2007-03-16: Emo Tears Of Death


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Guest Starring: Alejandro

Summary: Claudine brings Maya and her brother to the Primatech hospital facilities.

Date It Happened: March 16, 2007

Log Title Emo Tears of Death

Primatech Hospital Facilities

The clean, bland hospital appearance contrasts greatly with the two people being admitted into it. The male of this pair is leading, with a hand trailing behind him as it is held by his sister. The two dark-haired siblings glance anxiously between one another but with a taste of hope in even the most scared gesture. Having been spotted prowling outside of an establishment, arguing vaguely over a flyer about 'doing marvelous things', Maya and Alejandro were easily swayed in the hospital's direction by Claudine's promise of a Suresh's attention.

Maya still has her ratted green backpack and her free hand works nervously at the straps. Once, she reaches behind and feels at the hard lump sitting in the bottom that is her copy of the infamous book that brought them there. She mutters something in Spanish to her brother and he glances back to her, smiling grimly. Mohinder's name is on Maya's lips, though Alejandro does not respond. After the quiet from him, Maya takes a few steps forward to be closer to Claudine, raising her voice, "Thank you… again."

If anything, Claudine is definitely convincing when she puts her whole innocent/'I want to help' you face on, considering that's one of the reasons she was hired by the Company afterall. Also, the fact that she was sincere the entire time helps out as well. She smiles brightly while leading her towards the lab as she looks around, "It's not Chandra Suresh, but Mohinder is still definitely an expert in the field. I do hope you find the answers you're looking for.." she says matter of factly before pausing a little. "Though..I still think your brother doesnt like me too much.."

With his sister moving comfortably enough towards Claudine so as to make the siblings' hand-holding more awkward, Alejandro is left to trail behind the girls and he doesn't look too happy about it just in time for the stranger's comment about him. Not that he can tell. And if he could, surely the concerned frown on his face wouldn't have changed. He takes glances about the place but manages to lighten up. This is a hospital, a hopeful place of healing, after all.

"He is only concerned," Maya describes with a hint of a smile, her tone attempting to show her complete patience for explaining Alejandro to people, "We have.. come a long way. He is always looking out for me. But we are finally here, finding answers," she catches onto Claudine's hope, taking it for even more certainty judging by the light in her eyes.

Soon enough, Claudine leads the pair into a rather large lab with lots of different sorts of equipment for medical testing and the like. The Company is well funded afterall, and she looks around for the good doctor. "Mohinder? Dr. Suresh?" she calls out, scanning the area while trying to find the man with the oh so fabulous hair. "I brought Maya and her brother.."

It may be a Sunday morning, uh, afternoon, whatever, but there isn't any recognizable day of rest for Company employees. Having just finished up with one patient for the morning, he's settling himself into the lab to over the charts. Over his casual and quite civilian clothing, he's wearing a white lab coat with his hospital ID tags clipped to a pocket. With one thing off he's mind, he's feeling and looking a little more rested.. but that's not saying much. Sylar's still on the loose, with a disturbing amount of quiet surrounding it. Entering through another door, he looks up upon hearing Claudine's voice, "Hello Miss Salonga." It takes a moment, then oh yes. "Oh, wonderful!" He walks swiftly up to Maya and her brother, smiling pleasantly in greeting, "Miss Salonga had mentioned you to me, it's a pleasure to meet at last. I'm Dr. Mohinder Suresh."

The lab is pretty amazing considering these two have come from the dirty streets of Santo Domingo and both hover in the doorway a moment to try and absorb the place. Then, slowly, Alejandro enters and, putting a hand on his sister's shoulder, leads her in, too. Maya flashes a quick reassured smile at her brother as they wait. The entrance of the man in the lab coat easily gets every attention and the siblings step forward to accept the greeting. Alejandro's hand remains on Maya and he circles his arm around her protectively when she clasps her hands together and leans in towards Mohinder.

"Yes! What a… pleasure! You are Suresh! We have been searching for you, or for…" She twists to reach into her backpack, wrestling the Spanish 'Activating Evolution' from it to hold out to him, "There are answers. We need your help." Here, Alejandro speaks rapidly in Spanish, having recognized at least the sound of Mohinder's name from the conversation. Maya nods along with his voice and overlaps with her easy translation, "I am….. sick." She presses a hand to her heart with a desperate yearning aimed all for the doctor. This is all they have come for, and if he denies them now then there is nothing.

Claudine genuinely wants to help people, and if bringing someone into Company clutches helps them out, then all the power toher. SHe smiles warmly and nods politely to Mohinder, "Well..I'll let you three be? I have a few things I need to go and file, so I'll be back in a bit? Unless you need me forsomething, Dr.Suresh?"

Mohinder continues smiling at the brother and sister, "I hope that I can be of assistance." He gestures for Maya and Alejandro to take a seat at a nearby work table. There are high stools to sit upon. "What I am going to do, in order to find out what is wrong, I will need to take a blood sample and run a few tests. Nothing invasive, and.." He sets the current chart aside and picks up a blank one and new clipboard. "I will take down some information." Shaking his head, he looks across to Claudine. "Not at the moment, if I do, I'll be sure to page you Miss Salonga. Thank you for bringing them here." Turning back to the brother and sister, he asks, "Does this sound good? Any questions so far?"

Carefully, Maya steps away from her brother, their fingers trailing to very tip before they separate. She settles onto the seat motioned to her and she grips the edges with tight knuckles. The reassurance of being here is constantly pitted against the danger of their plight. "You are going… to make it go away? Can you make me better?" The wideness of Maya's eyes now seem to be staving off some more physical symbol of her urgency. When her brother questions the goings-on, she quickly turns her head to watch him and speak in Spanish, likely saying everything that Mohinder just told them. He processes the information, glancing around again, and then speaks quietly, quickly his opinion. Maya shakes her head, her hair falling messily around her shoulders so that she has to brush it away to look at Mohinder again, "Tests? Do I have… what will be done?"

Claudine stays for a bit and pats Maya gently on the shoulder before she heads on out. "Dr. Suresh is one of the best, so dont worry too much about the tests..he's very gentle.." she says with a warm smile. In the end, she heads off and wriggles her fingers at the trio. There is other work to be done afterall!

"I cannot make either of you any promises, but I will do what I can," Mohinder says in a gentle and reassuring manner. He lets the brother and sister have their exchange without interruption. He's patient that way. "First, I want to draw a blood sample. That will be the most invasive test that I will do at this time. With your blood sample, I can determine if you are sick or what might be the matter." He taps the chart with a finger, "And I will write down information."

Another flurry of Spanish words, a glance, and then the intake of a heavy breath from Maya and then she relaxes her hands on the chair, leaving them quietly in her lap, "Yes. We will do it. I just…" She hesitates, and this time stays away from casting her brother a look, which makes him shift in suspicion that she is about to say something he would not approve of. Quietly, but with no less insistence, the woman watches Mohinder directly for his reaction, "I want to stop hurting people. I never meant for this to happen. There -must- be a way." This time, she does look to Alejandro, but Mohinder is soon enough in her gaze since he is the one who is the hope now, the support, "This would not happen without a way." If you want to know what she means, the golden cross at her throat is answer enough.

Mohinder sets the chart aside in favor of fetching a pair of gloves and what he needs to take the sample. "You have hurt people? Then it is good that you came here. I am sure your situation isn't as unique as you think." Both brother and sister are regarded as he gestures for Maya to let him have her arm. "I can't promise that it will be easy or quick, but there will be a way to work past this. So that you won't unintentionally harm another person."

"I have," The admittance is strong, it would border on proud if you didn't know any better, but there is definitely some strength that Maya finds in taking responsibility here, "And I am afraid." With the gesture, Maya obligingly puts out her arm, turning the inside towards Mohinder already. His touch, though medical, is a smile for her. "But we are here. Doing something," she somewhat repeats. It might be obvious how long she has clung to this single idea and the chance to be in this lab, finally. "And you know… your father, too, you know of these things? Have there been others?" The thought is scary, comforting, and bizarre.

"It will get better, and it's natural to be afraid. Yes, you are here to have something done about this," Mohinder says gently as he proceeds with drawing the blood sample, taking all the necessary sanitary precautions. As he draws the sample, he converses. "That is correct, and yes, there have been others. Many others, with their own abilities. Very few people are unafraid when it happens." He can tell Alejandro is protective over Maya, so makes sure the brother has a clear view of what he's doing with the young woman.

Even the most obvious view won't stop Alejandro from fidgeting, his arms most of the time wrapped around each other as he watches the proceedings. He mutters in his language a couple of times but remains unanswered.

Maya, for her part, is quite enamored with staring at Mohinder as he works. She doesn't attempt to hide the wince at the sting of the needle but her grimace is worked back into a smile despite. Soon enough, curiosity is also leaking through, "Others," she echoes, "Like in the book. Abilities… but -they- can do… amazing things, yes? There is flying and healing!" The distinction is clear: Maya does not include herself in the same category. She's sick. -She- needs to be fixed.

Mohinder smiles and even chuckles lightly at Maya's words. "Yes, and many other abilities. I am sure there are more than we realize, no matter how much is studied." Done with the blood sample, he places a cotton ball and bandaid over the minute puncture. "Could I get your first and last name again?" he asks politely as he turns to his clipboard and a label for the sample.

Maya flexes the arm that has been punctured, unconsciously drawing two fingers to the band-aid there. "Maya," she tells him slowly with all the taint that her accent gives, "And my brother, Alejandro." A pause, "We are not… you will ask but… I cannot give other information," she reaches for Mohinder in somewhat of a pleading manner, which makes her brother start out of his position in vague alarm, "We are not supposed to be here. We are in trouble, please."

Mohinder does not look terribly disappointed at the lack of a surname given. Instead, he simply nods in understanding. The sample is labeled with Maya's name before he sets about starting up the chart. As Maya reaches for him, he sets a comforting hand on her shoulder, "You're safe here, I promise the both of you." His smile doesn't waver at the siblings as he prepares to write on his chart. "In order to help you, Maya, I will need to have some questions answered. You don't have anything to fear when answering them.. Now.. you said you have hurt people and it was accidental. Please describe the events for me."

It's a very heavy breath taken in and released now. Though Maya seems to have all the support in the world with Mohinder's hand momentarily on her shoulder and then her brother's hand challengingly on her other shoulder even longer. When she speaks with Alejandro it is quietly and he finally moves from his defensive position to kneel next to her. Without words, you could almost tell that he's encouraging her but somehow also saying she doesn't have to do it. Maybe she shouldn't. At least, not all the way. But Maya shakes her head again, full of determination and a spirit born from Mohinder's perceived kindness.

Both siblings look intensely upon the doctor with their dark eyes when it's time to say, "I… have the devil inside me," Maya is ashamed to admit and her hands are put one over the other against her chest, "His power comes out when I am upset. And then… oh, I have -killed- but I did not want to hurt them!" Her voice rises in pitch in parallel to its emotion and she widens her eyes again, though it's still not enough to stop the slightest of watering at their corners. "It's like nothing that I can control! It's death, inside of me! I am -sick-!"

Mohinder eyes both siblings before reaching again to put a hand on Maya's arm. "It's alright.. a lot of powers lie dormant, and when they manifest it comes with periods of extreme emotions. When you are least on your guard. I know that you did not want to hurt anyone, I can tell that you are a very good and kind hearted woman." So far, he's not bothering to write. What information Maya has volunteered, it's memorized. "Take your time in telling me. Alright?" Maya's arm is given a pat before he gets up to fetch a box of tissues for the woman along with a couple of bottles of water.

Ah, a tissue! Alerted to the problem, Maya wipes furiously at her eyes with the back of her hands. It's Alejandro who accepts the box of tissues in his sister's name. The concern the male twin feels is highly evident as his agitation has risen and he speaks to Maya warningly, a hand out ready to catch hers incase. Maya takes a couple moments to compose herself, resting her hands on her lap again in a sign that she doesn't think she'll need her brother's help just yet. "I don't know what happens, doctor. I feel so.. what is it, trapped because I cannot stop it. I am… gripped by this evil that comes from inside of me." She's also trapped by her own language barrier, unable to find the particular words she wants to completely explain. Her own frustration rises and she shifts uncomfortably in the chair. Her gaze flickers with momentary impatience to wherever Mohinder has put the blood sample. It's just sitting there. It isn't fixing anything. Another deep breath, her eyebrows furrowing. "It is… tears," she can finally say, "Black tears. They kill everyone but me and…" her gaze drifts upwards, "my brother. He is all that I have……. and that is because of what I do. I hurt him, anyway." Maya can no longer face anyone in the room. Alejandro's guiding hand is pushed away as she stares at the floor, fingers kneading greedily into her dirt-encrusted jeans.

The bottles of water are set down on the counter, should either sibling want one. They're sealed and have not been tampered with, if that's a concern. Mohinder settles himself back onto his seat to listen. Both siblings are watched carefully. When Maya mentions her brother's involvement, his brows raise. "I would like to take a sample from your brother as well. Will he consent? I want to see why he is immune, it could be that the two of you share a bond with this ability." He can see that Maya's having a language problem, so chooses not to press for further details. While he waits for Maya to translate and converse with Alejandro, Suresh takes the clipboard and notes down what the woman has said.

Maya considers this new issue on her own a moment before managing to raise her eyes to her brother again. Her hands move expressively as she makes what seemed to be a small request into a much longer sentence. Perhaps she anticipated the problem that Alejandro is obviously having. There doesn't seem to be much the man hasn't somewhat objected to, even though the hope softening the expression on his face has been there perhaps even before his sister's.

In the midst of the debate, Maya hisses a quieter, and English, "For -me-," and then the same in Spanish, if tone is any indication. A silence falls. Maya squares her shoulders and then gestures in Mohinder's direction, slightly curving her body towards him at the same time, "What else did we come all this way for?" Her question seems understood, despite its delivery, and Alejandro relents. Kneeling down next to his sister, he displays his arm towards Mohinder, hovering across his sister's lap. For her part, she smiles reassuringly at him and then looks to their new doctor, "You call it 'ability'," she says somewhat sternly, "But it is -bad-."

Mohinder repeats the same process of drawing blood with Alejandro. His hands never falter as Maya insists that her ability is bad. "If you can learn to control it, you might not think it so bad," he suggests. "It /is/ an ability, a gift even." Blood drawn, Alejandro's arm receives a matching cotton wad and bandaid. Another pleasant smile is given to the siblings, "Maya, I have a suggestion. Just for a short time while we study and learn about what you can do. There is a drug devised that will.." He trails off for a moment, considering his words and Maya's grasp of English.. "It will stop your ability temporarily." He lets the two discuss this option as he labels Alejandro's sample.

"It does not feel like a gift." The woman is intensely skeptical of what she is hearing now, but there's the slightest bit of nibbling curiosity, a roll of teeth against lip, that suggests she isn't completely dismissing the idea. Alejandro wants to know what's being said instantly now, so Maya shares, hesitantly. This time the conversation seems to be more agreeable, with less gestures and less very obvious protests.

When Maya turns back to Mohinder, it's to express, "He wants to know what else this drug will do." She frowns for the way that sounds, more suspicious wording perhaps than she meant. Meanwhile, in the background, Alejandro gathers up the water bottles shiftily and shoves them into his own backpack.

"I know that it doesn't feel much like a gift to you now." Mohinder watches Alejandro from the corner of his eye. It's obvious the two are on the run and he's plotting to bolt. "As in side effects? None that have been experienced. All it does is stop you from using the power that you have. The choice is up to you. I suggest this as you are unable to control your ability and you are afraid of hurting others." As he speaks, he gets up from his seat. The blood samples and clipboard are taken and he gestures the two to follow him. He's not going far, just to another portion of the lab where he can start working with the samples.

Pulling to her feet, Maya gives a short nod and then trails through the space after Mohinder, curious enough just to see the goings-on now that the blood has come back into play. Briefly, she cowers away from the liquid, wondering if the evil inside her is contained even in such a small sample, too. It must be, if it can hold the answer, too. "Yes, please, no more people," she sighs.

Alejandro remains planted where he is, having gathered the water bottles and then rolled the backpack onto his shoulder. So prepared, he does a small circle in his place, eyeing anything and everything visible within the lab. Even though Maya has walked off without, he seems calmer than before. At least she isn't on the verge of emotional tears anymore.

Mohinder settles into a seat at the work table and preps some slides with a few drops of the blood. The first sample is Maya's and it's placed under the microscope. The magnification is adjusted, and then he turns just enough to reach the neighboring computer. On the monitor, the sample view is projected. Any abnormalities are pointed out and explained. (Abnormal as in different from the average human sans ability.) "Now, from your blood alone, I cannot determine exactly what your ability is. I would have to arrange for a controlled testing environment.. You said your black tears, they kill people save for you and your brother? Is it just people around you, or do you have to touch them?"

The computer is quite interesting and as she stands with Mohinder, Maya gives an excited gesture to the screen, "That is me?" He goes on, then, about the differences and the more that she is described as being unique, the more wretchedly she pulls into herself. Finally, the questions begin again. "It is everyone," Maya explains, returning to that calm status of being responsible, "I don't want to test, I don't want to hurt -anyone-. Can't I just take these drugs and be normal again?"

Mohinder turns from the screens and microscope to look at Maya directly as he speaks. "Maya, I know you don't want to hurt anyone.. and I understand if you're afraid to test. The drugs, they are only a temporary measure. They won't 'cure' you or make you normal. They will only keep your ability from being used. If you are to fully understand what it is you do, I recommend the testing. We can make it as safe as possible for other people, so that no one is hurt." Like down in a concrete bunker with fuzzy animals and remote surveillance. "Would you and your brother like to stay here at the hospital, just for a little while? This way you can have the help you need, a roof over your head. You can rest and not feel like you have to run anymore. I promise you, nothing will happen while you are here."

Oh, that light at the end of the long tunnel is fading! The so-promised drugs seemed like the key and now Maya grasps for what is called only 'temporary'. "The drugs.. they do not last?" She queries with a taste of almost disbelief. But as Mohinder continues to explain, she is brought down again to a note of slight acceptance. Not having to rephrase everything back to her brother seems to make it go down easier and she takes the words at face value. Which is possibly dangerous considering its a face she isn't completely used to yet. But /Mohinder's/ face, well, that isn't creating any problems either. Thus, the twinge of regret in her face when she says, "I cannot stay now, but I can come… any time, yes? There is still someone… I am looking for. Like me, he was coming to see your father."

Mohinder shakes his head in the negative. "They are only temporary. There is no safe way to turn off these abilities forever." Suresh isn't one to force people against their will, but he also does not want to just let Maya walk away. If she's hurt or killed people.. A mental debate wages before he gets up and goes to a locked cabinet. Using his access information, the doors are opened and a series of bottles are removed along with an empty one. The bottles look like nothing more than prescription medication. He moves back to his table and starts dividing up a week's supply with carefully written instructions as to how to take them. When his father is mentioned, Suresh looks up at Maya, "He was? Can you tell me about this person?"

Well, no one ever said this was going to be -easy-. Still, there's a kind of disappointment to show up and not have all your answers finally be handed to you on a silver sterile platter. Optimistic to a point, Maya now eyes the drugs that are being dispersed with a range of other boiling emotions. She comes up to the table they're being laid out on, her fingers latching onto the counter edge. She meets Mohinder's eye when he looks up and the regret in them is still strong, "We came upon him on the road. Like fate. He said he knew your father. We were going to travel together but…." she frowns, her grip tightening as she leans into the table, "We were lost."

From his place, Alejandro has started paying attention again and he takes a few steps in his sister's direction and, a bit instinctively, eyes the door and the various obstacles he's now passing by that lay between there and him. His mutter-mutter, Spanish-mumbo-jumbo distracts Maya from her tale. She turns, very sheepish, to the doctor, "We are very hungry…."

Mohinder inclines his head in a nod, putting the medication into small bottles according to type. Those, he hands to Maya along with the written instructions. "Take these, this is only enough for a week." He's optimistic that he will see the brother and sister returning. "Also, here is my card. If you run into trouble this is my phone number here. You can call no matter what time it is." When Maya mentions the man on the road, he listens and starts putting away the source bottles of medicine, locking them up once more. "I see.. Perhaps he's already found me then, I do get a number of calls and emails as of late.. and since my father's passing, I've been continuing his work." The saddened expression that forms upon mentioning his father fades and he offers a sympathetic smile to the two. "Of course you are, I'll take you to the cafeteria where you can get something to eat. We can also talk some more. See if you don't want to stay here.. At least for the night." Again, the offer to stay is made. Ability aside, the two look like they could use a safe harbor to rest and clean up.

The stash of drugs is quickly pocketed and Maya glances once over the instructions before putting them away as well. As she's stuffing them aside, Alejandro approaches with the offer of his backpack and she reconsiders, pulling out drugs and paper and sliding them into the front zippered section. "Perhaps," she repeats, turning to Mohinder and imagining in her hopeful mind that her poor angel-named friend somehow managed to find his way here and get the help that he needed and how he certainly wasn't nursing multiple injuries and planning great evils with his -new- powered female cohort. Mhm. "Oh, your father," she bemoans upon hearing the news, a hand going to Mohinder's upper arm in ultimate sympathy, "I am… so sorry. I did not know this." At his smile she can, at least, smile too and she smiles to Alejandro who makes some sort of attempt, himself. Huzzah for all of us. "Yes, thank you. It is so hard to get food here. Do you know how… we might get money?" Because you can have three guesses how they've been managing so far.

"It's alright.. it was just a few months ago," Mohinder explains without delving into details. Locking up what needs to be locked, he leads the two on out of the lab and off towards the direction of the cafeteria. "I will give you some," he offers. Once in the cafeteria, he'll pitch the offer of the hospital stay again. There at least, they will have food, shelter, running water and be looked after. If they refuse, he has some cash on him that will be given. It won't be much.. but it will be something.

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