2007-03-02: Everyone's Hero


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Summary: Hiro isn't dead anymore. Molly is glad. Nathan has a one-track mind. Will wonders never cease.

Date It Happened: March 2nd, 2007

Log Title: Everyone's Hero

The Petrelli Mansion

It's early morning. Hiro Nakamura has been through a bit of an episode.

But he's waking up, now, after what had been a deeply unfortunate sort of evening. His eyes slide slowly open, and he sits up in his bed. Where the heck is this? "Nani?" he asks, of nobody in particular.

The man who doesn't sleep, Nathan, is approaching the room, padding down the hallway even at this early hour. With only a few hours of sleep under his belt, he looks like hell. But better, at least, than he was before getting magically healed. Still. Hell. He's heading towards his own room before he hears a rustle from the guest room, and he backs up a step to see Hiro… sitting up, and very much alive. He'd seen the man as a corpse - back when Mohinder kind of got interrogated as to why he was taking his homecare hospital equipment - not so long ago. He heads into the room, and lingers at the door. "You're awake," he says, mostly to get Hiro's attention, raising an eyebrow before stepping further inside.

It's been a long day and night for Molly. The boogieman, the lab, the police station, now the Petrelli mansion. She's feeling a little out of place in this plush environment surrounded by a lot of people she doesn't know, but she's adaptable and settled herself onto one of the cushioned chairs by the guest room. She didn't want to sleep without knowing Hiro was going to be alright. She had kept herself busy by trying to find the people she cared about with her atlas - if she could find them, she knew they were still alive - but then she got tired and fell asleep curled up right by the arm of the chair. Some thoughtful person, most likely Mohinder, picked up the atlas from the ground and put it on the table in front of her. The stirring, opening doors, and finally Nathan's response rouse the girl from a mostly fitful sleep and she sits up, confused for a moment as to where she is.

Hiro sits up a little bit higher. And looks around. This is very odd. Where are his clothes? He is not used to being not dressed. Where is his sword? He is… not used to not having his sword, oddly enough. Moreover, what happened to Sylar? Think, Hiro. Oh. Wait. Hiro pulls up the sheet and looks at his chest. No, looks okay. "Mr. Natha—" Mr. Nathan? "You do not look like Two-Face," he observes.

Nathan blinks at that. Too soon? Evidently not, because he manages a smile. "You're right," he says. "I don't look like Two-Face anymore." He apparently gets the reference, too, and he moves to grab a chair from across the room and carry it over towards the bed. That's when he notices Molly blinking around curiously, and he sort of glances helplessly back towards the door, hoping Suresh or someone might walk in conveniently… but no. He places the chair down on the other side of Hiro's bed. "I got healed, like you got healed," he tells the time-traveler, glancing again towards Molly and offering an awkward, vague wave. "And you must be Molly."

Hearing Hiro talk, Molly sits up even straighter. He's alive! He's awake! Nathan's wave isn't exactly ignored as put on hold in the back of her mind. Springing out of her chair, she goes dashing past her host - Nathan - and makes straight for Hiro, intending to fling herself at him in what could be considered a tackling hug. "Hiro! You're awake!" she cries gleefully. "I was so worried. I couldn't find you forever." Then, finally, she remembers her manners. Sort of. From her all but happy death grip hold of Hiro, she looks over her shoulder at the senator, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Petrelli. I'm Molly Walker."

"Ack," Hiro says. It's more quenched and choke-ish, but it gets the point across. "Yes! I am awake. Uh. It is good to meet you, Molly." Hiro takes a few moments to look completely baffled at what's going on around him, and then he finally says: "Uh, what happened? Did we stop Sylar?

Nathan gives a flicker of a smile towards Molly, but she has a Hiro to hug, so Nathan focuses on what said Hiro has to ask. "You were shot in the chest," Nathan supplies, with what he /does/ know. "Which you're probably aware of. And they… Dr. Suresh brought you here for Claire to…" He gestures towards Hiro. "Well as you can see, you're not shot in the chest anymore." He doesn't comment on Sylar - heck, he wasn't there.

Molly finally releases her hold on Hiro. Oh, that's right, the two don't really know each other that well. But, when someone's saved your life, you feel a bit more attached to them, no matter how little you know them. "It's nice to meet you, too." She sidles backwards so that she's not crowding him. Her happy expression, knowing that he's alright, is clouded at the mention of Sylar. "He got away," she replies in a softer tone.

Hiro stops, and thinks for a few more minutes. Shot in the chest. "I had a weird dream," he says. "And…" Hiro becomes abruptly reticent, apparently choosing not to talk about whatever he was going to talk about. He's probably realizing that he wasn't just knocked unconscious. Hiro falls suddenly silent. But then something a little odd happens; he seems to put whatever he's feeling aside, and sort of sits up and swings his feet over the side. "You are okay," he observes, of Molly. "This time, it worked. But… your face," he says. "How?"

Nathan is watching Hiro carefully throughout, and almost looks approving when Hiro puts himself ahead of his reactions. This talk of Sylar sort of puts Nathan on edge, it seems - not so much out of fear, just that there's a whole other problem he might have to put some thought into, when he'd prefer to be focusing on those he deems important. Hiro's question snaps him out of it, and Nathan shifts uncomfortably in his chair, as if recalling his injuries is something he'd rather not be doing. "Claire. The cheerleader. After you and Bennet took off, she came here not long after and healed me. Her blood, it… can do that."

"You saved me," Molly replies earnestly. The list of people who are her heroes is growing slowly and surely. "Mr. Bennett took me away and by the time we got back, the boogieman was gone." She pauses to puzzle something over, but can't come up with the answer. "What worked?" After Nathan speaks, she nods her head, realizing now what Mr. Bennett and Mohinder meant when they said that Claire could help Hiro.

Hiro begins to understand why a secret like Claire's is important. "Oh. I see." People with powers are important. People who produce, as part of their powers, a farm-able resource, are unfortunate and valuable. Hiro shifts off the topic almost at once. "Then the cheerleader saved us, this time," he says. "I owe her trouble." And that's the end of that. "The Kensei Sword?" he then asks. He feels kind of naked without it.

"The sword from Linderman?" Nathan says, blinking once, perhaps a little behind on the haps. Well, that explains why Hiro had a sword, the other night. Then? Nathan looks at Molly. The little girl that knows way more about all this than he does.

Molly frowns and shakes her head. She's not sure what this Kensei Sword is, but she's pretty sure it's the one that Hiro had when he popped up in Mohinder's lab. It's the first time she's thought about it, really. "I don't know. It's not here?" No one really tells her about these things. She knows that she and Mohinder didn't bring it with them in the police car.

"I hope Sylar didn't take it," Hiro asks. Somehow he has a feeling that's how this is going to work. It's probably the only extant and believable possibility. He starts to sit up, apparently interested in standing. He doesn't feel wobbly at all. Actually, he feels kind of great. "I have to get back. My friends," he asks. "They will wonder where I am."

Nathan stands up, maneuvering around Molly and placing a hand on Hiro's shoulder, almost surprised to feel the healthy warmth and strength there. Still. "You were still dead about an hour ago, Hiro," he says, tone gentle but as always matter-of-fact. "Maybe you should see Dr. Suresh before you go wandering around. Besides, you have friends here who might want to talk to you. Claire, Bennet," he gives Hiro a strained smile, "me."

Molly hopes that Sylar didn't take it, either, but she's not sure. Everything happened so fast that she can't really remember anything too clearly. "And me," she tacks on to Nathan's list of people who are friends. "And I know Mohinder would want to make sure you're okay." She doesn't really know anyone else, so she can't speak for them.

Hiro smiles brightly. "Um, I do not have a shirt. I guess it got blood on it." He's taking this whole death thing really well, all things considered. He seems maybe happier than he did even before. How does a guy get more go-lucky after dying, anyways? "And I think your mother knows I am here," he adds.

"Oh, she knows," Nathan agrees, lifting an eyebrow. "And you're welcome to stay for as long as you need." As if this is a tradition in accordance with the Petrelli mansion, these days, that comes off more as 'you really should stick around for a while, you know'. "I'll get you a shirt." Nathan backs up a step from the bed, and casts Molly a speculative look, before heading out to maybe ransack Peter's old room, who knows.

Once again, Molly has no idea about what happened to shirts or whose mother knows about what. Really, she's just here to make sure Hiro's okay and hopefully stay away from Sylar. Once Nathan leaves, though, she's not sure of what else to say to Hiro. Deciding it might be best to let him recover from being dead, she reaches out to give him a quick hug again before sliding off the bed entirely. "Thank you for saving my life, Mr. Hiro."

"You will never have to thank me," Hiro says. "I am a hero. It is what heroes do," he adds. "Just like Mr. Nathan, and his brother, Peter Petrelli." He says this part with an even firmer confidence. "And I promise; I will make sure Sylar is stopped. For good."

At first Molly hears Hiro's statement as 'I am a Hiro' and it confuses her for a moment. But, then, she realizes her mistake and smiles, because even if it's the other way around, it seems like it's true. "I know you will." She sounds utterly trusting. "You're the one who stopped him the last time." Then, she makes for the doorway, most likely off to find Mohinder.

It doesn't take long for Nathan to wander back in, veering around Molly as she makes for an exit, shaking out a most excellent flannel shirt. It's red. Well, orange, but Nathan is convincing himself even Peter wouldn't wear an orange flannel shirt, so, we'll say it's red. He also has a black Slipknot t-shirt. Choices and combinations! "Here you go," he says, setting them on Hiro's bed.

Hiro puts on both. It's maybe a little awkward, but Molly is like eight and Nathan is not at all a lady and also he is already shirt-free and has been anyways. "Thank you," he says. "You and Doctor Suresh must be careful. If he is trying to find you, he will stop at nothing to find you."

"I will," Molly replies, hand on the doorknob. She's turned away until Hiro's dressed. "And I've got you and Matt and Mohinder to protect me." That's a happy smile on her face, knowing that all these people will be there to save her. Then, she's out the door to let the grown ups have their grown up talk.

Nathan sits down again, watching Molly slip out the door before looking back towards Hiro once he's all dressed and such. "Busy night," he offers wryly. "And I don't wanna make your life anymore difficult, but… you said, the other night, you'd find him, if he's alive? I may need to call on you for that. Claire thinks you're one of the few people who stand a chance."

"I will," Hiro says. "If Peter Petrelli is alive, I will find him, and if you think he is alive, then… I am certain he is," the man says. He finds his glasses from his bedside and puts those on, too. He does rub the spot on his chest where he was shot, though, as though marveling. That's what it's like, huh?

"Good." Nathan seems to feel this is all the confirmation he needs, and no, he doesn't have a plan. Noticing the touch to where his gunshot wound had been, Nathan smirks a little. "Surreal, isn't it?" He stands up. "Claire's getting some rest… she had to give you a lot, for you to come back from the dead. But I'm sure she'd like to see you when she's up for it."

"I will thank her. I owe her so much," Hiro says. "I thought I was dreaming," he considers. "When I was dead. It is hard to think about. My father would be proud, at least now that I am alive. Nothing is more samurai than dying."

"We both owe her," Nathan agrees, studying the floor for a moment as he considers that, you know, /owing/ someone something, before tilting his head to the side to listen to Hiro. At that last comment, his eyebrows raise. "Sounds like a rough gig," he supplies after a brief pause. "But I'm glad for you."

"I will try not to make a habit of it," Hiro says, snaring the use of the English idiom, and quite proudly, too. "Do you have a phone? I think my battery is out of power, and I need to make some calls."

Nathan heh's his appreciation of said English idiom, then tilts his head towards the door. "We have a few phones," he agrees. "You can use the one in the kitchen, there should be coffee, too." And though Hiro looks fine and he himself couldn't walk only 24 hours ago, he says, "You okay? Really?" He's more bemused than concerned.

Hiro nods, slowly, after some measure of consideration. "Yes," he says. "Fate asked me to die to save another and I did. And…" Hiro pauses. "Once I tried to save someone. I would have given anything, but I failed. Sylar killed them. This time, I saved someone. I did it," he says, and then stands. He does seem… somewhat different. For a guy who has gone through so many transformative experiences, death is probably another notch on the swordhilt. "I am going to make some calls. Thank you, again."

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