Evolution Software
Evolution Software
Owned By Jaden Cain, CEO
Business Function Software Development, Umbrella Corporation
Location Financial District, Manhattan, New York City
Hours Monday through Friday: 8:00AM to 5:00PM, Saturday & Sunday: Closed
Ticker Symbol EVOS

Evolution Software is currently one of the leading, if not the top tier, in software development. They currently possess contracts all over the world for a multitude of different software programs for computers of all operating systems. All of its products are reverse compatible with older computer models and are updated on a constant basis to allow for utmost perfection in processing and use. Evolution Software is always growing and changing, thus the name.

As a business Evolution Software does amazing things financially. The Board of Directors knows what they're doing and are fiercely loyal to the company, wanting to see it prosper without a single snag in the plans. The company itself rakes in profits in the millions, though the net worth of the corporation lends itself to being in the billion dollar range. It has spent numerous years in the Fortune 500 and shows no signs in losing its steam. Look out, Microsoft.

As far as the product line goes for Evolution Software, they got their start in tracking and satellite imaging. However, since then they've broaden their horizons to encompass a variety of different things. From edutainment and gaming to market research to graphic design… it seems like Evolution Software is all over the computing world.

Evolution Software is an IC company. People are welcome to app into it or have connections with the company in some form or fashion. Just contact me first to talk it out!

Corporate Roster

Cain Tower

The impressive and amazing structure that is Cain Tower is 69 floors of Jaden Cain's vision. Built shortly after the leaving of the previous offices, this tower provides both a working and living environment for the Billionaire Brat. In all honesty, there are actually 70 floors to Cain Tower, but the top floor has been renovated and designed to be an aweosme living space for the President and CEO. Only those with the highest security clearance possible, and the right fingerprints, have access to Jaden's living space.

From 69 and down, Cain Tower provides space for the different offices and facets of Evolution Software, including their subsidiaries and other long-term business dealings. Security is tight, but mostly hidden, as Jaden Cain expressed high interest in making sure that Cain Tower was accessible to the general public. He takes pride in making sure that he doesn't seem above everyone else, just slightly more wealthy.

Cain Tower is open five days a week for business dealings and other like ventures. However, on Saturdays and Sundays the building is available for EvoSoft employees to use, depending on their individual clearances. Empty offices, as well as the banquet hall can be rented out by anyone with enough dough.

Rumor has it that Cain Tower has flat screen televisions littered all over the building, providing classic cartoons from the 80s and 90s, running back to back, 24/7. Elevators Included.

Points of Interest

  • 70th Floor: Jaden Cain's Penthouse of Awesome
  • 69th Floor: Candyland Studios Corporate Office, Photography Studio
  • 68th Floor: Lancaster Electronics
  • 67th Floor: Evolution Gaming, Starscape Games Office
  • 60th Floor: Evolution Entertainment
  • 52nd Floor: Evolution Wrestling
  • 50th Floor: Mystery Inc.
  • 45th Floor: Seville Music Group
  • 33rd Floor: The Pennyworth Foundation
  • 12th Floor: EvoSoft Technical Support
  • 5th Floor: Seville Medical In-House Clinic
  • 2nd Floor: Employee Gym, Evolution Arcade
  • Lobby: Starbucks Coffee, Banquet Hall, EvoSoft Gift Shop
  • Basement: MyFace Servers
  • Parking Garage - Level A: Employee Parking, Visitor Parking
  • Parking Garage - Level B: Jaden Cain's Personal Vehicle Fleet


Evolution Software has been making waves in the world for a significant amount of years. Originally, they were just a software company that designed and produced software for homes and businesses worldwide. However, that entire methodoloy changed when Jaden Cain was given the corporation and he brought his own creative mind to the table. Coupled with the Lancaster Electronics merger and Evolution Software has blossomed into a creative powerhouse that seems to have its claws in almost every electronic venue possible.

Product Type Release Date Price
Awesome Operating System Fall 2007 $299
Epic Operating System Fall 2010 $299
Excellent Operating System Fall 2009 $299
Radical Operating System Fall 2008 $299
Count It Software (Accounting) Spring 2008 $89
Flipswitch Camera Phone Summer 2009 $139
jPhone Smart Phone December 2007 $399
jPhone 3G Smart Phone April 2008 $399
jPhone 3G - 2nd Generation Smart Phone April 2009 $399
jPhone 4G Brilliant Phone May 2010 $499
jPod All Purpose Entertainment Device Summer 2009 $350
JPS Epic GPS Spring 2008 $150
Leia Netbook Summer 2009 $550
Wicket Netbook Summer 2008 $550
Skywalker Laptop Fall 2008 $1,700
Solo Laptop Fall 2009 $2,500
Vader Laptop Summer 2010 $3,700


While it is true that Evolution Software started out as nothing more than an epic software company, it has blossomed over the years into something much larger and greater than it ever was. This is largely due to the wacky and risk-taking owner, Jaden Cain, having enough fun with the company to take it in directions that no one truly thought to. As such, Evolution Software has become a far reaching umbrella-ella-ella-ay.

Candyland Studios

Candyland Studios started out as side project for Candy Cain to take her B-Movie career and thrust it up into something worth mentioning, considering that she is the mother of the now infamous and illustrious Jaden Cain. Candyland Studios was first announced back in 2007, but since then it has grown a considerable amount and forced Hollywood to take notice. Through a multitude of ventures orchestrated by both Jaden and Candy Cain, they managed to obtain the rights to quite a few different sources of which they will be turning into projects.

Candyland Studios has two locations. The larger studio is located in Los Angeles, California, as to be expected. While the other, smaller, studio is located on the outskirts of New York. The corporate office of Candyland Studios is located in Cain Tower on the 69th Floor.

Current Projects

Title Project Status Release Date
Alf Motion Picture Pre-Production TBA
Back To The Future Motion Picture In Theaters Now July 2, 2010
Back To The Future II Motion Picture Pre-Production TBA
Bikini Hero Returns Motion Picture Rumored
Secret Squirrel Motion Picture Pre-Production TBA
Wonder Woman Motion Picture Development Hell TBA?
  • Alf - In the Big Screen adaption of the classic television series, a wisecracking alien with a taste for felines crash lands into the garage of one of America's most modern families. Chaos, with a side of Hilarity, ensues.
  • Back to the Future - Jaden Cain stars as Marty McFly in this remake of the hit film. Rumors are abound that the writers of this new version used the original script as the foundation for their upgraded version. Fans of the original should little to fuss about in regards to the new model.
  • Bikini Hero Returns - After retiring from her crime-fighting ways to settle down with her latest beau, Bobbi Valley is forced to rejoin her organization when said beau is killed. Out for revenge, she once again becomes the top agent for THONG: Bikini Hero.
  • Secret Squirrel - Candyland Studios is bringing the classic cartoon to the big screen in a live-action/CGI combo that is sure to leave fans of this clever critter going nuts!
  • Wonder Woman - This was supposed to be Candyland Studios' flagship project. However, issues with DC's involvement with the project, as well as the inability to find a functioning script have thrown this project into Development Hell.

Evolution Entertainment

Existing as sort of an extension between Candyland Studios and Evolution Software, Evolution Entertainment is the latest venture to come from the mind of Jaden Cain. Announced back in 2009, Evolution Entertainment exists to bridge the generation gap between the new, digital world and the love of yesteryear. At least, if you let Jaden Cain tell it. Priding itself on creating programming that will bring the entertainment industry back to where it used to be, Evolution Entertainment is the next step in entertainment.

Evolution Entertainment currently has distribution deals with ABC, Cartoon Network and Syfy. They are also contracted to do projects for a number of other network, as well as some popular websites. Evolution Entertainment is headed in the right direction!

Current Projects

Title Project Status Release Date
Alvin & The Chipmunks Animated Series Pre-Production TBA
Captain N: The Game Master Animated Series Rumored
Drama Television Series In Production Fall 2010
Galaxy Quest Television Series In Production/On Air (Syfy) September 2006
Knight Rider Television Series In Development TBA
Raising Cain Reality Television Series In Production/On Air (E!) September 2007
Scooby Doo Mysteries Animated Series In Development TBA
So I'm Dating A Vampire Television Series In Development Fall 2010
  • Alvin & The Chipmunks - With Jaden Cain being a huge Chipmunks fan, it is only natural that he do whatever it takes to bring this little rodents back to the small screen where they belong. The Chipmunks are timeless and now it's time for them to rise once again to the top. If they can surivive High School.
  • Captain N: The Game Master - Rumors are circling around Evolution Entertainment being in negotations to rekindle this obscure cartoon.
  • Drama - Evolution Entertainment has taken more steps to getting their ideas on the small screen. Drama follows the lives of an underdog high school's attempt at putting together an epic performance to help boost the school's reputation back to what it once was. The problem is going to be whether this misfit band of drama students can get it together.
  • Galaxy Quest - One of the few hit shows on the Syfy network, this show picked up where the flick left off, as the team of actors embark on mission after mission to help keep peace in the galaxy. Evolution Entertainment bought out the original production company and now owns this show.
  • Knight Rider - After the horrible attempt at recreating this hit show, Evolution Entertainment snatched up the rights and is currently developing and retooling the concept to find a happy medium between the classic series and the recent abomination. Rumor has it that Jaden Cain himself is in the running to play the new Michael Knight.
  • Raising Cain - Originally a concept brought about by the E! Network, to chronicle the life of sudden billionaire Jaden Cain, this reality show has shot up in the ratings and is now being executive produced by Jaden himself. With his Uncle and Grandfather recently added to the cast, this show can only get better… for worse.
  • Scooby Doo Mysteries - Evolution Entertainment is currently developing a new series centered around the Scooby Gang of yesteryear. Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and, of course, Scooby Doo return to their roots in Coolsville when their hometown starts to fall apart under mysterious circumstances that may have something to do with the new Mayor.
  • So I'm Dating A Vampire - Evolution Entertainment's first foray into the world of original programming comes in the form of jumping on the vampire bandwagon. It seems that a lot of vampire shows are geared towards the female audience, so Evolution Entertainment has decided to attack it from the other end. We follow Stanford Hart, a slightly too average teenager with nothing special about him… except that his first girlfriend ever happens to be a vampire. Yeah, this is going to end well.

Evolution Gaming

You can't expect someone like Jaden Cain to come into billions of dollars and not do something like create Evolution Gaming. That's right, EvoSoft is looking to give some competition to the rest of the video game world, by diving headfirst into the three-way battle and creating the fourth wheel, more or less.

Evolution Gaming has been most focused on video game design and publishing. Considering that their first attempt at creating an actual system didn't work out too well, Jaden has been taking his time and personally overseeing all other attempts at creating the ultimate gaming machine.

Current Projects

Title Project Status Release Date
Evolution Gaming Console In Stores June 2007
Get Off My Lawn! Video Game In Stores June 2007
Pocket Revolution Portable Gaming Console In Production Summer 2011
Revolution Gaming Console In Production September 2010
Who Wants To Be A Superhero? Video Game In Production September 2010

Evolution Wrestling

Evolution Wrestling is a small and very localized project that's confined to the New York area. As an independent federation that's not lokoing to compete with the likes of WWE or TNA, EW is more about taking things back to the "old school" when it comes to sports entertainment and providing the citizens of New York with a fun and interesting venue at which to enjoy themselves. The events are paid for completely out of Jaden Cain's pocket. They travel all across the New York area, performing in gyms and other small venues. However, they're bi-monthly 'Big Events' are held at Madison Square Garden.


Even Evolution Software can't stay away from the 'Social Networking' craze. They have taken the best elements from Facebook, reshaped and redesigned the MySpace style and threw in a little bit of Twitter to create: MyFace. It's bold! It's new! It's not going to allow people to stalk your every move… unless you choose the exciting 'Stalk Me' option. Join! You have to. Everybody else is.

The Pennyworth Foundation

Pennyworth Foundation's Toys for Hope Event.

Jaden Cain loves the kids. In fact, to be perfectly honest, he is a kid himself, still. Either way, he's taken it upon himself to create the Pennyworth Foundation. Named from a combination of his favorite butler of all time and some delicious wordplay, the Pennyworth Foundation holds monthly events, has donation centers located all around the nation and constantly accepts anything and everything that could be used to help children in need. This is one of the most important things in Jaden Cain's life, as he can always be seen at the events or promoting the Foundation.

Seville Medical

A medical facility, bought and paid for by Jaden Cain himself, Seville Medical strives to provide a place where everyone is welcome to come and get medical assistance. Insurance is not needed, since it is, essentially, a clinic of sorts, though it is very well established and packed with state of the art equipment and an amazing staff that will do their best to assist any one that passes through these Bat Country doors. Seville Medical is also known for its plastic surgery department.

Seville Music Group

Considering the local success of Jaden & The Chipmunks, Mr. Cain has taken it upon himself to create a small record label. Originally, this was designed for his personal records and albums to be recorded and distributed, however he has opened the doors wider to allow others that may not get a chance to reach their music making dreams. The studio, as well as the corporate offices, are located on the 45th floor of Cain Tower.


Album Artist Release Date
We're The Chipmunks Jaden & The Chipmunks July 2007
Untouchable Jaden & The Chipmunks March 2008
Back Again Jaden & The Chipmunks September 2010
Starstruck Poetry in Motion May 2009
Poetry In Motion Poetry in Motion July 2010


  • Jaden & The Chipmunks - The flagship rock band that's led by Jaden Cain himself. While they spend most of their time covering other songs, they do so with an original flavor that has to come from Jaden's own bizarre abilities. They tend to stay local, choosing loyalty to the city where they're from, rather than touring worldwide. They have been known to 'Munk' their voices during performances, just for fun.
  • Poetry in Motion - Boy bands will never run out of style, apparently. Composed of The Star, The Bad Boy, The Cute One, The Baritone and What's His Name, these five guys are taking the music world by storm. They seem to want to take their time, gradually growing with their fanbase as they keep pretty busy with performances and appearances all across the U.S. Fangirls Beware!

Associated Business

Just because EvoSoft is a multi-billion dollar powerhouse doesn't mean that they can do everything in house. Almost every business in the world has to be associated with others for whatever reason and EvoSoft is no different. These are the companies and corporations that have things on the table with EvoSoft or anything else beneath its wide-reaching umbrella.


Evolution Entertainment has struck a deal with the ABC Network to develop programming. Details are very sparse, but the rumors are circulating that there may be some sort of connection to Afterlife. In addition to scripted programming, EvoSoft is becoming a full on sponsor for the holiday parades shown on this network.

Cartoon Network

Evolution Entertainment has entered into a two year exclusive contract with Cartoon Network, offering to develop five different projects for the network. Two are updated remakes of classic cartoons, Alvin & The Chipmunks and The Scooby Doo Mysteries. The other three projects, as of yet untitled, are original cartoons from the mind of Jaden Cain. Fear.


Jaden Cain has wanted to capitalize on the success of Glee since its inception. Which is why he ran straight to FOX with his pitch for the dramatic series entitled: Drama. FOX, of course, jumped on the idea, wanting to create a power block of television that will have the other channels scrambling for something to combat them with. The contract is for Drama only, but there's an option on another show creation if Drama proves to be a success.


EvoSoft has an exclusive deal with GMC to provide JPS models for their vehicles. Buying a GMC vehicle with a JPS unit will get it installed and at a factory price discount, rather than buying the JPS out right.


EvoSoft has two deals on the table with Google. The first being for the jPhones, offering the option for full on Google Synching and everything that comes with that. The second being that EvoSoft and Google are both working hard at creating a new age search engine to revolutionize the way the Internet is being used.

Lancaster Electronics

Evolution Software's partner is Lancaster Electronics. Together, these two multi-billion dollar powerhouses combine to create products that will serve mankind with style. The hardware for almost all of EvoSoft's products comes from Lancaster Electronics. It was a natural marriage.

Maxim Magazine

EvoSoft has quite a bit of advertising inside the Maxim Magazine, as well as being a sponsor to all of the magazine's events. Rumors are circulating that Jaden is shifting funds around to purchase the magazine outright. Yes, he loves the ladies that much.


Evolution Gaming has managed to score a development deal with Nintendo that boasts to revolutionize the way people game these days. Not only are they working on a dual platform console, but there are also substantial rumors about bringing the Super Mario Brothers back to television.

Starscape Games

Evolution Gaming has a publishing deal with Starscape Games to promote and distribute their currently in development MMO. You have been warned.


Evolution Entertainment has a four year development deal with Syfy to create original programming for the network. Also, Jaden Cain is the executive producer of Galaxy Quest.

RP Hooks

  • Employees: EvoSoft is always going to be hiring, which means there's more hooks for this than probably anything else when it come to being involved with EvoSoft. The doors are open to almost anyone that would like to apply, depending on Jaden's mood, so trying to get a job is pretty simple, ICly. In terms of OOC, just shooting an @mail or a Page to Jaden will begin the process.
  • Rival Companies: With EvoSoft leading towards being the most epic of businesses in the world, it comes as no surprise that there would likely be some competition. EvoSoft welcomes competition, whether in the form of whole entire organizations or singular members and such. Corporate espionage can be fun!
  • Evolution Entertainment: The next big project from EvoSoft is Evolution Entertainment. There's so many different options that can be used as an RP Hook, as EvoEnt will be producing television shows, as well as offering representation for talent. Could be considered a very easy in.
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