2010-05-28: Epic Fail



Date: May 28, 2010


Kitty tries to reach out to the lass she knows as "Jenny." Things do not work out nearly as well as she had hoped.

"Epic Fail"

Central Park

It all started with a vision. But most of the time that's how it starts with Kitty. The young woman sits in Roxanne, just sitting with her eyes wide as she looks over to the park. The place where her vision takes place today, this late afternoon. As the golden sun sinks slowly over the skyscrapers and buildings. Kitty takes a deep breath.

She exits the car, but she hasn't made it into the park yet. Not to where she must give news to a certain red-headed crazy. Dressed in a long flowing dark purple skirt and a pair of cowboy boots. Her white tank top is covered by the strap of a dark brown messenger bag.

Central Park is not a place Isabelle intended to end up. Truthfully, she tries not to stray far from Staten Island, where she keeps mostly to herself in the house Peter left her. This, however, happens to be one of those days she finds herself somewhere entirely unexpected, staring at the vast greenery and intricate paths. Her breath catches in her throat as she spins around, trying to grasp at her bearings and a shred of memory of how she got here.

Her red hair blows against her face in the warm breeze, forcing her to tug it away and out of her eyes. She brushes it back and then tugs on her light pink coat, before hurrying forward. The park is not somewhere she's ever been, and the unfamiliarity of it has her moving as quickly as she can — without looking entirely psychotic — to find a way to escape. Eventually, she runs into Kitty, quite literally. Before she has a chance to apologize, though, she recognizes who it is and can offer only one word.


"Hello Jenny." She says without turning around. Instead she moves to lean against a tree and watch the red head. "Stop running." Is all she says and then she's raising an eyebrow. "I got a call a few hours ago.. I was left Old Lucy's.. because.. Isabelle is dead?" she asks and then the tears start to flow. She didn't get a chance to grief before hand. "I.. what happened?" she asks the bartender and she looks closely at Jenny.

They said it was a fire.. but Isabelle controlled fire so.. what the fuck happened?

Again with the name Jenny, which she scarcely recognizes. She's not Jenny, she's Isabelle. And why is she saying she's dead? Isabelle's face goes from panicked to just confused. She doesn't keep running, for now. Kind of hard to run after crashing into someone, anyway. She hasn't quite regained her awareness when she's being assaulted with questions. "What are you talking about?" she asks, clearly having no idea what she's talking about. "I don't know anyone named Jenny." Something tells her not to bother mentioning she apparently shares a name with whomever it is this crazy lady is saying died. "And Old Lucy's what?"

"Jenny! I need you pull it together!" Kitty strides forward and takes hold of Jenny's hands. She doesn't know that she's going by the name of Isabelle now. And she knows that Jenny can do some pretty damaging stuff to her with her ability but.. she has to see."

With that, her head snaps back and eyes go white as she experiences a vision. The horror of what she's experiences causes her to fall to her knees, still grabbing Jenny's hands tightly.


It had been a moment of weakness that turned into a daily ritual. Not hard, given that all signs of it can be hidden. The marks, the blood, the carving. And the screams. With all the blood, it's hard to tell just what's being cut into with the switchblade Kitty may or may not recognize from the last time she saw Isabelle.


Isabelle jerks away, "Let go of me. Don't you fucking touch me!" She nearly issues a statement regarding Kitty's sanity, or lack thereof, but let (s)he who is free of sin cast the first stone. There's no running, but she does back away further, her eyes swinging from side to side. Her actions may have garnered unwanted attention from onlookers.

Her eyes fade back to dark brown and she blinks a few times. "Oh my god.." she looks up at Jenny but she doesn't let go. She gripes harder onto the other woman and leans in. "You.. need to explain something Jenny." Kitty says as tears run down her face. "Isabelle hinted that you were off.. but now this is different. Did you kill her? Did you kill Isabelle?"

Grief stricken and not sure what else to do, she looks at Isabelle with wide eyes and desperation as she hopes the woman finally explains what happened.

This is just what she needs. Someone asking her if she killed someone when there are people around to listen. Of course, once the question actually sinks in, Isabelle twitches. The mere idea of her killing … who? Her head aches, the memories thin like spider web. Easy to break if you grab at them.

"Stop it," she says. "Stop talking to me." Now she tries to run, though it's disorganized and she nearly trips once or twice before coming to a stop and curling up under a tree, trying to cling to it as though it could take her away from here and the crazy woman accusing her of killing… who?

"You have.. you have to stop running Jenn." Kitty says to the other woman and she sways as she comes to kneel next to Isabelle. Taking her hand, she drags the woman up. "Tanya has been here too.. is Sonya and Lisa here as well?" she leads Isabelle towards the car. They need to get out of here.

"I.. I.." she can't tell Jenny that she needs psychological help.. because she needs it just as much! "The birds aren't singing on this moment." She says softly as she presses a button and the car alarm shuts off with a beep.

It's only the mention of Tanya that makes Isabelle pliable enough to be led to the car. She actually seems to completely zone out after the name is said. She walks like a zombie to the car. She'll even get into it if asked to. The vacant expression she wears says one thing and one thing only: Sorry, Jenny's not here right now.

Kitty takes a look at the woman as she places her in the car and then slides into the driver seat. Locking the door, she doesn't trust herself or Jenny to drive and so she curls up in the seat and looks forward. Away from Jenny.. away from Isabelle being dead.

She doesn't say a thing, she doesn't look at Isabelle. She just stares.

While Isabelle's been silent and compelled to do whatever she's directed, she's been tormented by the memory of Tanya's face as she held onto that pink gnome blanket, charred around the edges. The hurt look. Then the mean one, the one that said in no uncertain terms that Tanya was not happy.

Isabelle jerks in her seat, memory of how she got into the car nonexistent. "You," she snarls when she recognizes Kitty in the other seat, even though she's staring in front of her through the windshield. Strangely, though, she doesn't get out of the car. Instead, she slaps Kitty. Hard.

As Jenny slaps her, a vision knocks into her. She sees Isabelle, sick and dying on the bed.. Jenny and Tanya.. the.. something going wrong and then Isabelle, catching fire and not knowing how to stop herself. The vision ends with the woman's screams in Kitty's ears.

The young woman gasps and pulls back before she slaps Jenny. "Your name is Jenny! And you need to.." Kitty stops and she looks at Isabelle. "Come work at the new Old Lucy's. It's being moved here. All the girls are coming as well."

Isabelle touches her face where Kitty slapped her and winces, backing away as much as the space in the car will allow her to. "That's not my name," she says. "I'm not whoever you think I am, I'm not!" She wrestles with the car door to open it. It takes some effort, mostly spent trying to figure out how to unlock the thing. Once she has it open, though, she's defeated quite easily in her attempt to escape by none other than her seat belt.

Epic fail.

She rebounds with an oof before she realizes her error.

"Then.. tell me your name." she says and she places a hand on Isabelle's arm. Kitty blinks at Isabelle and under normal circumstances, she would be dying laughing. But right now, serious ish is happening. Real serious ish.

Ms. Hanner looks at Isabelle and tries to make her look her in the eyes. "I can help Jenny, you just have to let me!" she says.

"Hell no," is the only response Kitty gets before Isabelle manages to untangle herself from the seat belt and flee from the car. Her speed running is actually rather impressive, though it's entirely possible for Kitty to catch up to her if she drove. If she drove through the park, anyway.

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