2007-02-19: Eviction


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Summary: Elle delivers an eviction notice that she's not authorized to give.

Date It Happened: February 19th, 2007

Log Title Eviction

Private Hospital outside of New York City

The lights are dimmed in Benjamin's room, and the TV is on. Why, that sounds like American Idol. Seriously. American Idol, it's a guilty pleasure, okay? He's lounging back on the bed, at least it's a comfortable one, and watching the TV. Not a whole lot of attention is being paid to it though, his mind's wandering and puzzling over what he's found himself in. The chocolate left by Anders earlier is sitting on a tray, untouched. A hand raises to cover his mouth as he tries to stifle a yawn and fails.

The lights flicker a little in this section of the building. Then there's the sound of heels clicking in the hallway outside, footsteps that slow as they near the door to Benjamin's room. There isn't a knock, no. Elle just pushes her way in. "Hey there Narco-Dude. An accountant AND you like American Idol." She gathers herself for the punchline, grinning, "If you get 'Disco Fever'" she air quotes that part, "We just might have to go out."

The flickering lights earn a brief glance towards the windows. The heels clicking? No thought is given to them, there are people coming and going all the time. When Elle barges on in, Benjamin sits up straight, bolting for the remote to turn the TV's channel, "Uh, TV got stuck.. I was looking for the news." Likely story, he has guilt written all over his face. He sort of just stares flat out at Elle in disbelief, "What? I.. no.. Sorry, not interested."

"You mean you don't want to… I don't know… get out of this room and back to that-" Elle starts, pumping her fist as she adds, "/Rocking/, just a guess there, bachelor pad of yours?" The smile on her face turns predatory. She moves further into the room, deigning to have a seat on the bed. "Of course, if you want to stay and /who/ wouldn't, I guess we could make arrangements."

Benjamin stares at the girl, not quite comprehending what she's getting at. "I wouldn't call it a 'rocking bachelor pad'," he says. As Elle sits down, he sort of scoots away. The girl matches the description Angie gave him, minus the electricity. So far. "I haven't been released or anything yet.. No.. I don't want to stay here. I've got a job to get back to."

"Then get your stuff together, bucko. You're being evicted," Elle insists, pushing back up to her feet from the bed to half-circle around to the other side. That Benjamin scoots away from her just makes something click. She can't help herself really, making a fist with her right hand. At first there's a crackling noise before blue arcs of electricity start hopping across the gaps between her fingers. "You might want to make it quick. I'm on a schedule here. Chip chop chip."

"I don't have anything, it was all in the other hospital when that lady broke free." In other words, all up in smoke. Okay, the electricity cinches it. Oh dear sweet baby Jesus. Benjamin scrambles off the bed, he needs no further prompting. "Alright, alright." Of course he just stands there in standard issue jammies and slippers. Waiting. Which makes him feel kind of stupid. He has no idea where he is, or how the heck he's getting back home.

"I took the liberty of calling a cab… There's a coat on a chair in the lobby. It's kind of cold out," Elle says, slinking close to pass him on her way out the door. She lets the electricity dissapate, but there's still a hint of it still on her as she brushes past. Enough to give him more than a mild shock. "Tell anyone I was here? I'll turn you into a dork-kabob, capiche?"

"Oh.. alright." The man's still befuddled. Benjamin was not expecting it to be this easy, so automatically he's suspicious, but at the same time… He looks a little torn and a hand raises to self-consciencely rub at the mark on his neck. At the shock in passing, he gives a predictable yelp and he moves back and away from Elle. "I got it, no word about you." It could be a trick, but he's happy to be going, and well, let's face it, he is a trusting dork. So off to snag the aforementioned coat he goes and he makes his way quickly outside.

"Good boy," Elle answers before heading the opposite direction down the hallway from Benjamin. He doesn't see it, but she finds a window where she watches him get into the taxi down below. A self-satisfied and smug grin breaks out on her face before she turns away.

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