Evelyn Tash
Evelyn Rae Tash
Portrayed By Marion Raven
Gender Female
Date of Birth May 29
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Aliases Ev
Place of Birth Grants Pass, OR, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Student
Known Relatives mother (in NYC), father (in OR)
Known Abilities Aerokinesis
First Appearance Mar 24, 2007
(not posted)

Evelyn is a high school student who moved to the NYC area in the fall of 2006. She hails from some obscure place somewhere on the west coast, as far as most NYC inhabitants are concerned. The surest way to locate Ev' is to find wherever has the fewest people - and the most books.


Born and raised in Grants Pass, OR, Evelyn moved to New York after her mother got a (better) job there. That much is generally known. If pushed, Ev' says there really isn't much else of note.


Sep 14 A semi-stranger and an almost-friend drop in uninvited to share disturbing information. Gene, Evelyn, Peter


Mar 26

  • Evelyn: "Nuh-uh. 'Watch the hall' does not translate into 'forge my pass'."
  • Chris: "Fine, fine. I'll fill it out myself. Probably get caught. Busted. Kicked out of school. But, I guess I'll manage. I hear McDonald's is paying well this time of year."
  • Evelyn: "Doesn't McDonald's pay pretty much the same all year round?"
  • Chris: "You are too smart for my own good, you know that?"

June 16 - Drive-by Storm

  • Niki: "You ever see anything like that happen before? The crazy wind, I mean."
  • Evelyn: "No. I've seen crazy weather, sometimes, but nothing like that… I take it it's news to you, too? Not normal New York summer weather?"
  • Niki: "I'm not from New York, but it seemed kinda outta place. It really wrecked some branches and caused some … serious damage… You know… you were right in the middle of it. The wind."
  • Evelyn: "I know. It was… very strange."


  • Evelyn is on the List.
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