2007-11-22: Encounters Down A Sickly Road


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Summary: Heading from Central Park to the Bronx in the middle of a viral scare, encounters are bound to happen.

Date It Happened: November 22nd, 2007

Encounters Down A Sickly Road

Uptown, NYC - Upper East Side

Tyson is in a hurry as he exits Central Park. That call from Francis at the Brawler's HQ had him worried, so had the feeling of being cold; but he had just been ice skating, not to mention the fall… At any rate he was headed north and his hunched shoulders made his intent and uncomfortability that more obvious. He coughs.

Alex is by the entrance to the Park; the young man is looking at the Mount Sinai Hospital entrance across the street and considering his best options for getting inside to get pictures of the people affected in the meat scandal. He happens to spot Tyson walking just a few feet away, and calls out. "Dude, hey," he says. "Whassup?"

Tyson appears to be deep in thought about something, but not so much that he doesn't hear Alex when he calls out to him, he looks up. With vagueness in his eyes, he spies his comrade and makes his way over to speak with him; momentarily distracted by the situation, OR, chosen repressing it by the recognized appearance. "Oh, hey, Alex…" He coughs, "Not much I guess I just went on a date with some chick. Didn't catch her name…" He shrugs, "What've you been up to?"

Alex whews. "Must have been some date if you can't even remember her name," he says with a smile, trying for the joke. He nods towards the hospital entrance. "I thought I might try to get some pics of the people affected by the meat scandal, but security is way tight." He's bundled up against the cold, and it's obvious he's been here awhile. He notes the cough and now Tyson's general look. "You feeling OK, man?" he says.

"Yeah, man. The life of a Brawler, you get hit hard. Not that those guys from yesterday showed up again… but I'm talking about in the ring…" Was Alex thinking the same thing he was…? It doesn't matter, he's got his own concerns. "Which is where I need to go… Ex-" He coughs, "… Excuse me." With that, he keeps on walking.

Alex turns and walks alongside the teen. "Dude, you are in no condition to be fighting anyone. I was going to look you up later today, talk about this fighting thing you have going on but jeez.. " He gives the kid a concerned look. "Tyson, wait, man.. you need to be in a bed, not a ring."

Tyson looks at Alex a moment, continuing to walk. "No, man. I'm not going to fight, I'm going to make sure everything's all right. My front man called after reading the news paper and thought he remembered seeing the Gem-… I don't know, I guess he just thought people might freak out. I'm going to make sure they don't." He's stopped from walking by traffic and a red hand on the pedestrian traffic light. He coughs and in the wake of it, his knees wobble a bit. Tyson stables himself and smirks at Alex, "But you were really thinking about fighting? That's good man, I could definitely see you rocking it."

Alex nods to Alex, frowning as he sees the knee-wobble. "OK, as long as you're not going to.. wait, what?" He glances to the hospital, then back to Tyson. "Seeing Gemini..? Doing what and where?" he says.

Tyson shakes his head, the traffic stopping and the white hand signaling them to keep on walking made Tyson do as such. "I don't think he saw what he thinks he saw. He only has one eye and he's usually drunk." He offers, hoping it would dissuade him. Instead he tries to change the subject completely. "Did you see the news? That was kind of funny… I thought about plugging the Brawler's HQ, but I don't think I want people to think we're training people to do things like that." He clears his throat.

Alex quirks a smile. "Yeah, I did see it. That was.. kinda cool, knowing I was a part of something like that. Hell, I'm effectively a vigilante," he chuckles. He looks to Tyson as they cross in the flood of people. "So what does this guy think he saw?" he says after a bit.

Tyson sighs slightly at Alex's pursuing interest in what was going on, "He says he thinks that's where the meat for restaurant comes from. That was a while ago, I asked him to check again while I was on my way. It wasn't really my department, that going along with the alcohol and such. I just run fights, as long as I don't fight primetime. Just auditions and things like that. Still," Tyson pauses, clearing his throat in an attempt to fight off a cough, ending up yawning. "That was kind of why I was at the Park earlier, just keeping an eye out. Then I met the girl I went skating with… she was cute… like I said though, didn't get her name. But I made sure she got mine."

Alex walks along with the teen. "Hey, sorry, I just..my curiosity gets the best of me. Y'all run a restaurant there? Yeah, you need to check that out. If so.. whew." He flashes a smile at the skating story. "Good for you," he says.

"Yeah, but that's not the only reason why I'm worried…" Tyson shakes his head, "They say it travels through bodily fluids and that means the rings could be a cesspool and I can't have that, especially if we're going to stay open. The rings are my department." He coughs a couple more times, stumbling a little, but nothing too bad… "Really, if people start rioting in there, we could have a fire and I'm not fine with that."

"There shouldn't be much to do. Just secure the meat and untie the ring mats, but… who said I had a cold?" Tyson smirks, picking up his pace. If Alex was the type of person Ty thought he was going to be, he needed to put some distance between himself and his could-be persuer. That being the case, he took off.

Alex begins to trot along with the teen. "Hey! What's up?" he says, keeping pace with the kid.

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