Emily's Timeline

January 2010:

The plot to take down Alpha Protocol starts to come together. Emily is put into Team Shadow, the sneaky special-ops team, where the ladyfolk can use their not-so-subtle "charms" (i.e., powers) to gather info from the inside.

  • 7th | Team Shadow, Valmorphanize! |: Emily-Trenton (Tremily) meets up with a transformed Sierra and Prometheus. The sneaky element of the Gene's plan to take down AP, Team Shadow, develops something of a plan.
  • 17th | The Word of Samedi |: People gathering info, and those gathering info on those info gatherers run into Samedi's followers on the dock. Several are kidnapped, and when the ship sets sail, Emily's left with the worse punishment of all…living with her own conscience! (Cliffhanger)
  • 27th | The Woman in the Mirror |: Following the events at the dock, Emily is forced to confront what she's become; she doesn't like what she sees.

February 2010

February is hardly the month of romance for Emily and Trenton. Highlighted by heavy-drinking, reaching out for someone to provide help, and a trip home, Emily reaches a critical decision that she'll act on at the beginning of the next month…

  • 18th | Reaching Out |: A crisis of conscience causes Emily to contact Prometheus once more, whether for comfort or support or what.

March 2010

In an attempt to sooth her soul, Emily turns herself over to the NYPD for crimes committed months ago. Her jail time doesn't last long, however, as a red-flagged file calls both the government and other parties with an interest in her abilities to the station to secure her release.

  • 7th | Repentance |: The first step in finding absolution is to repent for one's sins. In 21st-century New York, confession isn't always in a church.
  • 22nd | The Carrot Approach |: AP uses the stick; other folks offer Emily a very big carrot (get your mind out of the gutter!)

April 2010

  • 7th
    • | Preparations |: Emily and Fariq enjoy a stroll through NYU in beautiful but warm spring weather, discussing their preparation for the President's visit.
    • | Presidential Appearance |: The President arrives and the terrorists put their plan in motion; the heroes do their hero-y things. Except for Cody. She does hairo-y things.
    • | Witch Hunt |: After George fails to talk Emily into turning on her handler, Cody takes a more direct approach. Always the direct approach with this one.
  • 8th | The Catty Duel |: There's a whole lot of posturing going on, how long will tempers keep in check when faced with a deadline?
  • 9th
    • | Let the Games Begin |: Drastic times call for drastic measures. Also, torture, as much Cody doesn't want to have to. Because Emily's pigheaded.
    • | Icarus |: After flying too close to the sun, Emily's found herself without any feathers. Also, that leg'll never be the same.


May 2010

  • 5th | The Concert in Central Park |: Maddox and Kirkwood indulge in a musical interlude, Emma sees things, Claire walks her dog and gets cranky, and Emily stays under the radar.

June 2010

  • 3rd | Who Are You, Again? |: Emily has forgotten a lot after a particular assassination plot, but not how to be the center of her own universe.
  • 24th | Going Down Easy |: Emily goes down on Ivory. For serious. It's completely legit. Don't read into it. Why don't you have a seat right over there…
  • 28th | Greatest Disappearing Act |: The Carnival arrives outside New York City, though for one night only.
  • 30th | A Night at the Museum |: It's not walk in the park for this group of hostages Heroes.

July 2010

August 2010

  • 23rd | Running Out of Luck |: Another runaway makes an appearance in a store, but this one doesn't quite endear herself to anyone.
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