Evette Johansson
Public Relations Specialist
Portrayed By Emily Blunt
Gender Female
Date of Birth October 24th, 1985
Age 25
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases N/A
Place of Birth San Diego, CA, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Right Hand Gal for George
Known Relatives Lillian Fontaine (mother), Stephan Johansson (father), Pierre Johansson (brother) Troy Owens (Brother's S.O.)
Significant Other
Known Abilities None
First Appearance The New Girl

"The hero is one who kindles a great light in the world, who sets up blazing torches in the dark streets of life for men to see by." - Felix Adler


The Beginning

Evette Hope Johansson was born October 24th, 1985 to Stephen and Lillian Johansson in San Diego, California. Her parents are both immigrants from Nice, France. Stephen ran a successful merlot vineyard and Lillian was a runway model. Their story is not that important to be most honest. They met, they fell in love and then they wanted more for their children. Pierre, their only son, was the pride of his father eye. He currently resides in San Francisco as a trauma surgeon with his partner, Troy. Their only other child was Evette, born three years later.

Evette was raised from a young age in pageants by her mother. It was not something that Eve liked, in fact, she hated it. However, she learned to smile for the judges and walk in the limelight. She learned what it felt like to win and win she did. All of her childhood and adolescence was spent smiling for cameras and making her parents proud. Now Evette tries to make sure that no one finds out about them. It is a personal embarrassment to her. She wants to be known as a cunning mind, not a Barbie doll.

The girl was never really good with the opposite sex. Sure she dated, she was pretty and men wanted to date beauty queens; yet she just didnt connect. They were never right enough, smiled enough, had good enough grades, etc. Around the age of fourteen, Eve started having extreme headaches. The migraines would take her to bed for weeks at a time, but there never seemed to be relief. One day when she was almost fourteen they just stopped, but something else happened. She found that she could convince people of things or make them forget.

When she broke a lamp, she implanted a memory in Pierres mind that he did it and thus he confessed. She would shake hands and mention, "Oh you met me at" Then the memory would be there and doors opened for her. It also gave her a type of mind reading. She could read a persons memories, with enough time, even memories they didnt want her to know. When seeing these it was like a computer file. She could choose to save it, to alter and save it or to delete it. A trait that has served her well thus far.

Kids grow up and she was no different. When it came time for college, she attended Berkeley as a political science major. It soon turned to a public relations though as she didnt have the urge to be in politics. The woman grew and graduated. Now she finds herself in New York to try her hand in both the political and the public relations ring. She has accepted a job for George Dawson, forgive us all and Lord help us.


Attempted perfection. That sums up all her personality and annoyances. Evette is a super-organized person. She enjoys her files color coded and cross referenced. She enjoys her desk to have everything at right angles. She is also one of the people that know when something is out of place. If you walk in and move a vase a quarter of an inch, she auto-corrects it. Nothing drives her more insane then someone who does not plan and does not keep her files correctly. On the bright side, she always seems to know where everything is and everyone needs to be.

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