2007-08-08: Exhaustion


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Summary: Three people kill some time with a soccer ball. One of them wants to kill the other two.

Date It Happened: August 8, 2007


Central Park

When you don't have any, it is safe to say you don't feel anything when spend your late afternoons kicking around and tossing balls. Kasey is having the time of his life, only not. Dressed in sweats, baggy sweat pants, matching hoodie in a dark grey color, sneakers on his feet and hair covered with a black bandana, his own duffel bag is beside the mesh bag of soccer, foot and basketballs near a park bench as he idly tosses a football up in the air - catches it and then repeats the process. "You suck dude." That's all he's saying to one of the guys packing up his own stuff, preparing to leave.

At about the same time as You Suck Dude is getting ready to leave the park, George is just arriving. As usual, he's jogging along at an easy pace, but slows down as he spots the variety of equipment up ahead. Somebody is taking it to the next level. "I hear that's about the most exhausting thing ever invented," he calls out. "What do you think?"

Persi is also doing what she's usually doing, that being being up in a tree. Her perch of the evening just happens to be nearby enough for her to hear, and she promptly butts in, just to be disruptive, "Sucking? I've never heard that called exhausting. Think you can make pretty good money at it, though." That said, she hops down out of her tree, just so she doesn't have to bear watching people go 'whathuh?' and look around all confuzzled.

Kasey jumps slightly as he glances over towards George, opening his mouth to reply - but welp, then comes Persi and he almost drops his football, eyes widening. "Hunh?" Is the eloquent reply. "What…are we talking about sucking or uh.." He holds up the football, doing a double take at Persi. It is an appreciative one before he clears his throat and ducks his head sheepishly.

George looks sloooooowly up at Persi, eyes widening— then doubles over with laughter. "No, no," he finally manages, shaking his head, "I meant that." A finger is pointed in the direction of one of the soccer balls nearby. Even after that, it takes him a while to regain his bearings and straighten up completely.

Persi looks over at the sack o' assorted balls for a second, then back at George, one eyebrow raising a little. However, she holds back whatever comment she looks to have almost said, and instead starts toward Kasey, eyeballing HIM instead, "So! Wanna know what it feels like to suck? 'cause, I mean, you know what they always say; no matter how good you are, there's always somebody better. …and it usually tends to be me."

George gets eyed by Kasey before he just snorts and shrugs. "Soccer isn't that hard really. Just kick kick kick." Then he has to stare at Persi, jaw dropping before he scratches his head and turns red. Beet. Red. And starts coughing, doubling over and wheezing.

By this time, George's eyes are watering. For reals. He actually sits down and drops his face into his hands. "Yeah, but there's a whole hell of a lot of running in between the kicking, isn't there?" That's it, just pretend Persi isn't there and maybe she'll go away.

Persi stops part of the way to Kasey and looks over her shoulder at George, then back at Kasey, seeming mighty confused for a second or two. Eventually, she gets it and blinks just once, a scowl coming onto her face, since she's apparently not even a good sport about her self-made funny, "You…are both awful, awful perverts, you know that? You're lucky I don't give you both a beating."

Kasey isn't laughing! He's horribly embarrassed but he has the good gracious to mutter. "I'm sorry I uh." Then he jogs over to his bag, clearing his throat. "Yeah…there is running but that's true of most sports really."

George slowly gets back up, taking some extra time to stretch his arms and legs and shake the excess tension out of his hands. Well, no, what he's really doing is making sure he isn't going to break down laughing again when someone tosses out another wallbanger. "I promise I didn't mean anything rude. Did you ever get that money back, by the way?"

Persi keeps scowling for a couple of moments, but at least gets an apology for one and a semi-kinda apology from the other. Though, George's words still make her scowl even more in his direction, "Hell no, that's still in the works. I WILL get it, even if I have to sell his bone marrow to do it." Then, she's looking back at Kasey, just watching him for one reason or another. She's not exactly nice enough to speak up and tell why.

Kasey idly tugs a soccer ball from his mesh bag, frowning and then rolling it on the ground towards George before arching an eyebrow at Persi with a sorta 'what?' expression on those gender neutral features before he lowers his eyes again, minding his own business. Scary People are Scary.

George takes a step back, kicking the ball upward and catching it in both hands. "You two were made for each other," he offers to Persi. "Send me some photos from the wedding, all right?" The ball is tossed up into the air a couple times, then rolled back. "Used to do this with a tennis ball back in high school," he muses, "only the other goalie would literally lay down in front of the goal. Busted my ass keeping up with the sneaky bastard."

Persi was just about to finally say something more to Kasey when George successfully sucks her attention away once again. She eyes him even more sternly than before, and replies in a muttery-dry sort of tone, "If he weren't such a shameless ass, maybe. As is, I'm gonna have to kill you both before the year's out. Or at least make things unduly difficult for the both of you." Now that Persi's shown how she treats a past acquaintance, she turns back to Kasey, "What's your name, anyway, Sweaty?"

Kasey's eyebrows shoot up as he's busy putting his football away, getting to his feet only to move said feet when need be to keep the soccer ball from rolling away when it comes rolling back and he distractedly kicks it back towards George. Wooo Boy, the death threats from Persi just make him thumb the side of his nose. "Uh. Kasey, um, nice to meet you miss..?" He leaves a blank for the name.

George leans down to catch the ball once again. As soon as Persi's attention turns toward Kasey, he tosses the ball back again, but this time in her direction instead of his. It's not going fast enough to do more than annoy, but that in itself has proved so very interesting thus far…

One of Persi's eyebrows twitches a little in irration — once again, she's resisting wailing on George, but it's becoming harder by the second. One fist is actually clenched up, now, and if that ball had been accompanied by words, she might be all over him right about now. Instead, she just introduces herself to Kasey in an even, tense sort of tone, "Persi. It's not my name per se, but it's what you get." That said, she turns to George, then glances at the ball he threw, only to head over to snatch up the ball and loop around in George's direction.

"Ahh…beautiful name for a beautiful lady." Kasey replies ever politely before exhales and running a hand over his head. She IS kinda scary, okay?! Then he's watching the ball like a hawk.

Walking along one side of the jogging path at an easy clip, George turns back to regard the others, keeping the conversation's center of gravity at about the same spot. Mostly he keeps an eye on Persi, in case she decides to switch to dodgeball tactics after all.

Persi smirks a bit as she makes her way toward George — not at George, but at Kasey's words, "Can't deny either count." Assuming George doesn't run away, she stops in front of him and holds the ball up with a smirk, "Here. Pretend it's a basketball. I'm no good at soccer. Now, tipoff for the championship of the world." That said, she gives the ball a high toss into the air, immediately readying herself to give George a jab in the armpit with a trifecta of fingers the moment he raises his arms to catch it. Assuming he does. Sure, she's no fighter, but, well, that hurts!

Kasey facepalms and turns away some with a soft -sigh-. "…oh my god." That's all he's going to say. Really. He has yet to meet a normal girl in NYC.

He's about to go for the obvious setup, but as he takes a step back, his foot catches on a rock and he falls backward, landing on his ass. Ow. Good thing the grass is well-kept. "Hey, personal foul!" he calls out, rolling with the situation. "I get two free shots before you get possession back."

Persi glances up and catches the ball, since George fell over, and then peeeeers down at him for a second. Rather than dealing with HIM, she tries to make Kasey do it for her, "C'mere, K-Mart. Tell him to be nice before I foul him way more personally than that."

Kasey opens his mouth and closes it before opening it again as he looks between Persi and George. "Err, I think in a real game you'd both get benched right about now…"

George clambers back up to his feet, squinting at Kasey. "How do you figure? Not like I was pushing her back or anything." At least he has the good sense not to go for a steal, instead just waiting it out for the moment.

Persi glances between both the guys for a few seconds, then shrugs her shoulders dismissively, "Yeah, well, soccer's not that much fun anyway." That said, she turns around and shouts at some random family playing with their dog in the park, "FORE!" Then, she makes as if to drop-kick the ball in their direction, assuming she makes it that far.

"Well, you agitated her and technically that is unsportmanly conduct or something like that." Kasey offers awkwardly, reaching back into his bag to tug at his football. "That's why I play football - Err, Dude?" He spins around quickly with his hands wrapped around his football, eyes widening. He closes his eyes and sighs. "That's -golf-." Then he throws the football with superb precision towards the back of Persi's head. Its for her own good obviously. "Sorry!" He also calls out. While throwing.

George starts to say something, but is distracted as he sees just where Kasey's long bomb got instinctively aimed. "Oh— Get down!" Good idea: Messing with Persi's head psychologically. Bad idea: Messing with it physically. That sort of thing can lead to ugly lawsuits.

Persi does react rather than just getting beaned, but it's a little bit slow — she's no ninja, and, really, she halfway suspects 'Get down!' to be a taunt by George as a precursor to some sort of assault of his own — so, she's just barely starting to turn her head before it hits. She, of course, lets out a little oof/grunt sort of noise and promptly topples, the soccer ball bouncing off lamely rather than getting kicked. She rubs at the back of her head and gives a little groan, "God…damnit…whoever did that is DEAD!" Most of that is -shouted-, despite the fact that she's on the ground and not LOOKING terribly threatening.

Kasey peers towards Persi and then quickly turns to pick up his duffel bag and his netted bag of balls, shouldering the duffel and tying the netted one off. Quickly! Before his eyes widen and he clears his throat. "I'll just be…going now. It was awesome to meet you all. Really. Keep the balls and good luck with the whole sucking murder wedding thing!" And then he's walking off. QUICKLY.

Oh my God you suck, Kasey. George holds up his hands in front of his chest, palms outward: the classic easy-now-please-don't-hit-me stance. "Hey, look, I was way over here, okay?" He pointedly declines to go retrieve the soccer ball that Kasey left behind.

Persi squirms around and is in pain for a couple more moments, but eventually sits up, wincing a little as she does, just because it's still all throbby, so sloshing doesn't help. She looks around for a second, seeing that Kasey's managed to escape, but George is still here…which means K's probably the guilty party. However, the one that's still here is sure to end up with at least a fraction of the ire he may not deserve. She slowly stands up head tilted forward with her hand on the back and her hair all drooping down on either side, "Alright, George. Tell me two things — that you didn't do that and that you'll go kick his ass for doing it. Simple deal, yes'r'no?"

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