2007-06-03: Elleworld Meets Cassworld


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Elle visits Cass in the hospital and the two reach a truce.

June 3rd, 2007:

Elleworld meets Cassworld

Beth Israel Hospital

The last couple of days, Cass has two default states of mind: completely zonked out asleep and filled with drugs. She remembers some things and others just become part of her elaborate dreams and make believe that has filled her days. When you're trapped in a bed without much else to do, pretend becomes a very powerful tool. This is one of the rare times that Cass has no visitors and not even Lachlan is by her side. She's got the bouquets of flowers and balloons that people have given her to keep her company, though. And that seems like entertainment and company enough.

Elle is rather hoping that Cass is still drugged, all things even. Since the woman doesn't like her very much, it might make things easier. But in comes one Electroblonde, shopping bag at her side. She steps in quietly to see if Cass is awake.

And indeed, the book store owner is awake. She's staring quite intently at a balloon that is gently waving back and forth in the displaced air from the ceiling fan, but she is awake. Elle's entrance is noted. Sort of. Cass' eyes flicker to the entering woman and then softly says, "Shh. It's /moving/." The balloon, that is. Who knows why this is so interesting to her. But it is.

Elle looks up at the balloon. "They do that." she says, before looking back to Cass. "How are you feeling?" She did come in to see Cass once, earlier, the night she and Peter were brought in, but she was unconscious then.

And being unconscious, Cass has no recollection of Elle's earlier visit. It's hard, but she manages to drag her attention from the balloon to the blonde. "I think it's going against the flow of air in this room. I think that, really, it's not there and it's trying to make us /think/ that it's there. I haven't figured out why that is, yet. But, it may be." She focuses on Elle and tries to remember something about here. There /is/ something about Elle that was important in the back of her mind. She can't remember what that is at the moment, though. "I'm on a lot of morphine. I'm feeling awesome."

The blonde nods, looking at Cass's chart a moment, then back up to her. "Have the doctors said when you're going to be able to go home? And…do you want me to get rid of the balloon?" Hey, maybe it's bothering her.

"Nooot yet." Cass shrugs. This doesn't seem to bother her as much as it really should. "Lachlan got that 'I'm going to kill everyone in this room' look the other day when they wouldn't give us anything definite." There's a weak smile on her face that she can't help. "No no, it's okay. That's what it wants you to do. We'll just let it chill there on it's happy little pink string. When it least expects it, we'll spring." Pause. Oh, hey! Shopping bag. "What'd you buy?"

The blonde looks back and nods. "Got it." She still has murder plans with Lachlan. She should call him about that. "Things for you." She pulls up the bag, and extracts a pair of boxes. One is larger, and square, the other smaller and rectangular. She sets them on Cass's lap.

This may be funnier to others since Cass seems quite serious in her delusions. Or make believes. Whatever the correct term is for crazy brought on by morphine. "For me?" People keep bringing things by for her - flowers, balloons, etc. And it surprises her all the time. When the boxes are dropped into her lap, she slowly wriggles herself up more with a hiss. It hurts. And then, slowly, she moves to open one of the boxes. The smaller, rectangular one. It's awkward because her shoulder is still hard to move and the other arm has an IV in it, but she manages!

That one has shoes. Because in ElleWorld, shoes are what you buy for people who you're buying things for. Especially girl people. Because hey, she likes shoes, so doesn't everyone? Gold leather Prada pump sandals. (http://www.overstock.com/Clothing/Prada-Gold-Leather-Snakeskin-Print-Peep-Toe-Sandals/3014639/product.html?)

Woah! Shoes! Gold shoes! Cass is fascinated with the color for awhile. And their shininess. She doesn't wear heels all that often, because they tend to make her go sprawling out onto the pavement, but even she can appreciate that these are expensive and good quality shoes. "Wow. Elle." That's all she can think of saying for the moment. Just be glad that she doesn't include aliens or conspiracy theories into that. "They're beautiful. Thank you."

Elle doesn't really know about Cass's legendary klutziness, or she might have gotten her something with more ankle support. Or a lower heel. But the blonde smiles back at the thank you. "I hope you like them."

"I'll fall flat on my face the moment I put them on. Before that, even. But they're lovely!" Cass knows her own limitations. And a lot more while on drugs. Less of a filter between her mouth and her brain. She admires the shoes for a little while longer before moving to the second box and pries the lid off of it.

Elle laughs a little. "If you have trouble walking in heels, I can show you." Elle lives in heels, most of them higher than the ones she just gave Cass. The other box has a stuffed animal, a unicorn. Only Peter might get the significance, but it's still a nice stuffie even without it.

"I don't know if it's teachable," Cass confides. "It's either an inner ear imbalance I've had since I was born or I'm just /really clumsy/. I think it may be the former but my father keeps telling me it's the later. He's not very good at the 'lie to your kids to help their feelings' thing. Other than when he didn't tell me he worked for your Company my entire life." Remember that brain to mouth barrier? Still not there. She plows on is if nothing happened. "Oooh. A unicorn! It's so cute!" She pulls it out of it's lonely box and squishes it a little. "Maybe I'll name him Charlie."

Elle blinks. She didn't know Cass' dad had worked for the Company. Of course, she never really looked Cass up. Perhaps a mistake. And now her brain is heading down that track, which is a bad track to be on with a LoopyCass(TM). "Is that why you don't like me? I apologized for the rest. And paid you for it."

"Don't like you?" Cass finally makes that click in her head. That's /right/ she /didn't/ like Elle. How could she have forgotten that? "No, I didn't like you 'cause you hurt my friends and I didn't trust you because you're Company." Pause and a look down to her new gifts. "But you're trying to be nice even when you don't have to be." And Cass is a person who always wants to think that people can redeem themselves and become better people. "So, I don't know. I guess. I don't know. A do over, maybe." It's really not fair to have these serious conversations when she's not in her right mind.

Elle smiles a little. "I'd like that. Peter works for you, and I'm not thrilled about being enemies with people he's friends with." She offers a hand to Cass. "Friends?"

What a strange moment. Cass never thought she would be here with someone who tortured someone she considers a younger sister. But, Elena forgave Elle. And Peter is in love with her. There /has/ to be something there that she just hasn't seen yet. And, well, Cass doesn't like being the only one that doesn't see that. Even though it hurts her - physically this time, since her shoulder is still all stiff from surgery - she takes Elle's hand. "Friends." It's a weak shake, but it's there. Everyone deserves a second chance. At least in Cass-world.

Elle sees the apparent pain, and she considers it a moment. "I might be able to help that a little. I mean, at least help it not hurt." she offers. She's no healer, but she is the Queen of Electricity, and electricity can induce numbness at the right voltages and amperage, without causing trauma.

"Oh?" Cass lets her arm fall back down to her side and thinks about that. "Okay. It doesn't really hurt when I don't move much." That drugs help with that. It's when she actually tries to /do/ something that she's reminded why she's in this hospital.

Elle thinks about it. If she makes it numb, Cass won't be able to use it. "Oh." She nods. "I can't do it and you still use it. So if the drugs are doing it, than that should be good enough. I'm sure you'll be out soon. I'll ask Peter to come by, and he can probably finish it up."

"I think he stopped by before." Cass' voice is getting a little dreamy as the drugs are doing a fresh job on her concentration. "Before. Nathan said he was here, too." She's still not too sure on all the details of what happened. "Thanks. For everything."

Elle nods. "You should get some sleep." She tells Cass. "I'll stop by and visit you again once you're out of here. I'm sure that'll be soon."

"I hope so. I think the pirates may find out that Lachlan took their scotch. I dunno what they'll do when they find out." Cass pulls the stuffed unicorn closer to her chest to cuddle with her good arm. Nothing like a stuffed animal in a hospital. "I'll see you soon, Elle."

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