2010-03-27: Extreme Makeover Fugitive Edition



Date: March 27, 2010


With Cora's new disguise in place, the two 'partners-in-crime' plan on what to do next..

"Extreme Makeover Fugitive Edition"

Colby's Dormroom, Georgetown University, Washington DC

Colby sits at her desk, laptop open in front of her. Hair is clean but unwieldy, tied up in a ponytail behind her head, bangs swept. The tip of her tongue pokes out from the left corner of her mouth, concentrating on something.

The shower has been running quietly since Colby woke up a few minutes ago, but it just turned off. After a bit of a delay, the door opens and Cora steps out, a towel wrapped around her body while another is wrapped around her hair. Not noticing Colby being awake yet, she moves over to the mirror and starts carefully putting in her new contacts.

Colby turns as Cora walks in and smirks to herself, not saying a word as she watches the girl step into her new persona. She reaches over and grabs her camera.

Cora finally gets the contacts in, then grabs a case from the table by the mirror and opens it, extracting a pair of glasses and putting them on. She's been up for a while, without disturbing Colby, preparing the surprise that comes next. Reaching up to her head, Cora unwinds the towel and pulls it off, releasing the little bit of hair she left, flax-blonde in a chin-length pixie cut.

Colby raises an eyebrrow at the surprise and just sits quietly, waiting for Cora to notice her. She gets a bit pro-active and holds the xamera up.. "Smile!" She says, without actually taking a photo.

Cora turns around with a squeak of surprise, trying to keep her towel up as Colby fakes taking a picture. "Hey, don't do that!" she protests. "I'm not dressed yet!"

Colby giggles.. "Exactly the best time to take a picture!!" She puts the camera down. "I'm just playing. This is for your mugshot.. I mean, new ID. I'll take the photo and send it to my contact, and then we'll go from there." She points to a blue piece of poster paper that's up on the wall temporarily. "See? Just like the DMV."

Cora eyes Colby for a minute, then walks over toward the dresser they share, poking the woman on the nose as she passes. Opening the drawer, she gathers a few things, then heads to the bathroom to change, where there's less likelihood of embarrassing photographs.

Colby clicks her tongue.. "Awww.. C'mon! You're no fun!" She giggles. "That's alright. I'll dd to my private stock later." She turns back to the laptop, looking into something.

Cora returns later, smirking a little and fully dressed. "Later," she replies simply. "Now then, let's get this picture out of the way."

Colby gives a wolf-whistle as Cora returns. "Okay. Stand over by the wall." She says as she lifts up the camera.

Cora bops Colby playfully on the head as she moves over to the wall and tries not to smile while not looking like she just robbed a bank. ID pictures always suck anyway.

Colby sets the camera and clicks off a picture. "Here. Take a look. You only have one retake, though." She says jokingly.

Cora grins a little at the joke, taking the camera and looking at it. "Looks good," she says, before thumbing it back to 'take picture' mode and snapping a pic of Colby quickly. Just because.

Colby grimaces.. "Ech.. not even funny. Gimme that and I'll upload it. Hopefully we'll have your new ID in no time." She says as she sets up the laptop to hook up to the camera.

Cora looks at the picture the camera captured and snerks a bit. "Yes… yes it is," she replies, handing the camera over and stepping behind Colby to avoid revenge.

Colby just snatches the camera and plugs it in, uploading the photo. "So, what're you going to do with your newfound freedom?"

Cora grins, resting her arms on Colby's shoulders and watching the laptop from above her head. "I'm going to Disneyworld!" she announces as over-the-top as she can, before saying, "I don't know. I've never really had a chance to see D.C. On the other hand, I really should help the people up in NYC."

Colby laughs, then nods. "We can do that. I've been looking into what a weekend in NYC will set us at. Thi time you can show me around." She says with a wink.

Cora bites her lip a bit. "Well, the only problem with that, I suppose, is that we can't exactly go to all of my old hangouts, Col. Someone is bound to recognize me."

Colby nods and sighs.. "I… I know. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.." She reaches up to touch her hand. "I'm trying to make this as easy on you as possible, but it's still going to be tough. We'll go when you're ready."

Cora takes Colby's hand and squeezes it. "Why don't we just stay around here for a while, and you can show me around D.C.? I've never been here, after all."

Colby nods. "Sure thing. Just let me get ready."

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