Everett Southway

"Sarcasm, dear. If I'm to be your agent, you will become well-acquainted with my many different flavours of it."

Casting: Tom Hardy
Date of Birth: May 6, 1979
Age: 32
Place of Birth: Dover, England
Occupation: Talent Agent
Ability: ???
Power Grade:
Registration Status: ☒ UN ☐ REG
Theme Song:

Everett Jacob Southway II is the Chief Talent Agent of Southway & Associates Casting, Los Angeles. The company's main branch is in London, and has a long history of casting for theatre. The film and television branch in LA is a new endeavor. Everett is the son of the retired founder, Everett Sr.


Everett Southway II, also known as Ever Jr., or, Ever the Younger, was born into a casting family. Not Hollywood, but rather theatre casting. His father was the second generation of Southways to cast for the stage, and it was always assumed that he would become the third. When he was seven, he started attending auditions. His parents (especially his father) didn't want his son to get parts based on the family name, so he auditioned under the stage name of Edmund Morley.

Young Everett did quite well in the beginning. Chorus work, mostly at first, but then a few advertisements. Then he hit a particularly awkward growth spurt and became gangly and acne-faced. That ended his youth stint as an actor. He did however, learn quite a bit about the other side of the camera in the process. He started learning the ropes of the family business after that, and he directed several stage productions throughout his teen years.

Everett's relationship with his father was fairly functional. Although his father clearly hoped he'd follow in his footsteps in the family business, he never forced his son into it. In fact, Everett went away and spent two years in theatre school, studying set design and direction before he finally quit and returned to work for his father.

Everett may have spent the rest of his life working as a second-in-command and casting for London's West End were it not from a series of strokes that his father suffered. Although Everett Sr. survived, he had to retire from theatre work. Without his father there to focus the company on theatre, talk began of branching into film, television and commercial casting. The other partners in the firm decided that Everett Jr. would be the ideal candidate to send to Los Angeles to open a foreign office. In their eyes, he was young, dynamic and knowledgable, and had a fair bit of experience handling actors.

Everett was not keen to leave London, but the partners made it clear that this was not exactly a request. He nearly left the company, but a heartfelt talk with his father made him change his mind. He was being sent somewhere he didn't want to go, yes. But the partners were also showing great faith in his ability. He was twenty-eight years old, capable and intelligent. And he was being given a chance to spread his wings.

Culture shock was natural. Without connections built from two generations of Southway & Associates under his belt, Everett would have surely failed. However, his father and grandfather had helped start the careers of men and women who cut their teeth in the London theatre scene before moving to Hollywood. Many were powerful and well-respected. Before long, the Los Angeles office of Southway & Associates was doing good business.

Everett had culture shock, and also a learning curve. He had to learn what television and film producers wanted, which was often quite different from what was wanted for the stage. But he adapted, though a lingering bitterness at being made to leave his home country lingered. He found he was none-too-fond of American culture, especially the often-plastic sheen of Hollywood.

There was something else bothering him - something he hid and kept very close to his chest. For years, he had begun to feel slightly…different. He started to realize he was indeed different. He refuses to acknowledge that he's Evolved, though he really can't deny it and has experimented with his ability. He doesn't want to face what it means.


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