2010-03-21: End Of The World And It's Okay



Date: March 21st, 2010


Tracy comes upon Erin, who winds up being optimistic, a sure sign of the apocalypse.

"End of the World and It's Okay"


There are a couple bathrooms in this place. Erin's been spending a lot of time in them, staring at her reflection in the mirror, because it's awful. And when you put together someone who's supposed to look good and a broken nose, their vanity comes out like whoa.

It's… sore. Not as bad as it could be, of course, but sore. And the bruise is starting to blossom into something truly extraordinary, with the darkest smudge across her nose, and sort of brownish-green lines under her eyes.

The door's open, so she's not keeping anyone out. In her hand is an ice pack, which she's just filled from the freezer. Still, how do you hold an ice pack over your face without — "going completely INSANE!" Erin says out loud, shaking her head violently and rubbing the tears from her eyes just afterward. That hurt, dammit!

Up from the depths — or rather, the basement — comes Tracy. Her emergence is timely; she pauses on the telltale shout, looking around, pinning down the source of the voice. She makes her way to that specific bathroom, her approach quiet because of her lack of shoes; she would be well put-together, if she weren't soaking wet. Droplets of water no longer cling to her skin, though, but her clothes, already dark, are made darker by her trip, and her hair is slicked back and nowhere near drying.

Peeking through the sliver of open space, she urges the door open just a bit. "You alright in there?" A glimpse in the mirror, catching Erin's reflection and just a bit of own, in the doorway, reveals that Erin is probably not quite alright. She winces.

If Erin's surprised by Tracy's appearance, she doesn't really show it, other than a quick turn of her head toward the door. "No," she says. "Janet says I'll live, though," is added sullenly, at the same time she grabs the ice pack off the counter and presses it to the bridge of her nose.

Pulling the door open the rest of the way, she adds, "Really, I'm fine. It doesn't hurt that much. Just kinda an annoyance. A big annoyance. Cody and I were training, and she smacked me with a stick." LIAR. Sounds so much cooler than 'I fell on smacked my face on the floor.'

"What're you doin' here?" is asked lightly. "Not that it's not good t'see you, but, you know…" Erin seems a lot more composed now than she was when she visited Tracy. The TV is still on in the front room, but it looks like it might have been left on accidentally this time.

Tracy leans into the door's frame to her right, folding her arms. Her pose is casual, but her expression is more attentive. If she's skeptical of the source of Erin's injury, she didn't say so. "I came to see you," she answers, though the lack of cheer might just suggest it wasn't solely for a social visit. "but then I found to Cody. Talked to her about moving some of your people."

"Found Cody again?" Erin smirks. Cody must trust Tracy, 'else Tracy would be full of bullet holes. Or laser burns - whatever AP agents carry nowadays. The fact that they talked about their houseguests has Erin interested, though. "We're a little… hesitant to move them. Turns out, some of 'em aren't so grateful we got 'em the hell out of there." They probably are, but the circumstances… Erin shakes her head. "Cody… was responsible for dragging all of them in. I mean, I'm not cool with that, but it…" Nh. "They're being ass holes about it, and I'm not sure they wouldn't find the nearest AP agent and try to sell us out for their own safety. I'm watching 'em."

Erin hasn't made them feel welcome, but still, she thought they'd be just a little happier to be out of there. "You know the feeling, right? Keep your enemies closer? I dunno what they are yet, but I figure, whether they're friends or enemies - the closer I keep 'em, the safer I am."

"Absolutely. But I realize what they have to think … I mean, as stupid as it would be for any of them to sell you out, boarding with the agent who took you in? Wouldn't work for everyone," Tracy says, looking pointedly at Erin, who it apparently has worked for. "It might be good for some of 'em to get distance." Tracy shrugs without shifting her leaning pose. "I'm another pair of watchful eyes. Door's open."

"Hey, Cody didn't take me in." Smiling, she leaves the bathroom behind, heading toward the kitchen, where she hops up on a bar stool. "No, my captor's name was Jo Scott. And she's paying for what she did, too. Doesn't even know it was me, I'm guessin'. I hear she's changing colours, though, and I keep sending her these letters. Making her think she's like us." Erin doesn't seem the least bit sorry or regretful about that, either. Jo deserves worse, but she's not sure she wants to take the life of Cody's friend… Or anyone else, really.

"But you're right. And I've been thinking about that. M'sure given the choice, they'd all want to go with you. I do have one. He'd probably go with you right away, I bet, and with all the kids at your place, maybe he'd fit in a little better. He's been keeping to his room." Erin also thinks he's the least likely to tell anyone about this place and its residents.

"That was you," Tracy realizes, the image of Jo Scott readily vivid in her mind. She doesn't sound particularly surprised, but it does give her pause for a moment. "She's also going crazy. Straight up insane," she explains, lifting one arm from atop the other to gesture with splayed fingers to accentuate her point: Jo is nuts. "The agent who thought I was dead — that was Scott. Apparently you haven't just been turning her red, you've been haunting her too." Jo was in bad shape and Tracy hesitates, on the verge of saying something further on it, but gives a cool shake of her head instead. "I'll take him. I'll come back later with a car." Or taxi. She can't very well take him through the pipes.

For a moment, she looks god-damned proud of herself! After all, she managed to get under the skin of an AP agent without killing them. Of course, the idea wasn't to completely remove her sanity, and the smile on Erin's face really kind of vanishes after that. "…haunting? You mean she's seeing me?" That's weird as hell. Insane? Jo's insane? Maybe it would have been better if Erin killed her. An insane killer is more dangerous than a sane killer, right? She shrugs it off, though. "Good. Got what she deserved." Sliding off the stool, she heads for the fridge, looking for something to take her mind off the fact that she accidentally made someone crazy. crap.

She'll deal with it. Later. "Yeah, he's… about ten? I think? His name's Stantonio. Cute kid. Hell of a name. I can't even remember it all at the moment, but we've got it written down somewhere." Erin gestures to Tracy, noting the clothes she's wearing. "What, you can't just throw him on your shoulders and take him through the plumbing? Bet he'd love that."

Stantonio (what kind of name is that?) duly noted, bare arms fall to the blonde's side as she pushes away from the doorjamb and strides easily after Erin. "Can't say I've tried," she says. She isn't about to try, either. She's pretty sure that's out of the limits of her ability. "Travelling through the plumbing system of New York isn't all it's cut out to be," she notes cynically.

Stopping in the kitchen, she tips her head up and considers. "Cody tell you anything about Lane Industries?"

"Yeah, he's… He kind of controls light? It's not like a whole electricity thing, but he can feel things, like the speed of light and how it breaks down. And he can slow that down and speed it up. Like, when you flip a switch and the light comes on? He can make that happen slower." Erin shrugs. Not a very useful power, unless you consider the fact that he could be used to build faster-than-light spacecraft to the planet Xzarnax where everyone is evolved and the AP would have a field day! SNAP. "I'm sure there's more to it than that."

Pulling a bag of celery from the kitchen, which is probably for dinner, the actress pulls a couple stalks off and runs them under the sink. She watches the water as it runs down the drain, then… "So… what's it like?" she asks with a smile. "C'mon, it's gotta be kind of cool. You turn into water. I mean… Seriously." Spill! Or don't. They just mopped the floors.

Tracy's question gets a shrug. "A little. Said she was getting a job there. S'about it, though. I didn't really ask, just told her not to get us caught."

Taking the information on the boys ability and the vague note on Lane Industries to chew on, it's Erin's question she speaks on. "It's…" Tracy's serious expression falters as her lips — formerly pursed in thought — spread into slow-to-form smile. "…a rush." Never having attempted to put it into words before, she takes a moment. "It wasn't at first." Not a good rush, at any rate. "I could feel myself… in… pieces, flowing back together." The very memory hardens her voice. "But now… that I can control it, it's like… this surge. It's powerful."

"Well, water destroys whole cities," Erin says. "No wonder it feels powerful." Not that Erin's jealous. She wouldn't want to have to put up with dealing with a new aspect of her power that's that extreme. There's a bit of a pause as Erin cuts off the ends of the celery and throws them down the sink's drain. She smiles as she turns back around. "M'glad you've gotten some control over it. It's no fun feeling powerless — I mean, I saw you before. You were kind of a wreck." No offense intended. "I know this sounds really optimistic of me, but… I kind of feel like things are gonna be okay. You know, eventually." Taking a bite of the celery, she nods toward the sink. "I'm guessing you can see yourself out, huh? You can stay if you want, but I'm about to go tell Stan he's gonna go stay with some kids his own age. So."

Well aware that she was a wreck not so long ago, Tracy can't help but smile now. A wry twist to her lips, a hint of a laugh follows. "Erin McCarty, optimistic? Mm. No, I think that's a sign the world is actually ending." Her smile turns into a grin, and there's a glint in the woman's eye for a second. But just a second. She gives Erin a slow nod. "Go tell him everything'll be okay. I'll … see ya later."

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