Emma Coolidge
Emma Coolidge
Portrayed By Deanne Bray
Gender Female
Date of Birth April 26
Age 32
Zodiac Sign Aries
Aliases Em
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Hospital File Clerk
Known Relatives Dr. Coolidge (Mother), Chris (Uncle, Deceased), Christopher (Nephew, Deceased)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Enhanced Synesthesia
First Appearance No Pity

Emma is a deaf woman, who once had aspirations of being a doctor, she even has a bachelors in bio-medicine. She was starting her second year of residency when tragedy struck with her nephew drowning while she was caring for him, she became bitter and quit. Now she hides herself away in the hospital's file room, trying to ignore the world around her. Though, that will change soon.


"I wear the headphones because the minute I take them off, someone's asking for the time, or my phone number, or directions to the Statue of Liberty. I don't want to see their faces. That look… insensitive eyebrows… 'Oh… she's deaf…'"


Growing up everyone thought she'd take after her uncle Chris, a popular folk singer in the 60's. Just like him she was a musical prodigy at a very very early age. That's right, when she was a little girl, she was not deaf. She was like any little girl. As soon as she could crawl up on the bench, of her grandparents grand piano, and poke at the keys, her musical education began. That tends to happen when your grandparents are both music teacher and your left in their care when mom has to work those late hours at the hospital.

Around the age of eight, she took a liking to the cello, they would have preferred something like the viola or violin, but she wouldn't be deterred. It was a bit cumbersome for a little girl, but she liked the deep sounds of it.

Even though her mother had been a bit of the oddball in the family and didn't have the same amount of musical talent as her parents or brother, but she seemed proud of the talent her daughter was showing and encouraged it. Emma's brother didn't really show the same amount of talent and seemed to be aiming for the same career as their mother.

The unexpected happened when Emma was thirteen years old, changing everything for her. She was an unfortunate victim of meningitis. It's such a deadly and fast moving disease, it's a miracle she survived. That miracle was in the shape of her own mother. Seeing the early signs, Emma was hospitalized right away and it is possibly what saved her. Unfortunately, it also had a lasting effect on her, Emma was deaf.

It was hard for the young teen to adjust to a new lifestyle, a new school… new everything. A world of complete silence. Like anyone faced with such drastic changes, Emma closed down, distancing herself emotionally from people. She wanted pity and hated it all the same. She even once screamed at her mother, that she wished she had just died. That may have also been when she realized that she was being horrible to the people around her. That moment when she saw the guilt and pain on her mother's face, she had regretted those words right away.

While she still kept mostly to herself, Emma began to stop pitying herself and actually started to try and learn to adapt to her new life, cause nothing would ever really give her hearing back. Her grade improved drastically and she found that she had just as much of a knack for the sciences like her mother and brother, so she decided to temper her future in that direction.

Ability - Enhanced Synesthesia

Just a note to say that while all this stuff is here, Emma will be learning about her ability during the course of play. :)

RP Hooks

With Emma being a bit of an Introvert will make coming up with scenes a bit more difficult, but here are some ideas.

  • You a doctor? A nurse? Visiting some one? Emma works in the filing room of the hospital. It shouldn't be too hard to bump into each other there.
  • She's known to hang out at parks. To people watch and such.
  • I imagine she reads, so a library scene… maybe a bump in at the bookstore.


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  • "Memorable quotes!"


She meets people, I put them here! Once there are more I may separate into groups. :D

Peter_V5icon.png Peter Petrelli - Showed up in the file room looking to file some paperwork. He accidentally found out that my earbuds were a bluff, but he didn't show any pity towards the obvious reason why, just looked embarrassed. I have no doubt he'll get his old job back.

Theme Song

I was looking for Emma Ability stuff and came across this video… I think the song is perfect.

"A Place In This World" - By Taylor Swift


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