2011-02-28: Everybody Makes Mistakes



Date: February 28, 2011


It's whether or not you learn from them that's the important part.

"Everybody Makes Mistakes"


Ivory Wynn is doing something that he never thought he'd get the chance to do again… Jog. He's jogging through Battery Park at this particular moment, where it is getting darker and darker. Ivory has never really been afraid of the darkness and the fact that he's jogging in an all black sweat suit (and that he's black) may have something to do with him looking suspect. But one never really knows what someone of his previous stature is up to. Right now, though, it's jogging. At night.

What do women do when they are new to a city? They sit in a park and pownder their own boredom. Savannah is sitting on a park bench reading the latest copy of Cosmo. Her eyes lift up at the gathering darkness and then back to the magazine. There is a light chuckle to the article that she's currently reading, but for the moment, it holds her attention.

Ivory may not be noticing the fact that there are women reading magazines around… except for the fact that he is very much attracted to women. Which is always a reason to stop whatever he's doing. At this point, it happens to be jogging. Pulling up short, he moves off towards the other end of the bench to sit down with his somewhat sweaty self. There's the occasional look over at the hottie that's on the bench, but that's it. He's playing it cool for the moment.

That bench shifts a bit with the weight and that draws Savannah's attention. Her eyes of hazel widen before she gives a large smile towards Ivory. "Well Howdy.." Her hand comes out towards him in an offer of shaking. "Savannah Montgomery, who might y'all be?"

"Ivory. Ivory Wynn." The man of the non-hour reaches out to take her hand and give it a shake back. He's not opposed to making with the meeting of new people. Especially if these people don't seem to want to see him back in prison or something. He smirks, though, as he notices her magazine and gives a bit of a shake of his head. "Uh oh. Cosmo. Am I going to have to apologize on behalf of my gender anytime soon?"

Savannah laughs to that and shakes out the fall of her brunette hair. "Nah, Sugah. Ah might have to apologize foh mine though. Ah mean, do they think this all to be truth?" A tsk of her tongue to the back of her teeth. "Ah just don't undahstand women now days, why they ain't wantin' to be women. They just want to be like a man, ya know?"

"Now that is definitely something I don't understand. I mean, honestly, women are perfect by nature. Take you, for instance. I don't even know you and you're already stunning me with your beauty." Ivory cracks a bit of a smile, just to make sure his pearly whites are showing. "Why would anyone not want to be that? Not to say that women can't do the same jobs that men do. But just… do it in a mini-skirt." He's kidding. Right?

Savannah blushes a bit at the first compliment and lowers her lashes in a coyish fashion. "Well.. Ah do declahe y'all ahe a bit sweet with ya words." Her Georgian accent clearly coming through. She gives him a brighter smile before frowning a bit at that skirt comment. "It ain't right for a lady to be wearin' a mini-skirt. Ah mean, if'n ya show it all off, what ahe the men goin' to wait foh and respect?"

Ivory raises his hands up to look as innocent as possible. Because that's just the kind of guy he is. Innocent. "I'm not sayin' it has to be the shortest skirt in the history of mankind. Not that I would mind that." Ivory is all for keeping it real it seems. "But a little teasing never hurt nobody. How else do you expect me to risk embarrassment and humiliation by trying to work up the nerve to come and sit next to you and ask you out? Miniskirts are more than just a fashion statement, you know."

Savannah seems to think this over for a few moments. Then Savannah smiles brilliantly bright and points to her jeans. "Y'all came and sat down next to me without me wearin' a short skirt." There is a chuckle and then she reaches up to try and slap his upper arm playfully. "What if'n Ah want to create a different trend, Sugah?"

"I just jogged like fifty miles. It was sit next to the hottie or sit next to him…" Ivory thumbs over towards the other bench that has a big hungry dude sitting on it. Sardine Sandwich? Ew. "A different trend? Oh, do tell." Ivory even turns in his positioning to be seated more focusedly towards Savannah. He's definitely all ears when it comes to listening to women speak. Especially when it comes to looking them in the eye…

Savannah meets his eyes without fear as she laughs. "So ya sayin' ya jogged like fifhy miles to come sit by me? Well ain't ya just the sweetest thin'." There is another laugh as she shakes her head. "Ah was thinkin' of bringin' back the long skirts and such ya know? Maybe dress like Grand-daddy talked about on the plantation with the big dresses and all." You know, when the blacks were in the fields.

"At the risk of sounding like the most uneducated member of my family, that's wack." Ivory is still smiling, since he cares nothing about plantations or anything else of that nature. He's got himself a focus and he's not going to let that focus go away. Not right now. Not when there's so much (fine ass) at stake in this moment. "Personally, I'm much more interested in what's underneath than I am what a woman is wearing." He totally means her personality. Honest. "But if you're into long skirts and such, I actually know the guy that runs the fetish shop down on 125th street. I could maybe arrange for a shopping trip to be blessed with a discount or two."

Dark brows inch downwards a bit a that. "A fetish shop what kind of gal do ya think Ah am? Ain't that the type of store that sells se.. sells.. ya know." Savannah gives a pointed look about those sex shops.

"They sell clothes too!" Ivory's hands are back up and blocking any tirades or what not! He's innocent! "I was suggesting you were… y'know." He's definitely a little too awkward to say it obviously too. Not while there's a fat man nearby. "I just know they have long skirts and stuff there. You can go to Macy's just as easily! I've got a hook up there too." It sounds like Ivory Wynn has a lot of the places in this city kind of wired.

Savannah pulls a face and shakes her head. "Nah, it's okay. I ain't got the kind of money needed to go buyin' clothes. Daddy says that a gal just like a man in they need to learn there own way." She laughs and presses her hand to his knee before starting to pull it back.

"I've got money." Ivory shrugs a little bit, as if it's not a big deal to him. "I ain't really doing anything with it. How about you let me take you on a shopping spree. Sort of a uh… Welcome to New York type deal?" Ivory plasters on his most innocent of smiles. "I only have on condition and that's that at least one thing you purchase has to be a miniskirt. You know, to test my theory."

Savannah looks at him for a moment. "Ya know, Ah ain't gonna sleep with ya, right? Ah don't mind spendin' all ya money, but ya ain't gettin' into mah pants oh mah skirts if'n Ah be wearin' em." There is a laugh. "Ya offah to buy every gal ya meet a lot of clothin'? Ya goin' to pay foh my apartment too?"

"I could. I know a guy with a building." Ivory shrugs, not really caring too much about whatever is coming out of Savannah's mouth. Which means he's kind of frowning at this point, because things have been assumed. "Listen. I've uh… let's just say I'm trying to do the right thing. Y'know, help out my fellow man or woman. Mostly woman." Ivory shrugs. "I'm not looking for anything in return. I'm just looking to help those that may be in need of something I can give."

Savannah nods to that. "Don't go frownin' at me. Ah'm a gal and Ah got to be careful. Ah mean, would ya want ya wife just takin' gifts from a man that wants to take her shoppin?" Savannah laughs again. "Daddy got me a place in the uppah city. Y'all got a place that ya live?"

"You make a good point. Sorry, I didn't think about how it would sound from your end." Ivory gives a dismissive wave of his hand to wipe the crazy antics of his previous persona away. "Sounds like your Daddy's a smart man. Keep you upside and away from all the drama, down here with us common folk."

Savannah smiles. "Well maybe Ah wanna see how the othah half lives. Ah mean where do ya live? Is it in the city here or somewhere else." Savannah smiles and pushes up off the seat. "We gonna go shoppin?"

"I dunno if a Country Girl like you is ready to see Harlem." Ivory offers a bit of a smile, though he's getting himself up to his feet also. "But, yes. We can go shopping. And since I'll need to stop home and change, I might as well let you see where I lay my head down every night."

Savannah smiles beautifully to that. "Well than let's get to shakin'." She reaches out to take his arm in escort when he stands. "So Ah don't know of ya.. wait.. Wynn? Ya be ownin' that casino in Las Vegas?"

"I'm not exactly sure I'm at liberty to say. However, if you'd like to ask me that question once we're back in the safety of my own house, I'd be more than willing to let you convince me to tell you all about my family and our legacy." Ivory Wynn is not going to be saying much of anything else in public. May not lead to the best reactions.

Savannah nods her head to that. "Suh, Sugah, ya just lead me on where ya live." Her lips curve upwards before she leans in against him. She'll be silent while they walk back to his place.

Ivory Wynn leads the way to his place without having to deal with too much drama or talking from the girl he's picked up. He keys himself into his apartment and gives a hand-waving tour. "Make yourself at home. I'm gonna' change and then we can be on our way." Ivory explains with the brightest of smiles. "I think there's some stuff in the fridge, maybe. I never eat here so…" Yeah. He's too rich to be doing that 'eat at home' crap.

This is Harlem? Why the heck wouldn't Daddy let her move here? Savannah moves instantly to the kitchen and then starts to rifle through the kitchen. "Ya know, Ah could cook ya dinnah sometime. Ah cook well, though it would have to be aftah Ah got off work sometime oh mah day off." She leans to lok at him down the hall before she opens doors and drawers.

Ivory has left all kinds of doors open. Maybe because he's trying to listen to what's going on in his apartment while he's changing. "Oh, no. This is Midtown. Harlem is where my house is." Ivory pulls off his shirt and goes about looking for a wife beater or something to put on. "This is just one of my apartments." All of these words are coming out of Ivory's mouth as if they are just commonplace. Having money just comes with the territory of being a Wynn. Soon enough, he's coming out of the back and sporting something that looks a lot more presentable than a sweatsuit. "Where you workin' at anyway?"

Savannah wrinkles up her nose. "Weren't ya runnin? Should y'all take a showah oh somethin?" There is a tip of her head as he looks over his other clothing. "How many place y'all got?" There is a smile. "Ah work at a cah place, what about ya? What do ya do foh a livin'?"

Ivory rolls his eyes. "… I guess you're right. My bad." Ivory is pulling off the shirts, once again, as he's already heading back towards the bathroom. Which is probably not a good idea. Because she's likely going to rob him blind, but that's okay. "I don't work. That's pretty much a job in and of itself." And Ivory disappears into the bathroom where there is much running water and steam.

Savannah does worse! Savannah tiptoes. tip tip tip toes to his room. Her eyes move around the area as she's stealth looking for clues about the man. Savannah is looking for photos or personal effects. "Y'all lived here long?" There is a pause as she realizes that she just yelled from his room.

"Long enough." comes yelled back from the shower. Because that's just part of him. He's too much of a conversationalist to not answer questions whilst taking a shower. He is in the midst of his showering and may be smiling since he can hear the voice from a different location. As for his room, there's not much of anything there. Just clothes. A couple of pictures from his political days. And the usual gadgets like a cell phone or three and what not.

It is that cell phone that Savannah picks up and tries to see the screen. If it is not password protected, she will flip through the contact list. The girl goes to lounge near the door to the bathroom. "Ya were in the politics thing?" The drawl of her voice is easily heard.

Oh it is very password protected. Ivory Wynn don't play with that stuff. But he listens from his showering. "A bit. Nothing serious, though. Just wasn't my scene." Ivory just continues to get his shower on, while his privacy is invaded by some woman he just met. He normally would be singing by this point but not when there is company outside his door.

Savannah mutters lightly under her breath and tries the common: God, One, Wynn, and so forth on the phone. She's trying to invade him, and penetrate that privacy. Savannah hmms softly to this. "Why wasn't it ya scene? Ya just didn't get voted foh?"

"Difference of opinion." Ivory responds. "They wanted me to do something against my morals. I wouldn't. So they made sure I would never be political again." Ivory's phone is still locked. Trying passwords will only keep it from unlocking more and more since she has yet to find the right one.

Savannah frowns and then tries the word: Women. "What did they want ya to do that was against ya morals? Ah admire a man that stands foh somethin'." Savannah moves back to his room to look for his wallet and rifle through that one.

The bathroom door opens and Ivory comes out, with pants on and not much else. He's still dripping wet a bit, but he's going to have to find some new shirts. He looks in the main area for a moment and then smirks as he goes towards the bedroom. Quietly, he leans against the frame to look inside. "Let's just say I'm not a fan of genocide." His eyebrow raises up at the sight of his wallet being rifled through. "…Find what you're looking for?" Frown.

Savannah jumps like three feet off the ground when he asks that final question. A soft, startled scream leaves the woman's lips before she spins around to look at him. "Sweet Muffins! Don't ya be walkin' up on a gal and scarin' her like that. Why I coulda just passed on from fright." Her eyes fall to this wallet as she tries to quickly put it back on the dresser. "Ya should get ready, shoppin' won't wait." See? Yeah that's right. She's not mentioning the act of getting caught. It never happened. Really.

"Right." Ivory is just shrugging and moves right along to the part where he's headed back over to the dresser and he's opening the wallet back up. "Here. I'll make this a lot easier for you." Ivory proceeds to pull out one of the credit cards there and he offers it right out to her. "I just paid this off so you should have no problem swiping it right up and getting whatever you want." He just smiles. Apparently, he has no issues with her possibly thieving ways.

Savannah moves back over to the half-dressed man and puts her hand out for the rest of the wallet, ignoring the credit card. "Ah wasn't lookin' foh ya money. Ah was lookin' foh what else ya got in there. Ya know, like pictures, othah cards, membahships and that kinda thin'."

Ivory raises an eyebrow. "Ain't got no pictures. No memberships. Nothin' like that." Ivory offers a bit of a shrug and then looks even more annoyed than he did previously. "Look. I ain't exactly sure what kinda' con you're running. But that Cosmo trick is a very good opening. But I ain't really got nothin' you could use. So…" The credit card is shoved back into the wallet and it is tossed on the dresser again. "… maybe we should go ahead and just call this one, huh?"

Savannah frowns to that. "Con?" She says the word as if it is foreign even to her lips. The word leaves a bit of disgust upon her lips and tongue as she says it. "Ah do not know what ya mean. Ya asked me to go shoppin' Ah didn't ask ya to take me." She watches his eyes for a moment. "Now ya mad at me?"

Ivory smirks and even adds a bit of rolling of his eyes to the mix. "Ain't mad. Got no reason to be mad. I've been through a lot worse than you." Ivory's just going to keep up his assuming of whatever he thinks she might be up to for real. "But I'm admittin' that I made a mistake. And if you don't mind, I'd like to rectify that mistake." He extends an arm, pointing with his hand to the door. "By asking you to leave." Yeah, he can't be hanging around this possible criminal element!

Savannah turns her eyes towards the door for a moment and then back towards him. Her lips open as if she's going to protest. A breath taken before she nods her head. "Okay. It was good to meet you Mistah Wynn." Savannah lowers her head in acknowledgement and then turns to walk out the door.

"I wish I could say the same." Ivory is making sure that she heads towards the door. He's following closely and all of that good stuff. He's been burned too many times to just let something like this slide. But at least it is being dealt with in a solid way. No drama.

Savannah smiles over her shoulder. "Mah Daddy would be rollin' in his grave, if'n he was dead. Maybe we'll run into each othah to let me make up foh it." She moves towards the door and walks out the door.

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