2010-02-21: Eta Protocol



Date: February 21, 2010


Agent Scott is given a new assignment.

"Eta Protocol"

Jensen's Office — Building 27

"Agent Scott, you're one of our most reliable agents, and the Protocol needs you for a special mission."

The man who towers in the room looks both intimidating, and oversized. Agent Jensen does not look like someone who would be in charge of a large organization, much less the type to hand out orders, but as soon as she was invited into this office, it became clear— despite the appearance of hired muscle, from the sheer size and strength to the scar across his face and scalp, he's in charge.

The invitation came in the form of a message, a courrier who tracked down the agent and said one of the Senior Agents needed her presense. The note that came with it had been typed out, formal, and signed with a messy signature. And within moments of entry, he's cutting through the small talk and going straight to it.

Agent Scott is small in comparison, even in her regular high heels. Her curly brunette hair has been straightened and pulled back into its usual tight ponytail. Jo has never been particularly comfortable with small talk anyways, so blazing past it doesn't seem particularly odd, yet being summoned here had seemed odd. But who is Jo to question orders?

She stands with near-perfect posture almost at an 'attention' stance if it weren't for her hands held behind her back. As he speaks, her gaze remains on her superior. "Thank you, Sir. I would do anything for our country, sir."

"There are a couple agents who have been poking around the record archives when they shouldn't be. Some suspect they may be attempting to sabotage the Protocol," Jensen moves around behind a desk and pulls out what look like three files. One is laid down on the desk and opened. A file she will easily recognize, considering the situation.

Baker, Cody.

A second file is laid on top, pulled open, though this one isn't recognized.

Graham, Jason.

The final one is sat down and opened.

Law, Justin.

With those laid down, he pulls his hands back and observes her from above, eyes narrow, as if gauging her reation to what he says next. "In the near future, you may be asked to kill one or all of these three."

"Sir?" Jo asks as she leans forward and peers at each of the files. "Why would any American sabotage the Protocol?" Her jaw is now tight set, but hands are held right behind her back. Her gaze returns to the files, committing each of the names to memory although the first has a particularly weighty effect. She had bagged and tagged with Baker, had taken Baker home with her, and had perhaps found a friend in her fellow agent.

But then, she's a marine. She takes orders without questioning, it's not her place. And her programmed response escapes her lips, "Sir. I will do my duty to the fullest of my ability. Traitors will not be tolerated in the Protocol, Sir." Although a court-martial seems more appropriate than a death order, but being the good soldier she is, she doesn't question him. Coolly, she asks, "When will you require the task to be finished, sir?"

From the files, court marshal may not be an issue for these three. Much of the Protocol is made of of cilivians or ex-military, and this particular stack is no different. Graham appears to be a scientist of some kind in bio-chemistry. "Law is the highest priority right now. He's poised to make the most damage. Graham is secondary, but we'll need to have his notes as well. Some of his research is essential to controlling the treats we house here. As for Baker— you can take care of her at any time. I understand you're already poised in a position of trust with her. The other two may be more difficult to get close to."

Leaving the files behind on the desk, Jensen moves away a few steps, seemingly satifised with her reaction.

"Is there any method you would prefer, Sir? Or do I have permission to be creative?" These targets won't be easy to take down, Jo knows this. No AP-trained agent would go down peacefully. "Permission to develop rapport with the marks, Sir? You trained them; they won't fall easily." She reaches for the files, to examine each in turn — Graham seems the easiest target in the bunch, but none of them will be easy, particularly not Baker.

"Do you require anything else from me, Sir?"

"Be as creative as you need to be," Jensen says firmly, a hint of a smile beginning to tug on the corner of his mouth, before his expression returns to deathly serious. "But with Graham especially getting close first would be a good idea. We don't know where he's keeping his work, and you may be able to find out what we haven't."

There's a pause. "Welcome to Eta Protocol, Agent Scott."

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