Eric Walker
Eric Walker
Portrayed By Wentworth Miller
Gender Male
Date of Birth May 20, 1987
Age 20
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Aliases Eric Lancaster
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation NYU Student, Business Leader
Known Relatives Laurence Lancaster (father), Vidalia Lancaster (mother), Mark Lancaster (brother), Brett Lancaster (brother) , Lacey Lancaster (sister), Adrienne Lancaster (sister)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Umbrakinesis
First Appearance The New Boss

Eric Donovan Walker is, in actuality, the youngest scion of the extremely wealthy Lancaster family of New York, currently a student at NYU and an IT Technician for RTS.


Eric Donovan Walker was actually born Eric Donovan Lancaster to his parents, Laurence Lancaster and Vidalia Lancaster. His father owns Lancaster Electronics, a major supplier of different kinds of electronic components in the state of New York. They also happen to own several smaller satellite companies. Laurence is a hard working man who built most of the company from the ground up, from a decently well off family, but nothing major to speak of. Vidalia is quite the opposite, having come from a Old Money family from the state. The pair happen to, unusually so for someone like them, actually love each other, and have a very happy and stable relationship…which each other. The same can’t be said for their relationship with their children.

Eric is the youngest of five children, the eldest Mark Lancaster is a highly successful lawyer with his own practice that is just coming into its own. The next in line, Brett, fancies himself an singer, though mostly he just uses it as an excuse to socialize and party and enjoy himself. Then there is Lacey, who is actually quite the talented artists, but is a social animal like Brett. The fourth is Adrienne, who was quite close to Eric when younger, the pair being only a year apart in age, but now is starting to be pulled away by the seductive song on the social and party life. Eric is the youngest, and therefore he has had the benefit of watching all of his siblings grow up, and seeing just how all the money and the socializing effects all of them. He decided long ago, especially when Adrienne started to drift towards his elder siblings, that he wanted no part of it.

Growing up Eric had a fairly normal childhood, for a child of a pair of extremely wealthy people. No real bumps or trials beyond the normal came for little Eric. He went to private schools, and did quite well, never really socializing as some of his older siblings did, but he had no trouble making friends. He was always good with all things mechanical, enjoying putting things together and taking them apart as much as his father did.

Progressing well though school, he started having the first hints of trouble in high school. The intelligent boy realized that many times his friends were more interested in his name than in him, this is something that he didn’t like. His older brother Brett only made this worse, laughing at him when he mentioned it one day to his family. Eric decided that though everyone but Mark, the work-a-holic in the family, seemed to be alright with this, that he wasn’t.

His last year of High School, just before he graduated, he came to his parents to talk to them about an idea he had. He wanted to change his name. He wanted to talk to the two of them because he knew this request would upset them both if they didn’t understand. He sat down to explain it to them the best he could. He wanted to do something on his own, something where people wouldn’t see his last name and simply give him whatever he wished. To do that he needed to change it. His father, a self made man, was incredibly proud and agreed to it. His mother didn’t understand in the least, however she trusted her son. So, Eric Lancaster became Eric Walker.

He entered NYU under the name of Eric Walker, and with a full scholarship that was his own doing. He asked for only two things from his father, a loan of a lump sum of money that he could invest and then pay back as a loan, and a job. The job he asked for though was not something impressive, but mealy an entry level position in a small technical support company. His father was only too happy to oblige his youngest son, and has given him a position at a small on call tech support company.

Now a year later, he seems to be enjoying himself as much as he can. His siblings leave him alone for the most part, and his studies and his job take up most of his time. However he has no complaints, as this is exactly what he has asked for.


Umbrakinesis is the ability to create and control shadows and other forms of darkness. At its lesser levels it is simply a manipulation of the darkness around the person, the ability to control and form shapes and different forms out of it. It can also create darkness out of nothing. In direct light this aspect of the power is lessoned, and it takes much more out of a person to use it. Higher levels of the power one can move though the shadows, but that’s as much of an effect on the physical world that one can make. The power is purely visual and illusionary, and can’t effect the physical world.

Having trained himself in the use of his power for the last several months, Eric's abilities have grown. Even though he can make little to no effect on the world at large, the young man can create and control shadows to a much higher degree than before. He keeps his power as hidden as he can though, as he is very wary about using it in public. For the moment he /can/ shadow-walk, however the power is very limited the range being only his own line of sight.


  • May 20, 1988 - Born to Laurence and Vidalia Lancaster
  • August 27, 2001 - Entered Montgomery Preparatory Academy
  • May 24, 2005 - Graduated Valedictorian of Montgomery Prep
  • May 30, 2005 - Legally changed his last name from Lancaster to Walker
  • August 27, 2005 - Entered NYU on full scholarship


  • "…tell me again sir…" *sigh* "…what did you do with the cupholder on the computer?"


  • Eric works directly under Ramon Gomez at RTS, and takes Calculus II and English Literature with his daughter, Elena. He was misled about Elena's sexual orientation by her father, "just in case," in his first day on the job.
  • Eric likes classic Star Trek.
  • Eric was once a star lacrosse player in high school, and has competed in martial arts tournaments. He excels in Aikido, and is presently learning Karate.
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