2007-09-17: Entrapment: You're Doing It Wrong


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Summary: Felix has something to prove with Ling. Ling has prettier guys to screw. Church and Mariska watch. Entrapment fail.

Date It Happened: September 17th, 2007

Entrapment: You're Doing It Wrong

Uptown, NYC - Apt. 506 - Parkview Estates

Fel knows where Ling is. He's been gone for weeks - nothing from or about him, since that visit from Stan. And when he shows up, he's got a few new scars on his face - one on his temple, one at his brow. He lets the security guard take his gun without demur, before he's shown up to the penthouse.

Well that was surprising. Ling was… well, having a bit of fun. There's a naked guy doing lots of unmentionable and indescribable things when he comes on up, and annoyed from her interruption, the Asian crime boss peers curiously towards the door. There's lots of cursing in Vietnamese as she orders the hot muscular man out… without his clothes (that's for you Felix). He can always pick up a pair from her bodyguards after all.

As such, she covers herself in her silken robe and heads towards the door. Felix is coming. She has got to prepare. And as the Russian comes on up, the first thing he'll see is the hawt nekkid man. Hawt.

This means that Fel has that unpleasant pokerface on. His best disapproving cop face. He merely sidesteps the boytoy of the moment, not sparing him a second glance, and waits for Ling to make herself presentable, raising his chin and narrowing his eyes, faintly. "I see I came at a bad time," he says, drily.

"You're… alive…"

And that is said with obvious surprise on her features. She peers at him while covering herself with her robe as she studies Felix a bit. She heads towards her kitchen and pours herself a glass of champagne, and motions towards an empty flute, offering him one.

"Thirsty? Your partner was worried you know. He even subpoenaed certain… tapes…"

She just wants to see his reaction.

Across from the penthouse building, there are other apartments and housing structures; one of these has an empty apartment situated at just the right angle to get a view of Ling Po's penthouse. There is probably another one at another angle as well, though for now Church is inside of the one where he has been…dutifully keeping an eye on what is going on inside. Suffice to say, the next time he moves the high-powered binoculars from his eyes, he'll have red rings imprinted on his skin. He is also safely behind the camouflage of dark curtains; Church is used to this 'peeping' deal. "Oh, man, Felix nonono. What bad timing, dude. Oh for Pete’s sake." Lawrence mutters a few words at his own barely-lit room as he keeps watching, settling down to watch the next proceedings with a knitted brow line. Hmph.

Oh, man! Have things gone deep south already?! Mariska, who had been previously preoccupied with setting up the recorded Skype connection with Felix's celphone and ensuring everything is coming through as relatively loud and clear as it possibly can be from… wherever it is the feeb's stashed the thing, comes darting back over to the window and promptly places herself at Church's side with a quickness. "What? What's wrong?!"

Felix's lip curls at that. "Why are you so surprised to see me alive?" he wonders, tone gone acid. He doesn't flinch at the mention of the tapes. ""Did he?" He's already wire taut, so the comment about those recordings doesn't make him any more tense. He waves away the offer of champagne, with a curt motion of a hand.

"Oh, don’t worry, Mr. Ivanov. Your partner doesn’t know we had the hottest, raunchiest sex. I hid those tapes. I wouldn’t want to use those against you yet after all…” Ling replies with a predatory grin curling onto her lips while she takes a sip.

Church clears his throat, still glued. He seems a bit hot under the collar, but nothing else. "Oh. Um. Nothing, Misha. I'm just being melodramatic, sugarbear." Then, the computer spits out some of their conversation, and Lawrence suddenly makes a noise between a grunt and a choke. "Ohohoho. Wow."

Yeah. They heard that. Mariska's head turns on a swivel at the conversation coming through on the laptop. «Blue at the sky my ass…» It shouldn't come as any surprise when the Russian woman makes a rather forceful grab for the binoculars. Gimme those. Let's see this hussy!

"You drugged and raped me," Felix says, as matter of fact as if he were merely correcting her pronunciation. "Not quite the same." No wonder he's so tense around her. "That's why you don't dare use those tapes. They'd convict you. And it's irrelevant. My career with the Bureau is over."

"Oh, Mr. Ivanov. There was no rape. You wanted it. And the state of New York defines rape as penetration. I didn’t sodomize you, sorry…” Ling quips with a hearty laugh, seeming to find the whole thing amusing. Yes, she's evil, though the news of his career with the FBI is over. "Oh dear…Stan fire your ass? I'm sorry…” And no, she's not sorry at all.

Church whimpers when Mariska grabs at the binoculars, but he lets go for fear she'll pull them, he'll pull them, and they will either break or hit him in the face. Fine. Felix's voice over the speakers has distracted him anyway. Then Ling again, which makes his eyebrows spike. "Whoa, nelly. I'm glad I'm not Felix." The man remains in his chair, eyeballing Misha from there. She's not going to pop out this soon, is she? Oh dear.

No. Not yet. Contrary to popular belief, the Russian woman actually has a remarkable degree of self-governance. She's perfectly capable of standing there and being all Harriet the Spy for the sake of Company business. Or whatever this is. She's gone uncomfortably silent, however, which probably isn't making this a whole load of laughs for Church.

Felix's teeth are gritted - which is the usual state of things, when he's talking to Ling. "No, I didn't," he hisses. "Legal definitions aside, what you did was rape. I want those tapes."

"Sorry. Don’t have them." Ling just laughs at that point as of course she doesn’t have them anymore. She's hidden them someplace. But those tapes are of course, fake 'cause it never happened.

Church breathes in slowly, then out a tad slower. Sigh. No, Mariska is not a fun person to scout with, so he listens over his shoulder to the recording. "He's not going to get them, it sounds like. That'd be some Movie Night." He chuckles, and cuts it short. What?

Peeping Thomasina finds her ability to focus on Felix and the fiendish Ling oddly inhibited by Church's commentary… and so she decides to change things up a bit. With the long-range specs still held up to her eyes, she wonders aloud, "So… Lawrence… got any freaky tattoos you care to share?" On your toes, Larry.

"You don't seem to understand," Felix says, still in that low, rasping voice. "The one thing I valued is gone. So I've got nothing left to do but devote myself to bringing you down. It'll go a lot easier if you remember what you've done with those tapes."

"Bringing me down? Oh, Mr. Ivanov, you don’t have to do much to do that. Just ask!" Ling laughs heartily, obviously considering it a joke as she waggles her brows. "Now, if you'll please leave, I have a few things to do. Please don’t make me call security…” and soon she's buzzing on an alarm of sorts.

Church inhibits you because he cares. Really. The seemingly random question does bugger him out of his listening. "Hm? Oh. No, no. Not unless you count this snakebite on the back of my neck." The isotope scars, of course. And he also notices that she actually uses his name. Mariska has never really addressed him, has she? His dark eyes blink into focus when Ling starts talking as if she's going to have security throw Felix out. Literally.

No, she hasn't. It's noteworthy. So's Ling's sounding the alarm. Dammit. "That's a shame," Mariska says, standing just on the edge of a teasing tone, though her accent makes everything sound like an angry suggestion. Whatever Felix was out to prove, this probably wasn't it. All the same, there's no need to reveal themselves yet, is there? He's a big boy. He can handle himself. (Literally and figuratively, no doubt.)

Fel may be thrown out. But in the little stretch of time before security shows, he advances on Ling, seizing her by the lapels of that robe. The anger's only partially feigned, as he gets nose to nose with her. "Just ask, huh? Not a chance," he says, in that barely restrained snarl.

A soft chuckle escapes from her lips as she gives him an icy stare. She's in her apartment and she's already called security. There are tapes of this incident. "You know, I'm quite glad you're doing this. It gives me more evidence for when I do decide to make it a case against you. Adding assault to the mix is always fun." She still has that tape where he hit her after all… ahhh, the tapes.

Lawrence seems tempted to answer, but the conversation sparks his interest enough that he slides out of his chair to go over to the computer in order to listen better. "She's all about the tapes, isn't she." He mutters to himself, crossing both arms over his lower chest. "If it looks like it's getting messy, don't hesitate." Not that he thinks she might.

Mariska exhales a little sigh and heads over to hand off the binoculars to Church. "Stay here," she says, already headed for the door. Where's she going? Hard to say. Wherever it is, though, she's actually walking there. Novel notion for a teleporter, I know. A few minutes later, she's walking through the front door of Ling's building wearing an expression of utterly wild-eyed bereavement; she's there to greet Felix and his security escort… with a raving Russian scene of epic proportions…

Felix snorts, and turns away from her. "I don't think you have any tapes. You'd've used 'em by now," he says, more calmly.

"That would just be tacky…” Ling says with a roll of her eyes, shaking her head the entire time, blissfully unaware of what's going on downstairs. "But if you want, I can always use them…” And she starts heading towards her celphone. ”I hope you don’t mind having a public case… I am an important public figure after all…”

Church stays. Of course he stays. He's not about to rocket over through the window, despite the nervousness that comes when Mariska appears in the downstairs of the penthouse building. The man watches intently through the binoculars, ears trained on the air that permeates with the recording conversation. He wears a grim look on his lips, though his brows have knitted again in curiosity. What are you doing, Mariska?

Alright, so… how many layers of security does a sniffling, damp-eyed woman have to climb through in order to navigate her way up to the penthouse suite? Two? Three? Four hundred? Let's find out. Mariska does her level best to seem just barely on the verge of bursting into tears but she marches with a determined gait to… stairs? Elevator? Somewhere that takes her up.

Felix is already on his way out. Well, so much for that. They'll have to find a way to do an ordinary bag and tag on her. He doesn't reply, but instead heads for the elevator back down.

"Do have fun, Mr. Ivanov. I wish you luck on your newest endeavors… though I'll have to find out who Stan's new partner is…" Ling says matter-of-factly, giggling as she locks the door once he heads out.

And then there's buzzing on her intercom. Apparently there's a sobbing woman downstairs. Ling just rolls her eyes and mutters, "Send the bitch away…”

Church tries to keep an eye on Ling as long as he can, at least without giving Misha and Felix the boot. He has to watch three points now, not just two.

Okay. Well, there's one question answered. 'Sent away' or 'escorted out' or however that sorts out ends up turning in to 'playing restraining barrier' as the moment Felix steps out of the elevator, Mariska's hot to trot to say hello… with a sudden slap to the face. Ouch. «YOU SAID IT WAS OVER BETWEEN YOU TWO!!» Cue the public domestic dispute!

Oh, Christ, wait, what? Fel's face is a study in absolute shock, as Misha gives him an open palm. «I….what?» he wonders, dropping into his own language, as he gives Misha a fish-eye.

And then Felix drags Mariska out of the building by her elbow, arguing in Russian until they can turn a corner and get out of sight, at which point Mariska jumps back to Church with her babydaddy in tow and the three of them return to Primatech for plottery to unfold in another log…

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