2007-07-01: Everyday Hero


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Summary: Mara returns to Jonathan's store to finally purchase her laptop. No robbery this time!

Date It Happened: July 1, 2007

Everyday Hero

Frontier Electronics

It's an average morning at Frontier Electronics.

Since the last time that Mara was in the store, she would definitely notice a few changes in the store. A security camera has been drilled into the facia outside of the shop, transmitting wirelessly images from the shopfront. There are also two cameras set up on the inside, and solid steel frame fence separates the back of the store from the front now, and those are just the visible changes made since the failed robbery.

Jonathan is sitting behind the counter with an open laptop when Mara walks in.

"Hello there," Mara greets quietly as she enters the shop. She notes all the changes, secretly impressed. They should go a long way toward discouraging future robbery attempts. She isn't sure the man behind the counter will even recognise her, so she doesn't make mention of her involvement in the event. Instead, she quietly browses the wares for sale.

Jonathan looks up, and his eyes widen. "Oh my goodness.", he says, immediately getting up to his feet and putting the laptop down on the counter. "Officer? Detective?", he stammers a bit. "Whatever it is. I'm so thankful that you came back. I never got a chance to properly thank you for what you did. You saved my girlfriend's life, I just know it.", he says, extending a hand to her. "I tried to find out exactly who you were through the NYPD, but they wouldn't share your name so that I could thank you personally."

Mara seems a little taken aback with Jonathan's enthusiastic thanks, but she takes his hand to shake with a small smile. "You're very welcome. I just did what I've been trained to do. I'm only glad I was able to help." She glances around and then nods her head approvingly. "You look like you took it in stride, more or less."

Jonathan looks around. "Oh, yeah. More security. I was reminded that although New York City is the city where you can make your dreams happen if you work for it, it's also a city where one person will do whatever it takes. A big, reality check.", he says, and he squeezes her hand tightly. "I owe you a great debt, Miss.", he says. "Are you still shopping for computer parts? A full computer itself?"

"I'm glad you're bouncing back." After the squeeze, Mara withdraws her hand and looks thoughtful for a moment. "I need a new laptop, actually. The faster the better. I'm an impatient sort of woman."

"A laptop?", he asks. "Fast? I can do that, definitely.", he says, his brow furrowing as he thinks about it. "Do you have any special needs for it? Games? Programs for productivity? Preference in operating system?", he asks, turning to go back to the counter and pulling out a work order pad.

"You'll probably cringe, but I swear it's only for work compatability's sake - I need Vista on it. Preferably Office 2007 with, uhm… Oh, damn. What's that program called?" Mara's brows furrow and she looks down at her shoes as she tries to recall. Three frustrated snaps of her fingers later, as though it would conjure up the right word, and she's found it. "Access! I need the Access database program if I can swing it."

Jonathan nods, jotting down some notes onto the work order. After she's through mentioning the Access program, it looks like he's still writing down stuff for a good three minutes or so. Then, he puts the pen down, looks at the work order, and nods. "Definitely. I can get this done for you, no worries at all. It might take me a few days to procure some special parts, but I've got a delivery coming in on the 3rd just before the holiday.", he says. "I'll be building it custom, I can have it ready for you on Monday. Is that okay?"

"Yeah, that should be fine." Mara reaches around behind her to procure her wallet from the back pocket of her jeans. "I should probably pay you for your trouble now. I may not be in to get it right away, and I don't want you to be sitting with an invoice for parts that you can't pay because you haven't gotten paid for your product…"

"Forgive me for saying, Miss.", Jonathan says, "But you're not going to pay for a damn thing here. You just leave me an address, and I will take the time to deliver this to you personally.", he continues. "It's the least I can do for you after what you did for me."

Mara doesn't look this gift horse in the mouth, as much as she'd maybe like to. She puts her wallet away and asks, "Do you have a pen?" Once she's got one, and some paper, she jots down her name and a phone number. "I may not be in my current apartment very long. So you just call me when it's ready, and I'll come and get it. How does that sound?"

"I can do that…", Jonathan says, taking the slip of paper and putting it on top of the work order. "…Mara Damaris.", he finishes, looking up with a smile. "Honestly. I'm happy to do this for you, and I'm not trying to get in your pants or anything. So please allow me to do this for you. You don't get paid enough for what you do, as it is.", he says, taping the work order to the large monitor sitting on the counter with the cash drawer beneath.

"I really appreciate this." Mara smiles gently and offers her hand this time. "I'm just glad everything turned out all right."

"I'll be getting in touch with you soon. Thank you again, Mara. Can't thank you enough.", he says, shaking her hand once again. "I'm gonna make sure you get a good system. Putting it together myself."

"I'm sure it will suit my needs and then some. You're welcome, and thank you." On that note, the everyday hero turns to take her leave.

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