2007-08-29: Everybody Loves Lachlan


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Summary: This is yet another day in the man known as Lachlan James Deatley's life. Get walked in on naked by fiancee's little-sister figure. Give little-sister figure Man Talk. Tickle fiancee until she cries. And scotch. Lots of scotch.

Date It Happened: August 29th, 2007

Everybody Loves Lachlan

Cass Aldric's Apartment, Brooklyn, New York

The first week of school was hectic. Elena at first contemplated staying in the mansion for the night, considering Heidi had just gotten back and she wanted to see her, having not seen Nathan's wife and her friend in so long. Unfortunately the moment she walks in the mansion, she heard….sounds….from the upstairs. She thought she could endure it, she thought she could block it out. But she decided that the moment she stepped on a pair of leopard print boxers that could only belong to the man of the house, that it was the last straw and that she was sleeping over at Cass's today.

So this is where she is now, trying the door and opening it. She had called Enlightenment to ask Cass whether she could spend the night, and her older sister figure was, of course, sympathetic. She had stopped by to borrow a spare key to her place earlier, considering it was still early in the afternoon. Bonnie greets her at the door, wagging her tail and recognizing her scent. So she reaches down and scritches the dog's ears.

Cass was still at work. She has no idea where Lachlan is. So armed with her duffel bag and her bookbag, she wanders further into Cass's apartment.

It shouldn't be hard to figure out where Lachlan is, because there's singing coming from the bathroom. Obviously, since Cass is at work (and since the voice is baritone and heavily Scottish) that is where he is. The singing tapers off into a bit of quiet sing-song cursing as cupboards are opened and closed and finally, the doorknob twists and the door opens. It's just so quick and sudden. Door opens, out steps Scotsman. Stark-naked. And wet from the shower. Someone hasn't been paying attention to Bonnie's signals, otherwise he'd know that there's someone in the living room within easy and plain sight of his fantastic nude body.

Oh. Lachlan was home! Great, someone she could talk to while Cass is still at work. Setting her things along the corner of the hallway leading to the door, the duffel bag and her bookbag set in a careful little pile. She walks to the living room, just as a STARK NAKED LACHLAN walks out of the bathroom to…..apparently leave it. Without anything on. So the glorious Spartan body strides out, just as she turns around to see what the noise is about.

This is where the director gets creative.

There's a sudden cutscene of the outside of Cass's apartment building, a PIERCING SCREAM shattering the tranquility of the mid-day. PIGEONS stir from their perch, frantically flying in a dramatic frenzy from the rooftops.

"D…d…d….d….!" Elena's finger points at Lachlan, her face gray and her eyes wide. "OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD." She quickly turns around, burying her face in her hands. "OH MY GOD. LACHLAN. OH MY GOD."

Rewind a few seconds. In the silence before Elena arrives, the phone rings. And rings and rings. Finally, the answering machine picks up.

Hi, this is Cass, right now I've either been abducted by aliens, am traveling through space and time, or possibly at work. So, leave me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I'm back in this time/space continuum. Have a great day! BEEEP.

A few seconds after the beep, Cass' voice. "Hey Lach, it's me! Elena stopped by a little while ago and said she'd be over to spend the night! Meant to call you earlier, but I got a rush of customers. You're not answering your cellphone, so thought I'd leave a message here just in case you're still there. I gave her a spare key, so if she comes in, don't think she's a burglar or try to kill her. No potatoes! I'll be home soon. Love you!"

See, nobody was supposed to be in the apartment when Lachlan forgot his towel. That's why he just walked out of the bathroom without a care. So when there's a piercing scream, he nearly leaps out of his skin and slams his back against the wall — and gapes in horrified shock. That piercing scream is accompanied by a much more masculine howl of terror and horror. And another. "OH M'GOD. OH M'GOD. OH M'GOD. STOP LOOKIN'." His hands go down to cover his more male parts, but he himself is frozen in utter shock.

And to add to the din, Bonnie starts to bark and howl excitedly. OH BOY OH BOY IT IS FUN MAKE NOISE TIME?

"OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD." Elena turns around to try and address Lachlan, except she's reminded that he's naked again. "I DON'T WANT TO LOOK YOU'RE RIGHT THERE! OH MY GOD!" Pause. "OH MY GOD!" She whirls around again, and in a panic, she knocks down a lamp. Thankfully it doesn't break, but she reaches for the nearest door she can find, jerks it open, and RUNS in………..only to realize it's the linen closet in the hall. Her forehead KNOCKS RIGHT into the top shelf, and she staggers back, holding her face in her hand and groaning as several towels and things drop on the floor. She gropes around, partially blind, snatching cloth, ANY CLOTH, within reach, and, still blindly, holds out her arm to Lachlan. "T…t…just TAKE IT. PUT SOMETHING ON. OH MY GOD."

The thing happens to be a puny little dishcloth.

Lachlan is slowly side-stepping toward the bathroom again, inching, with his back pressed hard to the wall. He's not making much progress. Eyes wide, mouth flapping wordlessly and emitting flustered, appalled nothings, he looks as though he might just suddenly fall over dead of embarrassment. In fact, he'd like to. When he's offered the cloth, he snatches it with desperation … and then holds it before his face. "… THE BLOODY HELL'M I S'POSED TA COVER WITH THIS?!" he demands in a voice that pitches shrill with panic. "GIMME A BLOODY TOWEL!" Dishcloths are not sufficient for his honor.

HE'S EMBARASSED?! She's not supposed to see this sort of thing until she was MARRIED! Elena's face has gone from gray to a bright, fiery red. "Wh…wh…WHAT SORT OF PERSON JUST WALTZES OUT OF THE BATHROOM COMPLETELY NAKED?" comes the rejoinder. Because this wasn't done in her house. She's never been in the dorms, and she COMPLETELY MISSED Mr. Winters' foray into drunken streaking so who ends up being the first man she ever sees naked but her big sister-type figure's fiance?! This just figures. "ALRIGHT ALRIGHT. HOW BIG DOES IT HAVE TO BE?!" Oh god, Lachlan, don't answer that, she'll die. Finally, she manages to grope a large towel and holds her arm out again, her back mostly turned to him and for good measure, her free hand is over her eyes. Oh my god. OH MY GOD.

When Cass said in her message she would be home soon, she meant it. There's a little extra help at the bookstore that she hired temporarily while Peter is gone and she wants to make sure that Elena gets settled in alright and isn't too lonely in her apartment all by herself. Plus, bad things can happen here. Robberies, attacks, sudden unwanted nudity. By the time Cass steps off the stairs, she can hear muffled loud noises. As she gets closer, she realizes that it's coming from inside her apartment. Of course. It always is comes from her apartment. When she tries the door, it's unlocked. So, she just pushes it open and what she sees - and possibly others in the hallway who have peeked out to find out what the fuss is - is a very naked Lachlan being handed a dishcloth by Elena. She's too shocked to shut the door immediately. "LACHLAN! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!"

The response to the question of how big it has to be? It sounds like this:

"WHAAHHWAUH!??!?!!?!?!?!" It's not a very comprehensive answer. But relief! Towel! The end of the horror is in sight! Victory! Heavenly chorus surrounding a big fluffy white terrycloth rectangle! His savior!

Shit, is that the door opening? Lachlan's horror is redoubled when Cass enters. Bonnie is barking still, totally thrilled that everyone is making lots of noise, and Lachlan is standing there with a dish cloth in one hand (as well as, uh, well) and his other reaching for the towel. Screw that. As soon as Cass comes in, he bails. Snatching the towel from Elena's grasp as he flees, he attempts to wrap it around his waist while running, stumbles, gets his legs tangled in it, falls to the floor, and finishes his very undignified exit by scrambling madly into the bedroom on all fours and kicking the door closed behind his naked ass.

Why does God hate him so much?

"Oh my god. Oh my god. Is he gone? Is he gone?" Elena cries against the hands on her face. And no, she's not pulling them away from her horrified expression. She's beet red still, and she's WAY TOO AFRAID to turn around. If she had the guts, she'd tear her hands away from her face and leap on Cass like a traumatized puppy. But she just remains there, standing, her face buried into her palms. She hears the door slam behind her, so much like a little girl watching a scary movie by herself, she turns around sloooooooooooooooooowly and peeks from between her fingers. No more Lachlan. She could practically melt on the floor in relief.

The door shuts with a decisive thud. "What. The. Hell!" Now that the shock is wearing off, Cass is finally starting to piece together what must have happened. The answering machine light is still blinking, Lachlan sometimes comes out of the shower naked, Elena came in. Oh my. Dropping her bag by the door, the bookstore owner quickly approaches Elena. "Wow. Um. So. Welcome to my apartment." Embarrassed much? Why yes, thanks for asking. "I am so sorry about that. I left him a message that you'd be coming, but I don't think he got it." Obviously. "Come on, I have chocolate in the kitchen. And scotch."

"…..why not, I can't get drunk anyway though so I can't exactly forget what I saw," Elena moans towards Cass, but she pulls her face away and follows her 'big sister' type figure to the kitchen. "…..I know, I know. After a couple of weeks I'll look back on this and laugh. Or cry. Maybe both. I don't know. Thanks for letting me stay here for a couple of nights. I mean, after I stepped on those leopard prints, I…I just couldn't." A sheepish smile is cast to the bookstore owner as she leans against the kitchen counter, her arms folding up on it. "And I love sleeping on couches, by the way. Sometimes I feel it's a little comfier than a bed. So how was your day?" She sneaks a glance over her shoulder where Lachlan hid himself.

A glance over at the bedroom doorway and then Cass leads Elena into the kitchen. Getting out a large bar of Green & Black chocolate (dark), she sets it front of her friend and then gets two glasses out of the cabinets. In one, she pours a thin finger of Scotch for the Latina and in the other a much larger portion. "Please don't laugh at my fiancee's….member…." Is there a polite way to put that? "And…don't cry at it either…" Ugh. "There's just no good way to put this. Let's just pretend it never happened." At the thought of Nathan leopard print boxers, the other woman pales again. "Let's….not talk about that one either. Until I'm drunk and hanging out with Nathan and can tease him about them. Just…one second." She holds up a finger and the glass that might have been for her is taken with her to the bedroom door. Much like a mom with a glass of milk, she raps softly. "Lach? You okay? I'm going to put this glass right inside the door. When you're ready to come out, we'll be in the kitchen. Okay, baby?"

There's no real response from the bedroom, but as soon as Cass moves away from the door, a hand slips out, takes it, and slowly retreats back into the bedroom. Whimper.

"I….I….I'm not supposed to see one until I'm married," Elena squeaks weakly, but her eyes do follow the chocolate bar set in front of her. "And I'm not even sure if I EVER want to get married. And…and….do they all really look like that?? It…it looks like…" She lowers her voice, and whispers. "…itlookslikeasharpei." She's a biology major to be sure but it's not like she's ever seen one in the flesh. And they were all diagrams when she was studying human anatomy! At the object set in front of her, well, she could always eat. So she unwraps the label and the foil. "…..yes. Let's not. Let's talk about your day. Oh, did I tell you I got a tattoo?" she asks. But while she can't show Cass, she's not going to risk doing it and have Lachlan walk in the room. "My friend at school conned me into getting one." See? She's trying to CHANGE THE SUBJECT. And when Cass moves to aid Lachlan by giving him some scotch and being comforting, she downs her finger's worth of scotch in one shot, and swallows. It burns all the way down, and she coughs.

Seeing Lachlan take the glass, Cass gives a nod and heads back to the kitchen. She puts a reassuring hand on Elena's shoulder. "It was going to happen eventually. I mean, this is New York." It could be worse. It could have been a crazy person in the Village. Instead it's Lachlan and she has some moral support to back her up. "That's….yes. But they look different when…okay. I'm not health class. We'll…I don't know. We'll rent porn one night, lock the boys out and you'll be educated in adult ways without my boyfriend being the model." This is what older sisters do, right? Man, she's not sure. She never had any siblings. Boy this is a mess. LOOK A CHANGE OF SUBJECT. EXCELLENT. "Oh, a tattoo, really? I love tattoos." She has two herself. "What'd you get one of? I've been thinking of getting another on my ankle, but just haven't found the time or the right image yet." Seeing her finish her drink, she raises an eyebrow. "Want another?" It's that kind of day.

"…that's true. Better Lachlan than….I don't know. Some bum in the subway. At least Lachlan's attractive and I'm pretty sure he won't give me nightmares or anything like that." Elena just…won't be able to look him in the eye EVER AGAIN. He actually looks a little scary when naked! But not enough to give her nightmares. But when Cass offers to watch porn with her, she practically chokes on her chocolate. "I. …uh." WHAT DO YOU SAY TO SOMETHING LIKE THAT? "….maybe. I don't know if I can sit through one without doing what I just did. You know, pale imitation of Macaulay Culkin." She claps both hands on her cheeks and makes a 'Scream' face. But when Cass latches onto the tattoo, she grins. "It's a thorny rose, with a bit of a tribal-style thingy to it. I didn't really want it anywhere visible on my person in case I do the formal thing…I mean one day I might have to go to a science benefit or something like that, right? So….I got it around my hip." As for the offer of another glass of scotch, she nudges her glass forward.

After a little time, the door to the bedroom opens again and out peeks Lachlan. They're in the kitchen. The scotch is in the kitchen. If he weren't in such dire need of getting drunk, the Scot would remain in the room forever until Elena left, but … scotch. After some hesitation and moments to work up the courage to venture forth again, Lachlan shuffles out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. He's not looking at either of the women, and this time he's dressed. Sorta. He's got pants on, at least, so the tattoo over his left ribs is also visible. A furtive glance is given to Cass and Elena, and then his gaze is locked on the floor. "'M just … um." He inches forward until he's close enough to reach for the scotch bottle, which he does. If he's allowed to take it, he'll be taking off for the bedroom again.

Hopefully Lachlan won't give Elena nightmares. He's not that scary. Or, at least, Cass doesn't find him so. And then there's choking and uncomfortable silence. "I don't know!" She squeaks a little. "I mean, we don't have to. Just…you're going to see more eventually! And it may be better for your potential boyfriend slash husband if you didn't shriek, cover your eyes and keep yelling 'OH MY GOD'. It's not really good for their self esteem! At least this way you know what you're in for!" That's her defense and she's sticking with it. Really, what an uncomfortable conversation. "That sounds great. I love tattoos. They're like little pictorial visions of who you are or were." Tilting her head toward the doorway, Cass smiles at Lachlan's emergence. "Hi there. Do I finally get my kiss hello?" Because she's going to keep that bottle of scotch out of reach until he does.

"I…." Elena pauses, and she shakes her head. She suddenly bursts out laughing, burying her face in her hands. "…..oh god. If I wasn't so mortified I'd be laughing at this conversation." She rubs her face and exhales a breath. When Lachlan walks up, she smiles at him. Her cheeks are a little pink still, but she doesn't look so horrified anymore. So instead, whenever Cass refills her glass, she takes it back, and swirls the amber liquid around. And when the two start being cute, she can't help the affectionate bent on her smile, glancing down to her glass. "But thanks. I see Lachlan's got a tattoo, too. I don't know, I always wanted one - I have a navel piercing, but Manny's got a substantial amount of ink on him so I figure, why not, right? At least no one would see it." She pauses. "…well. Not yet anyway." She takes a sip of the scotch, slowly getting used to it.

It's Cass. There is no keeping the bottle out of reach when she's against Lachlan. He's bigger and stronger and taller and also isn't inclined to take things by force from Cass, so he resigns to giving her that kiss she requested. Even if it is kinda rushed and chaste because oh god showing affection towards the woman he has sex with in front of the woman he just surprised naked is so horrific. "Yeah. S'm'tattoo." He mumbled to the floor.

The wry grin that Cass has been wearing through this finally turns into something more like a smirk. She's no longer so mortified and is actually starting to see the strange hilarity in the situation. This isn't the first penis she's seen and she's not the one who was naked in front of company. Really, she came out of this situation relatively squeaky clean. "He did. I call it Fluffy." Just to add a little embarrassment to the situation without realizing it. Once Lachlan kisses her, she gives up the bottle of scotch without much of a fight. "It's okay, baby. Everything is fine and we're just not going to speak of the last couple minutes to anyone again, right?" She gives Elena a sort of pleading look and then looks back to Lachlan. "Right."

"It's awesome," Elena tells Lachlan with a grin. She takes another sip of her drink, and looks over at Cass. Yes. Go, underaged drinking. Then again it's not like she could get drunk, that was something, right? "…you called it Fluffy?" She can't help but grin even wider, propping her chin on one hand. "You guys are so cute. So what have you two been up to? Aside from letting me shack up with the two of you for a couple of nights or so?" She nibbles on her chocolate for a bit. "And yes. Yes, never speaking of it again. I promise. Cross my heart." She makes a little cross over said heart.

. . she calls it what?! Lachlan seems a little taken aback by that and stares at Cass. Or maybe he knew that and he's just mortified that she'd say it in front of a woman who just saw his dork. "S'no' Fluffy," he insists … then self-consciously covers it with one hand. The other pours himself another scotch. "Nothin'." That's his response to Elena's question of what they've been doing. "An' y'know, yer gonna have ta look at one sometime. Bloody hell, ye should've looked at Peter's a'ready."

That's right, she calls it Fluffy. Cass beams at Lachlan. They had this talk before. Of course, he was three sheets to the wind and she was teasing him, but that doesn't matter much, does it? "You agreed to it, baby." The grin turns to Elena. "It's because it's just so cute." The kryptonite word for the Scot. "Well, nothing much. I've just been at the store or at the labs when I'm not here. The usual." Taking a sidestep, she wraps an arm around Lachlan. "Lachlan. Come on. She just had a traumatizing experience. Now isn't time for the Peter talk." Pause. Wait. Peter is another word for…uh…blush. "I mean. The Peter Petrelli talk."

"Well I suppose Cass is allowed to say the 'C' word but I suppose that's just part of the fiancee contract," Elena jokes, taking a sip of the scotch. But when Lachlan says his last, and Cass tries to back her up, she chokes on the alcoholic drink, keeling over on the counter and thumping her chest with a fist and tears leaking out at the corner of her eyes. Just a few. She wipes her fingers at the corners. "That's…" COUGH. "Some good…" Wheeze. "Scotch." She rubs her face, and she shakes her head. "Besides, are you crazy? There's no way I'm prepared for that. I don't even know if we're still friends! I haven't talked to him close to a month," She groans. "Nevermind." She slugs down the rest of the scotch. The jPhone in her pocket suddenly feels heavy.

Oh Elena. Dear sweet naive Elena. "Yer more'n just friends, Jesus," Lachlan sighs, totally ignoring Cass' 'this-is-not-the-time' statement. "Fer fuck's sake, a guy's got needs, an' Peter's a guy. Jerkin' 'im 'round like tha' … s'just mean. Get a bloody rubber an' have at it a'ready." And … wait, waht? Cute? Cute?! His eyes snap to Cass, exasperated. "… S'no' bloody cu—" Okay, that just does it. "Y'know wha'? C'mere." She shouldn't have wrapped that arm around him, because now Lachlan is moving to pick Cass up in his arms and, if he succeeds, carry her to the living room, where she will be dropped on the couch and tickled mercilessly. He will show her "cute".

While Cass was planning on having a talk with Elena about Peter at some point, right after she just happened to see Lachlan naked was not one of those times. "Well. I mean. You are friends with him. And the past month does not count, since he's been in the future. So. You like him, right? He likes you, right? So, what's wrong with expressing it? I'm not saying jump him. I'm saying…talk to him. Make out with him. You know, the regular stuff." Lachlan's cruder statements get an eyebrow raise. "That is not what I'm saying. You don't have to have sex with him. Just—-NO! DON'T YOU DARE!" But, despite her protests she's picked up and carried to the living room. Squealing and kicking, she's tickled mercilessly, giggling and trying to get out of reach. "EEEE!"

The latina's mouth opens to protest, at first, but shuts her mouth with a click. Well, she can't deny that. Somewhere along the line they've graduated from being 'just friends' and got beyond that, but somehow managed to remain less than lovers. It was strange, being in teenaged/in-your-twenties limbo. "He kicked me out of his apartment," Elena grumbles under her breath, crossing her arms over her chest stubbornly. "After he got so insanely mad at me over something I did before I met him that he BLEW UP HIS OWN BALCONY. How the hell is a girl supposed to take that? If he wanted me to fulfill his….needs… he wouldn't do something like that. He kicks me out, sends me half a dozen messages while I'm gone, and when I call back, he doesn't answer and I find out days later that he's IN THE FUTURE. Possibly forever, because I have absolutely no idea if he managed to do this before and managed to get back." She's still clearly huffy about it, but her heart's not in it. Must be those messages that he left. "Anyway. I don't know. I guess we'll see. Everything's kind of up in the — " Air? She stares as Lachlan tosses Cass on the couch and tickles her. She lifts up her jPhone.


She beams. "Moment!" she says cheerfully, the broody expression wiped away for the time being.

The thing about couches is that they have a back, and with Lachlan kneeling at the front, there's not many places for Cass to go. She is trapped, and he's not easing up. Well, okay, he does start to ease up finally when he deems that the torture is just getting to be too much. Then he releases her, but not before muttering, "S'wha' ye get fer callin' it 'cute'" and giving her a quick but affectionate kiss. And then there's … is that a camera? The Scot blinks at Elena. "… least ye dinna whip tha' out b'fore." He probably doesn't have to specify what she would've snapped a photo of "b'fore".

"Wh— WHY WOULD I WANT A PICTURE OF THAT?" Elena cries from the kitchen.

"I DUNNO," retorts Lachlan, voice once again pitching upward, "SOME GIRLS LIKE THA' SORT O' THING."

There's a lot that Cass could retort to Elena having to do with Peter. That he's a boy and doesn't know how to talk to girls, that he's Peter and is unsure of himself, that she's being stubborn and an idiot, and really they should just honestly talk to each other and set things straight. There are many things that she could say right now. However, she's having the life tickled out of her so the only thing she can say is in abbreviated, undecipherable squeals. Finally, once Lachlan lets up she takes deep deep breaths and says nothing for a moment. "But you are," she grins and quickly moves to get out of reach. "And Elena, stop being a pigheaded teenager and talk to Peter when he gets back. Honestly. You two are like clueless puppies." There's no malice or threat in her voice. Only amusement. "And no one gets pictures of that if they're not me, Lachlan."

"He is," Elena says, checking out the digital picture and grinning at what she took, stowing it away in her back pocket and setting the glass away. Before she turns into an alcoholic - besides it's not like it does her much good anyway considering her powers prevent her from going too hard the way of inebriation. Sliding her hands in her pockets, she leans her back against the counter behind her. She still has the stubborn look on her face. Pigheaded, that she is. She can't help it, she gets it from both her parents. She's not as bad as Lachlan, but she is pretty bad. Finally, she exhales a breath and she looks up at the ceiling. "I…ugh." The stubborn expression fades, just a touch. "…I'm not even really angry anymore. It's enough for me if he just comes back and isn't dead." She's worried, and it's expressed rather clumsily.

NO HE IS NOT CUTE. Even though Cass moves out of tickling reach, she's not out of range of a pillow attack. Lachlan snatches one off the couch and hurls it at his fiancee playfully, grinning broadly. Then he drops onto the couch with a sigh and sprawls out there. It's been a hell of a day. Elena saw him naked and Cass saw Elena seeing him naked and so did the neighbors. "He'll come back," he grunts. "S'Peter. He allus comes back." Duh.

"An' then ye can get t'gether an' bump uglies." Pause. "Think I've still got some rubbers if ye need 'em."

While a pillow to the face for most people isn't that big of a deal. A pillow to the face of Cass when she's not expecting it means a tumble from the couch and into a pile of ungraceful limbs. "KLAJGALK!" Is the approximate sound that she makes as she tumbles from the sofa in her attempt to get away, derailed by pillowing. When Lachlan sprawls himself out on the couch, she glares at him and then pounces so that she's sitting right on his stomach. For good measure. And then she smacks him with the pillow she was just toppled with. "He'll come back, Elena. You're here." And she says it with unwavering belief and sincerity. That might be a little undermined by her position, but the sentiment is still there.

She blinks a little bit at what Cass says, Elena falling quiet for a moment. Glancing down at the floor, she SIGHS, and rakes a hand in half-exasperation through her hair. "Yeah, well," she sniffs. "I'm hoping I'm there too. In the future. Because Older And Hopefully Smarter And Gutsier Me would kick him back here after he finds everything he needs to find." She pauses. "….I can't help but be a little impressed. It's a good idea. I just hope it all works out. If Peter and Hiro are stuck there…." But she doesn't want to think about the possibility. Instead, she walks over, and flops on the couch with them. Like one big happy family. Except not. She playfully pokes at Lachlan's big toe.

Harharhardee hardee har ha— BOOF! Pillow to the face. There's a moment of flailing before Lachlan manages to bring his arms up to push the pillow down from his face to peer at Cass on his stomach. Fine, he'll give her that, but only if she lets him wrap his arms around her waist and hold her contentedly (if not awkwardly). "They're no' stuck there," he states with finality. "They're comin' ba— ACK!" OH SHE WANTS TO POKE HIS TOE. The Scot suddenly snakes his legs over to lock themselves around Elena's stomach. "Bloody hell, wha's with ye both t'day?"

"They're not stuck there," Cass tells Elena confidently, wrapping her arms around Lachlan. It's an organic sort of gesture. One she doesn't even have to think about. While she has her own doubts about the situation, it helps no one - least of all Elena - if she brings them up now. Peter and Hiro will come back. And they'll come back in one piece. Or, well, two pieces. Two whole Peter and Hiro pieces. "We'll see them again and we'll be able to stop whatever happens because they'll know." She's got confidence in that. To Lachlan, she just grins. "I don't know about Elena. I just love you a lot." And though it's mushy and cliched, she just swoops in to give him a big kiss.

She can't help but squeal-laugh a little bit when Lachlan locks her stomach between his legs, Elena falling back a bit against the couch. She grins widely at the large Scot. "And I love you too, Scottish," she teases. "But….not in the desk sort of way Cass does." She pokes at his knee lightly. "Anyway since I'm freeloading off the two of you for tonight, I think I'll cook us all dinner. It's the least I can do." She ponders. "….and thanks a lot. You know. For the reassurances. I know I worry a lot too. Besides, seeing the two of you play around makes me happy."

Lachlan rumbles out a low and happy hum at Cass' explanation and is more than happy to accept that kiss. "Yeah, well, I love ye a lot too," he informs her truthfully. And to Elena, he grins and pokes her in the side with one of his toes. "Yer a'righ', chicka— " which, when said with a Scottish accent, it should be noted, is a very very funny word. It's just weird to say 'I love you' to someone who isn't Cass. It's already weird enough that he says it to Cass on a near-constant basis. As for supper, well, he's not going to say no that. It's free dinner.

The three of the are on the couch, so Cass lets go of Lachlan enough to give Elena squeezing hug. Then, she releases her. Because Elena cooked dinner is too good to pass up. "Well, I'm not about to say no to a home cooked meal by someone who's not me!" How could she? Playfully, she pushes Elena off the couch and toward the kitchen. "Don't worry, Elena. He'll be back. He has to." For everyone. Because she didn't stop him and maybe she should have. Because he's Peter. A lot of reasons. Leaning back against the couch and against Lachlan, she grins, she puts wraps her arms around him again, content to wait out dinner - or until Elena needs help - that way. "What else are heroes here for?"

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