2010-04-24: Emer -- Gency Chef



Date: April 24, 2010


A pre-date goes freakishly well for two geeks.

"Emer — gency Chef"

Cain Tower — NYC

Cain Tower. It's even an amazing sight in the early throes of morning. In what darkness is still lingering, the lights that shine off Cain Tower give it some sort of glow. A beckoning call to all those that may have security clearance.

KITT speeds into the parking garage with more speed than a normal car should have and there's even a bit of tire squealing to prove just how fast Jaden was going in the first place. As KITT pulls into the reserved spot, Jaden leads the way out of the car.

Of course, this level of the parking garage has to belong to none other than Jaden Cain himself. In addition to a plethora of luxury vehicles, limos and too expensive for normal people cars, there's the fun stuff like the Mystery Machine, General Lee, Classic Batmobile, Batman (Keaton) Batmobile, Batmobile Tumbler, The A-Team Van… yeah, it's kind of replica city in here.

Stunned silence took over the car as they approached the tower, which is odd for Janet. Her hazel coloured eyes widen as they take in the sights — the garage is every geeks' dreamworld. It's a play yard for people in love with sci-fi. She freezes particularly at the batmobiles and she resists the urge to reach out and run her fingers over one, as hard as it is to resist.

Finally she turns to Jaden, "You own all of these?" Blinking, she finally steps up to General Lee and holds out a hand, but she doesn't touch it again. Instead, she follows Jaden out of the car. "They're so pretty, all of them are so pretty! Seriously! I didn't know places like this existed other than in movies — it's very Bruce Wayne of you — which one is your favourite? Do you have a favourite? Gosh I can't imagine — " and then she clamps her mouth shut, she's rambling again. The rambles are quickly replaced with a broad grin.

"Cute." is tossed in the direction of Janet, possibly in response to her rambling or her or just…. some kind of twisted combination of both! Whatever the case may be, Jaden's eyes linger for a moment, before he pops the button on the express elevator. "I think the Mystery Machine's my favorite. I fell in love with Scooby Doo long before my Geek reached incredi-levels."

Grinning the entire time, Jaden punches an access code into the elevator's panel, to make sure it bypasses all the other floors, whilst awaiting Janet to get herself into the elevator of awesome. "I'll let you drive one when I escort you home. Your choice." Man, this Jaden Cain is one of those overly generous fools, isn't he?

"Really?!" if Janet was grinning before she's absolutely beaming now. "Ooooo. I dunno. I've always thought of myself as a kind of Batman-girl. Does that make sense? Oh, I guess her name is Batgirl. Or Batwoman. Although arguably I'm not dark and twisty like Bruce Wayne. I mean, I never lost my parents or anything — and I have siblings so I don't have that whole brooding loner thing — " again she clamps her mouth and stops talking. "Sorry." Her cheeks flush just a little as she settlings into the elevator and smoothes out her dress.

Raising her right arm into the air she continues to beam, "Upwards and onwards!"

That's Jaden's response, just as the elevator dings. Yeah, somehow they were moving super fast because they've already reached the 70th floor. As the doors open, Jaden moves to plant an arm our in front of Janet, in case she gets excited at the combination of expensive taste, unlimited geek paraphernalia that's littered all around this particular penthouse apartment. "Okay, Cutie. Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be in utter awe and amazement of what you're about to see. If you do not at least attempt to squeal with girlish delight, the iMF agency will disavow all knowledge of your actions and you will forfeit the match."

Jaden smiles through that entire pointless speech, before dropping his arm and twirling out of the elevator.

"It's Janet," she corrects as she smirks flirtatiously at Jaden, swaying a little towards him on the balls of her feet. She's excitable, that much is obvious. "Awe and amazement? I'm not sure I can manage both at the same time, but I'll do my best! I do like impossible missions — the more impossible the better! I bet I could've been a spy in another lifetime other than the lying and sneakiness." Two prominent dimples crater her cheeks before she too twirls out of the elevator, but she stops midway as her gaze scans the room. Freezing, she her eyes widen again as her eyes scan the room. "Woah."

There's flat screen televisions all over the place in this particular room, which is huge by the way. Arcade games in every corner, in addition to the impressive console and gaming selection on the entertainment center which houses all of that impressive equipment. "Yeah. I live here." Smug Jaden takes another step, only to find that he's walking on his floor keyboard. With a smirk back over his shoulder at Janet, he slides across the floor keyboard, headed off in the general direction of a pile of huge boxes. All of which have the jPhone logo. Jackpot.

Toys. Lots and lots of awesome toys. And then the sound of the floor keyboard grabs her attention. She took music lessons as a kid and can remember one song — Heart and Soul, and only the melody part. She steps on the keys playing out a melody via dance complete with the rhythm. She missteps and sends a foul note amid her melody causing her to cringe and giggle. With a broad grin she finally steps off, "And that is why I'm not a musician!" SHe then moves follows Jaden over to the boxes with the jPhone logo. "So the cake may be a lie, but the jPhone isn't! Who knew?" She's still beaming. "I can't believe you live here — if I lived here I'd like never leave. Seriously so many awesome things to do. Like good games…"

Jaden is already pulling open one of the boxes and sifting through the packaging, before he comes out with a brand new, personally packaged, jPhone 4G. It gets spun on his palm, before he turns and bows humbly in front of Princess Janet. "Your Highness. I humbly present to thee, the greatest tool in the land. May it protect you and never drop calls." Jaden says all of this with some wacky 'know it all' smirk on his face, since he designed the freaking thing. His head lowers and the jPhone box is offered up to the hottie that he's scammed into coming into his place of residence. "It pales in comparison to the beauty of Your Highness…"

A less geeky woman might roll her eyes and shake her head. Janet is geekier than your average geek. Instead she holds the phone in her hand and manages a deep curtsey. "Oh good Sir," she begins in a dramatic tone of her own, "for such an act of chivalry thou shalt be KNIGHTED." And this she nods, her cheeks flushing a pale crimson as she pretends to knight him, using the phone as her sabre.

All silliness aside she then starts playing with her phone, and fights the urge to squeal although the fight is useless, "Eeeeeee! Lookit how purdy it is!!" She jumps once on the balls of her feet before clearing her throat, and beams. In a much quieter squeal she manages some words, "Thank you!"

"No need to thank me. I got plenty of these things. It would be a shame for someone who actually will appreciate one to not have one." Jaden actually kind of shrugs a bit at his act of chivalry, figuring it to be no big deal. "Go ahead and get comfortable. The television's voice activated. Just tell it to turn on and what channel… oh, I'm sure you get it." Jaden's backpedaling off in the direction of where the kitchen is probably located. "I'm gonna' get started on a couple of waffle stacks."

"Oh-kay," Janet glances around the room before sitting on the couch. She ends up sitting twice, really standing once and then standing again to adjust. "Uh… hi tv… um… onn?" she says cautiously while staring at it. "Um… I'd like to see SyFy channel." Moments later she's back on her feet examining the array of games on the wall, interested in a couple of particular titles, Portal among them. In fact, as she glances through the games, she's humming Still Alive. The hum quickly changes into a quiet singing of the song. Yes, she knows all of the words. "This was a triumph~ I'm making a note here huge success ~ It's hard to overstate my satisfaction~"

Whoa. It's crazy. It's almost as if Jaden was already prepared with some stacks of waffles because he's coming out of the kitchen as fast as he possibly can. With two plates, stacked with about ten waffles each. "Round One! Fight!" is spouted from his lips, just like those classic Street Fighter games of yesteryear. "TV? Volume Down." The volume goes to mute and Jaden kind of frowns as he sets the plates of waffles down on the table. "Eh. Software's still buggy. This'll be a hit when it's ready for the public, though." Jaden can almost see dollar signs. "Drinks! We're gonna' need drinks. You look like an orange-pineapple juice girl…"

Janet jumps a little as Jaden is already back. Wrinkling her nose, her head tilts quizzically. "How'd you — " Her eyes narrow a little as she glances towards what is, presumably, the kitchen. "That was really fast. Like too fast." She presses her lips together skeptically, but they still edge up into a smile. "Do you have like a waffle fairy or something?" After the question she nods a little, "Yeah. I definitely drink orange-pineapple juice…"

Jaden pauses. Freezing in his steps. He blinks a little bit and just has to hold his hands up. "Okay. You got me. It was too fast." Jaden's eyes grow serious for a moment, before he steps back over to where Janet is and lowers his voice. "There's something I need to tell you. But you have to swear on your amazing body that you won't tell a soul." He doesn't even wait for an answer, as he just wanted an excuse to look at her body again.

"… I have a chef." Jaden lowers his head, as if he's just dropped the biggest bomb of all time. "I texted him from my phone and had him whip up a couple batches while we were on the way. I was trying to impress you and my culinary skills leave so much to be desired, they're the only scantily woman in a room full of ex-convicts."

"So you do have a waffle fairy!" Janet beams as she taps his chest with her pointer finger. "I knew it!" Now she's pleased as punch. "And I won't tell nobody. I swear on my… well you know." She shrugs again as she resettles on the couch. "Oh man, I hope the chef is good — not everyone can cook. I really can't. I use my oven to store plates. I mean at least it's something that belongs in the kitchen, right?" She winks.

Grasping the plate she glances down at the waffles. "Also… I just have to say it's sweet you were trying to impress me. I hope these are good — "
"I'm pretty sure he can handle waffles."

"BAM!" comes from the direction of the kitchen in a voice that could only belong to… well… a certain chef that shall not be named for fear of being sued. Or something like it.

Jaden just cracks a smile and is already headed that direction to make sure that there's some delicious orange-pineapple juice left. "I'll be right back. You get started. I'm a fast eater. I'll catch up." And with a wink, he's spinning into the kitchen again.

An eyebrow is quirked at the BAM from the kitchen and then Jaden is disappearing again. As he leaves she picks up a fork and digs into her waffles. Mmmm. Waffles. She cuts into them and glances at the television for a moment. "This is really good!" she calls as she forks herself another bite. "In fact they are super fantastic delicious kind of waffles!" Not that Janet could make waffles — she hasn't any talent in the kitchen. At all. With a smirk she says, "TV? Can you like change to something good — " SyFy is normally good, but today? Not so much. "Or… is that outside your programming?"

Jaden is returning soon enough with tall glasses of greatness and within moments he's down on the sofa next to Janet. Which is not a bad place to be, to be perfectly honest. He's smiling just sitting there. "TV? DVR. Jaden's Playlist. Old School." The screen flips and slides and suddenly there is a DVR listing of Old School Cartoons out the Wazoo. "You're beautiful, so you get to pick." Besides, Jaden is in need of chowing down on some of these delicious waffles himself. That Emer— gency Chef is amazing! Bam!

"Ooooo," Janet virtually swoons at the tech, yup, she's a technology junkie. "That's a-maaaaaaaa-zing. ZING." Her eyes scan the list, but quickly land on her cartoon of choice, "TV? Alvin and the Chipmunks. Uh. Please?" She doesn't know what she needs to say, so she says what comes to mind. Shovelling another forkful of waffle, she mmmms, "This is yummy, yummy. The only thing that could make it better is like… Superman ice cream. Have you ever had Superman ice cream? I think it's seriously underrated by adults and often neglected as an awesome ice cream. I mean honestly, the colours make it taste better. And anything that colourful must be good. You know?"

Jaden almost chokes on his waffles. He actually has to cough for a moment, before guzzling some delicious juice and then.. "Shut up!" He totally sounds like a freaking valley girl at this point. "You do NOT like Superman Ice Cream! Shut UP!" Granted, his eyes are going wider and wider by the second as he just stares at Janet. "THAT IS MY FAVOURITE FROZEN TREAT OF ALLS TIMES!" Somebody just got really excited.

"SERIOUSLY?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" Janet's eyes are wide now. "I LOVE LOVE LOVE SUPERMAN ICECREAM! LOVE IT! Honestly! I even make my own ice cream sandwiches at home with it because I can't find them ANYWHERE! And by make — I mean, I BUY ice cream sandwiches and like scoop the vanilla off and then replace it with Superman!" She stifles another chuckle. "I don't think I've ever met another adult who even eats it anymore! It's only the best ice cream treat EVER!"

Jaden squeals. "EEEEEEEE! WAIT RIGHT HERE!" And Jaden's already stumbling over whatever's in his path to run to the kitchen. There's some tripping and the sound of Emer— gency Chef crashing into Jaden, but then there's the freezer door slamming and the sudden reappearance of Jaden Cain as he trips back out of the kitchen! In his hand is a tray… of Superman Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Eyebrows are furrowed as Jaden disappears into the kitchen again. Her head tilts as he comes back with SUPERMAN Ice Cream Sandwiches. Janet's eyes widen again. "OHMYGOSH! JADEN CAIN YOU ARE MY NEW HERO! This. Is OFFICIALLY the best pre-date I've EVER had." She plucks one from the plate and takes a bite into it, speaking around it, she utters, "Best. Food. Ever."

'I KNOW! WAFFLES AND SUPERMAN ICE CREAM SANDWICHES!" Jaden doesn't really seem to be calming down at all. It's a good thing this is 70 stories up or else there could be neighbors worried about this noise level that's happening right now. He chomps into one of the sandwiches himself. Delish! "HAS THIS EARNED ME A FIRST DATE OR WHAT?!" Man, he cannot believe he's met someone that just kind of clicks, like this. It's pretty freaking amazing. He thought -nobody- else made Superman Ice Cream Sandwiches.

"OHMYGOSH of course you're getting a first date! Seriously! A jPhone, Waffles AND Superman Ice Cream sandwiches?! If this was a real first date, you'd be getting a smooch!" Janet's cheeks flush a little — sometimes, she wishes she didn't say exactly what's on her mind. And so she leans forward and issues him a peck on the cheek. "I seriously thought I was the only person who ate these, let alone made them…" She's beaming again as she takes another bite. "Pure heaven. If heaven had a flavour, this is what it would taste like…"

Jaden Cain is not exactly the most speechless person in the world… but when he ends up with a peck on the cheek, he kind of loses his train of thought. Even though Alvin & The Chipmunks are jamming on his screen right now. He's a bit too focused on the fact that, well, he just got kissed. After a moment or two of stammering, the sandwiches are added to the table of goodies and he just kind of wears some crazy blissful smile. "You have no idea how long I've been waiting to meet someone like you." Jaden lets slip out, before he realizes that was a bit too sincere. "If you can DDR as well as you chow down…. we may be a match made in 7-Eleven."

"Wait. Wait." Janet holds up a hand. "You DDR? Really?! I was always the freak in my family who played video games and didn't get enough sunshine in my parents' opinions." Her cheeks redden again. "Sorry, this is like… almost weird freaky. AND I LOVE gaming. PS3. Wii. XBox. All awesome. And really a person needs all three platforms so they can play like any game. I mean, the sheer graphics of the PS3 are basically unbeatable. The gameplay of the Wii is super unique though…" Her eyes scan the room, "Do you play Rockband?! Rockband 2 has like… Still Alive on it from Portal — I freakin' LOVED that game!"

Once again, Jaden is knocked senseless. He can't believe this. He gets up from his seat, again and walks over to the wall next to the television center. Again, he must input an access code. When the light goes green, the wall slides away to reveal Every. Freaking. Rock Band Game & Accessory. Ever. Including a special Jaden & The Chipmunks edition Guitar. It's good to be the king of EvoSoft. Jaden then turns around to smile at the female that's still over there by all of the food. He holds his hands out to his sides, wearing the smuggest expression he could find right now. "Do I play Rock Band?" Dramatic Pause. "Baby. I /am/ Rock Band."

The smile fades for a moment as Jaden walks up to the TV. Janet really has no idea what's going on. As Rock band appears on the screen, however, her lips twitch into a smile and then a rather serious expression, but the seriousness lasts a second despite her best efforts. "Oh you're goin' down, honey. I'm so good, smoke comes off of me — that's right, I'm on fire." She's grinning broadly again, she really can't keep to any intensity in her mock seriousness. "Seriously, I might not sing so good, but I can school anyone on the guitar." She nods matter-of-factly as she stands to her feet and takes a challenging step towards him. Once again, she's beaming.

Oh, No She Didn't. "Oh, no you didn't." Jaden blinks. He just kind of blinks and can't believe that he's being challenged to a little Guitar Duel. Apparently, this woman doesn't know who in the tarnation she's dealing with. He's not just the King of the Software Scene. He's also… well… the JADEN FROM JADEN AND THE CHIPMUNKS! He smirks slightly to himself, before stepping back and reaching out to grab his special edition guitar and slings the strap over his shoulder. But with a small bow, he nods towards the other guitars hanging on the inside of the small Rock Band storage room. "Choose your weapon."

Janet glances at the guitars and chooses a guitar that kind of looks like an axe. "This even looks like a weapon," she arches an eyebrow at Jaden and steps back towards the TV. She's not a musician, but she knows games and she plays a lot of Rock Band. She she slings the strap over her shoulder and issues Jaden a bow as well. "I am ready. Prepare to be amazed." She's still beaming, this is a good day.

Jaden looks over to Janet and then at the screen. He shifts his fingers on the guitar and flashes a big grin. "Winner gets to choose first date location." Oh yes, here he goes. Trying to prepare to get himself in a position of rocking the munk out.

"Oh I intend to," Janet replies with a sly smile. Her fingers spread across the buttons. Her stance shifts a little so she has a better view of the television. And then the screen counts down, preparing the pair for an epic battle of guitar madness.

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