2008-05-10: Encounter On A Park Bench


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Summary: A chance meeting in the park introduces Kory to another of the people on Peter's List.

Date It Happened: May 10, 2008

Encounter on a Park Bench

Somewhere in Central Park

Jamie's most natural environment is water. So, ever since it's started to warm up, she's made her way out to the playground to see if they've turned on the water-park-esque entertainments yet. Once again, though, no such luck. Still just a touch too cold. With that possible entertainment source not available, Jamie's wandering the park, attempting to find excitement elsewhere, looking for something she can climb that no other kid can. Still, what she finds isn't something to climb, but a big fluffy dog that draws her curiosity. The girl wanders over closer, smiling to Kory though mostly is looking at te dog, "Hi."

The dog looks up first, and opens her mouth in something closely approximating a little kid grinning with joy at having found a playmate. Jasmine looks at Kory, then at the girl, then back at Kory. LOLDog translation? I CAN HAS PLAYMATE?

Kory chuckles at the reaction of the dog to another child and smiles. "Hey there," she greets the girl, giving her a quick once over. Used to her canine companions drawing attention from kids, she completes the introduction with "This's Jasmine. I think she likes you." Really? It's pretty obvious.

Jamie smiles brightly at Kory's words nonetheless, and steps forward to pet the dog gently. "I'm Jamie," she answers, though whether to the dog or Kory (or both) isn't clear. Then, more obviously to the dog, she says, "Hi Jasmine." The girl crouches down then as she pets the dog, smiling still, assuming it hasn't pulled away.

The dog is all about loving on children, and being loved on by children, so no, the opposite is true. Jasmine leans forward to rest against Jamie's side, offering her head for being pet.

"Jamie?" Kory repeats. "Nice to meet you." Kory glances skyward again; can it really be that easy? Of all the kids in this city, all the people, the first little girl she meets with the name Jamie — could it really be that Jamie? Kory watches the little girl for a clue, a sign, something, that would let her know whether or not this Jamie is the one she seeks.

Jamie giggles a little, continuing to pet the animal. "Can she do any tricks?" She glances up to Kory as she asks, curiously. "Back at the circus there were dogs around, little ones. They did tons of tricks, but they weren't this nice." May be a clue, depending on what Peter told Kory.

"Well, just the basic stuff," Kory answers Jamie's inquiry. Which would amount to sit up, roll over, beg, play dead. "She loves to play frisbee, though, if you've got one." Kory never brings one because people always seem to spontaneously whip frisbees out of hammerspace when she has this dog around. "You were in a dog circus?" Kory asks, raising one brow curiously. Unfortunately, no, Peter didn't mention anything about a circus. Peter from the future — not so much into the fun. Driven. Focused. And way too damn vague for Kory's liking, yeah.

Jamie giggles and shakes her head quickly, "Normal circus. Clancy Carnival. I was an acrobat, like my mom. Still am, 'cept ain't got nowhere to do shows anymore." She keeps petting the dog happily, shaking her head quickly, "Nope, ain't got a frisbee."

Jasmine whuffs, as if in disappointment at the lack of frisbee, but then lies down. On top of Jamie's feet. She's not heavy enough that it'll be painful, but she is heavy enough that Jamie will have to work a little to get her feet back. New friend not going anywhere. Pettings continue, okay? Jasmine looks up hopefully at Jamie.

"I guess there isn't much call for acrobats outside the circus," Kory agrees after a moment to think about it. "So what do you do besides charm dogs and look for a place to be an acrobat?"

Jamie giggles again. She sits down on the ground so she can pet the dog easier with her feet trapped. Then she looks up to Kory again and says, "Lotsa stuff! School, 'course, I gotta do that. But I'm a daredevil too. And I'm the fastest runner in this whole city, I bet. Well, fastest when there's obstacles anyway."

"That's pretty good, but you have an advantage most kids don't," Kory suggests. "Most kids are kinda daredevils, but you're a trained acrobat. Of course they can't keep up, they only see that stuff on TV. They don't know how to do it for real."

Jamie considers that a moment, then nods quickly, "Yep! I guess. Most people don't see it, though. Always telling me to be careful and stuff, like I dunno what I'm doing. Well, couple times I did almost hurt myself, 'specially once, but I'm ok."

"It's a grownup thing," Kory explains sympathetically. "They forget they did this kind of thing themselves when they were kids. They forget how much fun it is to just cut loose. But they mean well. And really — how can you blame them, Jamie? It's not as if there are a huge number of children who are trained acrobats from the circus!"

Jamie nods a bit again, petting the dog still, "Yeah, I guess. And I can do stuff most people never even heard of either, so they wouldn't know about that." Another hint, even if she's kind of being vague about it.

"Yeah? I guess everybody's got special talents," Kory agrees, amiably enough. "My brother can wiggle his ears. Mine's cooler and he's so jealous. What do you do?"

Jamie answers without thinking, "I can turn into water." It's after she's said it she freezes and bites her lip, adding, "I'm not supposed to tell anybody about that." Great job she's doing of that. Obviously witholding whatever pops into her head to say isn't a skill she's mastered yet.

"Really?" Kory asks, after a quick glance around the park to see if they're being listened to or observed. "That's a pretty neat gift." She says it about as quietly as she can, the better for mundane eavesdropping not to pick them up. "Me, I can get into people's dreams," she adds, for fairness' sake. "And change them, if I want. It's fun sometimes, but it's scary sometimes. And now it's becoming a job."

Jamie bites her lip a moment more, but her eyes widen at what Kory says she can do, "Wow! That must be so amazing. Never even thought of anybody being able to do that." She then asks, curiously, "How can it be a job, though? I had a job once, using my power. Don't gotta do that no more, though." She's still petting the dog.

"I'm supposed to get people together like you and me. It's important. Really important. We're supposed to save the world." Kory says it conversationally, but her eyes indicate she's quite serious.

Jamie's eyes somehow manage to get wider at those words, and she stops petting the dog for a few moments as she looks up to Kory. "Save the world? Really? How? From what?" She's quite eager to hear this it seems.

Kory regards the little girl thoughtfully. "I don't know if I should tell you," she says, solemnly. "There are bad guys we have to steer clear of. Who can't know what we're doing and that we're trying to stop them." She's only what, nine? Ten? And clearly has no problem blurting out whatever comes to her mind. "So I probably shouldn't tell you while you're awake." In a dream, at least, Kory can lock it up in Jamie's mind so she won't discuss it without the proper code word.

Jamie gets a disappointed look after a moment and says, "Oh." Then after the last she asks, "That mean you'll tell me when I'm sleeping sometime? I can be useful! I can get in places and unlock doors from the inside, and lotsa stuff like that. And nothing hurts me when I'm water."

Kory looks a bit guilty as Jamie looks so disappointed, but raises both brows as Jamie offers more insight into her skills. "Wow. That really is useful," she admits. Which might explain why Peter wanted her on The List. "What a cool gift. But…Yes. I can tell you when you're asleep, and introduce you to the other people working on this with me." She nods. "What time do you go to sleep, so I know when to come find your dream?"

Jamie nods quickly with a grin, "Uh-huh." She then answers, "I go to bed at nine-thirty when there's school. But when there isn't I stay up past midnight so I can hear Ali's show on the radio. Some of it, anyway. I stay with Ali, and her roommate Erin. Ali's a DJ on the radio, does night shows. Erin's an actress."

"Ali? Ali McAlister, that Ali?" Kory's eyes light. She's on the list. And a friend. "I was wondering where she's been. I should probably come over and visit after you have all gone to bed, and tell you all. The person who told me about this wants me to work with all three of you." What is it with the children having all the connections?!

Jamie nods quickly at that and says, "Yep, that's her!" She blinks and says, "Someone told you 'bout Ali? Make sure ya tell her it wasn't me! She's real big on secrets. I… I'm not very good at secrets, always scared I'll say hers."

"Yep, somebody told me," Kory confirms. "And I promise, I will tell her you didn't spill the beans." She grins. "She probably knows him already. Kind of. His name's Peter."

Jamie blinks, "Peter Petrelli? Cool! He saved my life, I owe him. And he flew me all around town, it was the best!" She bites her lip and says, "But Erin and Ali are kinda mad at him. He hurt Erin. I dunno why, bet it wasn't on purpose, he seems too nice for that."

Kory frowns, hearing Jamie's story, but it is only at that last bit. "I agree. Peter is a nice person." Well, usually he is. The one from the future, not so much. "I'm sure he didn't mean to hurt her on purpose. But even if they're mad, hopefully they'll understand that saving the world is more important. You think so?"

Jamie hesitates just a moment, petting the dog again as she considers, but then nods quickly and says, "Yeah, bet they will. Ali for sure, and Erin probably will too. Been a long time since they told me 'bout that, might not be as mad anymore."

"Good," Kory says, relieved to hear it, obviously so. "Well, I'll make a point of showing up late one night so Ali's sure to be home and sleeping too. So we can all discuss it together. Your guardians may not want you doing the whole 'getting in and opening the door' thing."

Jamie nods quickly again and says, "I think Ali usually doesn't sleep until after I go to school. But some days she does, so maybe you can find us then. Hope ya can, can't wait to find out what's going on! And for sure wanna help."

Kory grins, but the expression is short lived as she continues. "If it's okay with your folks, it's okay with me. We can use all the help we can get. Peter told me what we're doing, but he didn't tell me how or what to do to fix things, so we're kind of having to figure it out as we go along."

Jamie bites her lip and then says, "My dad, dunno what he'd think. He's in jail. They think he killed me, which is really silly. But Ali's got a friend who's a lawyer, she's helping to fix things so he can get out."

Kory's mouth drops open as Jamie speaks again. Kory had meant Ali and Erin, but that's good to know too. Jasmine whuffles Jamie gently, sensing child in need of comfort. "I hope they get that worked out. What a confused mess." More than one; Kory's grateful to not have to be involved with that one. "And if you want to talk to him, I can arrange for you two to share a dream if you want."

Jamie gives the dog a gentle hug for a moment, and then says, "Yeah, it will. Jane's a great lawyer. I guess, dunno a good one from a bad one, but that's what Ali said. And she's nice too. She's teaching me music."

Jane too. That's encouraging. "Yeah. I know Jane. She doesn't like me all that much," Kory admits. "She thinks I was keeping secrets from her when I wasn't." She gets up and clucks her tongue. Jasmine lifts her head and gets to her feet, then turns and gives Jamie a big slobbery lick on the face. "I should get going. There are other people I need to talk to about this, but you've been a big help, Jamie, and we'll talk more in your dreams." Anyone listening might just think Kory was being metaphorical…at least, she hopes so.

Jamie giggles at the lick, but then climbs to her feet quickly, petting Jasmine once more. She looks up to Kory again then and says, "Ok! Can't wait to find out more. Bye," she adds, giving a wave with a smile.

Kory bends over and gives Jamie a brief hug. Either she's naturally affectionate, or agrees with the dog that the girl doesn't get enough love. Then she and the dog take off at a run and are soon lost among the trees.

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