2007-12-19: Enter The Holiday Matrix


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Summary: Randall, Dani, Cam, Tyson and Benjamin enjoy an interesting conversation about movies and furries with a festive holiday Kory.

Cameo by: Zorra


Date It Happened: December 19, 2007.

Enter The Holiday Matrix

The Secret Lair

It's Christmastime in the Lair. The place has been decorated with pine garland and lights, and hanging at random intervals are ornaments of superheroes and supervillains with weather or ice powers.

Manager Kory is apparently in Torture-The-Geeks mode, as she's tonight dressed as an anthropomorphic reindeer. She has on a tight brown T-shirt, a tight brown miniskirt with a bobtail sewn on, brown tights, and brown ankleboots. A sleighbell collar is around her neck, and a pair of felt antlers sit atop her head. This is going over really well with some of the boys who are trying very hard to concentrate on their hand of Harry Potter CCG. Well, some of them are. The rest are just staring when they think she's not looking.

Tonight's yummy holiday treats feature hot cider and gingerbread superhero cookies.

Benjamin isn't dressed anywhere near as festively as Kory. He's still in a suit from work, his coat, but he is wearing a Santa hat. Perched haphazardly on his frizzy head. After pushing the door open to the Lair, he walks in, slipping his hands into his coat pockets. He heads straight for the old B movies he was eyeing briefly the last time he was in here. Kory's get-up, and her presence for that matter, aren't noticed just yet.

Dani pushes open the door to the shop, looking around for a moment before he makes his way into the store some more and scans over the items on display. Though he isn't dressed festive, he does have a pin on that says 'Wake me when it's New Years'.

Cam comes in the door just a little behind Dani, pulling off his coat the instant he's in the door. He carries it with him as he makes his way further inside. He looks around, waving to Benjamin first, "Hi." Then he stops, blinking when he spots Kory's costume.

Kory is in the process of pouring more hot cider into the punch bowl as the new entries come in, so it's a moment before she realizes it's gotten a bit crowded. "Oh, hello all. Happy merry jolly!" She plinks the collar and her sleighbells chime cheerfully. Cam, on the other hand gets a wink and a wave.

Benjamin picks up a few DVD cases in hand, eyeing them over, and smiling a little at the summaries. Hearing Cam saying 'hi' to him, Ben turns around, looking down, and smiles at the boy. "Hi yourself. How'd your ice skating lesson go with Niki?" He glances up and over to Kory, giving her a nod in greeting. "Merry Christmas to you too!"

Dani makes his way towards the cult classics, looking over the selections that are offered. He looks up towards Kory as she wishes the merry christmas and all, offering her a simple nod in return before he returns to the selections, picking up one of them to study the back of it.

Kory settles back on her little stool. The visitors are all regulars — or at least repeats — except for Dani. And he seems to be the "do not bother unless he seeks out help" sort. She pours herself a cider, and flips on a CD. It's a ska version of Christmas music. Very hyper ska Christmas music. It's sort of a Caribbeanesque version of "Up on the Housetop."

Cam looks back up to Benjamin after a moment, and smiles back, "Oh, yeah, went great. Think I can skate ok now. Still not like Flick." He walks over closer to Kory, though still talking to Benjamin, "You like comics too?" He looks back to Kory then and says, "Hi."

Benjamin leans over to whisper to Cam, almost conspiratorally, "I don't think anyone can skate like her so don't feel bad. Just have fun and do your best." Grinning a little, he straightens up. "Ah, they're okay. I haven't really read much of them since I was a kid. I'm more here for the movies Kory keeps stocked." Dani's glanced at and given a slightly nervous smile, "Good selection, huh?"

Dani glances up at Benjamin and nods. "Yeah. A lot of these I've been looking for, but there's also a few that I just can't seem to find." He says as he looks through more of the titles.

Kory glances over at Dani. "If you're really having trouble, let me know. I'll see if Ican't scare them up for you." She grins at Cam. "Hey. Skating, huh? Where, in the park?"

Cam nods to Ben with a grin, "Yeah." He then blinks, "Oh, ok, cool. Yeah, never looked at the movies much, too expensive." He looks back up to Kory then and nods quickly again, "Uh-huh. Had a day off school and she took me out. That was right when I was feeling better after I was sick."

"It's kind of nice to see younger people taking an interest in these kind of films," Benjamin says more in Dani's direction than at Kory. So he doesn't get out much in the world to see that some old things are new again. Glancing over his shoulder at Cam and Kory, he says, "That was thoughtful and nice of her. Niki's very generous and gracious." Yes, he knows about some of her more unsavory habits, but, he still thinks highly of her.

Dani glances up at Kory and nods. "Actually, there's two that I can't find." He says as he heads towards her. "I'm looking for the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special and The Garbage Pail Kids movie." He looks back to Benjamin and nods. "Some of the classics are a lot better than the ones that are coming out lately. Take A Clockwork Orange for example."

"Oh, wow," Kory says, jolted such that her neckbells ring again. "You really want some tough ones. I won't be able to find them for Christmas, I'm sure, but I know a couple dealers in Atlanta who might have copies." She glances at Benjamin and quirks a brow. "You keep saying that. What, all the people my age and younger you know only listen to what, Coldplay, Jackass, and reality TV?" She makes a face.

Cam blinks at Dani's picks, "Wow, those must be old. Never even heard of them." He shrugs a bit, and looks up to Ben with a smile, "Yeah, Niki's the best!"

"That movie is still relevant today.. 'Clockwork Orange' that is.. I don't know about the other ones you mentioned. 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' was a favorite of mine as well. Did you see that one?" Benjamin's ears go a little red at Kory's words, "Sorry. I don't really know what younger people, young adults that is, are into. I only just this year saw 'The Matrix'." And probably wouldn't, if it weren't for his lady friend's prompting. "I don't get out much, okay?" Cam's comment somehow just makes him feel… /old/.

Dani nods to Kory. "Of course. Might as well make them tough if you're going to have to search for them." He says before he glances to Cam and chuckles. "Yeah, they're about 20 years old or so." His eyes shift to Ben and nods. "Yeah. I think that was one of Jack's best roles aside from 'The Shining'. The He-Man one is for a friend's kid and the Garbage Pail Kids movie is for me. Was one of my favs growing up." He looks back to Kory. "Don't worry about getting 'em for Christmas. It's fine."

Kory has already noted down Dani's requests, and is typing them into the laptop even as the conversation continues. "I might have better luck finding the Star Wars Holiday Special," she admits with wry humor. "But I do love a challenge." She grins at Cam. "These are all specials that got showed maybe once ever, and then never again."

Cam blinks at Dani and Kory's description of the rarity, and says, "Wow. Ok." He looks back up to Benjamin and grins, "If you watch the other two Matrix movies, the second isn't very good, but the third rules if you've seen the second."

"Oh the Shining.. If I had of been any younger when I saw that, it would have given me nightmares. Oh.. huh.. is He-Man a new thing with kids? I.. don't keep up with that." Benjamin also missed out on fads with kids, seeing as his 'baby mama' never told him about Rose. Kory's comment has his head popping up and he says, "Hey, I remember that one! I saw it on TV!" Which.. he really shouldn't be admitting to having seen the Star Wars Holiday Special. Ben blinks kind of stupidly at Cam, "There were two more?"

Dani chuckles and shakes his head. "I don't know about the teens, but his kid is only eight, so I thought I'd get him something from when I was a kid and see if he likes it." He says to Benjamin before looking to Cam. "I'm not so sure about the Matrix. I admit, the first one was good when it came out, but I lost interest around the second one." He looks to Kory. "Never saw the Star Wars one, tough I'm more of a Trekie than a Jedi."

Randall is taking a break from the Head Elf costume today, which is a darn shame because that means Benjamin doesn't get a chance to point and laugh at it. Oh well, there's always next time. "You should check the third," he interjects, having entered the shop just in time to catch some of what Dani was just saying, "the Trainman makes for a fascinating psychoanalysis."

"There— " Kory sputters, horrified, that Benjamin doesn't. Even. Know. There. Were. Two. More. Matrix. Movies. "Okay, that's it!" The Ska Christmas music is stopped short, right in the middle of "You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch." She keys into the laptop, and plucks a DVD out from under the register. A TV in the wall near the gaming area flicks to life with the FBI warning. Kory has, apparently, flipped in The Matrix Reloaded out of offense that Benjamin has never seen it. "The third has some truly brilliant stuff in it, but—" she stops, turning around in surprise as Randall finishes her sentence for her. She blinks at him, curiously, before smiling radiantly. "Nice entrance," she quips.

Cam nods quickly in agreement with Randall, at least until he mentions the psychoanalysis. He rolls his eyes, but says, "Dunno 'bout that, but it's got the two best battles ever." He looks up to the screen, taking a step closer, and says, "You got them here? Cool."
Zorra is looking at you!

Zorra steps in looking around quietly.

Zorra Glances around at everyone looking a bit taken but keeps silent as she glances through the room.

"I think I should just stick to old person things," Benjamin mutters slightly to himself. "Any other new films you can recommend? I'm .. more than a little behind and I want to watch something enjoyable in my spare time when I can grab it." He glances over at Randall, mouthing 'fascinating psychoanalysis'.. "I just want to sit back and enjoy a film, without analyzing it. I.. what? If it came out during tax season or just after, it might as well of never happened." The DVD's he had in hand are put back on the shelf as he wanders over for a closer look at the shop's TV.

Dani looks up at the television screen and raises an eyebrow, leaning back against the counter as he watches the screen. "This is the third one?" He asks, his head tilted slightly. "Never really seen all of the second one."

"No, this is the second one," Kory tells Dani, with a faux-glower at Benjamin. "For the sake of our closeted friend here who hasn't yet embraced his geekhood properly." She comes around the counter, prancing, yet, since she's in costume, and kisses Randall. Who needs mistletoe. "Wasn't expecting to see you tonight? They didn't cut your hours, did they?"

Randall returns the kiss in kind, though he's polite enough to linger only for a second. Or two. "Just tonight," he explains, "they're having some repair work done— had to close earlier than usual. And… apparently I missed the notice about running a furry convention this weekend?"

Cam looks up to Randall and back to Kory, and asks, a little confused, "What convention? Furry mean costume or something?" He then shrugs and adds, "I think it's a cool costume."

"I can see, I'm going to have to be renting these later." Benjamin blinks once at the faux-glower from Kory, "Sorry that I live up to the stereotype of accountants. The whole having no life thing." He doubletakes just so at Randall's mention of a furry convention. Ben isn't sure that he even wants to know, so he doesn't ask. Having no clue what a furry convention is, he doesn't connect the comment to Kory's attire. He just attributed it to being reindeer for Christmas!
Dani looks to Cam and shrugs, chuckling softly. "I don't know what a Furry is. I'm not that much of a geek. I mean, yes, I'm a geek, but not a big one… maybe just a nerd or a dork. I don't know." He looks to Benjamin. "An accountant huh? Might have some use for you later around tax time."

"No, it's seasonally appropriate," Kory tells Randall. "I'm 'Vixen'. I'd have had to have clubbed Lee upside the head to be Dasher. And Tito was supposed to be Comet, but his little sister ate an entire box of Divinity and is sick tonight." Kory explains, though, for the sake of others. "Furry is a specialized type of geek, for people who identify strongly with, say, the guys from Duck Tales, or Sonic the Hedgehog enough to costume as if they were such." She averts her eyes, thankful they haven't seen that episode of CSI.

Looking a bit nervous Zorra discreetly exits the store.

Zorra leaves the shop.

Randall is familiar with the darker stories, but - fortunately for the innocence of the others - has enough of a clue not to fill them in. "Yeah, I guess you do need some reindeer to go along with the Santas and the elves. What's Divinity? Sounds like a brand of chocolates."

Cam blinks at Kory's explanation, and says, "Oh. Guess that's cool. Those're fun cartoons." He then says, grinning, "I'd've paid to see Mr. Jones dressed like a reindeer. Bet the whole class would."

Benjamin rummages in his coat pocket for his small case of business cards. One is withdrawn and handed to Dani. It's rather plain, just having Ben's name, no firm attached, and of course his title as CPA. "I mainly consult these days, but still do some freelance around tax season. Just make sure you give me a head's up with some notice."

Tyson has arrived.

Dani chuckles softly as he shakes his head and shrugs. "Well, I guess we've all got our little quirks." He says with a smirk before he looks to Benjamin and takes the card, looking it over. "Will do." He takes out a card from his back pocket and gives it to Ben in return. It's got his name on it under the words 'Tattooing and Piercing by' and a number. "And if you ever want some ink or a hole in ya, give me a ring."

Randall promptly claps a hand over his own mouth, barely suppressing a laugh at the mental image of the strait-laced Benjamin taking Dani up on either or both of his services. "I bet Mr. Jones would've paid double to not be seen dressed like a reindeer," he finally says, after recovering some measure of his wits.

Kory beams as all the card exchanging takes place. "Benny, if you want to borrow the Matrix movies for a weekend, just call ahead, and I'll have 'em ready for you." She turns back to Randall. "It's a kind of cakey-cookie sweet thing people make around Christmas. I think it has nuts. I could probably whip some up. There's still a night or two before—" At which point she falls silent. Someone just realized she has no friggin idea what to get her new boyfriend for Christmas.

Cam adds after Kory's offer to Benjamin, "You really should, they're awesome. Well, the last one is, but the last two are like a two-parter." He looks back up to Kory and asks, "Oh, just remembered… how much was that comic Micah wanted? And did Niki buy it for him? I won't tell, swear."

"Some more than others," Benjamin says with a slight smile. Quirks? Oh there are many. He accepts Dani's card and politely pockets it. "I'm not really one for tattooing or piercings, but my girlfriend is." He has one mark on him, which looks like the start of some tattoo, but he backed out. Just, he didn't have a say in receiving it. "Really, Kory? That's awfully nice of you," he says looking a little surprised by the woman's offer. "I'll take you up on that, since everyone's recommending it so highly."

Dani nods his head to Ben and smiles. "No prob. Send her my way if you want and I'll give her a discount since ya might be doing my taxes and all." He says with a chuckle. He looks back to Kory. "So, about those movies, can I come in a week or so and check up on the progress or how does it work?"

Kory is shaken out of her fugue by Cam's question. "I didn't sell it to her, but Tito might've, or Lee. or KeLyssa." She isn't here all the time, after all. Just most of the time. "Let me have your card, and I'll call or email you when I have a lead, how's that?" she asks Dani. "It may take me some time, but I won't forget."

Tyson enters the Secret Lair and does not head towards the 9th Wonders; in fact, he's not even here for comic books. He couldn't put his finger on it, but this place seemed to really welcoming… maybe it was all the comics, and the kind of people they attracted… Fully becoming aware of who was present, Tyson recognizes Cam and Kory, but fails to recall the others, although one of them… "Hey, all!" He says walking up, definitely here more for atmosphere.

Randall hangs out and listens for a while, but blinks when Kory mentions KeLyssa. That's not exactly a common name. "Wait, the one who was there in the park when we hooked back up? She's working here too, huh?" Small world. As Tyson introduces himself, he turns and waves, looking to the others to take care of proper intros.

Cam ohs, nodding to Kory, "Guess I better ask her. But I got some money, and can get more if I gotta." He looks up to Tyson and gives a little wave, not immediately recognizing him.

"Will do, I'm not sure what else she might pierce," Benjamin's mind just doesn't go there. Very much an odd couple situation with those two. When the door to the shop opens and Tyson walks in, Ben glances over. He frowns just a little in recognition, but it fades quickly. About to say something else to Dani, his cellphone rings. His frown returns and deepens as he pulls the device out. Glancing at the screen, his eyes quickly scan over the message. "Excuse me," he says then hurries on out the door.

Dani nods his head and hands a card to Kory with the same information on it that Benjamin had received. "Sure. That sounds good. I'll prolly stop in a few times before that just to pick up some stuff." He glances towards Tyson as he speaks, offering a wave of his own. He nods to Benjamin and smiles. "No prob." He offers the man a wave as he heads out.

Kory accepts the card from Dani. "You got it." Kory raises a hand in greeting to Tyson, but turns back to Randall. So hard to concentrate on work with him here. "Yeah, that's her," Kory assures her paramour. Could there really be more than one woman named KeLyssa in New York? "She said she needed a job, and it frees me up from having to madscramble in here early if she takes a shift. Plus, it gives Tito some time to be with his family and to get his homework done. And it gives me less occasion to rope Lee into minding the shop." Since Lee takes every opportunity to snipe at the clientele and the inventory. Kory nods at Cam. "Is there anything else you want me to hold if she already picked that up?" Benjamin gets an absent wave as he hustles out.

Tyson arrives where everyone is hanging out and finds himself quite captivated by Kory in her outfit, yet it is only by his catching someone one of the guys say 'hook back up' in reference to to her, that he rethinks saying anything about it. Instead, he finds himself starring at Benjamin with familiarity as he departs and another guy who had just handed his card out, "Bye, then…" He suggests, looking at the rest with a prospect of glad tidings, "So, how goes the shop and all its current inhabitants?"

Benjamin leaves the shop.

Dani pushes himself off the counter after watching a few more minutes of the Matrix movie that is being played. "Well, it was nice to meet you guys, hopefully I'll see you all later." He says offering a wave to everyone as he starts towards the exit.

Cam hesitates, then shakes his head to Kory, "Dunno yet, I'll figure something out I guess." He then says, "Oh, I gotta get back home. I'll be back tomorrow, Kory," he adds, smiling. He gives a wave and starts for the door, pulling his coat back on as he does.

Tito, looking a little tired, finally makes his way in. He does have the sleigh bells on around his neck, and the antlers. But he has on a brown suit with a white shirt and a red tie. "Hey, Ko," he greets the boss.

Kory is about to answer him when she startles with an attack of beepilepsy. She looks down at the pager and sighs. "Hi, Tito," she tells him. "Just in time. I gotta run. My brother forgot to pick my grandmother up at Bloomingdale's and is now ducking my mother's wrath. Which means I gotta go help gran with her packages." She plucks the festive headgear and neckgear off, handing them to her coworker. Randall gets a quick peck on the cheek, and then she's grabbing her long coat and taking off out the door at a rapid walk clip.

Dani pushes open the door to the shop and heads back out to the streets.

Dani leaves the shop.

"Ow. Tell your brother I said good luck with that, okay?" Randall waves to Kory as she prepares to head off, giving the guy the benefit of the doubt for his gaffe, and again to Tito as he makes his way inside. "About like that," he adds, answering Tyson's opening question. "I think you just missed the after-dinner rush."

Tyson is starting to think he smells or something with everyone departing, but then he remembers the time and nods that he really shouldn't be out much longer either. Socializing was nice, but his trying to prove he was a good son meant something else. "Well, take care Kory… and other people…" He ponders sticking around longer, though not really, "I get that, too… I guess I was just looking for some place to be…"

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