2007-07-09: Eye Contact


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Summary: Jaden skateboards his way into the life of a blind woman with sight beyond sight.

Date It Happened: July 9th, 2007

Eye Contact

Central Park


Oh here we go again. Jaden Cain has decided that he wants to bring himself into the Central of Parks to do that thing he does where he skateboards through without a care in the world. This is also the way he gets to work, but for right now, he's just doing a little recreational skating. Not that skating is ever not recreational. Right.

The wheels of his skateboard connect with the sidewalk as Jaden enters from the air. He's doing this thing where he skids to a halt, spinning backwards on the board to try and shift directions. It's a trick he's been working on for quite sometime, so who knows if it's actually going to work. But it can't hurt him to try it, right?

It probably /could/ hurt to try it. It could hurt very much. But luckily pain is not in Jaden's future today.

The rattling roll of skateboard wheels is far more prominent than bike bells or even high heels, and it's successful in catching the blind woman's attention. Her head turns incrementally towards the sound, and after a moment of thought, she decides to bail on bicycle boy and see what this skateboarder is going to do. From what she's seen before, most likely it'll be trying to jump onto a handicap rail, and biffing it horribly. She'll vamoose before THAT happens, but the time UP to that point, well, that's kinda fun.

A split-second later and she's seeing through the eyes of Jaden Cain, seeing the park and all of its residents sailing by…backwards? My my, that's a daring kid.

(It IS a kid, right?)

Define 'kid'. Because Jaden Cain is about as Young At Heart as they come in this town. And that's saying something. Or other.

Jaden's feet are with him, as well as luck, as he pulls off his backwards skating maneuver better than even he thought he would. His eyes are mostly downcast at this point, watching the skateboard underneath his sneakers to make sure he doesn't screw this up. It isn't until he's gone far enough, does he skid on the back of the board to apply the not-actual brakes and hop off the skateboard.

"Thank you! Thank you! You've all been wonderful!" Jaden remarks to anyone that might've been watching. His bowing may or may not be applauded, but he doesn't care. He's Jaden Cain. He could buy Central Park if he wanted to.
Of course, Jaden gets the New Yorker treatment.


Geez, tough crowd. Soup wuffles a little and heaves an enormous sigh, eyes rolling left, then right, then forward. Bored dog is bored.

The woman just smiles to herself, still facing forward, but seeing Jaden cast about for signs of attention…and getting none. Ah, hell, poor kid… He probably won't even notice her head slowly turning in his direction (as she carefully aligns herself to look like she's glancing his way), makes the 'okay!' sign with her fingers, grins, shrugs, and goes back to staring forward.

Definitely a tough crowd. But that's okay, because good ol' Jaden Cain is not worried about being popular He already kind of is. "Don't worry! If you missed the show, tune in tomorrow! Same Bat Time! Same Bat Channel!" his words are tossed out into the ether of the park to make sure those crazy New Yorkers heard everything they needed to hear to make sure they check him out tomorrow.

A moment later, Jaden's whipping out the jPhone and touch screening his way towards something more easy to look at: the calendar. "God, I hope I don't have any major meetings today. Much rather be partaying." This whole talking to himself thing? He does that a lot.

He didn't see it… Well that's all right, it looked dorky anyway.

Geez, that's an expensive-looking piece of equipment. She's beginning to rethink this 'kid' opinion. The shape of his hands indicate an older level of maturity and the mention of meetings pretty much cements it.
But what kind of businessman tools around on a skateboard to relieve stress? He's way too young for a mid-life crisis, right? Maybe she'll ride around with him a bit longer.

Does she feel any guile for peeking into his personal life?

Not one little bit.

The jPhone shows a buttload of appointments on the calendar. All of them starting in about an hour, though. Especially, well, considering that he's not going to be doing much of anything but hanging out right now. They've all been labeled with something of a BORING stamp, probably something to do with the whole software imaging on the super phone of awesomeness. But Jaden Cain's not about to let this ruin his day! Not at all!

"Oh goodie. Work. I really need to start taking more vacation days. I mean, really. What am I going to do? Fire myself?" He kicks the skateboard up into his hands and moves off in the general direction of where Gertrude is sitting, thanks to the fact that he's, well, distracted by the jPhone he's not really paying too much attention to anyone else in the vicinity. Scrolling through his address book is quite interesting.

Hopefully he works close by, otherwise he'll never make any of those appointments at this hour. Not in the habit of dispensing advice unless asked, the woman with the dog says nothing. Why would she? It's none of her business, and he has no idea she can see his busy schedule. She certainly doesn't envy him for a moment. Still, seems kinda young to hold that kind of responsibility.

People are weird that way. Everyone has their quirks. And this is why she enjoys seeing through their eyes.

Soup drags herself to her feet, feeling a sudden urge to shake herself off and send wet-dog-water flying everywhere. This includes anyone in the near vicinity who might have strayed too close, and even the dog's owner recoils with a bit of a sputter, water spattered across her black tanktop. "Aw, /Soup/…!" she scolds. But not harshly. Soup was just doing dog things.

"Nooooooooooooooooo!" Jaden overreacts for no reason other than to make the park not boring as the water starts flinging around the area. He clutches the jPhone to his chest and dives off towards the ground, in what's probably slow motion in his crazy cinematic head. He tucks and rolls, trying to get himself out of the way of those damn droplets of water. He's quite the overdramatic king when it comes to all of this kind of stuff.
After a bit of rolling, he pops back up into a seated position, pulling the phone away from his body and checking to make sure there's nothing wrong with it. He then finds himself looking up from the dog to the owner. "Whoa. Whoa. Time Out!" He says, putting his hands together to make the 'T'.

"Please tell me you didn't just call your dog… soup."

Blurrrghblaaaaaarghaaaaaaaaaagh! Why did he have to dive and ROLL like that?! The woman looks like she's reeling and…a little nauseated, actually. She puts her fingertips against her brow, frowning for a moment as she focuses on breathing through her nose. And she's looking at her. Or rather, he is. Better not jump the host now, she decides, or she'll get too distracted.

And now he's questioning her choice of name for the dog? How insulting! …Except not really, she doesn't know why she picked the name either. "Sorry," she smiles vaguely in his direction. "No can do, that's her name." An eyebrow rises behind the frames of the dark glasses, practically challenging him to start something.

There have been worse names for dogs, dash it all.

"Really?" Jaden suddenly pockets the jPhone and finds himself leaping into the air to crash back down onto the ground and he gets on all fours before scrambling over towards the dog. "That's pretty damn jawesome, if you ask me." So long as Soup's not some kind of dangerous canine with teeth that will chomp the hell out of his hand, Jaden reaches out to get his over excited petting on of the dog. His eyes, though, shift from the dog and up to the owner with practiced ease and amazing rhythm. "Soup is the best name I've heard for a dog since Scooby Doo."

Soup proves to be extremely harmless, lifting her head to better receive petting, with that dog-sort-of-smile that dogs do when they're panting happily, tongue lolling slightly to the right.

"Yeah?" Now that was an answer she wasn't expecting, and it earns a smile. …Jawesome? "Glad someone likes it. Most respond with that awkward 'I don't really like it but I'll humor you' sort of pause," she chuckles. And if she can see their faces through someone else's, the expression is pretty priceless.

She crosses her ankles and shifts her legs out of the way at the feel of this man's shoulder brushing her knee, allowing him better access to the dog who is now slurping at his hand affectionately. "Don't you own a dog?" She figures he probably doesn't, otherwise he wouldn't be this excited over hers.

"Not yet. Workin' on it. Gotta' see what kind my Mom wants first." Oh, so Mr. Busy Body Skateboarder still lives at home with his mother. What a loser… that likes animals at least. "I do, though, have the most awesome mini-companion ever created on this planet." He continues to pet at the dog, not really sure if he's ever going to stop then. "I've get a Naked Mole Rat. And he's the best little creature sidekick that I've ever hard in my whole life! His name's Rufus, of course!" Poor Jaden seems way too enthusiastic about that.

The woman tilts her head to the side, a quixotic grin forming on her lips. 'Of course'? There's a reference she's sure she's missing, but oh well. "Don't hear about many pets like that," she chuckles. Now naked mole rats she /does/ know. "Where did you get one of those? I didn't think pet shops carried them."

So far, this guy is interesting to talk to. He's not making any sort of deal out of her being blind, so either he isn't bothered by it in the slightest, or he just plain hasn't noticed. Hopefully it's the former.
"Must keep you up at night. They're nocturnal, aren't they?" she remarks thoughtfully, watching herself tap her jaw in thought through his eyes. Soup, meanwhile, is stretching forward little by little, and if Jaden's not careful, he's going to get a face full of dog tongue.

Jaden Cain is oblivious to the affections of the dog named Soup. He is too busy talking to the blind girl. He has noticed and just doesn't really give a damn. He's always been accepting of whatever's wrong with people and then some. It's one of the good qualities about him that keeps him afloat in the business world of sharks and lawyers.

"From the Zoo." is stated as a matter of factly, like anybody can just walk in and buy something from the zoo. He keeps forgetting that he's a special case, when it comes to a lot of these things that happen to him on a regular basis. "Rufus sleeps okay, I think. Only time he really bothers me is when he's hungry. So then we grub on some delicious mexicana food!"
As Jaden's about to celebrate the Naco, he's knocked over by the Soup and there's a massive amount of licking all over his face. This causes Jaden to laugh it up while wrassling with the doggie of sight.

"Really? Mexican food…thought they ate tubers and their own—"
It's probably for the best that Soup interrupts before she can finish relating her vast knowledge of animal trivia. Otherwise he might not be sharing bites of taco with Rufus anymore.

"Soup, no. Bad. Bad Soup," she intones dryly, seeing as how the guy seems to be enjoying himself. She'll let him have fun for a while. And if people are shocked to see someone playing a service animal, well, too bad for them. Service dogs need to just be dogs sometimes. Still…it's rare for Soup to show /this/ much affection towards someone right off the bat. Interesting. Interesting enough that she'll sling her horrible name at him, she decides.

"I'm Quelixina." She leans over her knees, sticking out her hand to seek out his fingers, grasp them, and give him a single shake.

Jaden almost has to do some kind of double-take, but there's kissing with the dog going on and that can't be interrupted by some crazy ass name. His hand goes up to shake fingers with her and he remarks, after pushing Soup's snout away for a second. "I'm not even going to TRY and say that. So from now on, you're Xina, minus the warrior princess." He's not exactly the most subtle of people, but that's because he's too busy trying to have a good time, all the time. "I'm Jaden. Jaden Cain." He pauses for a moment, considering the fact that she probably doesn't know who he is. "Numero Uno Boss-o of Evo… Soft." He sounds somewhat bored with and proud of his position in a company that he knows nothing about. No hints of 'showing off or bragging' in his tone at all.

Yet another reference that goes over her no-television-watching head. Intriguing title, though! Sounds like something from one of her books. "Whatever floats your happy boat, I guess," she grins. Not a bad reaction. Yet another bonus point in the book of good. "Nice to meetcha, Jaden Cain."
Her expression doesn't alter much at all at his title. She's trying to figure out where she'd know that company name. And so far, she's not coming up with anything familiar. Maybe if she had a better head for news and current events, she might remember hearing about something like that when the announcement was first made.

…Ah, yes, that's probably why she knows the name. "You guys developed that webpage-reading program, right? Handy stuff." She wouldn't get any news at all otherwise. Is she impressed? Not hugely. She seems more amused at the fact that the CEO of a major software company is skateboarding through Central Park and playing with her dog more than anything.

"Hell if I know. I just got the company about seven months ago. Maybe even six. I'm /still/ going through files on my computer about what we've done. It's insane." Finally growing tired of kissy-facing with the dog, Jaden wriggles his way out from underneath her and tries to pull himself together in a standing position by the woman he's talking to. So she'll know where he is and stuff. "Whatever you do, don't have a father that you've never heard from die and leave you a multi-billion dollar company to run on your own. It kinda' sucks…"

"Really?" Quelixina hadn't missed the hitch and tone of his voice when he related his title. And she was pretty good at hearing people lie, recognizing the little shifts in timbre when they were trying to pull a fast one. "Most people wouldn't complain about having a billion dollars suddenly dumped on their heads by a relative they never knew," she smiles crookedly, head turning to follow the sound of his voice.

"I suppose you have some 'major meetings' to attend to?" Yeah, she heard him say that. Whatcha gonna do?

"Oh, I love the money. It's made me who I am today. Plus, I got to hook my mom up with some really cool jewelry and stuff. Pay her back for all those birthdays, y'know?" Jaden must really like his Mom or something. Keeps talking about her and what not. "But it's the whole business end that gets me. All these mergers and profit reports and lawsuits. It's like straight Snoozeville." He sighs and shakes his head, not really sure if he should be getting along with this woman. "… Right. Those. Major meetings. I hate those too. Buncha' old dudes in suits talking about how to make more money. I'm like: dude! we make billions of dollars every year! chillax! They ain't trying to hear it…"

Quelixina makes the 'Ahhhhhhhh…' motion with the open mouth, and the head moving back before dropping forward again. Well that explains why he said he lives with his mom. It looks like it's the other way around. "Must have been a real lifestyle shock. You don't sound particularly old."

And shifting her line of vision to someone else so she can get at least a passing glance at Jaden to see his profile, she has to guess that he can't be much older than her, if at all.

"Can't say I'm much of a business expert, but I suppose they have their reasons," she shrugs noncommittally. "Sorry if it's dull. Guess that comes along with most lines of work."

"Gotta' take the good with the bad, I guess. Can't become an overnight billionaire without breaking some eggs." Way to just screw up every cliche statement ever at the same moment in time, Jaden. The young CEO glances at his expensive watch and then looks over at the blind woman. He really shouldn't be about to do this, but he's going to anyway. "Listen. You're going to think I'm crazy or something. But… would you like to go out sometime? Like maybe grab some lunch, some day… in the near future… like tomorrow?" Leave it to Jaden Cain to ask out the blind girl. "I can bring Rufus! He can meet Soup!"

…Eh? What? Quelixina sits up a little straighter, evidence that this wasn't really something she expected. "Well…just a little bit crazy…" she admits. But at least she's smiling. Still, what's the harm? If he's got any sort of paparazzi following him around, they'll likely write it off as good PR. 'CEO of EvoSoft Benevolent to Blind Woman Over Burgers,' or something like that.

"Stiiiillll…" Quelixina intones, rubbing her hand over her knee, "…can't say I've always been the paragon of sanity myself. Why not?" He offers interesting conversation at the very least. And if her guess is correct, he sounds like he needs someone to talk to, as well. Handy how that works out. "I'll be sure to leave Soup outside the restaurant. She might eat Rufus." And that would /probably/ end a budding friendship very quickly.

"… Good call." remarks the Jaden, since he's definitely not wanting Rufus to get eaten by some crazy dog that he was just playing with for like too many minutes. "Listen. I've got to jet. So here's what I'm going to do." He figures he can't give her his number, because she can't read it. "Stop here tomorrow. About like… I dunno… 1? There'll be a car waiting for you." Awww, he wants to flaunt his money. "My driver'll bring you to the restaurant and we can have that jawesome first date of awkwardness and get it out of the way, huh?" He almost winks, but then realizes she's blind again.

Man. This is starting to sound expensive. And while Quelixina isn't exactly /against/ expensive food, expensive food tends to require a knife and a fork which make for unwieldy, slow eating when it's much easier to pick up, say, a hot dog and scarf it down with her fingers.

"…All right," she finally decides, reaching across herself to take up the walking stick, gathering Soup's leash in the other hand as she draws herself up to her feet. This'll be a first date in more ways than one. Very few people ever had the balls to ask her out, and the ones that did really seemed…wrong, somehow. There's an honesty in this Jaden character that she appreciates. She's up for learning more about what makes him tick, sure. "Good luck at the meeting. Until tomorrow," she smiles with a nod of the head. Then her stick is tap-sweep-tap-sweep'ing along the sidewalk, Soup trotting dutifully at her side…the wagging tail is still dripping.

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