2008-05-16: Emotional Backlash


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Summary: Timing is everything, except when it doesn't succeed in every case. Father and son square off.

Date It Happened: May 16th, 2008

Emotional Backlash

Previously, on Heroes MUSH.

"Your usefulness has run out," Arthur Petrelli says, reaching a hand out. "In other words? You're fired."

"No!" Niki manages to shout. "Get away from me!" An indistinct white energy, an imprint of herself, starts to be sucked from the woman's body toward Arthur's.


Suddenly, a rippling sensation can be felt through the man's back as he tries to drain away the ability of the woman he's touching. Fingers appear out of his chest, then a wrist, a black coat. The man ripples as someone reaches straight through him to grab onto the top of her shirt. Fingers suddenly solid, while the rest of his arm remains phased, the ability extends to her as he pulls her back, straight through the man trying to rip away her ability and leave her powerless and into the arms of someone who swore to protect her if this very thing happened.

Using the power of another man who swore to protect her more than once.

A scar cuts across the man's face, Peter's face, eyebrows lowering in anger, jaw clenched together. Excellent timing, this, but was it soon enough?

Whatever is happening to her, all she knows is that it's some kind of torture. Like she's being ripped in two.

Until she's thrown back together. That's like being hit by a speeding train, but with it comes a sudden relief, of being whole, but it's a rush of sensations and confusion for Niki Sanders, who suddenly can't feel much of anything beyond not being able to feel anything at all. D.L.— ? No—


Breathless, she holds on.

Just a second or two more, and Niki Sanders would have been removed of her power.

Unfortunately, as it seems to be so much these recent days, this isn't going to happen thanks to Peter Petrelli. His own son.

Whipping around to face the two of them, Arthur focuses on his son, eyes raking over the scar for a moment before he turns his gaze to Peter's eyes. He crosses his arms over his chest. He's not scared, as he has nothing to be afraid of. Should things take a dire turn, it isn't like he is unable to get away. "Peter," he says simply. "You can't stop it. Your mother tried to stop me, and look where that got her."

An arm wraps around the blonde woman protectively, pressing her against a muscled chest hidden under dark clothes. There's another shimmering display of something that rises up in the air between them. A forcefield much like the one that expanded out to save him from losing all of his abilities the last time. It may not stop everything, but it will keep electricity from being thrown, and other things.

"You're not invincible, dad," Peter says stiffly, before he casts a glance to the woman. "Leave now. Before I prove just how powerful I can be when I don't care if either of us live or die." Either of the two of them. The woman in his arms? That's a different.

The anguish from nearly being stripped of her power is still spread across Niki's face as she clings to the scar-faced Peter, trying to get her bearings back. There's no time to say 'thank you'. Not the damsel in distress, she steps around Peter within the— whatever it is around them, keeping close to his side, a hand tightly on his arm, and faces Arthur. A glare that's both worried and angry shifts between them. "Cass," is the first thing she says to Peter. "He got to Cass."

The father of Peter Petrelli glares at his young son, eyes staring daggers through the force field that rises up between them. He's encountered this before; last time he took his son's abilities, this is the one thing that stopped him from getting them all. Opening his mouth, he slowly speaks, focused completely on Peter. Niki may as well not be there as far as Arthur is concerned. "One day, son, this is all going to catch up to you. You need to get your head out of the clouds and back down to the planet. You're going to realize that when this is all said and done, and I've won, that you should have been on my side." Finally turning his attention towards Niki, the Petrelli patriarch smiles. "Cass is already taken care of. You're too late. She's made a valuable asset as a test subject of Pinehearst." The last is said with an air of gloating.

No. No.

The timing is off. Everything is different. The clock in his pocket hasn't ticked into the right position for this to have happened. …He miscaculated. He was wrong.

From where she's pressed up against him, Niki can feel the quake of tension rising up inside him. All of those emotions going on inside Peter suddenly leak out, ripping from him in a kind of attack. Every piece of shame and failure that he felt in the past, in the future, all of it reaches through the forcefield like a heavy hand of pure emotion trying to beat past his father's defenses and make him feel everything that he felt. Everything that he caused. In this present and the future that would have been, may still become.

"I'll never be on your side. Not in this time or any other."

Oh God. Niki stays quiet, standing steadfastly by Peter, but her horror over what apparently happened to Cass is more than apparent in her troubled gape. She holds tighter to Peter in what's meant to be a comforting touch, but it's too tense to be anything but anxious. She shifts glances between father and son to the house, back and forth.

The emotions in Peter begin to leak over in Arthur, who suddenly feels a sense of shame and failure, constantly growing until it threatens to overbear him, even though there's nothing that he is ashamed of. Still, he can't help but feel all of the horrible things from his past were wrong. Sentencing Nathan to die, killing Robert Bishop, kidnapping his wife, stealing his son's abilities… it all starts to creep up in the back of his mind, threatening to burst and overload his emotions.

It's not a feeling he likes.

"You'll come to learn, Peter," Arthur says, voice thick from the emotions, struggling to fight through them, "you're wrong. You always have been, and you always will be. You can't save those who need to be saved."

"I'm stubborn," Peter says, trying to keep the feed of emotions from matching such stubborness and determination. Even if it cries out in his voice. The ability loses some of the strength the longer it goes on, a leak of the guilt pooling toward the woman in his arms. "You won't live to see the world you think you're creating." The thickness in his voice doesn't give any indication of the level of guilt and shame he feels deep down. Under the determination and the stubbornness. He failed her. He failed all of them.

"I'll make sure that you pay for everything that you've done, Dad." The forcefield that he put up between them suddenly expands outwards, trying to shove, or even throw, the man back before he tightens his hold on Niki, and they shoot upwards into the sky.


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