2007-12-20: Everyday News


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Summary: Namir and William meet up for lunch to share some news. Dani happens to be eating nearby.

Date It Happened: December 20, 2008

Everyday News

Noodle Haven

Dani sits at the long counter, a partially eaten burger and fries on a plate in front of him with a half full soda next to it. He chats idly with the waitress behind the counter.

William makes his way in humming softly to himself. There's a half smile on his face, and his mood is light, even for the generally easygoing man. He makes his way up towards the counter, pausing to consider the food, probably deciding on what he wants.

Dani looks up at the new arrival, offering a slight nod in greeting before picking up a fry and popping it into his mouth. He looks to the waitress and smiles as he continues the conversation. "But the performance of Jack in that movie was great. One of his best. Next to The Shining, his role in CooCoo's Nest was his best."

William gives Dani a nod and polite smile, but he doesn't join the conversation. Food is the priority right now. He looks down to the sandwich counter before he steps up to order. "Can I get a turkey and cheese sandwich, melted?" Chips and a drink are added, not a noodle to be had.

Dani starts to say something else to the waitress, but stops when she goes to take William's order. He takes up his burger and takes a bite, swallowing it before taking a drink from his soda.

In steps Namir, dressed for warmth because daaaaaamn, it's cold out there. It would be almost like coincidence, but this is typically where he goes for lunch when Sam's working. Upon spotting William, he raises a hand in greeting as he approaches the counter. "Don't I know you from somewhere?" he remarks with a smirk.

William turns and gives Namir a grin. "Maybe. You have a sort of familiar look about you." Will states in a rather deadpan tone before he adds. "Good think I didn't order a ham and bacon sandwich." Now that the inside has warmed him up a little, Will is even ready to unzip his coat before he pays.

Dani glances back towards Namir and looks him over for a moment before turning back to his meal, draining the last of his soda before looking to the waitress, letting the other men talk. "Can I get a refill, please?"

"Yeah, you're that guy who's going to be in my wedding," Namir says, feigning sudden recognition. He gives William and friendly clap on the shoulder before glancing at the woman behind the counter. "The usual." But he'll wait patiently until Dani gets his refill. "Don't be ridiculous, you could get a pork-filled sandwich if you want. You just can't kiss me afterward." Hey, it's some kind of sign when Namir can joke like this. Really it is. "What have you been up to?"

William gives Namir a raised eyebrow. "Does that mean that I can kiss you now since I didn't?" He asks jokingly before he shrugs. "Spending some more time with A.J. Quiting my job." And that's all in the same calm even tone he usually uses. Dani gets another quick look as Will takes in good spots to sit. "Should we grab spots here at the counter?" This time of the day, it's a busy place to eat in after all. Most tables are full or nearly so.

Dani sits there and is about to take another bite then comes the question about the kissing. He raises an eyebrow and takes a look at the two. It's not his way, but who is he to judge. He shrugs slightly and returns to his meal.

"Only if you want Sam to come after you with a horrible implement of torture," chuckles Namir at the kissing comment. Now is probably an unfortunate time to have a girlfriend named Samantha who goes by 'Sam'. He glances around the restaurant as well, noting the tables, then at the counter. "Mm, probably. It looks crowded everywhere else. What was that about quitting your job?"

William chuckles at Namir's comment. "Alright then. I'll save the kissing for A.J. I'd much rather continue to have someone to go to the theater with than have Sam stabbing me with needles." Will states, watching Dani for a moment. Yeah, he caught the raised eyebrow. But then he looks back to Namir. "Yeah. I quit. I don't think that teaching bratty kids math is what I will be happy doing." And calling the kids bratty, now, from Will that's a strong statement.

Dani finishes his meal and leaves some money on the counter for his ticket and the tip. "Have a good one." He says to no one in particular before he heads out.

Namir takes a seat at the counter and smiles Dani at the parting, then at the counter jockey as he's brought his food, but his attention is soon fixed on Will again. "Leave the Sam stabbing needles bit to me." Okay, Namir's not a masochist, but he really doesn't mind that he gets stuck with needles often by his fiance. Back to the serious topic: "What's brought this on?"

"A lot of things. Issues with the administration. Difficulty getting the kids to care. Feeling that I can make a bigger difference and be happier elsewhere." Will says before he gives Namir a grin. "Is she really that needle happy?"

"What issues with the administration? And where are you planning to go?" Namir doesn't touch his food just yet, intent on the conversation. The question gets a snort and smirk from him. "You know doctors. Needles, cold stethoscopes."

William raises his hands with a quick smile. "I don't want to know about what kinds of doctor patient games you play." He states before he shakes his head. "Not backing up teachers, wanting to just shove any problems students have under the rug so that the school will look good." That sort of thing. Will's food is ignored for the most part, though he pauses to reach out for a sip of his soda. "Actually, I've been accepted to start training at the police academy."

"Oh come on. We play cops and robbers too." Hard to tell if he's joking or not, but Namir's grinning when he says it. The last statement raises both of his eyebrows and the grin grows. "Oh yeah? Congratulations. You know what department you're shooting for?"

William shakes his head. "Do I need to cover my ears?" He states with a light joking tone before he shrugs. "Not for sure, but I'd like to eventually do something that would let me use all those skills the Navy spent so much time training me in, counter terrorism or some such. But working a beat sounds good." The smile on his face looks downright excited for Will, as even keeled as his expressions usually are.

"That's what they'll stick you with at first. You work your way up from there, put in for applications to different departments, that sort of thing." Namir finally does pick up his sandwich, but waits to take a bite until after he's finished speaking: "You should think about applying to the ESU. It's high-risk, but they'd put your Navy training to good use."

William nods over to Namir. "That's what I assumed. High-risk? If I was worried about that I would never have become a SEAL." Will points out before he adds. "I'll have to think about that. I'll have plenty of time before I get to the point where I'm putting in applications to different departments. I bet a lot of what you do is similar to things we did at SEALs. Though maybe without as interesting of insertion tactics."

"We're the cowboys. We blow things up when others can't." Namir grins and shakes his head. "We also do a lot of good and see a lot of ugly stuff. Nothing like you'd see every day if you worked SVU, but there have been a few things that have given me nightmares more than once. You should be able to handle it, though, even if you're a SEAL." Ribrib.

William raises his eyebrows. "Right. Because everything I saw and did as a SEAL was sqeeky clean. No chance for nightmares from any of it." Will states with a tone that almost hides the joke in it. "Blow things up, extract people and information, eliminate targets, and hopefully do all of it without anyone being the wiser. Ah, the life of a SEAL. And they didn't even give us capes."

"Capes get in the way. Besides, SEALs wear dresses, don't they?" Ribribrib. Namir finishes off his sandwich and then the water he ordered with it. "I'd better get back to work. But hey, you haven't rented a tux for the wedding yet, have you?"

William raises his eyebrows to Namir. "I would love to take you to a whole team of SEALs and watch you repeat that remark." Will states before he shakes his head. "No. I haven't. I was waiting to hear if Sam has any color requirements. Have you got yours?" Because, really, Namir's is more important.

Namir digs around in his pockets, coming up first with money, then with a card, which is held out to Will. "I got mine yesterday and got a discount for the others, so you don't have to pay. Just go there and tell them you're with Namir Dayan; they'll get you fitted. No color requirements, just black, and I think Sam is handling the, erm— " he trails off, tapping the spot where a lapel would be were he wearing a tuxedo. This continues for a few seconds before he gives up "— flower-things." Brain fart!

William nods his head. "Right. Sounds like a plan." He says as he takes the card, tucking it into the pocket of his jeans. "I'm sure Sam will know what she wants in a corsage. Women seem to be much more into what they want for weddings than men." Yes, it's a stereotype. "Have a good day at work. I'll catch you around soon."

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