2008-01-22: Everything Goes Wrong At Once


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Summary: Rookie mistake, things going wrong at once.

Date It Happened: January 22nd, 2008

Log Title Everything Goes Wrong At Once

Downtown NYC, Kitty's Apartment

Benjamin is driving tonight, pulling the black Company car up to the curb outside Kitty's apartment building. (Nissan Murano, ftw. And it's product placement.) This time around, he and Meryl are more prepared to deal with an ability. Kitty's isn't as offensive as Elena's. Ben is trying to feel more prepared for this nabbing. Not having a personal attachment to the target makes him feel slightly more comfortable with this. Putting the car in park and taking the key out of the ignition, he turns to look at Meryl, "Ready for this?" He pockets his keys, then makes sure he's got his 'props' and backup weapon in place and ready to roll.

Meryl is…

Wearing reflective sunglasses.

At night.

Also, tonight, she's Russian. "Ya, I am ready," she says in her authentic Russian accent. Perhaps she's been watching cartoons with Mariska again, who knows?

In short, Meryl is always ready for a mission. This stems from having no natural inhibitions or any instinct to speak of whatsoever. She is brave Meryl! Brave Meryl is awesome! Also, she has a handgun stuffed down the back of her pants, which makes her doubly awesome. And she's wearing a police uniform, with a realistic-looking badge that, when read closely, says 'I'm not a police officer.'

"Her name's Kitty? Really? Is it short for anything like Kathryn or Killian or something? Just Kitty?" She looks incredulous. "You know, they wouldn't let me name myself 'Wolf.' They said that was fine for a last name, but they were all 'you know, people are going to think something is wrong with you.' Someone actually named their kid 'Kitty'?"

"No. It's not, according to the record we have. Y'know, if you read the paper, you'll find weirder names in the birth announcements. Like Jartravian Skytropical. Anyway, c'mon. Let's go on up." Benjamin gets out of the car, locking up after himself and Meryl. He's letting Meryl wear the police uniform while he's in a suit. A detective's badge is withdrawn and placed on his jacket pocket. His longish hair is definitely not regulation length to go with a uniform. "And don't try to cut my hair from behind me again, okay? This is stressful enough without having to worry about a pair of scissors," he says before putting on his game face and heading up into the building, then going straight for Kitty's apartment.

"Fine. You're such a party pooper. Can I have one of those pokey things this time?" The syringes, of course. Last time, that ended in disaster. Hilarious disaster, but still… Stabbing your partner with anti-power juice is apparently Not Regulation, and is Dealt With Accordingly. Too bad, too. It was damn funny.

Closing the car door, Meryl follows behind Benjamin, looking for all the world to have switched to completely professional. There's no question that she knows what her job is and how to do it. The issue is that when she's not on a mission, she's completely unpredictable. As Meryl's partner, Ben will have to learn that specifically troublesome gleam she gets in her eye when she's about to do Something Stupid.

Too bad for Ben— Tonight is not the night he will recognize that gleam. However, she's currently placid and controlled, and is fully prepared to allow him to do the talking.

"No. They aren't necessary with this one. She's a psychometer." That's right, Benjamin has declared this a no fun zone. Yet knowing Meryl, she'll find a way out of that. Not questioning or thinking about Meryl's sudden shift, having worked with her for a few months, he's getting used to her being herself.. then switching to business mode.

Upon reaching Kitty's apartment door, he raises a hand and knocks forcefully at the door. It's all business, authoritative and states. Open up or there's gonna be found another way in. "Kitty Hanner, open up. It's the police. We need a few words with you on an urgent matter."

Knocking on the door is usually fine, except Meryl has other ideas. Perhaps Other Ideas, with capital letters. This is yet undertermined as Ben knocks, with Meryl staying back a few paces in order to evidently provide backup support, should things go awry. That is why Detective Winters has a police officer as backup!

Except then Meryl, who has been suspiciously backing up since the initial knock occured, rushes at the door and throws herself upon it with a mighty crash!! Unfortunately, they make doors a lot stronger than they do on TV, and the end result is that Meryl yelps, retreating back a few paces, as she nurses a very, very sore shoulder. "Ow, ow, OW!"

Currently sitting on the couch of her apartment, Kitty is actually preparing to go out. Dressed in a pair of black jeans and a dark tank top, Kitty is sliding her shoes on and lacing them up before she hears people at her door, then a knock.. no a /pound/. "Hm?" she wonders aloud and rises slowly, she hadn't been expecting visitors this evening, maybe it's Fox her sister.

Tiger, the grey and black Egyptian Mau prowls around the house and tilts his head at the door as if he is saying 'WHO COMIN TO MAH HOUSE'. Was that the sound of a body slamming against her door? The cat is given a puzzled expression. "What the hell?" Kitty hurries to the door and opens the door and raises an eyebrow at the two officers. Benjamin gets a long look, she knows him from /somewhere/ but can't seem to place it. "May I help you? Are you ok?" Tiger then does something he does not do often.. he /hisses/ at the two 'cops'. "Stop that Tiger." Kit scolds the cat, little does she know that the cat is right in not liking Meryl and Benji. Kitty looks between the two.

Benjamin's shoulders slump as he tries to not groan and yell at Meryl. He gives her a warning look and holds out a hand to indicate she should stand back. His badge is in plain view, looking rather authentic. "I'm Detective Vickery, this is officer Tamlan. I need to ask you a few questions and you'll want to restrain your animal. We're also going to need to come inside." The .. good god is that a cat!? Anyway, it's eyed, and he'll put that cat out if he has to.

"You expect me to remember 'Tamlan!?' she demands, just as Kitty opens the door. "Where do you come up with these things? There's a reason that they pick simple names in Men in Black, you know. Vickery? How am I supposed to remember that in five minutes? Really. I can barely remember my real name on the best of days. Jesus. Ow. I'll be right back."

Pushing past Kitty, and… ignoring the hissing Kitty… Meryl makes her way directly into Kitty's kitchen, where she locates a dish towel and folds some ice up inside it so she can press it to her shoulder. It's not until she returns to the entryway that it dawns on her that she's completely flubbed. Or perhaps she did it on purpose. "Hi, I'm agent Tamarin, and this is Agent Windbag. We have a few questions."

The young woman blinks and is all too ready to comply but then Meryl is rude and says some stuff that is quite fishy. Kitty.. just isn't the same little girl she was a few months ago. "Excuse me?" she asks and begins to follow after the other woman, but the vision strikes her first.

Meryl and Benjamin can be seen, Kitty only hears a little bit of the conversation. Something about putting her parents into coma. Huh what? Meryl is also crying.//

The emotion from the vision grabs Kitty and she blinks back tears before narrowing her eyes at Meryl. "You /ask/ before you do that." Tiger follows after his mistress but stops short and turns to look at Benjamin. Then Kitty realizes she is being rude back. "I'm sorry.. about your parents." She says softly and looks to Benjamin and then to Meryl. "What is this about?"

Benjamin glares at Meryl. He is so having words with her later. (That and learning, undercover personas, don't do that with her.) Son of a biscuit. His replica badge is removed from his pocket and tucked away. Looks like he's dropping the fake personas a bit. Thanks Meryl. Then again, he should have known better. Without asking or waiting, he shuts and locks the door behind him. "We need to ask you a few questions about your association with Peter Petrelli." He doesn't move from the door, preferring to keep it blocked behind his body. "When was the last time you had contact with him?"

Okay, the ice on the shoulder feels a lot better. She preeetty much ignores Kitty completely when she states that she's supposed to ask before she barges into someone's house to search for ice. Well, no, not if you plan on kidnapping them and whisking them away! That'd just be silly. "If you ask about the ice, you have to ask about everything," she says. "Besides, your door gave me a bruise. What do you have to say to—


When Kitty brings up Meryl's parents, there's an unreadable look in Meryl's face. She knows what Kitty can do, sure, but she never thought— "Well, thanks," she says quietly, somewhat cowed now, as she crouches down to give Tiger a considerable helping of love. Because she's so taken aback, she'll let Benjamin ask the questions for now. Hallelujah.

"What? This is about Peter? I don't know.. a couple months.. why what is going on?" Kitty backs away just a tad, the two are not officers and so she doesn't know really what to think. "Who are you?" Tiger is apparently appreciating the love and he purrs and nuzzles her legs. He just didn't like all the loud noises in the beginning. Kit looks to Meryl and Tiger. "Well it looks like Tiger doesn't have any problem making nice with strangers that pose as police officers."

Benjamin doesn't give his real identity or purpose. So far everyone's been giving similar statements. It's been a few months. That goes with Peter's movements. "How would you describe your relationship with him? How close would you say you are?" His expression softens some when he looks over at Meryl. His attention isn't on her for long before it's back on Kitty. Ben's learning fast to keep the focus on the target. The man doesn't comment about Tiger's attitude adjustment, or the brief comment about Meryl's parents.

Jeez. What are they gonna do with Kitty's cat if they take her? They'll just have to take him, too, it seems. Poor kitty. He can stay with Meryl and be BFF with Basil or something. They can't just leave him here, not knowing how long they're going to be gone. Meryl looks up at Ben, pointing to the cat. Hey. Hey, develop telepathy so I can tell you to put the cat to sleep. HEY BEN DEVELOP TELEPATHY not working. Crap. Well, hopefully the cat comes quietly. Or else.

"We're friends you could say.. I trust him." Kitty replies to Benjamin. Kit blinks at Meryl's odd behavior. She doesn't like the way that the two are acting and asking all these questions about Peter.. "Hold on! I have something from Peter he gave it to me not to long ago and told me keep it safe.. not sure why." Kitty is already moving towards her bedroom and is going.. going.. gone. Rummaging can be heard as Kitty looks for whatever it is that 'Peter left her'.

Benjamin frowns at Kitty moving to the bedroom. "Stop right there!" he commands, moving quickly after Kitty. Even as a rookie he knows letting the woman go unsupervised into another room is a Bad Idea <tm>. Muttering to himself, he tries to speed across the room to stop the woman from getting out of sight. As he does so, he's ready to use his power, his tazer is also withdrawn as a backup. Just in case.

Ah, yeah. Letting a mark out of their sight is a bad idea. Meryl stands, leaving the cat on the floor, as she withdraws her Beretta from her belt. Meryl's first reaction is that Kitty's trying to make a getaway. "Well, this'll be fun, eh, Bingo? Just like old times," she says. Notably, there aren't really any 'old times,' but it's the thought that counts. "C'mon, Kitty. Back out where we can see you," she adds. She doesn't follow the woman into the bedroom, however. Instead, she stands just outside the bedroom door, finger on the trigger of her firearm.

"Oh I found it!" Kitty says in a excited tone and then she can be heard coming walking closer to the door but not to close. "Ya know.. I hate when people try to pull one over on me. Typically because I can /see/ when they are lying but you two.. were good." Without another second, three shots are fired through the door in Benji and Meryl's directions. The shots are accompanied with a, "AHHHH!" from Kitty, maybe she thought she was being scary?

Well, old times, if Australia counts. Which it might as well! "Yeah, it's just wonderful, Meryl." Hear the enthusiasm? Maybe he won't get shot this time. "We're prepared to use force, step out now. Hands above your head where we can see them. /Now/." Then.. well.. what happens next should be expected. Next time? Drop the target, do the talking later in a secure location. Rookie Fail. "Fudge monkey!," is hollered as this is just getting ridiculous. The 'curse' would be due to the fact that he just took a bullet to his shoulder. It's done well in stopping his approach to the bedroom. Dropping his tazer so that his hand can press against the fresh wound, he lashes out with his power at Kitty, trying to drop her. Other agents make this seem so easy. It should have been easy and painless.

Thankfully, Meryl is standing behind the wall, so it's impossible for her to be hit by the flying bullets. That's a relief. Generally, she doesn't like to be shot, though everything can be an adventure if you try hard enough. Meryl's had enough bullet-adventuring for awhile, though.

However, when Benjamin is shot, her first order of business is to get her partner out of harm's way. Firing twice at Kitty's feet - mostly to startle her - she shoulders Benjamin out of the projected path of bullets, while reaching down for his dropped taser at the same time. "We're gonna need the god-damned Haitian for the whole apartment now, you idiot," she hisses at Kitty. People are going to hear gunfire. They're going to wonder what happened. They can't have people asking questions.

"/Maybe/ you shouldn't have lied to me! Who is the Haitian anyway?" The bullets miss as Kitty hops out of the way and runs a hand through her hair as she blinks her eyes and shakes her head. "What the.." she is getting drowsy from the man's ability. Tiger all the while is running around the living room, yowling. WTF IS GOING ON?!? Kitty takes the next moment to kick open the door and crouch pointing her gun at Benjamin and Meryl. "What are you guys, amateurs at this or something? Who do you work for?" Kitty is feeling good though she is a little bit sleepy. She slaps herself in the face to try and keep herself awake before she re aims at the two agents.

Noah is going to kick their asses for this. They don't need the real police getting involved. This simple situation is now going to require backup.. or maybe a simple explanation of 'whups, was cleaning my gun and it went off. Three times.' Benjamin is more than happy to get shouldered out of the way by Meryl. "Jesus.. tap.. dancing.. Christ.. I /just/ got over the last shot." No. He's less than pleased as he keeps pressing his hand against his shoulder, keeping the pressure on. Even though it hurts like hell. To put it mildly. "Drop.. your weapon.. /now!/," he insists again, lashing his ability out again at Kitty.

She's aware that Ben's probably working on taking Kitty down. That's his job, after all. Even so, Meryl isn't going to take any chances with the girl now that a gun has been painted onto the canvas. After she gets Ben behind a chair so he makes a much harder target, Meryl fires the taser at Kitty. "Don't worry, Ben. We'll get you patched up. 'Least it's not your head."

Being hit by a ability that makes you sleep and a taser.. /sucks/. Kitty is hit with the taser at the same time as the sleep master's ability. Her body jerks and twitches as she /drops/ to the ground with a loud thud. Her gun falls from her grip and hits the ground but not before another shot is fired in the ceiling. Oooh Mrs. Truman won't be happy about that. Kitty's head falls to the side as she twitches a few more times but is.. /out/. That's when Tiger goes berserk. The cat runs and jumps onto Meryl's back, trying to dig his claws in her back. 'HOW COULD YOU? I THOUGHT WE WAS FRIENDS!' The cat hisses and yowls and seems intent on hurting the woman who hurt Kitty.

Even for his size, Benjamin is easily led to settle behind the chair by Meryl. Although it seems like the subdue part is over. Save for the monster cat. Which he tries to knock out too, but the focus is getting harder. ".. We're gonna.. probably need to call backup," he says aloud. "I'm sorry I'm not any better at this." He sounds like he might start babbling here at Meryl and to no one in particular.

You learn to expect everything when you're an agent. Except for random cat attacks. As Tiger jumps onto her back and sinks his kitty claws in, Meryl totally FAILS her Willpower check and yells. Loudly. Unfortunately for poor Tiger, Meryl is in no mood for this since Benji's been shot. He's bleeding, and she's on her last nerve. Very rarely will anyone ever see Meryl pissed off. Curling her lip up, she reaches over her shoulder and grabs the cat by the loose skin on his back. Thanks to Ben's ability, it's already tired, and therefore comes off easily; even so, Meryl launches the poor feline at the nearest soft object she can spot - namely, the couch - and the ball of fur goes flying into it. After saying a very inappropriate word, she leans down next to Benjamin.

"No, you did a good job." Actually, it's Meryl who's feeling a little guilty here, for botching their entrance. Still, this was all preventable. It turned from a fun outing to disaster. "If you lose sight of the target, just drop them, okay?" Don't hesitate." …Last time, she told Ben not to use his power! There's definitely a fine line.

Pulling off the uniform coat, she tears off the sleeve to wrap around Benjamin's shoulder, tightly. The light blue shirt she has on underneath that is streaked with spots of red, though it's not very serious. "Think you can put the cat to sleep now? We gotta take it with us."

"You look funny, all concerned," Benjamin says as he raises a hand to clumsily pat at Meryl's face. He's almost not noticing that Meryl's wrapping the sleeve tight around his shoulder. In fact, if it weren't for the pain, he could probably just cave in to wanting to sleep right about now. "Mmm? Cat? Suuure." Closing his eyes, he looks like he just did cave to sleep, even if he's just trying to focus on the cat. For some reason, he'd feel really bad about hurting someone's pet. "I think we gotta go," he mumbles. "Before police get here."

"Of course I'm concerned," she mutters as she finishes tying off Benjamin's shoulder. "Stay here. I'ma find Tiger." That's a little more difficult than she hoped, but she eventually locates the sleeping cat, drags him out, and puts him in her shirt to carry. As for Kitty… The girl is picked up and cradled in her arms, as she pulls out the dart from the taser. "Sorry, Ben, I can't carry you and her. It's just your shoulder. You're gonna have to walk. I'll drive." Opening the door, she peers out into the hall, muttering as she does so. She hears voices. "And we're gonna have to go out the fire escape, because Genius here had to shoot off a firearm." Slinging Kitty over her shoulder, she heads for the bedroom window and opens it.

"I'm /never/ gonna get used to being shot," Benjamin complains as he tries to get up off the floor. Which is far more awkward and painful in reality than it was in his head. There's a gurgling sort of 'nnngh' heard from him.. which could have been a colorful curse in telling Meryl where to stick that exit strategy.. but right now? He wants to partake in that fantastic medical coverage provided by the Company rather than argue how to get the hell out of the apartment.

"Go on, you first," she says, after looking at the small balcony, which leads to a stairway, then down six stories to the ground. "Try to hurry. I need to clean up in here a little.

She withdraws to the main room. There's no way she's going to get all the blood off the floor and the wall from where Ben was shot, but she does retrieve her personal firearm and clean up as much as she can. No sense making it easy for whomever comes in here to look around. Then? She goes around and touches everything. Seems like it'd kinda be a dumb way to clear evidence, but the fact of the matter is, if her handprints are on everything, it's more likely that she's been here often. Kitchen cupboards, the remote control for the TV, the handle on the toilet - everything a normal visitor would touch.

Lastly, she shoves a chair under the doorknob.

Hopefully, Ben's well on his way down the stairs by now, though Meryl will join him shortly. With their tracks (hopefully) covered, it's time to take Kitty to Level 5.

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