Emery Rowe
Portrayed By Orlando Bloom
Gender Male
Date of Birth 35yearsago
Age 35
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases Em, Enigma
Place of Birth …IRELAND
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation PA; Butler; Chauffeur
Known Relatives Kennis Rowe (daughter)
Significant Other Vodka
Known Abilities Swearing, Reproducing, Drinking
First Appearance ???

A…personal assistant/butlery type, who drives a black hummer, listens to rap and drinks like a fish. He's also a father. A good one honest…


Born and raised in Ireland, Emery's a bit of an…enigma to say the least. He works as a butler or personal assistant for those in positions of powers for the most part, and he has for…the last 8 or so years, however it doesn't appear that his substantial financial stability comes from these jobs. He has an accent that can go from polished and Britished and Alfredished…to straight up 'ghetto' Irish where 'h' is the silent letter of the alphabet. He can be primped and polished one moment and then wearing designer jeans and message-ts the next. He can do a wicked close and awesome shave with an old fashioned straight aged razor…but he has a precision with blades that can be both helpful, and horribly dangerous.

But despite the fact that he loves to roll in a hummer or SUV, blast rap music and well..drink like it's going out of style, when it comes down to it? He's really just a father who used to work for Prime Ministers and other cabinet workers and politicians and is now in the states, namely New York, on the run from some organization in Europe that kept going after his /precious/ little 8 year old girl. He's got ties in the black markets and back alleys of places in Ireland and England and even France…he's got a criminal past that has never been recorded, but it's always been while 'working' for more legit looking organizations. And now he hopes this never comes up as he tries to live a 'normal' life to keep his daughter safe.

Rewinding some really…he was born in Ireland, attended private catholic based all boys schools after his mother passed away when he turned 11, and he ran away…alot from his Aunt and Uncle he lived with, picking up his rougher speech and street smarts during summers and nights hanging out with 'older boys' when he was not allowed. Getting into fights and basically being that intelligent student with a criminal mind who was sadly 'misunderstood' because he had abandonment issues and was born to be a mouthy little bitch. Or…something really. He liked fencing though! Long shiny sorta sharp things are always yay. When he was 16, he was sent to a boarding school in England and to deal with living on holidays occasionally with some other distant relative, some second cousin on his mother's monkey's uncle's side. In any event, he was introduced to the darker side of the more elite. What those who didn't raise to prestige through honor or family name did to stay on top or keep their jobs and quiet those who got too loud. Politics can be a horrible game really. But by the time Emery was 18, and graduated and moving on…he learned it wasn't the people with the fancy titles who did the dirty work. He agreed to work for his monkey's uncle's cousin, and through some misunderstanding, the rough boy from the streets…who enjoyed fencing and was smarter than he pretended to be and ended up being the first person to work to get kicked out of his all boys choir (he can't sing, really, and he hates wearing dresses)…well he was sent to Butlery School.

More specifically, the Ivor Spencer International School for Butler Administrators, Personal Assistants. - This has left him with helpful skills such as flower arrangement and how to greet people in 5 different languages. When he graduated with his lovely ability to match suits and ties and organize maids…he served as the butler to a Egyptian ambassador for several years, working at night and on 'vacation' times on less savory positions until he accidentally knocked said boss' daughter up and 9 months later was FIRED and given custody of a child and paid money to keep it hush hush seeing as she was engaged to be married. - Oops. That's how he got his daughter, Kennis Destiny Rose and tried to clean up his act enough to keep her safe.

It's kinda hard to be in the back alley negotiating the support of some low lifes for some candidate, with a knife and some rope…and gasoline threats, when you get a call from your 2 year old's babysitter who is saying your daughter won't go to sleep unless you sing the Teddy Bear song. IT makes it awkward when you're holding a gun on somebody while singing about Teddy Bears going to a picnic. Life gets very hard when you're sorting through your notes as your current boss gives you their schedule. 'Talk to mother, go to ball, collect bribes' and then a picture of a dog eating a cat falls out of your pocket for everybody to see. So…the last 8 years have been a joy and very hard to deal with as well, until last year…where things got personal. Apparently…when at school, teachers started to contact him about the little girl doing…things little girls shouldn't do. That is, displaying increasingly anti-social behavior and apparently all the kids didn't want to play with her anymore. Enter into their lives…Mr. Noodles.

Kennis isn't like other girls really…she's 8 and all mixed gypsy looking and she likes hot-topic and mutilating barbies…but she also has an invisible/imaginary friend she calls Mr. Noodles. And if she's not happy? Mr. Noodles isn't happy. AND things start falling over or doors start slamming shut. That's how the bad men in black suits ended up trying to kidnap her before Emery fled the country with her to keep her safe. HE doesn't know what's going on, he just…wants to keep her safe. And to try to convince her that /Mr Noodles isn't real/. He even bought her a pet grass snake to try to give her a real friend. Still…no luck. So they are in New York. He's looking for work after explaining/formally resigning from his previous position, apparently he got a better one. Which…he really hasn't gotten yet so he has to find one. Quickly. Mr Noodles though, keeps hiding his wallet and car keys.

What he doesn't know…is Kennis /is/ Mr. Noodles. She doesn't really know it either, all she knows is Mr. Noodles protects her. Whatever Telekinetic abilities/ghost like effects she causes…comes from her.


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  • "If you don't go and pick yourself out a damn hat RIGHT this instance, I will shoot you! I'm not even lying. I will put a bullet through you AND the doublemint twins and every straight male with hormones will be crying their eyes out and boo hoo and wah wah. I know you hate hats! GET ONE, GET ONE RIGHT NOW!"


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