2007-06-10: Elle's Compassion


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Summary: Elle Bishop comes home and shows compassion.

Date It Happened: June 10th, 2007

Elle's Compassion

Forrest-Bishop Apartment, Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NYC

Elle arrives home a couple hours after Peter and Lyndsay left. She's been out, working on a few things, though largely, it's been quiet. The sound of the key in the lock announces her return.

Inside is the sound of edgy and angsty guitar. Jane's changed clothing, she's now in a full t-shirt and full leg covering jeans. Die Hard With A Vengeance is still playing, having reached the end and restarted on its own. Next to the guitarist pouring out her demons, the things troubling her in this fashion, is a half empty bottle of wine and a full glass. Apparently she's been drinking here and there while playing. The sound of Elle's arrival is apparently not registering. If heard at all. There's still a damaged guitar on the floor, along with several salivated socks and the duct tape that was used.

Elle hears the music…and sees the busted guitar. And the duct tape. And the first wouldn't bother her, but the latter two worry her. And well, Elle's a paranoid. She calls a lightning ball to hand, just in case. "Jane?" she asks.

She's in the grip of whatever she's getting out, and doesn't seem to have noticed the presence. There's no reply to the question, but also no sign of lingering danger. Just Jane dealing with whatever happened here, by the way she's playing and the items on the floor it's clear something did, and it seems it'll take a more direct getting of her attention to find out anything. Probably an act like standing right in front of her, or even unplugging the amp.

Elle is wary to move closer when things are strange. Thankfully, she doesn't need to. She lets the lightning ball turn into crackling, leaping arcs of electricity. Low output, so there's no real damage, but they're very visually showy, leaping through the air.

That'll do the trick. Jane's fingers stop, and her head lifts, but she doesn't make eye contact. Shame is on her face. It's easy to spot. "Elle," she states softly. The wine bottle and glass are picked up, she moves to take a seat elsewhere in the room.

Elle stops the leaping lightning. She looks back at her roommate, warily. "What's going on? Are you all right?"

"I am now," she replies, taking a long drink from the glass. Hey, for the first time in days she's fully clothed at home, too. "There was a spot of adventure here earlier, a couple of hours ago." Jane's eyes focus on the tv and movie still playing, anywhere but on Elle. Her head dips, she runs one hand through her hair.

The blonde looks worried, looking back to the guitar, and then back to Jane. "What happened? What's going on?" She's looking Jane up and down for any signs of injury.

No injury. Just the shame-faced, eye avoiding guitar player. "Lyndsay came to see me," Jane answers. One hand gestures to a seat, inviting Elle to take it before she continues. "There's good news and bad news in this story. I think the bad news is going to make you very angry with me. When you hear it, well, all I can do is beg forgiveness for what I did."

Elle looks confused. She takes the seat, only now letting the lightning ball vanish. "What happened?" She's still trying to make eye contact with Jane…trying to find out what's wrong.

"We talked. She told me to do things, and I did them. I started to hate wearing clothes, and got naked. I tried to watch a movie, that one," she gestures at the screen, "she asked how I was, and a few other things, then got me to say what I was thinking, and I told her. Then she had me thinking she wouldn't do anything bad. It went on, until she went too far, and I finally resisted. That's when the adventure started. I still had the remote, so I cranked the volume all the way open to block out her voice and pointed at the door, telling her to leave."

Elle's hand crackles once. "Who is this? This is the girl that was messing with you before?" Cause Elle is much less than thrilled about that.

"That's her," Jane confirms. "I picked up a guitar for a weapon and went after her when she didn't leave, trying to chase her out. When she tried to unplug the set and kill the noise keeping me from hearing her voice I hit her with it. Then I stuffed those socks in her mouth and tied her up with tape. Made sure she couldn't move or speak." She pauses there to draw in a deep breath, the shame on her face increasing as she states "Then I sent a text message for help."

Elle nods. She's not sure where the confined girl is, which is probably a good thing, because she'd be dead if Elle knew. She just nods, watching with concern on her face.

"Pete came. I let him in. He picked up her ability, and the two of us talked with her while she couldn't speak." Jane, perhaps, is hoping the bit she left out of that will be picked up by the electric blonde without her having to come out and say it directly later. "Some things were explained to her."

Said electroblonde doesn't seem to be inferring it, especially since Jane's dressed -now-. She does look a little incredulous. "You let her -go-?" Elle wouldn't have. Oh, no way.

"She agreed to undo what she did, and then was untied enough to finish by freeing herself after keeping her word, and she left. Called us certifiable, and looked shaken. I don't think she ever found herself on the receiving end before. But… in spite of beating her, I just feel really dirty. I'm ashamed of things I did."

Elle shakes her head. "Why? Jane, it wasn't your fault. She was messing with you. And you beat her. And I wholeheartedly hope you kicked her ass before you let her go."

"She's got a lump from being guitar struck," the shamed one replies. "It's that she was able to do it so easily. I can't stand the knowledge of having been toyed with like that, having been unable to shake it off. The things I did, under the power of her voice, I… I told you I wouldn't be naked in front of Pete, but… she had me hating clothes, I was naked, and the lack of modesty… When I called for help after getting control of things, I didn't even think about it when I answered the door. Oh, God, Elle. Can you ever forgive me?" Her head hangs, she avoids eye contact again.

Elle looks confused, not angry. "Jane, it wasn't your fault. -She was messing with your head-. SHE'S the one who's to blame for anything, not you." There are many things Elle can be irrational about. This is not one of them.

"But it is. I resisted once, why couldn't I have shrugged it off each time? And I still broke my word, did something I said I wouldn't do in front of him. I… to me it's the same as stealing memories. A violation, going into my head and playing around. Makes me feel dirty. Shamed." Jane pauses, finally looking up but still not making eye contact before she adds "Be proud of Pete, Elle. He didn't look at all. He turned around, took off his coat, and handed it to me over his shoulder."

Elle shakes her head. "Jane, I can understand how you can feel violated. I do. I felt the same way, when…" Yeah. When she got memory-wiped. "But NONE OF THAT is your fault." She moves over to sit next to the guitarist.

"This time I stopped it, somehow. It's like she kept going until my spine finally showed itself. There has to be a way to do it each and every time something like this is going on. I want to find it. To improve myself and never be a victim of it again." Jane's solemn now, speaking this way. "If she messes with me or anyone I know ever again, I'll strangle her. I think she knows how lucky it is she was caught by me."

Elle nods. "I would have killed her." she says, very matter-of-factly. "It's okay. It's over now." The blonde is showing some actual empathy, which she wouldn't for anyone else. She leans in to try and hug Jane.

"Yes," she answers simply. Direct encounter and situation over, more fence-mending later. For now, Jane leans into the hug and takes comfort from it, not inclined to move.

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