2007-03-30: Endgame


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Guest Starring: Rainer Madson

Summary: It's a meeting on the rooftop of an apartment building in NYC. This is perfectly normal negotiating grounds. No really.

Date It Happened: March 30, 2007

Log Title End Game

The rooftop of an apartment building

Earlier today, Rainer would have returned to his safehouse to find two undeniably unsettling surprises. First, his guard detail was slaughtered, burned so severely that their faces are indistinguishable. The second and more disturbing surprise was the vase of bright orange roses left on the kitchen table, the card replaced by a polaroid depicting his wife and daughter, bound and gagged, in a dark room. Along the bottom of the photo is an address, leading him to Sylar's apartment, accompanied by two words: COME ALONE.

Cut to: Sylar's apartment, just before dusk. There is no light or sound coming from the inside of the apartment, and should Rainer knock on the door, he will receive no response. The door, however, is left unlocked. Inside, a note on the mirror, written in the same handwriting as the photograph, tells him "ROOF" with an arrow pointing up.

The message was delivered loud and clear. Perhaps it's not a smart thing that the recipient does next - he does what the message tells him to. He travels to the address. He comes alone. That's not to say he isn't hooked up with monitoring equipment that sends his location and audio back to headquarters, but he is truly alone, without the helpful presence of a bodyguard. Indeed, there is a knock to the door, but on receiving no answer, a grim-faced Rainer Madson pushes into the room. Clutching a Company-issued taser inside of his coat, he exhibits more following of orders - ironic, that - and finds his way to the roof. Slowly, carefully. His steps are deliberate all the way up: clang, clang, clang. They purposefully announce his arrival.

The announcement is enough. Kellie, who is poised some distance from Sylar on the rooftop, has both hands around Molly to keep the girl restrained. One hand is over her mouth, the other looped around her arms. At the sound of Rainer's footsteps on the stairs, she smirks, edging nearer to the edge of the roof with her hostage in tow. A sidelong glance is cast to Sylar, to gauge his reaction, but Kellie is quick to look back to the door. There's an eagerness in her eyes, and Molly might notice her grip tightening some, the louder the steps get.

Hidden in the shadows of the roof, near the edge of the building but not too close, is Mohinder and Sylar. Mohinder's arms are forced behind his back, bound by a small length of rope. Directly behind Mohinder is Sylar, standing casually to the side and holding his gun to the head of the doctor, his free hand gripping the rope. When the footsteps begin to sound from the stairs, the killer straightens up, focusing on the door to the exit. He returns Kellie's look briefly, but it isn't long before he's looking at the door again, making sure to keep a tight grip on the rope.

The hands aren't really all that necessary for the girl. It was exhausting trying to find Rainer while terrified and she knows the consequences should she try to escape. By now she's sort of resigned herself to them. Mostly limp in Kellie's arms, Molly allows herself to be tugged to the edge of the roof. But, the closer they get to the edge of the roof, the more rigid she gets. She wouldn't put it past the pyro to just toss her off.

Grim faced and wary, Mohinder has no choice in where he is. That is to say, up on the roof of the apartment building. He's standing next to Sylar, clearly against his will. There's an internal war waging within the closer Kellie gets to the edge with Molly in tow. Any and all threats made are taken seriously, however, the closer to the roof's edge the pair goes, the more Suresh debates a plan of action. Even if his options are pretty damn slim at the moment.

Rainer immediately lifts his hands in the air to indicate that he means no harm, even though he is armed. His dark eyes flick from person to person, taking it all in. Nothing remotely resembling surprise gets anywhere near his gruff features. He lowers his head in a subtle nod to the bound Mohinder; perhaps a recognition of how grim the circumstances are. However, it's Kellie that gets most of the man's attention. "Kellie. Your extreme behaviour in requesting my presence was not necessary. Now what is it you want?"

Clucking her tongue admonishingly as Rainer speaks, Kellie tips her head to one side, pulling Molly another inch or two towards the edge. "Now that just isn't true," she calls back, her tone disbelieving. "I don't think you would have come, if I hadn't gone that far. You'd have sent someone else for me. Probably several someones." She frees her hand from covering Molly's mouth, trailing her fingers through the girl's hair with an odd little smile. "Four lives. That's what you stand to lose in this game." She looks back to Rainer, smirking. "Five, if you count your own." Her smirk disappears. "My partner has a proposition for you."

As Kellie pulls Molly closer to the edge, some of the fight returns. Though she's tired, she decidedly does not want to be tossed over the roof. Whimpering, she tugs back the other way in an attempt to stay right where she is. Even with the hand off of her mouth, Molly doesn't cry out for Rainer - she doesn't really know who this man is. Instead, she closes her eyes and thinks really hard to think of something comforting. Matt. Matt coming to rescue her and Mohinder.

When Rainer comes into view, Sylar barely reacts. He hardly knows who the man is, and he's just a means to an end. Hopefully, for everyone's sake, he'll come through. When Kellie mentions him, Sylar steps into the light, making Mohinder's situation more visible to the man. "You heard her," Sylar says, boring the gun deeper into the back of Mohinder's head, forcing the doctor forward. "Everyone here will live if you get me what I want. The doctor, the girl, your family. You. If you don't, I'll kill them, one by one, until I /do/ get what I want. So I suggest you get it for me now." He lowers his head, staring at the man, and finally gets to the point. "Her blood. I want Claire Bennet's blood."

Mohinder glances towards the building's exit onto the roof as Rainer steps out. There's a barely perceptible nod made in return to his boss. Sorry, gun to the head kinda makes a person behave. Which the point is sort of ignored when Kellie takes another step to the edge. The geneticist actually moves to take a step forward himself, but that's as far as he goes. Again, gun to the head. He moves as he's forced forward. His gaze flickers from Rainer to settle on Molly as he tests the binding on his wrists. Not that he'd ever have any hope of breaking free without assistance. "Mr. Madson, you know how much is needed. Do it." The doctor makes it sound more of a plea than telling his boss what to do.

Despite all that's on the line, Rainer eyes Kellie blandly, then Sylar in turn. This is a man who can keep his cool very, very well, which should bode well for those on the roof. Then again… "You're very predictable, Mr. Gray. I suspected that's what you might want. What if I told you…" His head tips back as he regards the man holding the geneticist against his will. "That your— " His mouth twists into a grimace as he glances briefly at Kellie. " —new accomplice… destroyed our samples when she set decided to set fire to our facility?" He could be bluffing. Madson's a good bluffer.

Flinching some at the accusation, Kellie's grip on Molly tightens once more, and she sneers. She is unaware of any mental communication happening between Molly and her other father figure. "You'd be lying," she growls, both her tone and expression fraught with disdain for the man she lured to the rooftop. "I don't think you really want to lie to us, Rainer." Harshly, Molly is pulled to the very edge of the roof, until her toes brush the lip. They are dizzyingly high, here, and Kellie's grip is tight, but is it tight enough to keep the girl from slipping? "Tell him, doctor. Convince him."

- Matt Parkman is sitting at his desk at the police station, his head in his hands. As he has for the last few nights, Matt is trying his best to concentrate on Molly in order to find her. It's after a sort of mental sigh that Matt hears her for the briefest of moments. It's enough to shock him to a more focused state, and as his heart rate climbs, Matt strains to hear her again. -

Even as scared as she is, Molly can see Matt sitting at his desk at the police station. It's a place she's been many times before and it really is quite comforting to her since it looks so normal and real. However, that center of calm is quickly dashed when Kellie drags her right to the edge of the rooftop. Without the hand around her mouth, she lets out a terrified shriek that echoes into the night. "MATT!"

"You heard her, doctor," Sylar says, looking at the back of Mohinder's head. "Convince him. You know what I'll do. I want the cheerleader's /blood./" As if to re-enforce his anger, Sylar pushes the doctor forward again with his gun, snapping his attention back to Rainer. "I wouldn't lie… Rainer." At least he knows the man's name now. "I wouldn't test my patience, either." It's at that time Molly shrieks, and Sylar looks over to her, smiling. Turning his eyes slowly towards Rainer again, he shrugs. "The girl might get hurt. You wouldn't want that now, would you?"

Mohinder closes his eyes and swears to himself in his native language. He knows the Company wouldn't dare keep samples in one facility only. Right? "Molly!" Again, he steps forward, gun be damned, breaking away from Sylar's shoving. He's not sure why Molly's calling for Matt, and he's not going to question that at the moment. His concern is Molly, there on the roof's edge. "Bring her back from the edge!" He tears his gaze off of his ward to settle on Rainer. "Mr. Madson.. The only way out of this.. is to bring us Claire's blood. I only need a small amount." The look he gives to Rainer, Suresh tries to convey that he has no choice in this matter. It's do what Sylar and Kellie wants, or Molly's dead.

Rainer watches Sylar, listens to him; he only tips his head back further as he regards the killer, appraising his every action. He does the same for Mohinder's pleas. His hands tuck into his pockets as if this were a much more casual negotiation. "The /girl/ is only an asset in the right hands." Is it implied that Mohinder is not the right hands? He says no more on it in the scientist's presence. "I am sorry it had to come to this," Rainer says in his deep voice, drawing his words out. He takes a step toward Sylar and Mohinder, reaching into an inner pocket of his jacket as he does so.

"There's no Matt here, girly," Kellie purrs in Molly's ear as she clamps her hand back down over her mouth, trying to stem any further outbursts. "He can't hear you." She divides her attention then between Mohinder and Rainer as they speak, flinching again when Rainer proves just how disinterested he is in their bargain. "RAINER!" He hasn't even finished the step when she shouts, and suddenly Kellie has Molly dangling over the edge. Barely, but there's nothing beneath her feet. It's a good thing the girl is light. "Take your hand out of your pocket and step back, or you can imgaine that this little girl is /your/ little girl as she goes diving for the pavement, because you sure as hell won't get yours back if you so much as /think/ about pulling a weapon out of your coat."

- It's no mystery for Matt this time. It is Molly. But he doesn't get enough to know what's going on. Only that she's there. But even so, knowing that she's alive is enough. He braces his hands on either side of his head and shuts his eyes tightly. Focus, man, focus. -

There's no time for Molly to struggle. Just as suddenly as she found herself on the edge, she finds herself without her feet on any sort of surface. There's just empty space below her and a very long fall. Once again, she screams, but she's too terrified to concentrate on anyone or anything. Working against common sense, she struggles with Kellie, trying to force her to put her back onto the ground. "Let me back! Let me back! Please! Don't drop me! Don't let her drop me!" Her words are rushed in between large, fearful gasps of air.

"She'll be in the right hands soon," Sylar says, with just a touch of hunger behind his tone. He narrows his eyes at Rainer, keeping his hold on Mohinder steady, as he waits for the man to move. When he does, Sylar snaps at Rainer, his voice suddenly much louder. "If I so much as /see/ a gun, the doctor's head is gone!" he says, boring the gun into Mohinder's head again and tightening his grip on the rope. It's almost at the exact same time Kellie threatens Molly, and Sylar looks over to her very briefly, before snapping his eyes back to Rainer.

"Asset? She's a little girl! My ward! Molly's not just some /asset/ or property!" Oh yes, Mohinder's furious at the little regard Madson is showing the child. Any implication that he's not the right hands isn't processed. "Molly!" Throwing a look of sheer panic and desperation towards Rainer, "Mr. Madson, dammit, /do what Kellie says/." Without looking behind him, he stiffens and tenses at Sylar's promise, "Lay .. so much.. as a hand on her, I swear to you Sylar, I will make the rest of your days as painful as humanly possible." Suresh even dares to try and jerk his bound hands away from Sylar's grip. The effort is most likely laughable, but desperation is kicking in. The doctor's gaze is riveted on Kellie holding Molly over the building's edge.

"Don't get ahead of yourself, Kellie." Rainer does, indeed, step back. He does not, however, remove his hand from his coat yet. It goes fishing for something in his pocket. He holds up his free hand benignly to Sylar and takes his chances. "I know you better than anyone," he says coolly to Kellie while the woman torments Molly. "You like to use people. Need to, even. I had my suspicions, when Suresh's apartment had a little fire incident as these two were snatched away. Then when I got your… message. The security detail. Scorched. Well, then. Then I knew who you were using. So I took a detour." He heaves a rough sigh, his hand emerging from his coat. Empty-handed? No, he's clutching something in his fist. "God help me, doc." He holds out a vial of red to Mohinder and then claps the man's shoulder. His gaze diverts to Sylar, critical. "Y'know this little partnership won't end well for either of you."

When the vial appears, Kellie slowly - reluctantly, almost - draws Molly back from the edge, setting her down so that her feet are on the rooftop once more. She frees one arm, if only because holding a girl that size for that long is difficult, and shakes it out. Her grip is rough as she pulls Molly with her, closing much of the distance between herself and Rainer now that he seems to be cooperating. It isn't to say that she's completely unarmed: in her free hand, she toys with little sparks of flame, letting them leap from her palm with a flick of her fingers. "Is there a reason why we should trust you that this is what you say it is? I mean, you aren't exactly the most trustworthy man. I made that mistake once."

All through Rainer's tirade to Kellie, Sylar keeps his focus on that hand in the pocket, the gun pressed tightly against Mohinder's head. The speech falls on deaf ears, and for one tense moment, Sylar actually begins to pull the trigger as Rainer draws his hand from his pocket.. but when Sylar sees there's no weapon, he relaxes. Then he notices the vial, and the moment he spots it, he's transfixed. His eyes never leave it, a hunger igniting in them, and he's snapped out of his daze only when Kellie is suddenly closer to them. Letting her handle the truth issue with Rainer, he pushes Mohinder with the gun, instructing him. "Take it, doctor. And be careful. One false move… boom."

As soon as Molly's feet are back onto solid ground, the girl clutches even tighter to Kellie. She's so thankful to not be supported by a crazy fire thrower that she'll hold onto anything gratefully. However, her exhaustion and fact that she nearly just plunged to her death finally catches up to her. This is made all that much more apparent when her legs collapse from underneath her and then she faints with only a soft whimper.

Mohinder breathes a sigh of relief, maybe even a prayer or two to all the Hindu deities as Rainer produces the vial. His eyes close as he waits for Kellie to bring Molly back to terra firma. Once her feet are back on the roof, that force squeezing around his heart laxes. Just a little. The vial? Not reached for, given that his hands are bound behind his back. "God cannot help us now," is uttered as Madson addresses him. A terse look is thrown over his shoulder as Sylar pushes him forward. "I've got your point, it's been well received thank you." He turns around, back to Rainer so that he can take the vial in his hands. "Let me check on Molly," he asks after throwing a look at the girl. There's been an enforced distance, and he wants to be able to give his ward at least a reassuring embrace.

"Because if it's not what I say it is, more people will just keep dying until you get what you want. That sound about right?" Rainer says drably. "And since you don't stand a snowball's chance of getting close to the Bennet girl…" As he explains, he presses the vial into Mohinder's bound hands, curling the man's fingers over the glass snugly to make sure nothing horrific happens like, say, the vial dropping to the rooftop and everyone suddenly catching on fire because of Kellie's wrath. "…well, I have a feeling you two'd lay out a damn long trail of bodies trying. So. You leave me in a /position/. My question is," Rainer looks to Kellie. "What're /you/ getting out of this? Huh?"

"Do you really have to ask?" There's a devilish smile on Kellie's face as she regards Rainer, one arm still holding tight to Molly. It's a little more awkward now, with the girl hanging limp like that, but it makes her an easier hostage to handle, since the likelihood of Molly just taking off is significantly diminished. "I got you, darling." She lifts her free hand, palm up, and blows a kiss to him in such a way that a small flame arcs off her palm. It dies midway to Rainer. "I've been looking for you for a long time. Looking for some way to repay you for what you did to me." She flicks her wrist, lazily sending a ball of fire sailing towards Rainer. "You're right about that trail of bodies."

Sylar allows for Mohinder to turn around and accept the vial, and the moment it's in the doctor's hands, he whips him around and takes it for himself. He keeps a careful grip on his, sliding it into the pocket of his shirt, and then pushing the doctor forward. "We're moving. If you want to see Molly alive again, do what I say. No buts. /Do it./" As flames begin to arc towards Rainer, Sylar ignores them. With Molly having fainted, all Sylar is worrying about right now is getting back to the apartment. "Inside. To the apartment. Now."

"Je suis desole," Mohinder utters quietly to Rainer as the vial is passed. This is the last thing he wanted to see happen. Molly kidnapped, threatened, people dead, Sylar with his powers back. It's good that Sylar is roughing the doctor around, owing to the ball o'flame Kellie sends hurtling towards Rainer. (Good for Mohinder that is. For Madson? Not so much.) "Bring Molly too," he insists to the psychopath, "How do I know that Kellie won't.." He looks over his shoulder to see how Madson's handling the fire, if he dodged, or what, as well as to get a glimpse of Molly.

The fire hurtling toward him does not honestly come as a surprise to Rainer, and Kellie's prelude to it is all the more reason for him to get the hell out of dodge. Still, he only sidesteps so much, and the ball of flame hits him squarely on the right shoulder. With a grunt, he struggles to slide out of the coat, but not without grabbing the taser from within first. There's a gun holster strapped over his shirt, too. (And hey, look, he wears suspenders.) "You're a subject of /circumstance/. Be mad at the damn institution!" He shouts gruffly while throwing the smouldering article of clothing on the ground. "I had hope for you once. That… I think, has failed. But I can give you a better life, Kellie."

"Another life of living in a cell, being experimented on for some sick pleasure?" Casting Rainer a disdainful glare, Kellie heaves the unconscious Molly up to her feet, trying to get a better hold on the girl. "No thanks. I lived that life once, and I won't live it again." The satisfaction of having hit him with the fireball hasn't yet worn off, and with a self-assured smirk, Kellie pulls Molly another few paces towards the door leading down to the apartment. "I don't give a damn about circumstance. You lied to me." Lied, in this case, means something more than simply telling her something that isn't true. "I would kill you, but I think I want you to live knowing that what happened to your wife and daughter was a direct result of your lies."

If she were in any state to do so, Molly would probably be protesting and horrified by Kellie's actions. However, still in her swoon, she is lifted up without any sort of resistance to be taken back into Sylar's stolen apartment - their prison.

"She's pre-occupied with Rainer. Move! Now! The sooner you get the antidote mixed, the sooner you can get Molly." Of course, Sylar isn't going to let that happen, but he can give the doctor false hope, right? He ignores what's going on around him; Rainer throwing his jacket to the ground, Kellie moving close to them. It's all irrelevant. All he's worried about is the apartment, and he pushes the doctor forward to re-enforce the point. "I won't hesitate to shoot you now, doctor. /Move./"

Mohinder is spurred into moving into the stairwell and back to the apartment. "You certainly know how to get what you want," is said in a rather sarcastic manner. "Because shooting me, well, I can see how that will make me want to work faster and without making mistakes." He knows better than to believe every word coming out of Sylar's mouth. So the false hope is just that, and he'll worry about one thing at a time.

"What /happened/— what, where are they?" Rainer demands firmly, but as soon as the words are out of his mouth, he adopts a steely expression and sets it aside. Just for a moment. "No. We could give you a real life. As an operative, or a life with all you need… outside a cell," he says. His teeth are clenched. The words are muted, but no less intense. Never mind that the orders stand to terminate Kellie on sight.

"I don't need a life from you," Kellie snaps back again, spiteful. "Not any more." She digs into her pocket for a second polaroid photograph, flicking it towards Rainer like a kind of frisbee, hoping it doesn't go over the edge. The picture is somewhat more graphic than the first one, displaying his wife and daughter again. While they are still bound and gagged, there is a grotesque burn over each of their necks, their faces left unscathed so as to be easily identifiable. They are almost certainly dead. "I already took yours, after all."

Sylar leads Mohinder down the stairs, towards the apartment, keeping a tight grip on the doctor the entire time. He moves hurriedly, pushing the doctor along with both his hand and the gun, arriving at the apartment quickly. Luckily, it's on the next to top floor. He kicks the door to the apartment open, forcing the doctor inside, where he unbinds his wrists, keeping the gun pointed at Mohinder as he passes the vial over. "Quickly. If you want to get back in time to save Molly."

Once inside the apartment and his hands are freed, Mohinder takes the vial. A filthy look is thrown in Sylar's direction. That's all the response the monster will get as the doctor gets to work. His pace is as hurried as he feels he can make it. Mistakes will only bring about more suffering for others and draw this out longer.

Rainer keeps a close eye on Kellie while he bends down to take the photograph after it ricochets off of him. He keeps the taser trained in her direction. The Polaroid fall to the ground mere seconds after Rainer takes them and stands up, and his mask-like face proves to be not-so-permanent in its composure. It twists into pure anger. "You-you—!" he shouts. "You don't know what you've done, little girl!" Lurching toward Kellie, he lets loose with the taser. He's not thinking as straight as usual, but his aim is high, so hopefully he, you know, doesn't hit Molly instead.

"Oh, please." His aim is a little too high, and Kellie saw that coming from a mile away; she swings out of the way easily, pulling Molly along with her. For a second it seems like she might drop the girl in the struggle, but she keeps a strong hold on her. "I know exactly what I've done." This time, when she throws her hand forward and sends a ball of fire sailing towards Rainer, it's meant to strike the ground at his feet. Maybe even hit his legs, if she aims perfectly and he doesn't scramble out of the way. Just as soon as she draws her hand back, however, she heaves Molly up over her shoulder and takes off at as fast a run as she can manage, headed for the door leading back inside.

Sylar paces back and forth near the doctor, keeping the gun trained on him the whole time. He glances at the doctor doing his work from time to time, and overall seems impatient. He glances towards the ceiling, no doubt wondering what's going on up on the roof. It's still irrelevant, however, because he still hasn't taken the antitode. Speaking of. "The antitode, doctor. The /antitode./ Hurry, or I'll kill Molly myself."

The fire thrower's aim is better than Rainer's - his is marred by anger. Kellie gets little more than a growl from the man before her ball of fire slams into his feet, on its way to setting his slacks aflame, no doubt. When the pyro takes off with Molly, the Company man falls to his knees, firing enough another electric bolt. It goes wide. He smashes the useless taser into the rooftop. "GOD DAMNIT. Damnit, damnit, damnit." Now, the man multi-tasks trying to smother the flames on his person with speaking into a comm-unit on his collar. "Patch me through to Bishop…"

Mohinder and Sylar will notice that Kellie never joins them. Maybe things on the rooftop went awry, maybe she decided to give them their space. Maybe neither Sylar nor Mohinder will really mind if this little psychopath is out of their lives. The problem is, well…

…Kellie is gone, and she took Molly with her.

Down in the apartment, unaware of whatever it is Kellie may have planned, Mohinder continues to work at gunpoint. As preoccupied as he is with the forced task, the lack of appearance by Kellie and Molly does not go unmissed. "Patience, this takes time," he reminds Sylar even as time passes and the cure gets closer and closer to being ready. Finally, as it's readied for injection, Mohinder looks around, and takes this moment to stare down Sylar. "Where are they?"

Sylar continues to pace back and forth, watching Mohinder, but the footsteps of someone coming from above distracts him. He looks out the door just in time to see Molly and Kellie going flying past, and he narrows his eyes in anger as he turns back to the doctor. "They're on the move," the killer says to Mohinder, offering up his arm. "Is it ready?"

Mohinder glances in the direction of the door, glaring, even as he withholds the antidote. "Molly. Where is she going? It's not ready until she's back in my sight." Looks like in spite of all the threats, Mohinder's standing his ground on this. Even if Sylar still holds the cards.

"They left!" Sylar says angrily, moving forward towards the doctor. He points the gun directly at the man's face, his finger on the trigger. "If you want to live so you /can/ see Molly again, I suggest you give me the antitode right now. The sooner you do that, the sooner we can go after Molly."

Mohinder swallows visibly, once. The gun in the face has his attention. Most definitely so. He manages to stare down the barrel, "Where did they go to?" The syringe in hand, it's ready to be distributed, but he's not sharing. "How do I know that you'll just not shoot me?" As long as he has the cure, perhaps he has a bargaining chip.

"Why would I shoot you? I need you around so I can get Molly back." If Mohinder was smart, he would know Sylar does plan on killing Molly. But, owing to the same train of thought, Mohinder could realize that it's another opportunity to get Molly back and away from Sylar. "It's your choice. You can give me the cure and I can go after Molly, or I can shoot you in the face right here, right now, and give the cure to myself, and /then/ go after Molly. So all it really comes down to if you want to live or not." Sylar takes a step forward, slowly, and touches the barrel of the gun to the doctor's forehead. "Make your choice, Mohinder."

Mohinder knows damn good and well that Sylar has his sights on Molly. Why pass up on taking that ability? Just the mere thought of that has the geneticist feeling ill to his stomach. "Lower your gun and hold out your arm," he finally instructs, hating himself for this predicament.

At Mohinder's instruction, Sylar lowers the gun and holds out his arm towards the geneticist. This doesn't mean he doesn't leave himself open for attack. He switches the gun to his other hand, keeping it halfway between pointed at the floor, and halfway between pointing at Mohinder's head. "I'm sure you'll be kind enough to roll up my sleeve," Sylar says to him.

Mohinder wouldn't have expected less. He throws Sylar a look of mild incredulity before stepping forward to roughly roll the sleeve up. That having been done, he administers the injection with more force than necessary.

Sylar winces ever-so-slightly at Mohinder's force, watching the needle slide into his arm. He stares at it, trying not to shake with murderous excitement, and only when the doctor pulls the needle out does Sylar say something. ".. So that's it, then," he says, flexing his hand and looking around the apartment. Suresh, for the moment, is ignored.

The door's open, the scientist is unfettered and Sylar is now distracted. It's a quick mental debate that's waged before Mohinder's quickly moving for the door to make a run for it. Just where he's going, he's not sure, but it's anywhere but here. Running to find Rainer sounds like a grand plan, but he's not going back up to the roof.

When Mohinder departs suddenly, Sylar looks over his shoulder towards the door, watching the doctor disappear into the hallway. He smirks, shaking his head, and turns back towards the apartment. The doctor can run, but he most certainly can't hide. Not now. Sylar raises a hand, holding his palm out towards a glass sitting on a nearby table. A quick mental push…. shattered on the wall by the sink. Perfect. He turns back towards the door of the apartment, slipping the gun into the back of his jeans, and tossing on his jacket. He grabs the Kensei sword, hidden away in the pantry closet, and heads for the door of the apartment. "I'm back," he says to no one in particular, closing the door of the apartment behind him, heading down the hallway. It's time for the hunt.

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