2010-03-11: Escape Plan



Date: March 11, 2010


ESCAPE PLAN FOR AP PRISONERS — Read if you are gonna escape this way!!

"Escape Plan"

Cody and Erin's Super Secret Hideout of AWESOME

"Come on… Come on." Erin's sitting in front of the TV playing some sort of video game. She's not really a gamer like her sister, but she's bored out of her mind, and there's really not anything else to do around here at the moment — besides make herself useful, and THAT would just be wrong!

"Oh, you god damned bastard!" she yells, along with a few choice swear words that would be inappropriate for a younger audience. "Jump! Over! The! Damn! Hole!"

What's she playing? Neopets: The Darkest Faerie for PS2. It's all sorts of irritating. "I push the button and it won't jump! Jump!! Go! That— You — shit, god dammit, now I have to start over— " This goes on and on as she holds a running commentary with the TV. She's already been surprised by this whole concept of 'levels.' She thought she had it beat after the first couple hours, but THAT was only level one. "How the hell does Janny do this!?"

As if right on queue, the many locks on the waide steel door gets slide out of their positions and it swings open with a groan to reveal Cody, leading a woman with a black satin bag over her head. Unlike Taine, this one doesn't have her hands bound with a zip chord, though there is a tranquilizer gun muzzle pointed at the small of her back.

"Honey, I'm home… and I brought more presents." comes the call from the agent.

She didn't warn Janet when she first took her into the van, she's not that nice. She's also not that stupid to let the woman know exactly where she's hiding her sister. The gun is slid into a holster at the brunette's thigh and she whips the black bag off the guest's head. "Thank you for being so cooperative doctor. We need your help."

Janet was less than impressed when being hauled into the van. She'd objected loudly all of the journey. Well, she'd at least chatted loudly through the entire journey. She'd gone about her sister, their childhood, her crush on Morris, the weather, whether or not Afterlife could continue without Erin, her long-time fantasy involving Anderson Cooper, and how to lance a boil. All-in-all it was likely an informative journey for Cody.

"Seriously, I don't know how you… woah… Erin! CRAZY SAUCE! I was wondering where you ended up!! Wait. Wait. Wait. Are you playing The Darkest Faerie?! Seriously?! How far have you got?!" Yes, the happy reunion has been ruined by Janet geeking-out on her sis. "I used to have a Neopet!! Well several of them, I'm pretty sure they were all Nimmos… I think… they kind of looked like frogs and that's why I liked them —"

She then turns to Cody and beams, "I knew you were one of the good ones! Timmy — I mean, Morris — said that you'd kill me in my sleep, but he was wrong, I think! Maybe… unless… WAIT!" Her eyes narrow slightly, "… you brought me here to lull me to sleep to kill me in it…" Oh the joys of being an extrovert who happens to think aloud. Shaking her head, she chuckles lightly, "…No, that makes NO logical sense…"

Erin doesn't look away from the screen for more than a second. "Cody, you're an asshole," she mutters, though it's so distracted to a point that Erin might not even realise that it's Janet under that bag. It's just that she is bagged, so whoever it is is some sort of poor sod and Erin feels terribly sorry for them. Or will, later, after she manages to figure out why she can't jump on this thing to kill it. "It doesn't die! It just— Wait, shit, it's not even a bad guy! How can you tell the difference? The bad guys attack you, the good guys do jack shit. Go collect ten pieces of god-foresaken CRAP 'cuz I ate too many bon-bons and I'm stuck in this SHITTING HOLE. What the hell! I don't want to collect crap!"

And on, and on, and on.

Until she turns off the game, 'cuz they have company, and Erin ought to see who it is— "Janny?"

Whoa. Okay, really, she shouldn't be so surprised, she asked Cody to bring Janet here. Cue big grin here, though, because Erin's actually glad to see her sister. Rolling her eyes, she tosses the controller to the floor and goes to hug her sister, while pulling the bag off her head. The actress looks a million percent better since the last time Janet saw her. "Yeah, Darkest Pain-in-the-Ass more like it. I don't know how far I've gotten. I've been playing forever." … yeah, Janet's weird. "Ah, no. We think you can help us get more people out of That Place, though."

"Yeah yeah… tell it to someone that's not in the best damn mood today." Cody's good natured reply is ended with a little chuckle as she heads toward the kitchen and the everlasting amounts of food held therein. The PS2 was a great investment, it keeps Erin distracted enough that all of Cody's power bars and junk food is left relatively untouched. The long haired woman uses both of her hands to twist her hair up into a knot on the top of her head before she eraches for a can of RedBull and one of the chocolate bars she has hidden away in the freezer.

"Yeah, Morris was not quite right." She says to Janet in reply to her zero to sixty hypothesis on what she was doing here. Man Erin's sister can talk… and talk… and talk… Like that squirrel on speed in that movie with the wolf and the girl.

"Oh Erin, you never were good at gaming!" Janet replies with a chuckle and a light smile. All things considered she's incredibly happy, particularly to see Erin alive. "Yes! We must get more people out! It's a depressing place, really — have you seen — of course you've seen it, you were there! Oh Erin! It's terrible, people are all grumpy and they're sad, and their families don't know where they are. There's this girl I met, she's like a Doctor, but not like I'm a doctor, she's like PhD — but not a psychologist, so totally a real doctor — anyways, I've been trying to get in touch with her family. If I could get her out that would be better. So what's the plan, my man — I mean, my sister and the soldier lady who is kind of masculineish although freakin' hot…?"

"Well… I'm glad you're in a good mood," Erin says, looking over her shoulder. She doesn't tell Cody why yet, 'cuz the agent will find out soon enough. And she probably won't like it.

"What, you think Cody's hot?" Erin takes an appraising look into the kitchen, then shakes her head. "Hey, come out here for a few, I need you both to hear this." The plan. It's kind of risky, because if someone catches on…

No. Erin's trying to stay positive for once. "You know how you got me out of there? Well… We're going to do it with as many people as we can There, too." The way she ambiguously refers to the place seems to carry a lot of weight, even if she never outright calls it by its name. "We need to make everyone with an ability sick. And then you need to do what you did to me. Slow down their heart, then get 'em out of there. If we're lucky, the Protocol won't even know they're gone. They'll think they're all dead."

"The trick is, to get the bodies out before they get transported to an incinerator." Cody adds, not even acknowledging the fact that Janet called her hot and masculine in the same breath. She unwraps the chocolate bar with a methodical reverence before biting down into it. After chewing on her bite for a few long moments, she points at Janet with the chocolate and gives her an unwarp nod, "You think you can get Morris to weasel his way into the transport van? Because I don't think he'll be able to fit Parkman into his hockey bag." The man is relatively rotund and Morris doesn't look like he could haul around 250lbs of dead weight.

Janet quirks an eyebrow. "So we're going to basically 'kill' everyone?" Her eyes narrow skeptically before she nods, "I'm in. And I'm sure Morris can figure out something. There's no way he could get everyone out in that hockey bag…" She winces a little at the notion of being carried out in the hockey bag. "Besides, I think it's important that we do this quietly. The more people we can get out the better. So… what are you going to give them Erin? Like what kind of disease? Try to make it something semi-unrecognizable so my colleagues don't just cure it — that would put a huge damper on the plans…"

Poor Cody.

Poor, poor Cody. "I'm sorry," she mutters to Cody. "But don't worry. I'm just gonna show her how it works."

Reaching out, Erin puts a hand on Cody's shoulder. "It only affects people with powers, first of all," Erin says. "But you… You can just carry it in without any symptoms. Anyone you visit, treat, touch… They'll get it, too. And it's really contagious. That was kinda Cody's idea. Don't freak out, Janny."

Erin's eyes start to glow like they did the night Erin killed Janet's plant, and Cody will experience the symptoms as Erin explains them — whether or not she wanted Janet to know she had a power. "It's kind of like chicken pox, measels, mumps, and Scarlet Fever all rolled into one. It starts with a rash." Bright, angry, red, and itchy.

The brown haired agent is confused at first and when she sees the glow of Erin's blue eyes, she drops the chocolate bar in order to protest then next… Oops. Already she is feeling the rash and she casts the starlet a glowering look as her nails reach up to scratch her arm at first, then her stomach. "You… Augh… Why me?!" As the rash progresses throughout her body, a nast rash begins to develop on the back of her neck and into her hairline. One of Cody's hands reaches into her hair to itch the nagging red spot and she comes away with literally more than a fist full of hair.

"You're going to get eyelashes in every… augh!" she drops the hair on the floor and there's a bare spot on her skull where it used to be. She's actually started scratching so hard that her scalp has begun to bleed.

Janet nods silently (for once) as she watches Cody intently and the frowns at Erin. "Will it work this quickly for everyone I touch?" Her eyes widen as Cody's hair falls on the floor. "WOAH! You just lost your hair! Is that the next symptom?!" She clears her throat and then nods. "It's going to be insane! That's brilliant… what comes next?"

"'cuz I can't make myself sick, and Janet doesn't have a power. I'm sorry! Stop scratching, you're gonna make it worse!" Erin's hand remains in contact with Cody's shoulder. The touch isn't necessary, but it helps move things along.

"It'll vary, anywhere from a few hours to a couple days, before symptoms start appearing. Some'll move faster than others — those are the ones you should get out first. And the more agents you're in contact with, the more carriers there are, so… Hug a bunch of people. I'm sure it won't be too out of character for you." Erin pauses, wincing as Cody starts to scratch and bleed. "…Hair loss isn't a — Cody's ability is— " Erin shakes her head. "Hair. She's stressed out, so she's losing her hair." At least, that's how Erin figures it works. "High fever, cold symptoms, sore throat." That's kind of where the mumps come in. Lymph nodes in Cody's neck will swell. "They'll likely have to take the collars off at that point and go with manual injections. That means we won't have to worry about getting them off later."

"Stop scratching…" Cody's voice is thick, due to the amount of swelling happening on her neck and in her throat. "..easy for you.." She begins to cough, she is obviously in pain but too much of a man to whine about it. Maybe. No, not at all. She leans heavily against the counter as the fever begins to overtake her and she delivers another cruel glare to Erin. "You're lucky… starting to lose hair…" The sentence was quite complete in her head. Unfortunately that just doesn't translate to outside of the illness, or maybe it's lucky, because she just delivered a death threat to the woman who made her so ill.

"I'm sure the agents will love to be hugged," Janet quips sarcastically although she's pleased at the prospect. "I'll just be a little love muffin of joy — you'll see!" she grins broadly until she looks back at Cody and then frowns. "So… you're saying…" Janet tilts her head as she considers Erin's words "Cody has HAIRVOYANCE?!!!?!?!" She beams madly until she looks at the poor former-agent again — then she's frowning, she's still a doctor, after all, "Is it really necessary to make her go through each — I'm sure I'll be able to figure out who has it and who doesn't judging by their symptoms…"

Erin smirks. She doesn't say it, but no, it's not really and truly necessary for Cody to go through all this. She could easily just tell Janet what would happen, what to watch for… "It's not deadly, but you can make the AP think it is. This is what you have to watch for." She reaches for Cody's chin, for the purpose of tilting her head up so Janet can see her eyes. By now, the whites would be bright red. "When this happens, it means you have about ten hours 'til the fever breaks and the symptoms start to go away. Thought I'd give you a warning in case any of those are left in there. Get 'em out as soon as possible."

Erin's tactics shift a little now. The viral cells she's created start to become normal again; those hundred of thousands that lysed from normal cells actually rebuild Cody's shattered system. It's the one time Erin can actually heal - but it only repairs the damage done by the virus itself. The scratches Cody gouged into her head will… Probably need a doctor. Luckily, there's one here!

When Erin's done playing havoc with Cody's cells, she looks at Janet, rolling her eyes. "I don't think it's called that, but yeah. It's weird." Letting go of Cody's arm, Erin steps back. The agent's eyes might still be a little red, but other than that, the virus is gone. She can't help adding, "That's for waking me up with your horrible singing."

…hell of a payback.

Yeah, payback's a bitch.. and then some.. because the moment she feels better, Cody reaches out to touch Erin. "I'm learning how to rap next," she grumbles as the agent begins to pull all the rest of her own hair until she's completely bald. It's at that point that Erin might just notice some of her own shedding, all that beautiful red hair that was so graciously provided by her protector is going wayside.

Once Cody is completely bad, she reahes for a clean dish cloth and runs it under the water. It's not the first time she's had to doctor her own scalp, so she stays well away from the walking disease's sister as she carefully cleans the scratches on her head. They're not deep at all, just enough to cause a little bleeding that will likely heal in a few days time.

"Alright — I'll watch the symptoms like a hawk. "Your head… let me look — I can bandage it up…" Janet steps forward to look at Cody's scratches. "Does it hurt?" She sighs heavily. Janet gasps as Erin loses her hair. "Hairsuasion… Haircognition… " her eyes widen. "Oh Erin! H-h-h-how?!"

"Nnnnhhhh." Erin grunts as Cody pulls out her hair. This still creeps her out. Still, she's had plenty of time to get used to the idea that her roommate is weird. This is never going to end, unfortunately. They're both too proud. Too smart. Neither will ever admit defeat!

"Cody, let her take care of you," she says, turning to watch the woman attempt to doctor herself. This time, her own hair falling out is so subtle that Erin doesn't even notice it until Janet says something, and then, she notices the red hair all over the floor. She doesn't lose it like she did last time, but her stomach still does a flip-flop as she automatically reaches up to her head… to pull out a fistful of hair. Glaring at Cody, she drops it. "Don't worry about it, Janny. Like I said, she's weird."

"I'm fine," Cody insists as she pulls the cloth away from her head. Indeed she is, because as it's pulled away all that's really there are a few nasty scratches with only a tiny amount of blood that's already starting to clot. By this time, the kitchen floor looks like a barber shop, the long brown hair mixed in with the red looks a lot like a weird nest of fur. The agent glances down at the piles and lets out a snort of laughter, just one, before looking up at the starlet and giving her a cocky smirk. "I'm going to write a letter to your producers when you get back to request Morgan have a nest of hair that she sleeps in." Hey, she plays a wereporcupine… they could sleep in nests of hair.

"Hairnopathy… Hairakinesis… " Janet keeps listing to herself. FInally she runs out and refocuses on her sister. "Okay, well load me up with the virus, Ernie!" Yup. Childhood nicknames are back my friends. "After here can you like drop me off on Morris' doorstep? I'll have to update him and then give him an 'ole bearhug," Hehehehe. "Or maybe I'll be able to convince him that we need to smooch to make the virus work… then again maybe not… then he'll think I have to smooch each of the captives…"

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