not to share— or can't share with anyone else. And Simone could have unlocked a lot more than she did… And in many ways she nearly shut him off again. "If I went around showing your painting to people, you'd probably knock me unconsious," he says in passing, reaching over to touch her arm. That's all he'll say on this.

"Yeah— seems like it. Guess Desiree's children aren't immune from the draw of destiny." There's a pause, before he does say, "She has an ability." In a way he feels bad revealing it, but this is Elena and she might need to know for some reason in the future. "That's how we ran into each other when I was hiding." And the only reason he let her go off on her own.

Does he always hide? There's a shrug. "I'm not a huge fan of parties, especially not political ones. I can show up and smile, raise my glass, do some photo ops… but— after that I cut out. Turned invisible and snuck into the park, to hide out for a while until things settled down. That's when Portia and I saw each other." So he doesn't have to worry about /her/ ability. He already had it. "She gave me a private concert until someone started to investigate the noise. Not sure she knows about her mom, though— she seemed to think what she could do was pretty unique." Until he came along and burst her bubble.

"I would," Elena says, giving him a look - but she smiles afterwards. "But I'd do it gently." She wouldn't hurt Peter….at least not deliberately. She has done that unconsciously before, as she had underestimated his care. She could never cut him off again in good conscience….the promise had made their friendship stronger. Deeper. At the same time there was something dangerous here that could threaten to cut her and bleed her dry. She was, at the very least, levelheaded enough, and careful enough to recognize this.

"…she does…?" She glances down at the fingers on her arm, and reaches up to cover his knuckles with her own. There it was again, the thoughtful expression, those eyes focused and serious and determined to find a solution. "I knew the possibility was more probable than not, but I didn't see any signs, even if I -was- looking for it. Portia and Parker are twins….their genetic structures are different since they're fraternal, different DNA, not like identical twins. But it does increase the chance that both of them are since they have the same mitochondrial traces…." Which were passed from the mother, not the father." Oh there she was again. Her science.

She grins. "Spoilsport," she teases. But then she nods. "I'm glad you told me. We'd definitely need a bigger house. I have two other siblings after all." She exhales a breath, and she laughs. "I feel like my own life's running away from me, but I'll see it as a challenge to try and keep up." She nods. "I'll ask her if her mother knows. I'll tell her I'm able to tell so she won't have to get mad at you for spilling her secret."

Her hand moves away, so she could wave at a cab she sees down the street that has just dropped off its passengers. The driver waves back, and signals that he'll be there in a minute. She looks up to meet his eyes and smile. "Though that certainly means our apartment for you at present is off limits until I determine who's got what. Doctor's orders."

Though he's not a genetics expert, Peter does understand most of what she's saying, even smiling faintly in amusement. Goes well over his head, but understandable. She's not talking a different language to him. "Sorry to spoil it." There's a curiousity. If she can sense changes in brain chemistry, could she sense the triggers that make someone special? That's something he'd never considered before, but he doesn't dare ask right now— especially not with a cab nearby and available. Since they're going in totally different directions, he won't try to hop in with her.

"Sounds like a good plan." The talking to Portia. It's the other plan, the doctor's orders, that make him give her a sideways glance, even tilting his head and raising his eyebrow a little.

"Now you really are mothering me." And she's eight years younger! How pathetic is that? "Okay, I'll stay away from your apartment for a while. Need to avoid Manny again anyway." He hasn't started killing people he gets mad at— not that he gets mad often— but he'd completely forgotten about avoiding her dangerous brother and his ability, which he might have absorbed twice and managed to avoid.

"Be safe," he says, taking his hand back, and letting her approach the empty taxi.

She had potential. The P word followed her from school. Elena gives him a small smile when he agrees. "Well after the -last time- could you blame me?" she asks, planting her hands on her hips to complete the look. "I just…." She pauses. "….things are going on at home right now too, and you've already suffered the wrath of one of my relatives. I'd like not to have a repeat." She was still…incredibly guilty about that. But she tries not to bring it up, or show it on her face. "Though….after what happened, Manny's trying to change," she says softly. "….I don't know what he's planning to do but he made me a promise."

That's something to talk about later, too. It was odd how after four months she hasn't run out of things to say to him.

She laughs. "Me? Always," she says with a mischievous grin. Uh huh. Right. She reaches over, wrapping her arms around him in a hug. "You too. I'll see you soon."

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